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Hard, costly and can't redo

I did this program in 2004. It was very expensive. I have no medical issues so the blood test was a waste of time. They said they cater for individuals but I found they just printed off a list of foods that was low fat and low calorie...and anything I said I didn't like i.e. capsicum, they simple took of my list of foods I could eat....they call this 'catering for individuals'.
It is a simple program...eat 1 from this list, only 2 from carb list per day etc. So it leaves you to decide what to eat as long as you stick to the list. I found there wasn't a huge selection of food so I ate the same things a lot. Eventually I got sick of some of the foods that I was gagging as I ate it. It was at that point that I decided to end the torture. I did lose about 8 kg in total. 4 kg loss in the 1st week which was probably only water cause the other 4kg took about 6 to 8 weeks.
I put back on the weight. I tried the program again twice but it hasn't been as effective as the first time. The effort far exceeds the outcome. Might as well starve yourself.

Good, if you have a great consultant and determined willpower, but expensive.

I agree with both sides of the opinions concerning the for's and against's of this Company. But it is a sensible,
well balanced fresh food program, which you can find in so many healthy books and recipes on line for free. I still believe it's success is the sensible suggested portions, food choices with apples and oats to fill you, plenty of water and restraint from too much sugary processed foods. We all know what to do its just so hard to follow on your own. Phone consults are great to fit in with our busy modern lives. But are only a true personal successful to the client, if the consultant has the passion, time, and friendly encouragement to make you want to loose the weight and get your life back on track. The programme does work, but it should be renamed simply, " The Healthy Eating and drinking cocktail with a great friend to help you enjoy the journey"

$1000 for nothing

I used this years ago, got talked into a very unrealistic diet plan that cost me $1000.
I have since lost lots of weight with good old fashion exercise and proper diet
They will reel you in with fancy rubbish, take your money and not give a damn.

Online chat is not relevant !

Sure skim is low carbs diet , works if you maintain daily routine . New services without clinic is very disappointing . Diet supervision is phychologival help and can't be solve with phone call in a mildfle of the day and stared with question : what is your straggle ?
As well there is no skype consultations, only online chat .. Which is useless .

No more weight issues!

Unreal, I used this method 8 years ago to lose baby weight. I lost 12 kilos within a few months. It was a god sent! I have been maintaining my weight successfully for this period and even after another child. It's not hard to follow. Its a commitment to a healthy body and life!
Rapid results

Round three

I did the sure slim program 5 years ago 4 months before my 50th birthday and lost 15 kgs. I could not believe how fast the weight came off eating so much food. Sadly I have regained all the weight because I Started eating chocolate again. This just triggered the sweet cravings again to the point of having no control of my eating. It is hard to get my mind ready for no snacking as only 3 meals a day are allowed on the sure slim program. I disagree with anyone who says the program does not work. It really does.
Speed of weight loss

Frustrating doing it online

I've done it years ago and worked great but trying to do it this time online and I've had drama after drama. The lady Amelie who emails back couldn't really give about your frustrations now they have your money. I've fallen off the wagon this week because I'm so fed up with my online program not working properly, couldn't upload photos, then tried putting measurements in 10 times but wouldn't save them and wouldn't let me on the next page to finish the consultation, my food diary jumped to a week ahead then its full now and hasn't renewed so can't add new food diary for this week, then I had more dramas with trying to book my next online consultations as I was only up to week 3 but it said I was week four!!! Many mire dramas but to frustrated to explain.
Does work if you follow it precisely.
Expensive, poor online customer service, too many computer glitches doing it in line

Sureslim Helps You Enjoy Food More!

I did the program in 2008 (lost over 50kgs) and have kept my weight off - maybe a couple of kilos in fluctuations around Christmas time each year!! It is the only programe that has worked for me, all while enjoying 3 delicious meals a day, after decades of constant dieting & fasting. It gives a template for the rest of your life ! A friend has also gone on the programme over the last year and lost lots of weight.
Knowing the real truth on effective weight loss. There is so much misinformation out there .

Disappointing - go for 8 good doctor's appointments instead of barely trained call centre staff

Main emphasis of Sure Slim is money: they get you to sign up and get your blood test done because then they get your cash. After that, there is zero interest on their part. They really are just a sales outfit.
The programme is a low carb diet. Your doctor really can give you this and you could see them once a week for 8 weeks and it would be a) much better info and b) a lot less expensive
The food programme Sure Slim gives you is unimpressive. Just buy a low carb diet book - it gives you more options. Despite what they claim, they don't really cater for vegetarians or unusual diets - they just give an unrealistically restrictive plan.

Just a sales process to make money for whoever owns Sure Slim


I did the program in 2005 and lost 10kg in 3 months. It taught me to change my eating habits completely. Once I was off the program I never ate the same way again, not because I had to try, but because I had learnt a new way of eating and was more educated on the food I am now earring. It is now 2012 and I have just had a baby and this is the only time in the past 7 years that I have put the weight back on again. Until I was pregnant I was still the same weight and only fluctuated by about 2 kgs over those 6 years (pretty damn good I think and I wasn't even trying). I now have the diet at home and I am going to start it again I admit it is hard at first but I know for a fact if you stick to it the weight does come off and stays off. I will report back once I am done. Good luck to you all.
Does what it says if you follow it

Works well!

I lost my 20 kilos on Sureslim with (low mobility) due to illness within 6 months.

The fresh, whole food approach with little or no processed foods were great! The seeds were no problem to me as I learnt to either have them with my yoghurt or crushed up on a salad.I always prepared myself before going anywhere eg took an apple or a salad. I think the cost is okay as i have been part of other diet plans that you have to pay for weigh ins,books,recipes and their foods which add up to a lot more than SS.(Can go on for years).I lost all of this by just sticking to the plan and drinking heaps of water,5 hour gaps were very important and no exercise for me!
After a 3 month stint in hospital,on hospital food and meds,I have put it all back on but am starting again tomorrow without the weekly phone sessions or upfront cost .
I am no where near a clinic so had to count on my weekly phone session and weighing and measuring myself. If you have the self discipline and stick to everything they tell you to do(no cheating) this really does work!
It was the only diet that has helped my daughter keep her Polycystic Ovarian disease at bay and lose weight to have her 2 healthy babies.(She was told she would never have children). She is starting again in December after number 3. Great for most of us with health problems.Helps you feel good and look great!.

Loved the fresh whole food approach!
Need more clinics in Country towns and a easier payment plan!


I lost less than 2kg in the 6 week program recommended by the pharmacist despite sticking to the program 100%, drinking at least 2 litres of water per day and attending a fitness class three mornings each week. Very disappointing as I also felt bloated and suffered from very embarassing flatulence throughout the whole period. It was also expensive. I would not recommend this product to anybody in the future.
I can not think of any.
Bloating and flatulence.

sureslim works

I know that many people moan that they're tired of weighing everything, but I don't have this problem. I chop mixed vegetables, weigh them and put them in little sealable bags. I make enough for five days and I do the same with the meat, fish, chicken,... The day I buy it I weigh it and wrapp it in wrapping foil, put a sticker on top and freeze it. I'm saving so much money with this diet and my favourite breakfast is frozen mango with yoghurt and the linseeds. Tastes like frozen mango yoghurt. I feel like I'm having a treat. Last time I was away for a week and didn't follow sureslim in that week and I've still lost. I like seeds anyway so it's no problem for me to eat them. An usual day for me looks like that: porridge, fruit, milk, flax seeds, cinnamon, sweetener in the microwave for 1.5 minutes. For lunch I defrost chicken and 1/2 avocado, fry the chicken with Mexican spices and put it on my mountain bread with tomatoes and the 1/2 avocado and the rest of the seeds. In the evening I am enjoying a steak, fish curry or a pork chop with vegetables and lots of cucumber salad, yummy. I've lost 16 kilos in five weeks and i'm not going to stop now!
quick and not so expensive as many think, as you save on your food bill


Very good weight loss program, probably one of the best out there. Very strict for the first few weeks, but gets much easier to follow. Weighing the food can get tedious, but worth the effort. Is reasonably expensive if you need to lose more than about 10kg.
BEWARE if things go wrong, because the head office does not want to know, and you could get ripped off to the sum of 100's of dollars like I did. I never recieved my second "weight maintenance" program, for all their promising, even though I had paid in full.
Lost a lot of weight, easy to follow, good common dietary sense, good support at the beginning.
Office not helpful when things go wrong. Ripped off a HEAP of money by the company.


This is the type of eating we are designed for. A high proportion of fresh fruit and vegetables and avoidance of processed food. I feel annoyed by people who moan "as soon as you go back to normal eating, you put it all back on again." You got fat eating "normal food" so why does that surprise you? I've lost 19.5kg in 5 months, I'm 45 years old and haven't been left with any saggy skin. Ive lost my fat belly, my hips are slim and I feel fabulous. I 100% recommend it and have found my clinic reliable and helpful. I live in WA and go to the Morley clinic. Do I miss the old food I used to eat, sure at times. But I don't want to get fat again, and I've made a commitment to stay healthy, so those foods are no longer desirable. Sweet stuff isn't actually enjoyable now. (It's just my head that thinks it is!)
Healthy, intelligent eating plan that is good to maintain a healthy weight througout life. You learn what portion sizes look like by weighing them, you eat food from the supermarket and, most importantly, set a good example for young ones watching your eating habits. A quote that helped me initially "Nothing tastes as good, as being slim feels" - I think Kate Moss said it.
Nothing. It's a fact of life that your eating habits made you fat in the first place, so get used to that fact and accept that you need to change those eating habits for life, both to lose weight, and then stay at your healthy weight for life. It's not a magic solution to your bad habits - be realistic. It's a very worthwhile journey.


Overall, I think Sureslim is a waste of money. Anyone ive spoken to since doing the program that has also participated in it, has had the same eating plan devised for them also! This makes me feel quite ripped off and that the initial blood tests that are done are a bit of a crock.
Also, this program doesnt allow you to have carbs, its very restrictive, and unless you want to live under a rock while your on it, its very hard to socialise or go out for dinner.
Programs such as weight watchers are far more successful as they are about a lifestyle change which is achieveable to continue with, whereas Sureslim, I personally dont find having no carbs, cheese, chocolate, any treats an achieveable long term solution.
* The effectiveness of the program, it definately works if you stick to it
* It is expensive
* The lack of variety of food, I found it far too restrictive


I joined because I was under the assumption that I would have one on one sessions with a knowledgeable professional... for that much money. The lovely ladies who are there are sympathetic but are trained to say the same unfounded statements. For example, eating as described will release "growth hormones" which is what you need to loose weight. After looking it up I can say that this is an unfounded statement. Also, there is no counseling on a persons specific needs. It is just take the money and bluff. I am ashamed that I fell for it.
The program does not try to sell you products and is a solid weight loss basic program.
It is a stupid thing to have paid for. The diet is not geared to my specific needs. It is a very basic diet.


please do not throw away your money like i did. It's an absolute scam!!!
None, it's a massive rip off, bordering on scam.
Scam of a diet with a facade of a scientific and personalised approach to dieting.
The whole thing is basically this, and you can keep your $900! people. The blood test isn't anything fancy, as you are lead to believe.. some far away gp might glance at it, but you actually don't need a doctor to explain your blood results. Pathology are great in that results are automatically highlighted if they are unusual (high or low). So you can go to your doctor and request an FBE and U&E for $50.
They tell you to eat 3 meals a day, 5 hours apart. Do not mix your protiens. Do not take milk in your coffee. Do not drink more than 60ml of full fat milk a day. No skinny milk because it has too much sugar. You are to have at least 2tbs linseed meal, 2tbs pumpkin seeds, 1tbs sesame seeds, 1tbs sunflower seeds a day.. you must measure your vegetable and protein portions. THey increase from 125 to 140 from lunch to dinner. You cannot eat carrots, potato, pumpkin, grapes, watermelon, bananas etc
you can eat as much celery, lettuce and cucumber as you wish HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA THANKS!!!
oh yeah, and only two slices of dark rye bread a day.
Piss off. Diet of deprivation is bound to lose the kg's, but you can only take so much of it. I've been on it for 3 months.
In the first month, i felt the pressure to lose over 1kg a week. so i basically starved to each weigh in. Once i snapped out of it and changed my number so they couldn't call me (it was too late for me to get any of my money back!) i felt less pressure. It's my lesson this lifetime. I'm saving you a $900 loss. Follow what i have told you and you are not missing a thing for my money. They weigh yuo once a week and expect you to lose mountains of weight and then a kg a week. If you tell them you are not losing as fast, they ask you if you are sticking to your diet. (mmmmm celery, obviously not!)
You don't need this crap and the extra pressure. Sureslim take your money and leave you with a whole lot of head scratching to do.
If it was as straightforward as self deprivation, we would all be slim.. but unfortunately, humans only want what they cannot have.

one of my most stupid moments going on this program. I went on it because a collegue said they lost 20kg's on it. Either you want to lose weight, or you don't.. i say. No one can force you to do it any faster that you physically can.
Sureslim asked me not to exercise on this program...

i am now working out, eating healthy meals where i am not depriving myself.. I'm watching my calorie intake and making use of slimming shakes or soups as i need them, without a contract. I could kick myself for still having $600 to pay for my big mistake.


The food plan works very well. I lost weight fast and I felt healthy on this plan. However the costs were too much. I later read a southbeach diet book and it was very similar, so I would use that plan instead of paying so much.
The initial weight loss was excellent. I liked the foods on the program and lost weight very quickly. I also lost cravings and stopped feeling hungry after the first week.
The cost was excessive for what you get. My diet plan was the same as friends so I do not think it is personalised beyond using common sense. I was unable to maintain the weight loss over the long term, however that is probably my own fault rather than the companies.


dont waste your money there are more established businesses out there that offer a better service and dont take your money up front and then disappear
good diet, lost weight
BEWARE clinics take your money then close down offerring little support. I know of at least 2 in SA that have closed including mine

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can you tell me the seeds that you use in this program as i know they work .
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Can you eat rolled oats on Sureslim ? And avocado? When I did Sureslim years ago you couldn’t.
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I’m allowed Almond milk with my cereal , can I use it for tea and coffee instead ?
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I think, 2 spoons of flax-seed, 2 spoon of pepitas, 1 spoon of sesame, 1 spoon of sunflower seeds

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