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Swisse Pregnancy Ultivite Multivitamin

Swisse Pregnancy Ultivite Multivitamin

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Cheap.. but nasty

I purchased as a cheaper alternative to elevit. The casuals are larger, and you need to swallow two. I found them hard to swallow, and harder to keep down. The tablets kept repeating on me and leaving an awful aftertaste.

Purchased in January 2019 for $20.00.


I’ve been using these as a prenatal and they have been fine for me! I take them with lunch & the only negative I can think of is sometimes they give me an after taste when I burp. Have not given me nausea once, I think it’s important to take with or straight after a meal.

Vomit 20 minutes later

Switched from elevit to swisse pregnancy ultivite. Took it after breakfast so with food. Nil vomits for the past 13 weeks, morning sickness gone. But with this I burped terrible B vitamin slurp and projectile vomited on my way to the toilet. Feral. Only tried once and i'm not willing to try again.

Beware new formula - it’s not just a new package!

I had been taking this product throughout my entire pregnancy and found them to be good. I noticed recently however Swisse did a rebrand, with its new equivalent product called ‘Ultinatal Pre-Conception & Pregnancy Multivitamin’. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just a new package, like I did. In comparing the labels of both the old product and new replacement product, I noticed a few differences. Firstly, the new replacement product contains only 60 caps and instructs the consumer to now take 2 per day with the quantities of the vitamins now halved - in comparison the old product contained 90 caps and only required 1 per day. Meanwhile the price has stayed about the same, it’s just the new product now only gives a 30 day supply whereas the old product gave a 90 day supply. Secondly, the front of the label on the new product incorrectly and misleadingly states that it contains 500mcg folic acid, however the ingredient list states that each cap contains 200mcg.... even if you took the recommended 2 caps per day this is only 400mcg folic acid, not 500mcg as stated on the front label. While it *was* a good product, these changes have led me to change my opinion of these vitamins and the Swisse company entirely.

Good value, good content

For those complaining of reflux or nausea, Take them with food, problem solved!
These have good levels of all the relevant vitamins, and they’re not exhorbitantly priced like some.
I’ve not had any issues with these, and recommend them.
Easy to swallow, even though they’re not tiny.
I got two packs from chemist warehouse when they were on sale, so they’re good value in that sense.

Good in a pinch, causes bad nausea

I am approx 30 weeks pregnant, this is my fourth pregnancy. I normally take a different, much more expensive prenatal but current circumstances meant I couldn’t afford my normal vitamins at the moment. I picked up a 3 month bottle of Swisse Prenatal at Priceline for $10 (combo of discounted price and using store credit) and decided to use them until I could afford my normal one again. When I got home I compared it to the other bottle and found the levels of vitamins are much lower than what I normally take. I have also found the Swisse prenatals make me feel terribly nauseous about 30 minutes after taking them, which is not at all pleasant. But, I figure taking something is far better than taking nothing so I am happy to continue taking them until I can afford the other brand again.

Reasonably priced and repurchased many times

I like this multivitamin even though it may not be for everyone.
its well priced and made by a reputable brand that I trust. I have no after effects once taken and am happy to keep taking this while breast feeding
tablets are quite large but that doesn't bother me at all.

Made me horribly sick and not even pregnant yet.

Bought these as a pre natal vitamin and have been taking them for a while. They cause me to vomit, have an awful taste and have left me with tummy pains, dizziness, reflux with disgusting taste and nausea that lasts the whole day, despite taking them with food. Will never buy them again and stopped taking when I realised. Terrible product. 100% not pregnant either, so all effects from tablet.

Won't use again

Very discusting aftertaste, I would burp and taste the tablets very pungent taste/smell. On many occasions if i only had my breakfast I would vomit up the tablet. If I took the tablet with a large meal, I wouldn't vomit, just feel queasy for 15 minutes. The health benefits may be there, but honestly the size of the tablet, after taste and spew factor is just not worth it.

Bad taste is the only problem

Haven't had an issue with these tablets other than the horrible after-taste that I only get of I don't eat before hand. I have nearly finished the whole bottle and haven't had any burst tablets like other people seem to be experiencing. They are also a cheaper alternative to elevit and seem to be working just fine.

Easier to swallow than Elevit, even though they are bigger!

I started taking Elevit a few months ago, and gagged every time I tried to swallow the tablet, it seems to get stuck! I got so sick of the gagging that I just stopped taking them. I tried the Swisse version, which is a larger tablet, but smoother. I take mine with a small glass of milk in the morning, and I don't feel a thing as it goes down! There is a slight "irony" after-taste I experience which lasts for about 2 hours after taking it. Nothing too gross though. I haven't had any other tummy or bowel upsets from this vit. Seems to be doing the job!

Really bad after taste

I bought these prenatal vitamins in preparation for pregnancy they have alot of good vitams and minerals and also they were a few dollars cheaper than elevit but the after taste is horrible hours after taking it it was still there and it made me feel like throwing up - im sad for the loss of money i could've bought elevit :(

Great option!

The beauty of these multi vitamins is that you only have to take 1 tablet, unlike some other brands where you need to take 2 tablets to get the same dose of vitamins. No after taste. I could take them with food when I had morning sickness also. This was great as I was only eating white food at that stage due to morning sickness.

Great but there is a trick

I have worked out there is a trick to taking these. You have to eat the right amount of food. If the tablet hits your empty stomach it will come back up. It might take a few attempts to find the right amount of food for you. I have had no trouble since.

Have been taking them for ages - no problems!

My GP said to buy prenatal vitamins before trying to conceive. Tried Elevit and had shocking headaches so switched to these. They are quite big, but they have all of the vitamins needed.
I have them at dinner and have never had nausea, leaking or other issues. Had them for over a year now and blood results always come back with everything above the minimum levels. I'd definitely recommend them to others.

Horrible!!! Vomited for ages after.. still feel sick!

8 weeks pregnant... have been using elevit pregnancy tablets since day 1 but ran out and i was told there were alot cheaper brands to choose from.. so i decided to switch to swisse. Took first one this morning with a glass of juice and vegemite on toast. Went to sit down and within probably 10 mins of taking it... my god! This overwhelming tummy ache and need to vomit came on.. and thats exactly what i did.. about 6 times i spewed large amounts. Turned me right off! Its now 7pm at night and im still unwell. Considering ive only had nausea and a bit of dizziness during my pregnancy so far...
I know the vomiting is due to that tablet.
Btw it tastes horrible to consume but even worse to bring back up. Do NOT recommend at all.

Best pregnancy multivitamin

These are the best and great value for money. I love the soft capsules (for swallowing as well as increased absorption of its contents). I like that it includes dha which elevit does not. Also I found that elevit had excessive amounts of iron that would just make my stools black but have no issues with Swisse. My OB was happy with me taking these too.

good multi, even if not preggo

this is a good multivitamin, even if you're not pregnant. I am taking it with no aftertaste side effects or sickness. I had a gp a long time ago who told me that he took pre natal vitamins for energy, so I started to also (I was pregnant at the time) but I kept on taking them after I had my kids. anyway, i hope this review helps.

Make me feel sick

While the good variety of ingredients in these were what swayed me to buy them in the first place, I find that approx. 2 hours after taking these super-huge pills, I'm overcome with a need to vomit and have to concentrate very hard for ~1-2 minutes so I don't. There's no smell that I experience - it seems to just be the pill reacting within my stomach that brings on this terrible nausea. A previous reviewer mentioned this is likely because people who take these are just experiencing morning sickness, but i'm not yet pregnant!

Great multivitamins

I took these all through my pregnancy & have continued to take them for the last 18 months that I've been breastfeeding. Have never had a problem with any after taste or nausea. I've also never experienced the problem that some reviewers mentioned with the leaking tablets. I found these much easier & cheaper to take than Elevit (which left me nauseous). Especially good value for money when you can quite often pick them up 30-40% off at Priceline or Woolworths.

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The vitamin contain selenium. Is it safe during pregnancy?
No answers

Can i take eventhough i'm not pregnant
2 answers
Yes you sure can! I used this as a prenatal and am continuing to take it now that I am pregnant :)Its been 8 yrs am ttc can i take this multivitamin??

Hello, I took this vitamin but I didn't eat, I ate about an hour before hand... Is that ok?
1 answer
Not that I'm an expert or anything but I think they tell you to eat when taking the capsule a) so you don't get the aftertaste and b) so any vitamins that require fats to dissolve and be used by your body are not lost and just excreted. So you may not get the benefits of the whole formulation if you don't take it as described.

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