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Surge Health & Fitness

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Cancelation of Membership

I went in to the gym when my 16 year old wanted to join. I asked all the questions and my main specific question was can we cancel and the answer was YES with a 1 month notice. We requested a cancelation and have been told we are on contract for a year. When i called in to discuss I am told that I am rude and I was told I went for the cheaper option which is the contracted option. He has now paid for 6 months and has not been and they still will not cancel his membership.

Value for Money

Absolute waste of time!

Below average equipment, facilities are either broken,unavailable or dirty, absolute terrible value for money considering you can get a sauna, Olympic sized swimming pool , spa and a good gym at Craige leisure centre for the same price with much more friendly staff, I wish I would have known what the real surge was like before the persuasive, pushy sales team wasted my time and money!

Don’t join unless you plan on never leaving

It will cost you up to $51 on top of one month membership if you wish to cancel, and they do not make it easy for you to cancel, you have to go in and sign form and then someone will call you about your cancellation to confirm but also to try and recontract you. Gyms are toxic places is filled with insecure people, you should go to a yoga studio instead, it’s more fulfilling in my opinion.

Bad turned into a good experience with Surge Clarkson

Long story short, I signed up to Surge (but didn't know I was on a contract) and a few months later I was made redundant from my job, so I tried to cancel my contract with Surge, which proved difficult as I was made aware I was on a contract. It took a few months to figure out a resolution but at the end of it all, I was shown empathy towards my financial hardship and was able to find an agreement to cancel my contract even though I still had months left to go. I am pleased with the outcome

Check your direct debits!

I recently spotted a duplicate direct debit on my account when checking my statements from two months prior.
When I queried it they explained that they had had a problem with the bank that day and many members had been charged twice. I wonder if I hadn't had queried it if they would have ever refunded me. There was no apology either. Not a good experience - I will be checking my subscription charges more closely in future.

Love this gym!

I've been a member for 9 years, I have watched the gym grow and improve. In my experience, the staff are very friendly, the classes are good ( especially Jayne ) and the equipment is mostly new and modern and in good working order. Thank you.
I'm sure there would be many more positive reviews but we only tend to review to complain so try it out for yourself! :).

Premium price for a premium gym

As the title suggests, it is not cheap. The facilities are first class and far better than any other 24 hour gym in Perth. Clean showers and secure lockers are a plus. Only downside was the sales guy who gave me the tour. Assumptive selling and skipped past the 'cooling off period' section in the terms and conditions. With only a 48 hour period to change your mind, this could catch a lot of people out and have them stuck in a legally binding contract they're not happy with. Be sure to read t&c's carefully.
Thankfully I am happy with the facilities so I won't be leaving any time soon

Over priced and useless

Staff are terrible, you expect good advice and proffesional staff for the price you pay but you get neither. Staff rarely respond to queries and any emails I sent never got replies. Theres no point joining the gym when there are better gyms for half the price.

Rude, unprofessional,

Do not waste your money with this gym! I have never come across such rude and unprofessional people that will put up any excuse to take money from you. I joined back in April last year when I arrived in Perth. i was told due to my partner being linked to one of there sponsors I would pay a lower rate $17.99 and be under no contract. However, when I actually took the time to look at the papers I had signed for a 12 month contract. I used the gym for about 4 months. The classes are shocking I actually walked out of two different ones due to how unprofessional and quite simply what a joke the classes were. I asked to cancel my contract and was told i would have to pay the remainder of it up front or i could pay it off weekly till it ended in April 2016. I decided to go with the latter. I have not walked into the gym since August. So my contract is due to end next week and i ring to make sure everything it all ready for me to cancel to be told i need to give them 2 months notice. I'm sorry as far as I'm aware its been 8 months since I asked to cancel it. After a few phone calls and cross words it gets reduced to a month with a sarky comment from the manager [name removed] "it's not as if someone was holding a gun to her head". Its disgusting and disgraceful that people think they can get away with talking to their clients like this. I've paid for 8 months for a gym membership I haven't used and am still paying due to their lack of communication. I would never have even signed up if i wasn't told it wasn't a contract in the first place. Lied to by someone who just wanted an extra number for their commotion. What a joke of an establishment!!!

Rude and unprofessional.

The reception was so rude and fake that they were talking nonsense about my girlfriend at the back as i heard them. They accused her of not having a membership card even though she has one and was a member a while ago. The reception kept accusing her and wouldn't give her a refund as she paid $20 for a single visit for me, All they did was give them a card writing MY NAME ON IT AND I DIDN'T PAY FOR IT. Seriously at least let her use it towards her membership fee. She signed up on the spot and still you couldn't give her a membership card because they wrote her date of birth wrong saying she was born in 2016.. ARE YOU SERIOUS. they take 1 hour to try to sort things out, told her to come back the next day and yet still took half an hour to fix everything and during that time they said all her details were gone.. Honestly don't even consider coming here, it's the worst gym, made us feel very uncomfortable and unwelcome. don't even bother coming here for a single visit.
-Surge Fitness - Drovers - You need new staff.


I joined Surge fitness Wanneroo 3 months ago. I was told there would be 3 personal training sessions to get me started and do a programme for me. this was what I wanted, I only had 2 sessions and was given my programme. I was told that it would be reviewed in 8 weeks. that hasn't happened and I asked one of he trainers about it. I was told that the only way to get it changed was to get a personal trainer for a price. was quoted $65 for 45 minutes. I have been to other gyms and they review your progress every 3 months. I am on a 12 month contract having my money taken out every week. I do not want to stay on the same programme for 12 months, it can get very boring.
you do not get told these things when you sign up.
Having said all that, I am enjoying the gym.

Disgusting Oppotunism

I was a member of this gym and wanted to take my partner with me whilst she was on holidays. They charged me $20 for a single visit. As this is the case - I will not be continuing my membership. Surge gym - you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Worst gym in WA! Appalling customer sercive

My 17 year old son had a membership at this gym near Drovers and when he lost his job needed to cancel his membership. My husband went to cancel membership but was told he needed to pay $375 cancellation fee. As my son was now unemployed he was not capable of paying this so my husband asked if the membership could be transferred into his name. He was told yes. Then 2 days later my husband received a call saying he now needed to pay $40 to transfer thus membership. My husband, after a long discussion with staff advised them that he was not previously informed this and was extremely unhappy with the service provided and was angry they would not accommodate any hardship circumstances. By the time he left the building he was under the understanding the membership had been cancelled.
Three months later the payment were then been deducted from our account. I then went down to the gym to find out why they were drawing money from our account for my sons membership? They advised my husband got it all wrong and that it was only suspended for three months. I explained to them that, that is not what he was told and we were basically told we were liars!!! I advised the staff that my son is still unemployed and now has torn his ACL and is going in for surgery next week and is out of action for the next 9 months. To which I was basically told too bad, he signed a contract so pay the money. I then requested to speak to management to which I was told they would call within 48 hours.
One week later I get a call from a very aggressive manager, who was only calling to state what I have been already told. Her only concern was to state on more than several occasions that this call was being recorded and she was offering me other options ( obviously just trying to cover her own ) Which was not so as she had not offered me anything different to what I had already been told. ( PAY US MONEY!).She advised under no circumstances would she offer any hardship circumstances.
This would have to be without a doubt the worst customer service I have ever received. It was rude extremely argumentative and the poorest of management skills I have ever received. And that is a huge statement for me to make as I have worked in management side of customer service for 20 years. This is my job to teach!! If I own this business, I would be have a complete review of staff in this area.

Don't sign on the dotted line!

Tried to cancel membership, physically went in to do this but they'll give you the run around to ultimately keep taking your money

Refused entry to simply look at gym equipment.

I went to Surge near Drovers this morning with my children and as ex personal trainer to UK Decathletes and England rugby team I am well equipped to assess the types of equipment they have in the gym.

I simply asked if I could see the gym and I was told you need to book a tour (Sales Pitch). I Kindly explained my professional background and that my wife is a member. But told had to book a tour and I said I am really busy and booking time and day is limited for me. Subsequently, I walked out and they have lost a potential new member and possibly a current member! I have now reached out to the MD to raise my concern and that I simply needed a convenient low profile view of the gym and then possibly sign up. But it's been an absolute inconvenience and not the most flexible approach to securing new business!

bad customer service

[names removed] is super pushy and doesn't stop calling you AFTER you've already joined. I had to tell her to stop calling after she didn't get the hint of 10 unanswered calls.
Then they make it hard to cancel and extremely rude about it. work circumstances changed and I needed to cancel.
On a weekly direct debit and emailed to cancel. Got [name removed] the manager.
They say u can transfer your membership for $40 I say yep and then the guy says but you have to find someone yourself.. other option is pay $375.. well if I could pay that I would have paid the fee of $700 upfront in the first place. I was stupid enough to join back up after I let my.membership expire. I paid a for a full year then the next week realised I shouldn't have and hadn't even used any passes and needed to cancel again coz of work. I thought they had like a 14 or 21 day cooling period but nope he was pretty much like too bad... im sure it was [name removed] last time too. All of them are so rude.

Jane rocks !!!!

I'm sad to be leaving surge clarkson as Jane has been a huge inspiration to me ! I have lived for her fitbox and RPM classes and found inner strength I hadn't seen in a long time :-) you will be greatly miss by me :-( kind regards Ness x

Really bad customer service

Went in today to look at the gym and join spoke with the sales lady found her to be really rude that we walked out went to Jetts at carramar they were so nice made us all feel welcome well done jetts

overpriced and hidden prices everywhere for a average facility, would not recommend

Make sure you find out and ask about ALL the prices associated before you join, ALWAYS BE CAREFUL and check they are taking the correct amount of money at the right time ! i DO NOT recommend to any one unless you want to waste money

Worst customer service

When we signed up we were under the impression it was not on a 12 month membership, which we were then told we were, my husband tried to put the gym on hold as he had a contract for 3 months which they seemed very understanding and put on hold, when he reinstated it he was charged a fees which was not explained at the time, i cancelled my membership which took a while for someone to get back to me, and i was told there was a cancellation period of 30 day which would still be charged but because i hadn't been able to go in and physically cancel it they kept been charging me every week ( which again was not explained to me) even though i told them i had been away for a funeral.

Classes not that great, customer service is bad

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Questions & Answers

How much is surge fitness in Drovers, Wanneroo? Can you pay weekly? And is the price based on age?
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I pay $14.95 weekly. My brother pays $600.00 for a whole year and I don't think its based on age. I myself signed up when I was a student at the time, so they gave me a discounted price for the weekly membership. While I'm positive they don't charge according to age, I think they charge according to how much you will be using/visiting the gym: student, fly-in/fly-out worker, PT sessions only etc. Hope that helps answer your questions. :)

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