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Suncorp Home Insurance

Suncorp Home Insurance

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Ruthless , Cunning , Unprofessional Suncorp

I had a business protection insurance with AAMI which was underwritten by Suncorp, any way I had a stroke , they deny the claim because they claim I had blood pressure in the past 4 years, I gave them every thing I receive from my GP which shows that he did not treat me from the so called blood pressure. I cant deal with right now due to my health, I will wait till I recovered then I will seek legal action. that happen during the commission inquiry !!!! somethings will never change.
When I was applying over the phone for the cover I told the representative about a once incidence when I had a reading of blood pressure but she did not comment .
Its easy for them to take the money but it is different when they come to pay.
Be wary be wary be wary of Suncorp insurance and AAMI.

Claim Made:Yes
Claim Resolution Time3+ months
Claim ApprovedNo

On hold for more than an hour

Trying to reach Suncorp home claims to follow up on the status of my claim, currently waiting over an hour to get through. Previously waited more than 45 mins on two occasion to get through.

Now I regretted having my home insurance with them.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim Made:Yes
Claim Resolution Time3+ months
Claim ApprovedYes

Excellent service

Been with the insurer for 2 years now. Had to make a claim on the home insurance. Customer Service was brilliant, professional contractors. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Insurance claim madeYes

Will do anything not to pay you out... Disappointed, have been a customer for 13 years.

Have been a loyal customer for 13 years, have all my cars, loans, banking, home and business insurance with them. In the last 13 years have claimed about 6 times. Each claim getting more difficult. Last straw, I had a specified item insured under my contents insurance for the past 5 years, it gets stolen out of a vehicle on my property. I have to use the APP to make the claim as holding on the phone for over 30 minutes really got to me. They emailed that my claim needed a quote and pictures. I sent them through. 3 weeks later still did not hear back from them. Finally spend over an hour on the phone to be told "that item isn't allowed on the policy" This is SUNCORP's fault, they sold me the policy and I asked about insuring this specific item. Yes I paid extra a month to have it on there.
OUTCOME: I can get a payment this time but I will have to pay the $500 content excess not the $100 specified item excess and they will be removing the item from my policy.
I'm actually really annoyed that I had to contact them to find out why it was taking so long. They seem like they were trying to avoid the situation.
I will be looking to change companies very soon.

Insurance claim madeYes

Do not use suncorp insurance

My house flooded overnight when the washer drain pipe split

i phoned them at 8 am straight away to tell them what had happened and to see if they could send someone to assess the damage
It is now 6pm and still nobody has been out to assess the damage
i am sitting surrounded by soaking carpet
they say the jobs have been cancelled 3 times, admittedly by them

they where however officiant at one thing

taking the $600 excess from my bank account

do not use suncorp


Insurance claim madeNo

Treated like I was the criminal & claim denied

I have been insured with Suncorp Approx 10 years & never once made a claim. When my house was broken into & had major damage & theft my self, my family & neighbours were treated like we were the criminals that did this. We were all interrogated for at least an hour. Not only that they turned up to the interrogation up to 3hrs before the agreed time & demanded to do it then. They were nasty & rude to us in their approach.
Despite one of the criminals who actually did it being caught & charged prior to the interrogation & witnesses to the break in etc they still denied our claim saying it’s unusual circumstances they’ve never dealt with a situation like this. You have witnesses, you have a culprit & you have our in depth interrogation of our every movement on the days leading up to & of the crime. What is unusual? That normally you don’t have so much evidence to prove that the owners didn’t do it?
Absolutely disgusted with their service & as soon as it’s resolved I’ll be changing companies!! It’s been 6 months already
Highly DO NOT recommend insuring with Suncorp. Absolutely disgusted in the way they treat their customers

Insurance claim madeYes

suncorp don't pay

i had my home insured with suncorp for 10 years , had a storm in february 2018 a brick pillow got damaged and and it stead of fixing it , they sent a engineer , who just happens to look at all their claims ., wrote a 4 page report saying it has had deterioration over years that's why it fell in the storm and did not have it fixed, but years before that one of my drives back into a fence in a truck , and took a chip out of a brick , and it was insured with suncorp , they had a report the report said the fence had deterioration over the 25 yrs and was on a lean and in poor condition, but suncorp replaced the hole fence and sent me the bill which i payed , suncorp will only pay if they can get the money out of some one , other wise will not pay

Insurance claim madeYes

Terrible Services and so unprofessional!

My investment property home loan is Suncorp. This year they tried to call me several times to sell their insurance. But the sales used my home address as the insured address, I just found out when I did the tax return for my investment property. I just want to ask them, do you buy the landlord insurance for your residential property? They want to charge me $35 for the changing address. I said please cancel the insurance due to the unprofessional service. They cancelled it and charge me $33 for the Cancellation. So unhappy conversation on the phone and I will never use any product from them again!

Insurance claim madeNo

Lodging a claim

I tried to lodge a claim fir accidental damage to a TV that was destroyed by removalists.
The claims lady asked if it happened at the new or old address? Answering honestly I stated I had no idea just the screen was broken.
It’s covered by accidental damage under the policy. But it sounds like it happened during transit so it’s not covered.
How can she determine it happened whilst wrapped in blankets or before they put it in the truck without blankets?
Claim denied.....
They carried 3 TV’s only one was broken luckily the cheapest one..
Suncorp your service in taking out new policies is fantastic!
Your service when making a claim is beyond poor it’s appalling.
I’ll cetsinly be calling around to look at other options for my insurance.
I must thank the lady for opening my eyes Suncorp I hope the Royal Commission kicks your insurance butt

Insurance claim madeYes

Should not be in Business

Was insured with Vero, (the trading name under Suncorp) in excess of four years. Had never claimed previously.
Suncorp has not settled the cost of the major damage to my home. The burst pipe event occurred January 2017.
Suncorp refuses to fairly assess the significant damage to my home.
The ombudsman was not a service to trust to assist. The insurer has breached the code of practice by not demonstrating utmost faith in assessing and processing my claim. There is no recourse to the consumer when the regulator,
FOS did not follow a transparent process and determined in a highly questionable manner. Both the insurer and the ombudsman were a liability and made life hell. Would recommend total avoidance. Do not take high ratings in other review sites seriously, it's impossible to get access to add to them. Some sites provide a rating service at a cost to the business and this site is entirely open. In times of severe distress, a battle with an insurance company is the last thing needed. The continuing battle is far worse than the event itself. It has been the most cruel and dispiriting event of my life.

Insurance claim madeYes

They need to employ RELIABLE competent builders

Been with this insurer for more than 50 years.

They need to use RELIABLE builders and communicate better with their builders. We got sick of getting phone calls and emails from builders providing a complete scope of works, a start date and end date, and then not bothering to show up or let us know. We were inconvenienced several times by builders and their representatives who never bothered to show up at specified times. Suncorp also kept us in the dark during these periods.

Insurance claim madeYes

Do not buy this insurance

Did everything right as a customer of 9 years with home and contents, multiple policy but when I needed something from them the response was slow. Not only that but leaving me for weeks without any contact and being interrogated like a criminal was less than ideal. Not to mention the amount of my time this required just to process my claim.
3 months later after break and enter at my home, I am still going without my items. Not good enough.

Insurance claim madeYes

Expensive but reliable

I'm a little torn as to value for money. I find that the policy is expensive but Suncorp are good payers. I had one major claim where lightning hit my house and they were excellent. It was a time when there were thousands of claims and they got assessors from other states to ensure all claims were met, They were a little bit slow but under the circumstances performed brilliantly. On another claim where there was a kitchen fire and the oven and cooktop needed replacing it was paid promptly. There customers service is very good, they are helpful and friendly. Overall they rate well, I pay monthly by direct debit and find I need to watch out when renewal is due as to the rising cost. It only takes a phone call to discuss your needs and how much you wish to be insured for.

Insurance claim madeYes

Deliberate Price Gougers!

I have a Home and Contents Insurance policy with Suncorp which I am happy with, however extremely unhappy with there pay by the month fee. They devide policy into 12 equal payments then add a 20% loading to the monthly fee. So my $1500 policy cost me an extra $150 per year however a $500 policy would only cost an extra $50. There is no more work by Suncorp to process a $1500 policy than a $500 policy. Price gouging at its very worse. Disgraceful behaviour by a company who suppose to look after its customers.

June 14th 2018 Update: Pay by the month Thieves!

Had lodged a complaint about PBM fees and a few days later Suncorp called me regarding my complaint but I couldn't take the call. Called them back regarding this and got a condescending corporate who gave me a whole lot of hogwash justifing Suncorps position. I let him talk and talk and talk but when I had my say he constantly interrupted and talked over the top of me. $500 Policy - $50 fee, $1500 Policy - $150 fee. No more or less work to process either Policy. Justify all you like but it wont work on the poor people who are struggling to keep there Home Contents or any other insurance. YOU ARE PRICE GOUGHERS!

Insurance claim madeNo

Amazing service!!!

Amazing service!! I was in an accident as the traffic lights were not working and the intersection was in chaos. I was held liable but suncorp waved my fee, showing me compassion in a time of need was such an unexpected and pleasant experience. I am very greatful for suncorp and their service.

Insurance claim madeYes

The worst Ever

Xmas Night very bad storm -- flooded under house and wreck 3 bookcases -- storm water pipes burst and all dirt on pipes washed away in one night. Suncorp said NO to Claims and said pipe damage done over time and hence insinuated I am lying. Not True- sick these companys imply customer is lying and overtime damage. Anything to get out paying claims. I give Suncorp a ZERO and am now convincing family and friends not to take out policies with suncorp. Claims not paid.

Insurance claim madeYes

Secret fees for paying premiums monthly

I've been banking with suncorp all my life, and insuring my house and cars with suncorp for many years. This year I was surprised at the increase in my premium so rang to enquire. I was told that the increase was mostly due to an increase in the fee for paying monthly rather than up front - an increase from 15% to 20%. For me this fee equated to a whopping $600.

I asked suncorp how this fee is calculated, and how customers would know about this enormous fee for paying monthly. I also asked how customers were advised about the recent increase of 33% in this fee. The inadequacy of the answers highlight the company's lack of respect for their loyal, long term customers.

For example, I asked the Suncorp complaints person who rang me why the renewal notice doesn't give this simple information to customers - "this is the premium if you pay monthly, and this is the premium if you pay the full amount up front". The answer given was, "Customers know they are paying more if they pay monthly. No one is asking us for the details of how much this is." Seriously? Customers don't want to know that they are being whacked with a $600 fee for paying monthly? The only credible explanation is that this is a profit making activity, and fewer people would continue to pay monthly if they knew the true cost.

Insurance claim madeNo

Forget about insuring your home with Suncorp

Suncorp promptly rejected my claim for damage to my home caused by "unreasonable flow of water" from bursting/leaking water pipes in the neighbouring property - a defined event under my home insurance policy. Despite two written requests made months ago, Suncorp has continually failed to provide reasons for rejecting the claim. I've provided independent architect/building inspection reports. I've now requested the Financial Services Ombudsman to investigate Suncorp's failure to honour its insurance policy. I believe that Suncorp is prepared to pocket customers' insurance premiums, but NOT prepared to accept legitimate and genuine claims. I believe that Suncorp simply doesn't want to pay up. I would not insure my home with Suncorp again and neither would I recommend them. Consumers pay premiums to have their properties insured and my experience has been that Suncorp's conduct has been untrustworthy, deceptive and lacking in integrity.

June 13th 2018 Update: Would not insure home and contents with Suncorp again

This was my first home insurance building and contents policy with Suncorp. Would not recommend and would never insure with Suncorp again. Made a claim due to water damage to my home caused by a leaking and bursting water supply line in the adjoining rental property (unreasonable flow of water). Despite providing expert reports from an architect and building inspector and a structural engineer, Suncorp rejected the claim. Suncorp"s rejection of the claim is now being investigated by the Office of the Financial Ombudsman. Of course, the insurance claim has now been "in limbo" for months as a result. Not impressed by what I believe is tardiness and obstruction by Suncorp.

November 2018 Update: Suncorp finally pays insurance claim after intervention by the Financial Service Ombudsman.

Suncorp Home Insurance finally paid my claim for damage to my home caused by the unreasonable flow of water (flooding) from the adjoining rental property, but the payment of my claim was only made after the Financial Services Ombudsman investigated my complaint about Suncorp Insurance. The settlement of my claim by Suncorp was made more than more than 4 months after I lodged my insurance claim with Suncorp.

Insurance claim madeYes

The never ending price gouge

For 7 years I have put up with this extortion for lack of s better word. Since 2011 my ins. Has increased from $1000. With a nill excess, To now $1800. With a $500 excess. This is still the same house on the same hill with the same occupants except I am 7 years older and now very angry. Where has the old loyal costumer term gone. When I phoned they wanted me to take a reduction on the insured value for a reduction in the policy cost, which would leave the house underinsured so they only have to pay out a lesser amount in the event of a disaster. what is the alternative to this ripping off of the costumer short of having no house and contents insurance. They need to be exposed but to who. Signed, Gus

Insurance claim madeNo

Rip off company

Suncorp continued to take direct debit despite a letter to cancel policy. Said it was able to continue because it had word of mouth. Complete lie. Never agreed to monthly direct debit ever.

Insurance claim madeNo

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Questions & Answers

What does like for like mean versus new for old when claiming unrecoverable items with Suncorp Contents Insurance policy?
No answers

does your insurance cover busted pipes?
1 answer
I have no idea. There were no busted pipes, so not relevant to me. The insurance company can answer that question. Most important, get them to tell you where in the policy document it is covered. You will also need to know how to connect it to the tenant.

I have been with Suncorp for over 20 years cars, house -the lot and have barely made any claims. We are looking at paying our premiums monthly instead of annually to better manage cash flow. I know this costs relatively a bit more -ie it is not a simple divide the premium amount by 12 -but how much more?? Does anyone know. I called Suncorp to find out and they would not answer the question. He said it was not a simple multiplier such as 5% -yes they had a formula but he could not tell me what it was just said it was less than 20%. I cant find out what the monthly amount would be until my insurance falls due again in July. Our house insurance is already $4,000. 20% of this is another $800!!! Please, does anyone know how much more it costs to pay monthly -? or do I just find another insurer (none of them get very good reviews!!)
1 answer
Hi Solargirl, It's highly likely that Suncorp refer the 'monthly instalments' to a Third Party premium funder (lender) who's rate will vary depending on the total premium. For example, the lower the total premium the higher you can expect the interest rate to be, conversely the higher the premium you pay the lower the interest rate would be. For a total annual amount of $4,000 I would expect 7-10%, though if Suncorp are accepting higher levels of commission from the premium funder this may be realistically higher. I would say other insurers may be as vague as they will only have this information at hand come renewal time, I suggest talking to an insurance professional as they may be able to 'spoof' a quotation to give you an idea of what to expect.

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