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Sunbeam Verve 66 Stainless

Sunbeam Verve 66 Stainless

SR6650 and SR6600
2.1 from 24 reviews

Good quality iron

I'm really happy with this iron. It is gentle with my cloths, leaves no burn marks and can be used on a variety of fabrics. I find that the steam function works really effectively. I also feel that it glides over clothing well and doesn't drip or leave water marks on the clothing. I love that it beeps when it's left on but not in use after about 10mins as there's no chance to accidentally leave it on.

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Thanks for the great review Bree!

Very good

Very good product. No regrets. Sunbeam is always a good brand to go for. My iron had never trouble. Thank. You. It works like wonder.. My mom has one. Ot has been there for a while. Soo good. Its always been a reliable brand for so many appliances we use in our day to day chores

Date PurchasedJan 2016
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Thanks for the great review Sha.

Works ok enough

This iron does its job but isn't anything spectacular. Heats up pretty quickly but it uses heaps of water. Constantly having to fill it up. Only get about 10 garments per tank of water. Steam function works ok. Pointy nose helps to get into hard to reach places but it could be hotter at the point.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Good Simple iron

Good iron for the money. my old one was well past due for an upgrade and when it finally spat weird stains onto a white shirt I was ironing I went shopping. This is a pleasure to use in comparison. It glides so smoothly and the steam is lovely to use. I almost enjoy ironing (almost ). It holds its temperature well and heats quickly. Its a good iron and I dont get why others are giving it a poor rating.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Works Well For Me

We iron nearly every morning and I know what I want in an iron. I want to keep it pretty simple but I need decent quality. This iron meets my needs well enough. I particularly like that it has a stainless steel base because that makes it easy to clean if it fouls up.
The quality of the plastic is a little bit average so I am taking a point off for that and another for the crappy cord but I have had no leaking problems like others mention. I am enough happy with my one but I am a bit way of the problems other have mentioned here.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Expensive experience

Iron heats up quickly and I love the stainless steel plate and warning alarm if iron is left on for too long without using it. Steam worked well until the buttons popped out of the top, including the spring and small ball bearings. I couldn’t get the iron repaired and as I needed an iron in a hurry, I purchased another brand.

Disappointed as Sunbeam was only 18 months old. Expensive experience.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Not made for purpose

Have been a fan of Sunbeams in the past but this is not the quality I am used to.
This one is still new, so it is on probation but so far;
1. the dial is far too loose. I keep on accidentally moving the temperature wheel. It should be much tighter to change.
2. the water level is not visible through the coloured plastic so I have no idea when the iron is empty. Keep the plastic colours to a minimum.
3. The squirt thing on the left is useless - it squirts into the air, nowhere near the clothes! Why have this thing at all?

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Worst Iron.

I've had many irons over the years and this Sunbeam Verve is the worst by far. Hardly produces any steam so doesn't remove creases well. Shot of steam is a no show. Don't waste your money - I did. No more Sunbeam for me. That's an iron and a kettle in the past couple of months.

Date PurchasedMay 2016


I used to quite like ironing, now I dread using this leaking spitting appliance.
I'm off to buy a new iron and it WONT be a Sunbeam!
My husband wonders why this product wasn't recalled when so many reviews indicate a common failure?
We are disappointed Sunbeam, so many other great products.

Date PurchasedJun 2016


This iron is dangerous. I was using it today when it appeared to overheat- started smoking and the front plate fell off it was very luck I was not burnt and it didn't cause a fire!! I can not believe this product was never recalled, very unaaceptable - the product is unsafe.

Date PurchasedJul 2013

Tripping electrical switch!

I also have a Sunbeam iron that was tripping our safety switch every time I used it, based on the number of other reviews here stating the same problem it's clear that it is not a one off problem and seeing Sunbeam's response to other users, I won't bother buying another Sunbeam. I only use our iron twice a month, so not a heavy user.

Date PurchasedJul 2012

Very Disappointed

Purchased the iron 3 years ago. Right from the word go I was having problems with the heat dial as it was easy to knock it to the maximum when picking up the iron and as a result scorched some clothes. I am a single person and the iron doesn't have a hard life. About 12 months ago, water started spitting from between the sole plate and plastic body leaving dirty marks on the clothes. Descaled the iron but it still drips and spits. Thought I'd see if anybody else had a problem with this model. Very disappointed with Sunbeam and will not buy their irons again. Have previously used Sunbeam products for 40 years. Not again! Have to go out and purchase another brand.

Very disappointed

I bought this iron because I had been happy with Sunbeam products before. I also liked the Stainless Steel plate. However, the water refill cover has not continued to seal properly and water coming out constantly has been a real nuisance. If it is not filled up it loses its steaming efficiency, but when it is full it leaks to the extent that water soaking into the ironing pad has caused the underneath part of the ironing board to rust, which in turn has seeped into the cover in one spot which stained clothing before I realized where it was coming from. Very disappointed with this iron.

Not quite to Sunbeams quality

Bought this Stainless Steel iron today because I don't like Teflon finish. Have used a Sunbeam Ultra 5800 Stainless Steel for over 13 years. Be careful of pulling open the water fill lid... only held on by 2 moulded very weak plastic hinges, Certainly not the same quality hinge as the Ultra 5800. Although the iron has the same size heating surface, The Verve 66 is bigger because of the larger water tank..... Don't like the two rotary dials so close together (steam setting and Temperature setting in the same location. The Verve 66 feels and looks cheap.... way to much plastic so i am hoping this doesn't get knocked from the ironing board as it wouldn't survive the fall. At the time of writing, Myer were selling them for $109.... got a good deal at Target for $69.

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Ok - have had this iron now for two weeks and the "shot of steam" no longer works, that is it's leaving water marks on the clothes.... not happy with this product. Thank goodness we have consumer laws in this country that allow me to return this product because it does not perform in the way advertised. This is really a dud product. Sorry Sunbeam, but you have to sell better products than this.... how damaging is this to your brand??

Sunbeam not the Quality item anymore

This iron lasted 6 months then the buttons for the steam fell out - got it replaced through Sunbeam Warranty now 6 months later it is leaking water through the bottom. Will not contact Sunbeam again, just wont buy Sunbeam Irons- sad as it was the only brand I trusted.

Poorly made

Nice iron. Pity it stopped ironing

Bought for a reasonable price, worked perfectly for a while.
Now doesn't warm up.
Yes, the light turns on.
Yes I can turn the heat dial, and hear the thermostat click in and out. No it doesn't even get warm.
Now I'm less than impressed that a previously good brand failed.
While writing this, the "lonely" alarm came on, so that works, just not the hot function :-(
Good brand, clean styling
Stopped working as an iron.

It lasted 6 months and then

water started pouring out from between the soleplate and the plastic body. I'd had a Sunbeam for 20yrs before my daughter dropped and broke it and thought I'd stick with the same brand as I'd had no trouble with it. The first one I bought started leaking but I thought it must have been dropped so I bought another one.. and after 6 months this one leaks too... must be the glue giving way or something
good size water tank, steams up well
leaking after 6 months

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Hi Erica, we are sorry to hear of this issue, please contact our Consumer Support Team on 1300 881 861 to discuss further.

Not happy

Sunbeam nowhere near as good as they used to be. This is the second one I have had this year - have had it since May, 2013. Will echo previous reviewer - that the iron worked beautifully for the first 6 months but now impossible as it keeps spurting water and leaving unsightly water marks on clothes. Hasn't started shorting out yet but obviously it is only going to be a matter of time! NOT HAPPY!
Smooth ironing when it worked
As above - spurting and spluttering water all over the place. Also leaking at times when in rest position.

Hi Vanda, could you please contact our Consumer Support Team on 1300 881 861 for further troubleshooting.I don't need any further trouble shooting assistance thanks. I have now purchased a completely different brand of iron.

What a poor quality product from Sunbeam.

This iron worked fine initially but then began leaking water on clothes as we ironed. This progressed to spitting water and then in the last few weeks has shorted out and tripped the circuit breaker in our switchboard. We have always bought Sunbeam irons as they have previously been of high standard. Unfortunately, this iron is out of warranty so we are stuck with replacing it. We won't be buying a new Sunbeam due to this experience. I only wish we had read a review before purchasing this dud.
Stainless steel soleplate, easy to fill and read water reservoir.
Leaks and spits water, inconsistent steam function, is now tripping circuit breaker.

Sunbeam - not what it used to be

I purchased this iron from Kmart for $49, thinking that I would be getting a good brand and a mid-range iron. It doesn't get creases out of cotton, it leaks, and the one of the dual buttons just popped off one day. My parents had this same iron and the same things happened to them. They have just bought a Phillips iron and can't stop raving about it - I had got my money back today and will be following suit.
It looks good .. but don't let looks deceive you!
Leaks, won't iron cotton and buttons just fall off!!

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I have a SR6600 which continually shorts the house out, draws massive power, which is dangerous ( had it looked at by tech), then shuts off It appears to be a common problem with this iron. Where do I stand , without my receipt ? (still looking)
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I had a SR6600 that continually leaked water. I called Sunbeam and they got me to send it to them, then they sent out a replacement. Guess what - the replacement leaked water too after about 6 months!!!! If I was you, do what I did - give up on Sunbeam irons - the quality is no longer there. I bought myself another brand of iron!!!We are sorry to hear of the issue with your iron. Please let us know your address, so that we can arrange collection of your iron for our own inspection and so we can repair or replace as required.Tim Derrico, 28 Greenbank court , Leopold, 3224, Vic


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