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Sunbeam SmartBake Custom BM7850

Sunbeam SmartBake Custom BM7850

2.4 from 30 reviews

Does not last as long as older model. Costs too much for such a short life span

Had this bread maker for a little over 2.5 years. The LCD screen and buttons have stopped working. My previous bread maker (also sunbeam) lasted over 10 years. For the price this has a very short life span. Dont waste your money on this brand. Make good bread while it lasted

Date PurchasedOct 2015

I wouldn't use any other bread machine

I have been using the Sunbeam Smartbake in my cafe for nearly ten years, and love it. We have two running five days a week on the Dough cycle, sometimes two or three times a day, and they generally last for around twelve months. The only issue I have is that the later models overcook the fruit bread, which we cook using the Sweet Bread setting, and the alarm is extremely quiet. Apart from that, I would say please don't stop making it!

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Awful machine

1st loaf wasnt 1kg & was light in colour, pressed for dark. 2nd loaf after adjustments, sunk in middle. 3rd loaf did exactly how i did in old panasonic machine, another disaster. Tried recipes twice in book, horrid. A dud machine Sunbeam. Waste of money. Back to Panasonic.
Very disappointing

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Only use on setting. Makes if beautifully, most of the time

Good recipe booklet, quite a few options, though there are plenty of recipies online. I evolved my own.
I use option 04 (wheat bread) to make a wholemeal/grain (with pepitas, sun flower seeds, linseeds, seasame seeds and poppy seeds).
Only issue is after 3months seed 'flap/dispenser' started working intermittently, about 50% of the time. So in affect got a wholemeal loaf and a dispenser still full of goodness after 4-odd hours every othed time.
I still make 2-4 loaves a week, the bread is beautiful, so good I can't even remember how much it cost when we got it (Dec16).

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Disappointed with the colour.

I have only baked two loaves of bread and found it is easy to use, the bread taste nice but if the sides are a nice colour then the top is pale or the top crust is nice and the sides are burnt. My previous breadmaker was a Panasonic and doubt you could get a nicer loaf.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

worst breadmaker I've ever come across!

Attrocious machine. The set recipes are dreadful. Top crust very undercooked, and had to tweak custom recipes like mad to get anything remotely satisfactory. Often doesnt cook completely, and have to put loaf in oven to complete!
Also bucket made of flimsy, bendable metal. After tapping on side to remove loaf several times, bucket bent out of shape!!
I suspect whoever designed this machine has never baked bread at home.
Save your money for something better.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Never again Would i buy a sunbeam product !!!!

After trying everything this machine has never produced an acceptable loaf of bread ! My old reliable machine gave up after 10 years of reliable bread making ( sunbeam machine ) thats why i replaced it with another sunbeam , very dissapointed. Im not going to waste my time trying to deal with customer service.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Top price but bottom quality (product and customer service)

Bought this two years ago, found the pan a bit too broad, so occasionally the dough was not mixed well enough at the edge. What we got was a baked loaf with a floury edge. We just dusted off the flour. Recently the control buttons on the panel stopped responding and thus was the end of the machine. Called Sunbeam customer service. They said: "sorry, nothing can be done". The best they could offer is a 30% discount. Certainly will not buy Sunbeam again. Our bread machine before Sunbeam was a Panasonic which worked for 10 years. The seal at the bottom of the kneader deteriorated due to old age. Everything else still worked perfectly. Could not find a replacement pan and bought this expensive but poor quality machine. Will buy another Panasonic.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Poor customer service feedback

Recipe for mixed fruit bread went strictly to the instructions but not enough liquid therefore bread mixed in little balls like marbles. Rang and emailed customer service twice, no answer to email, customer service person tried to be helpful but didn't know, said he would ask and get back to us didn't hear anything.
Not happy don't they care what customers think?

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Kaput machine

Ha! Ha! I have to endorse previous opinion. I only baked 3 loaves. Tried to use it recently and it continues to trip the house switch. Now a added problem it bakes very burnt bread. It's kaput. Shame on you Sunbeam taking no responsibility for a crappy product. Recalling the product is the only way to save your name.

Date PurchasedJul 2015
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More complaints about this product but people cannot be bothered to go through the process. Udeless product

Good while it lasted

Bought it two and a half years ago. FIrst machine wouldn't work at all, replaced with this one. Only used it once or twice a week.
Made lovely bread, but now kaput. So each loaf cost $1 each in depreciation.
Disappointed in durability of this machine, would not buy this make again.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Very buggy programmable capabitlity

I have had this for a couple of years now. I use it only to knead and rise my dough and depend heavily on the programmable capability. Unfortunately it is very buggy. In particular, it always reports an E05 error because it didn't see a bake cycle!! That means I don't get a proper end of cycle beep. It also forgets my programs on a regular basis. The program spot just goes empty after the E05 sometimes. It also occasionally fails to turn on the heaters for the rise cycle. What I do like, and the ONLY reason I have stuck with it is the ability to alter the steps mid cycle. I have tried 3 different machines - all the same.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Never had a successful loaf of bread from this machine..

I have tried about 7 different recipes, changed level of water in some, yeast in others never had any luck.. very disappointed, I thought Sunbeam was reliable and had a good reputation. I have now returned the machine to Harvey Norman, they gave me a store credit.. Wouldve preferred my money back but that didnt happen.. thank you

Date PurchasedMar 2016
Hi Hanny, We are very sorry to hear about your experience with your product. Please be assured all customer feedback is taken seriously and your comments will be forwarded on to our development and technology teams. If you have any future recipe problems in the future with any Sunbeam product, don't hesitate to head to our website and at the bottom of the home page you will see a "Recipes" tab. Please click there and you will then see a "ASK JILL" column where you can submit your issues to our Home Economist who will then respond and assist you make it successful. Kindest Regards Sunbeam.thank you for replying .. when I first bought the Breadmaker approx 3 months ago I did send messages asking someone to contact me as I had no joy getting through on the phone .. no one ever responded.. never mind.. I have had lots of Sunbeam products over the years and have been happy with your service at other times .. but this time I felt let down.. kind regards Hanny

Good somewhat oversized paperweight

This used to bake lovely loaves of bread. Then after 2 years the LCD screen broke. Not sure about other peoples standards but a machine of this cost from a supposedly reputable manufacturer should last 5 times that. Like our first non-Sunbeam one did. Jam it Sunbeam. Not buying anymore.

Date PurchasedMar 2014

Second time lucky

Like the design and finish- hence why I purchased. Appears easy to use so far.
I have only made one white loaf and it was a flop despite following the recipe... the flour didn't mix on the sides and it was flat. Any recipes people can recommend that work please?

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Motherboard stopped machine useless

Had this bead maker for 2 years also then one day the LCD screen goes black and can't use it anymore. Very poor design and unreliable. Made to brake and replace but not with a Sunbeam I can assure you ! Seems like this machine has built in failure after a few years, its a shame the electronics fail when the rest of the machine is still sound.

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Not perfect, but good

You could say i am mastering the skill of breadmaking. SLOWLY. Its relatively easy to use. EXCEPT you need to put due pressure on the buttons to use it. It has a good variety of bread, dough, pizza dough options. You can even make jam. Not too bulky on the counter either.

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Dear Fifi, Thank you for your feedback! Please contact our Consumer Support Team on: 1300 881 861, for further assistance. Kind Regards Sunbeam

Dud Machine!

I bought this machine 3 days ago and I have made 4 medium loaves. I am so disappointed as all loaves sank in the middle, were very doughy in consistency and very light in colour. All in all, totally disastrous! Flour and yeast were fresh and sunbeam recipe was followed. Also tried a bread mix. I have had two previous bread machines and have experienced nothing like this. I bought Sunbeam thinking it would be a reliable brand. What has gone wrong?

Never Again

Mother board burnt out after two years and no compensation from supplier. Also never mixed in all the flour; had to catch it during mixing cycle and scrape in the flour from the edges.

Great step up from a basic machine

I bought this as an upgrade from my basic Sunbeam bread maker and am happy so far with it.

My first loaf, a wholemeal spelt loaf turned out perfectly. Just a tip if you are using spelt, add a little more salt (2 tsp instead of 1.5). I am keen to try all sorts of things like the pizza dough, buns and maybe even pasta.

My second loaf I tried a GF loaf. It did not turn out well, it barely rose at all and was just a mound of bread. It actually did taste ok, but I was disappointed. However, I can't blame the machine as it needed Brown Rice Flour (which I couldn't find anywhere) and I substituted with a similar medium type flour, Sorghum flour.

Am trying the delay function today on another wholemeal spelt loaf.

Its a great machine, but I have to dock a star because some of the ingredients are just impossible to get and I feel that this should have been considered in the recipes.

I have since baked more loaves with great success, the Traditional White loaf turned out well and the timer function is awesome. Further comments - As some have said the beep for the end of the baking is too quiet, unlike my previous sunbeam which was too loud. - Another comment mentioned smoking. Mine also had some smoke when doing my first loaf as it had to pre-heat, it only lasted about five minutes and hasn't done it since. I expect it would have been from the heating element being used for the first time and burning off the oil or whatever is on there from the factory.Dear Harvey, Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experience and feedback. Due to overwhelming feedback of the p (BM7800) The volume of the "beep” was reduced to account for customers utilising the time delay feature overnight. If you have any question in the future please contact Sunbeam Customer Care on 1300 881 861 Thanks for your reply Sunbeam. Can I suggest that perhaps the next model should have a volume control, then everyone would be happy :)

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Questions & Answers

I hav sunbeam model BM 7850 recently purchased, my question is...just how much noise should this machine make. My kitchen is one end of the house and my tv room or lounge is next door, it’s sooo loud I have to turn the tv up. I tried to speak to someone from sunbeam when I used it the first time, when I was baking a loaf so she could listen, but it took so long to get to speak to someone, the bread was no longer kneading. ( sort of like...how long is a piece of string scenario) so how do I tell u, how much noise it’s making in measurements. Joan Whetton
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I don't think it should be so loud that it interferes with your television. Where is it located? We had one on a trolley that was touching the door frame to the room next door. When it was kneading, we could hear a 'thump, thump' in the other room. It took us some time to work it out. We moved the trolley away from the wall, and the noise stopped. Could yours be on a bench or table that reverberates? Maybe try moving it around the kitchen and see if that helps. Ours have never intruded at all - I often have to lift the lid to see if it is still kneading. You could try recording the sound on your phone and see if it is clear enough. To measure the sound, you need a decibel meter. It wouldn't be worthwhile buying one, but a handyman friend (if you have one) may have one. You can also keep pausing it while you're waiting on hold. I don't know how helpful this is. Can you take it back to where you bought it, and let them listen to it? Good luck with it.Hi Joan, great question. During the kneading process the unit can be a little loud and as Lynne said it is dependent on the surface the breadmaker is sitting on and the size of your kitchen which could create an echo type sound. It also depends on the density of the mixture. The is no hard and fast rule really. If you can record a video of the breadmaker in use and email it to customercare@sunbeam.com.au we are more than happy to review and advise.

Can I get the paddle out for cleaning?
6 answers
Unfortunately, no, it's fixed. I haven't found it to be a problem, and I have been using them for ten years. I pour a little hot water in to cover the paddle and let it soak for a while. Any dough that is under the paddle softens up and is easy to remove.No, its fixed. It leaves a big hole in the loaf. Best way to clean is to let it soak in water.Hi Deb, no the paddle does not come out, it is a fixed part of the unit. If you find there is any dough remaining around the paddle, soaking is the best option and a soft brush will take care of cleaning.

I cant remove the mixing blade for cleaning in my BM7850. Any ideas?
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Sorry I would like to no this as wellSo I have no idea please tell me as this is my question


SmartBake Custom BM7850
Price (RRP) $199
Max Loaf Size1.25Kg

Visit official website - Download manual
  • GTIN14: 09311445018712
  • GTIN13: 9311445018712
  • MPN: SNB-BM7850

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