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SunSense Sport SPF 50+

SunSense Sport SPF 50+

1.5 from 14 reviews

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Was not sunsafe or effective

Terrible..will never use again. My 3 children used this and all are burnt terribly. Where they didn't apply sunblock properly they didn't get burnt. Only the areas on their body that had the "sunblock". Almost like a reaction to the sunblock. Will not recommend to anyone.


SunSense SPF 50+ burned my skin. I could feel my skin sting after only minutes of wearing it. My skin ended up very red and burnt. This was not from sun exposure. I have been wearing different sunscreens my entire life and this is the only time this has happened. Beware of this product. Wearing no sunscreen is safer.

Melts into your skin while your skins enjoys the protection.

Swapped to this after the Cancer Council Work Sunscreen was becoming too harsh for my skin, its think and requires alot of rubbing in however with SunSense Sport you barely have to work it into your skin before its quickly absorbed and doing its job. It truly is light and non greasy which is nice that advertising for once is true. I have Sensitive skin and haven't had an issue as of yet using it on my arms.

Read some other reviews and sounds like people aren't reapplying every two hours and aren't following the clear instructions. Also recommend patch testing, most cosmetic products recommend this, apply somewhere you can wash easily and monitor (arm for example). Haven't had any burning, I know the other brand would start to wear my skin down after reapplications due to the thicker formula.

Overall very happy with this product.

Burned my skin

I thought I would try Sunsense, I've used it 3 times in total - the first time I used it I was at the beach & thought maybe it had washed off & the sun had burnt me, the 2nd time I was bush hiking no longer than an hour (out of direct sun) & still got burnt. I used it again yesterday only thought I would trial where I use it, i used it on my face & chest & I am BURNT not even 30 minutes in the sun, everywhere else that I did NOT apply sunscreen too wasn't even touched by the Sun. I don't have any skin sensitivity issues but I will never use this product again.

Don’t risk it

On two occasions that I used this product it got into my eyes and the pain was almost unbearable and lasted for hours. While the product warns to avoid eye contact, it found its way in regardless.

Cream burnt my skin

Sun sense burnt my face after minutes of applying. I don’t have sensitive skin... or at least I didn’t, now days after applying and quickly washing off as it was burning my face I have been left with sore, red, peeling, sensitive patches all over my face. I can’t even apply moisturiser now.

Sun screen that works

I have found this sun screen one of the best I have tried. It is not greasy like a lot of others.
My partner plays golf 3 times a week and he is very fussy about greasy hands. He also has a skin problem which needs a lot of protection from the sun. I would highly recommend this product.

It burnt my skin not the sun!!!!!! The orange “family bottle”

Sun sense caused massive deep burns on my skin after only half an hour!!!!! And my 2 daughter’s please please do not use any of their products they also can’t be contacted disconnected all their lines the pain is agony and I am considering legal action against them for the damage

Did not last 2 hours

Applied liberally to 2 and 1/2 yr granddaughter before we went to beach and then again when we arrived and while we were there fior 2 hours. She came home burnt. I'm so upset!

Terrible. Do not use.

I applied to my kids and they swam at pools for 2 1/2 hours. (Did not reapply as states 4 hrs water resistent). My daughter burnt and is red raw and had fevers last night kind of like Sun stroke. Had to give her Panadol and keep eye on her overnight. Disgusting.

Don't take the risk

I have used this product three times now and believe it to be inferior product. I felt my skin burning whilst in the sun and thought i hadn't enough on. The two applications I lathered on using more than the recommended 30ml for an adult. Still felt like I had been out in the sun without any screen. I had a look at Choice and the results are interesting. Baring in mind that sunscreen works on people differently, both my husband and I feel like we are getting burnt using this product. Have contacted Ego and waiting to hear back. https://www.choice.com.au/spf#test

Completely ineffective - Avoid at all costs

I have reasonably olive skin and have never been burnt when wearing any other sunscreen, over the past 30 years. Slathered this product all over me, and after 2.5 hours in the Gold Coast sun, came back from lounging by pool completely burnt - red and sore all over. Luckily did not stay longer. Thought it must have been user error, so next day put two layers on me, well rubbed in to my red areas. Started burning and getting redder and redder within minutes. Quickly grabbed another sunscreen, and that made the difference.
This products claim of SPF50+, 4 hours water resistance, sand and sweat resistance, etc. are complete lies. Will never buy another ego skin product again.

Dangerously ineffective

Gold Coast Holiday ruined after2 hours on the beach. Applied generous amount to entire family before we left apartment. Left at 11am was back in apartment at 1:15pm.
Purchased 50+ 4hours water and sweat resistant, to reduce reapply time for the kids in water. Instructions say re apply after water and towelling. As we only entered water once and were there half the time, you can imagine my anger when my daughter started to show effects of sunburn. Redness and swelling that proceeded to get worse as the afternoon progressed. We had to stay home the whole afternoon and night.
Do not buy this product

Not as advertised.

I was a big fan of the previous SunSense sport's milk SPF 30+ range. It was easy to rub in, and did the job well. It seems this version is no longer sold in the big containers, and only the new Sport SPF 50+ is available.

This product is awful. It is the hardest sunscreen, to fully rub in, that I have ever used. If you go in the water at any stage, you'll end up purple and covered in unabsorbed sunscreen all over again. At this stage I have to put it on at least an hour before leaving the house and starting to sweat, and at least an hour before getting in water.

And forget about it if you have a hairy chest. Any hairy sections, it doesn't really rub in at all, no matter how long you try and rub it in.

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