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Suzuki Boulevard M109R

Suzuki Boulevard M109R

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130,000 mls in ten yrs

I bought mine in 2009, brand new with zero miles. I started riding and canyon and track racing back in the 80's but we moved in a area where there really weren't any canyons to ride to thought I'd try out a cruiser. Now coming from a gSXR1000 was hard to find a cruiser that would somehow fulfill my need for speed. So after test driving a hand full of cruisers I decided on the M109R. The bike just look Badass! Looks like a drag bike. It became my main mode of transportation even though I had a BMW and a truck. Replaced the seat with Corbin, added intake , Roadhouse exhaust , TFI fuel controller and never looked back. I never had any problem with it at all. Just oil change and that's it. But at around 130,000 miles the bottom cylinder started leaking and would've cost more to fix it then the bike was worth. So now I have another M109R. A 2019 model. Hopefully this baby last as long , if not longer, than my first bike. It is very powerful and is not for a new rider.

Purchased in May 2019 for $13,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Mileage 200 km
Acceleration / Power
Fuel Efficiency
Gear Shifting

Should I or shouldn't I

Well coming away from big dual purpose bikes that unfortunately my wife struggled to get on and off due to the height factor, it was time to go down another avenue. I have never looked at cruiser bikes over the thirty years of riding, but also now that I'm getting older (57yrs) it was time to look at something we can both enjoy. I jumped on Google and bike mag reviews and the one that stood out heads and shoulder above all others was the M109R. "Lets just get to the biggest and not fart around with mini 1400cc bikes" and the time was right, a local dealer Colemans Suzuki had a low mileage 2011 second hand model at a great price, arranged a test ride for both the wife and I, though at the time had no back rest for the wifey which turned out to be no problem at all. We hit the highway and within such a short distance found out how easy these beasts are to control. The first tightish corner was in the back of my mind, but caution was the best approach until practice makes perfect which did not take long to show the 240 rear who is boss, but like a lot of riders have noted, just be careful with the right wrist and then you will know who is boss. We got to a coffee stop to review the ride, and decided "buy it now". Best choice ever, we have covered some good mileage and only a few things came to mind. We have removable gel seats when needed, a back rest for added comfort and when you change from second to third at low speed there is a bit of vibration from the shaft, other than that, perfect for our roads and highways here in New Zealand (North Island), amazing licence losing acceleration, the bike will dictate how much acceleration you can take without spitting you out the back as if you didn't even deserve to be there in the first place, its a great experience!! It gives you confidence, reliability and yes, there is a lot of plastic, but quality condition is controlled by the owner right, and this bike is gleaming. Right hand determines fuel costs, oil is the same condition and level, if anything, funny enough is the amount of bug you need to scrap off. What is also making this purchase the right experience is the support from the bike shop, happy to help in every way. We checked out Victory, Indian and the Harley brands, but I must be honest and without being against certain brands, cost did not come into the equation (Though I could of brought two brand new M109R's), it was the style and the grin factor performance and confidence it gives that sealed the deal AND a converted cruiser rider.

Purchased in October 2018 at Colemans Suzuki for $14,845.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Mileage 17,203 km
Acceleration / Power
Fuel Efficiency
Gear Shifting

Gear Box Problems

Second gear and selectors replaced twice. first time under warranty (should have sold it then) second time at a cost of $2000. On the way out for third time now at 68000 kms. Bought this bike instead of Harley as I mistakenly thought would be more reliable. First and last Suzuki.

Date PurchasedApr 2007

A Cruiser that ticks all the boxes.

I purchased a Suzuki Boulevard M109R 2018 model about three months ago, although I was always a sports bike rider, I found with age (55) I had trouble as it was quite high for touching the ground with my feet, I was on my toes holding it up at traffic lights and junctions, Plus reversing was trouble especially if my foot hit gravel. So I bought the best reviewed cruiser on the market.
After months (and believe me that when I buy a bike i research for months first) I finally bought the Boulevard M109R which is all black with silver along the top of the tank. She looked awesome and I knew it was the bike for me.
I ride every day to work and back, also use her for pleasure too, I have found her very comfortable with the big wide seat and the handlebars were at the perfect position for me being 5'10". The performance is great althought you have to get used to that great thumping 1800cc under your but, she is smooth riding her but when you pull the throttle back that big engine pulsates right through the seat reminding you that you are not riding some little toy.
The big tyre on the back was the only thing that worried me, would she handle? would she grip? with being low profile would she be hard and cause jolting right up my back? Well I shouldn't have worried, she is lovely and smooth with no jolting through the seat due to the great suspension and she grips the roads like Gorilla glue, the only thing I did notice was that when wet she holds the road easily unless you accelerate and that big wheel hits the white lane markings, you can feel it spin but thats due to having 1800cc powering you. It isn't a downside but it is something to be aware of. When passing traffic or accelerating in the wet be gentle on that throttle or she will remind you of her huge powerful engine.
I bought a screen for her but ended up taking it off as it caused terrible wind turbulence against my helmet, no matter what position the screen was in I found my head being battered with the wind from it, so I removed it and all was well again. The screen I used was a V Stream which is the proper screen, I suppose if I cut it down a bit or added an extension to it I might have found it better, but thats something to try out at a later date, with summer coming in I just want to enjoy the great Australian weather.
One thing I didnt like was the headlight, it was dull and not so good, I put a brighter Navra bulb in but it wasn't much better, to I went to STEDI and bought a proper LED motorcycle H4 headlight bulb at around $60, it changed the whole night time riding experience as everything is not lit up like day light, and because STEDI make them for your individual bike or car, they dont blind other road users.
The foot pegs are something Im not sure about, floor boards would be better but it reduces cornering at speed as the boards are lower then pegs. but then again a cruiser isnt for speed/. You can actually buy a type of half board which would do, thats something Im looking in to.
One great bonus is the shaft drive, no more chain adjustment, no more chain grease, no more changing chain and sprokets. In fact if you look after the rear end and change the gear oil regularly she should last a life time.

So, overall, I would say this is a worthwhile buy if like me you are getting short in the leg, also if you are into cruisers and don't want to pay the over inflated prices of Harley's and Indians then the Boulevard is the cruiser for you. There is also a 1400cc version which is the same bike more of less, but if like me you want the sheer power then the 1800cc is the one.
This is also the coolest looking cruiser around and is easy customizable, I bought a tail tidy from the Australian Boulevard FB page , it sure helps show off that huge rear tyre. There are so many things you can do to this bike that you would never get bored with it...
The cost of this bike in the end of year sales ( July 2018 ) was exactly $18000 brand new and on the road, get something similar from a Harley version and you would pay at least another $10000 on top,.,
If I had to rate it out of 10, I would say 20, she is just so good to ride and attracts so much attention when she is parked up...

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Big twin

The Suzuki Boulevard M109R has a lot of torque gear changes are almost not required the bike pulls like mad it is a serious machine the bike is quite heavy and not all dealerships are keen on replacing the huge rear tyre the fit and finish of.the bike is quite good.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

The best cruiser ever made, without doubt.

I bought my 2006 109 boully in 2012, it had 18000 k on it. It now has 90,000 k on it and the only problem was a clutch cable. I am 63 years old and weigh 70 kg, and I can throw this beast around and mix it with any cruiser out there. I have ridden it from Perth to Melbourne and back, Perth to Port Hedland and back and many wheat belt rides around the state. I just cannot fault the bike in any possible way. Good lights, good brakes, comfortable seat, uses 6 litres per 100 k, and I like to fill up at about 250 k intervals. I have a 240 mitchy on the back, usually get 22000 out of it and avon on the front. The power is awesome, just roll that power on (Bob Seger). I change the oil and filter every 6000 k. and never check it between changes. It doesnt use a drop. Change the coolant every 20000k. If you don't know how to ride it, the clutch shudder will give you grief, but let the clutch out till it takes the weight, a bit of power then the rest of the clutch and no probs. Truly a magnificent bike. I honestly expect it to do 200,000 k before I touch the engine. Suzuki definitely hit the jackpot with this one.

Date PurchasedApr 2012
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m109r clutch cable

When I first got my 109 I noticed every time I'd accelerate I could see the clutch leaver move. e.g tighten told kesner suzuki but they said all is normal. If the cable was not correctly adjusted e.g not enough slack it would break the cable. Had my 09 m109 le for a year now and loving it.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

I love my M109R

I bought my M109r last year after exhaustive research of reviews. I have owned MANY bikes over the years. I am totally satisfied with my M109r. I also have a super sport bike (Honda CBR 1000rr). I can't decide which is more fun! The sport bike is more nimble and super fast, but the M109r nearly as quick and super comfortable. I was interested in the VMAX but the M109 is much more easy to maneuver and nearly as fast, and the styling is better. I get comments every day about my M109r. I traded a Harley for my m109r,super choice - the Harley was so lame. The M109R is the perfect sport cruiser for me

Quality finished muscle cruiser

Test rode the 2016 M109R BOSS (blacked out Suzuki special) This bike has serious torque and pulls smoothly from low revs in any gear. 5 speed box is fine for this bike as a result of amount of torque. Gearbox is slick and easy to change smoothly. Brakes are top notch radial mount but no ABS (if that bothers you). Handling is direct and cornering ground clearance is better than a HD and normal for this style of bike. No detection of frame flex. Turns in without problems even with the 240mm rear tyre. Great stock engine/exhaust/induction sound, these bikes sound ordinary with open pipes and nothing like a big vtwin should. Instruments and switchgear are great. The finish of this bike is great. Blue/black paint looks great too. I intend to buy one of these bikes as soon as I can offload my HD Fat Bob. RRP is around the 20k + but great bargains can be found 2nd hand. Still value in comparison to other brands.

great cruiser more than enough power.

I bought this bike about a month ago and was the best thing i ever did even though it is a 2007 model it still looks like new. It's more comfortable than my last bike and you can customize it as much or as little as you like. It is great on fuel as well almost as good as my old 950 i had.

2" extensions on stock risers.

Boys said it all! Have nothing else to add. 4 out of 5 for the earlier mentioned reasons such as, need 6th gear and ABS. Other con's can be fixed. Wouldn't ride any other cruisers if given a choice. I saw some comments about 2" risers and cables. As a matter of fact, no need to replace any of the cables to fit 2" risers. However, having said that, top tree on the fork needs to be removed to divert clutch and controls cables behind the fork and placed back. Works well, enough slack for full L\R turns. I got it done on mine. Any Q?, happy to help.Take care.

Great cruiser with grunt

Purchased my M109R in August 2014. Have completed the usual mods - pipes, intakes, fuel controller.

- The price!
- Good amount of power
- Handling capability and balance of the bike
- Shaft driven

- 5 speed gearbox, why not 6? also need to work on the 2nd gear....
- Clutch cable - could do with hydraulic
- Paint - clear coat too thin
- Storage - my old sports bike had shed loads for the essentials (wallet / phone / charger etc)

If you are looking for something different to move to after your sports bike, take a ride on one of these! The 9 is comfortable and yet aggressive. It handles, goes and stops and is half the price compared to the 'common big marketing branded' bike that everyone else goes to.

Good bike but not awesome.

Have my M109R since Nov 2014. Its a black and yellow 2014 model. Power is awesome. After you got used to the size it actually handles ok.

-enough power to be fun, in spite coming from a GSXR1000 I dont feel it lacks in power. But then again dont expect it to be rocket like the gixxer or R1.
-looks awesome.
-sounds good even with stock parts
-handles very good - once you use to it.

-For a big cruiser the tank is way to small -- about 250km on a tank if you ride sporty
-petrol indicator is not accurate. When the first notch disappear its time to go for petrol.. its NOT like when the first notch goes you still have 75% left in the tank as it should be.. Its more of a glorified fuel warning indicator.
-Expect to grind the food pegs in every corner even though its advertised as a sports-cruiser.
with a greater lean angle than other cruisers.
-Where is the gear number six? it only has 5.
-Its not a hydraulic clutch, according to forums people are having great issues with the cable snapping etc... how 1960s?

conclusion an awesome bike if your looking for an affordable sports/cruiser. When you looking to do away your R1 or something. It however does need an overhaul to get it into 2015. If they fix the cons and maybe even slap on some ABS, launch and traction control it has the potential to be the best cruiser 19 grand can buy.

Muscle bike

I purchased a 2007 M109R LE about 7 months ago and would recommend it to anyone coming off sportsbikes and wanting a cruiser.
I am 56 and the bike looks good, goes hard and is inexpensive to maintain.
The 109 does everything I ask of it.
It's fast, has a ton of torque and gets 20 kms to the litre. The only mods I have are a full Vance and Hines Longshot system and a Fi2000 Cobra fuel management system.
I plan on getting some 2" risers fitted once I save up for the longer cables and brake line.
I just replaced the rear Pirelli Night Dragon after 9000 kms and that was well used when I bought the bike.
I couldn't be happier and especially when my Harley mates tell me it's a sexy bike.
If you don't like attention then this is not the bike for you.
love it.

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Have since added 2" riser extensions and 2" longer braided cables. Riding position and comfort levels improved greatly. Still my weapon of choice.

The Ride

My first cruiser was a c50 and now the m109r Unreal power with comfort and quality built would recommend to anyone after a unique power cruiser.

Love My 109R

I've had my M109R for a little over 6 months and I love it. Handles well through windy bends as well as straight freeway riding. The 1800cc engine packs plenty of punch and has a good sound even with the standard pipes. Not only does it have great performance it has a stylish look.
Power & acceleration, handling, value for money
Not a huge selection of custom parts.

What a bike!

I have had my 2011 model M109R for a bit over a year and have 5000 Ks on the clock. I love it! I have had all sorts of bikes over the last 40 years and this is, without doubt, my favourite. It is very comfortable and smooth and has heaps of power. I have previously owned sports bikes and it took me a little while to learn to ride the Boulevard without scraping the hero knobs, but after a bit of practice, I can ride it quickly and smoothly through corners. Don't get me wrong, it is no sports bike, but powering out of corners is a real buzz. I ride two-up with my wife quite a bit and we both love it. Anyone who has been riding sports bikes and would like some comfort and style should consider getting a M109R. I go riding as often as I can and I have the choice of a sports bike, trail bike and the Boulevard, I would pick the Boulevard every time!
The power and the on-road presence
Nothing....it is perfect

M109R for touring

I got my 109 in 2009 as I wanted a comfortable ride to do some touring on around Australia, wow, what a great choice . I have put 2" bar risers on it with a national screens touring screen (a fantastic screen if anyone wants a great touring screen) , genuine Suzuki panniers, half cut touring seat , rack and sissy bar. the beast just eats up the miles with me in comfort. the engine wants for nothing and not to thirsty on the juice considering the bikes size , weight and engine size. I fitted a timing retard eliminator with gear indicator, another great bit of gear every one should have , nothing worse then selecting first instead of second heading down a steep hill in the wet, just don't go there and get a tre with indicator . I ride with the FarRiders in Australia (same as iron butt in the USA) and there are a lot of 109's getting into the club as Harley owners give up and want to ride and get to and from the destination .
well done Suzuki , you got this ride one spot on
the engine torque and weight, cross winds dont both me and the look of the ride
suzuki could have done better work on the shock absorbers and springs fnt and rear

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Hi I was wondering where you got the 2" risers from? Also what modification did you have to do to the wiring, cables etc. Would appreciated if could advise. Cheers.

M109RZ = Awesome

I just bought a brand newie last week after reading all the great reviews on this site, so I thought I should give something back. The M109RZ is an excellent cruiser / tourer and I am very impressed with the engineering and design of the bike. I believe the bike was initially designed for riders coming from a sports bike heritage, if thats the case then Suzuki have achieved their objective with absolute perfection, as that's exactly my background and im super impressed.

Corners and handles extremely well for a cruiser (the 1st peg scrape came as a slight shock as I didn't feel I was leaning over very far, but thats just how crusiers are), and it's still got better clearance than most, performance from the V-twin felt awesome although I'm still running it in - (limited to 3500rpm), very comfortable riding and seating, some wind turbulance at head height from around 120 ( I'm 6'2" - a touring screen will sort that). I re-engineered the standard exhaust to realease the V-Twin rumble a little better and I luv the sound of the big twin as it makes its way up the rev counter, each to their own but exhaust mods definately work well for this bike and adds to it's Presence on the road - Brakes felt very capable, gearing is super good, suspension is a little soft (factory mid-way setting on rear pre-load) but then I probably ride with firmer suspension settings than most anyhow. Overall - awesome - awesome !!!

It wont come when I whistle

Love it, love it, love

What a great bike...Just lowered it last week and it sits, looks and rides even better. So much value for money. The clunks in 1 2 and down you get use to and once figured the revs etc, this is the best bike ever. I also modified the rear light to frosted, rear indicators to small ones and number plate under the seat. Now from the back and lowered, this is one good looking!

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Questions & Answers

what is the Stock Rear tyre size & Specs on a 2008 Suzuki M109R and what is the widest tyre that I can fit to this bike. Thanks, Lew
1 answer
Stock tire is 240. You can go as wide as 280 from what I'm seeing in forums without using a 300 kit. I used a 250 and it was plenty wide and already a tight fit.

Hi there, I have a 07 m109r and have put on freedom sharp curve radius plus k@N filters and power commander 5 with the cobra dragster map as recomended. I am experiencing a flat spot and vibration at 4000rpm even to the extent that I can wind it right on at these revs and doesnt pick up like anywhere else in the rev band. Any suggestions appreciated.
1 answer
Timing retarder helped my 09 flat spot. Mine was around 3k rpm They're not expensive so it would be worth a try .

i have a 2008 m109R recently my engine started cutting out and the f1 light came on. I could not make it home so I parked it overnight came back the next day after putting a can of sea foam in the tank. finally go-t it going well enough to make it home but after this the bike will start but only at idle if i give it gas it dies. so far i have checked the fuel pump, the spark plugs, the fuel filter, the injectors, all seem to be working properly. I do have a power commander unit installed, could this be the issue?
2 answers
have you checked if the right wires are in the right spot ???? I've been reading when a power commander is put in sometimes who-ever put one plug in the wrong plug hole. eg two plugs are that close the plug in front IS not the right plug. hopes this helpsI have the same issue tomorrow i will manage to bring an export to have a look and help me to start it. i will share his findings if we managed to start it


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