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Sydney Tools

Worst customer service !

Item broken sent it back they sent me the same item now keep getting promised call backs with nothing call back and put on hold never will o buy anything from SYDNEY TOOLS again!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Delaying to pay Dewalt 30 day money back Guarantee

Purchased dewalt brush cutter with 30 day money back Guarantee. Found product to heavy to operate due to my back condition. Next day after purchase returned brushcutter all nicely in the box to the roselands store. A staff member tries his hardest for an exchange ignoring dewalts money back guarantee. I refused and said I want a refund, he asked for my bsb and account number don't know why as they clearly can shoot the funds back into my credit card that I paid with. I walked out leaving the brushcutter there and a promise the $459 will be in my savings account in two days.
Lies and more lies phone calls after phone calls 3 weeks and still no refund in my account and dealing with a clueless store manager giving me the run around and excuses about their accounts department and now director needs to approve.
Contacted dewalt themself and was told sydney tools should have generated the return into my credit card on the day i returned the product.

Guys these people are a joke.
Be wary go to bunnings or any other big chain stores and save yourself a headache.
Sydney tools never will I ever refer anyone to you.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Awesome store

Awesome service and great range of knowledge between the team! Very quick to help and the store is immaculate, always easy to find whatever it is you're looking for and if they don't have it there's no messing around, they'll let you know and be as helpful as they can.

Product Quality

Great Service , great advise , great price

Fantastic service , bought a pressure washer that was so powerful it will strip you of your dignity, it was awesome. The staff knowledgable of store products. Will return if I need more stuff.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Returns process

Bought multiple items - wrapping poor & put together without much thought. Multiple heavy items (hammers) placed on top weaker plastics (screw container). Damages results. Multiple calls / emails contacts (staff advised they are busy - short staffed - its festive seasons (not for me). Returns process confusing and unknown by staff - PayPal refunds within 4 day - after 2 months of frustration. With 5 years on-line purchase history with Sydney tools - never again.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes


Very disappointing purchase from Sydney Tools online store purchased lawnmower after one week when I contacted them they said they run out of stock they never contact you that they run out of stock until you contact them that you haven’t receive your item disappointed

Product Quality

Service next to None

Carrum Downs in Victoria are next to none there service and customer focus is exceptional.
Brad's customer service , knowledge and excellent professionalism is a god sent for my business !! and to all the other guys also i cannot say anymore on the way you focus on customer service - thanks again for all your efforts.

Shop LocationCarrum Downs , Victoria


Don’t order anything through Sydney tools Rutherford store cause you will never receive it.
I placed a order at this store before Christmas 2018 and they said you will have it by mid January 2019 it’s now February and still haven’t received it.

Shop LocationRutherford

Customer Service Provided By Phillip Stuccio

Phil always goes above and beyond with his customer service. Always willing to assist.

One very happy customer. Keep up the good job phil

Shop LocationNSW, Smithfield

Excellent service

We have been dealing with George fro Sydney tools Alexandria for 3 years now, George and the guys at syd tools have always been helpful informative and if we need anything no matter where we are they find a way to get it to me. Will continue to deal with the for years to come

Shop LocationNSW, Alexandria

The worst. slow deliveries and rude staff do not use.

avoid at all costs. super rude staff in call centre. pretty sure their no refunds policy is illegal. try bunnings or any other tool supplier.

Shop LocationOnline Store

Ordered $4k worth of gear on Boxing day sale. Still waiting for delivery after a month....

Ordered $4k worth of gear on Boxing day sale. Still waiting for delivery after a month, after numerous emails and phone calls. GIVE THESE GUYS A MISS!!! I don't know how this is an acceptable level of service for them.

Shop LocationOnline Store

Good customer service

Ryan knew the product back the front. He gave good advice on the type I needed and Price,also the store has a great selection of gear.

Shop LocationRutherford

Slow online response

Unlikely to purchase anything from Sydney Tools again. The people in store just wanna sell you anything but are not very knowledgeable of the actual products. Online store takes several days to respond.

Shop LocationOnline Store

Shocking Customer Service... No coordination

Wife bought gift card. Couldn't use online, so went into store. Provided with a new card... still did not work online. Now trying to recover credit "missing" in transfer of cards. Multiple calls to "head office" going nowhere. What should have been a positive gift experience has turned into a nightmare.

Shop LocationOnline Store

Rude and tried Tried to sell me a second hand product as new.

Went into the Penrith store to purchase a battery impact gun, they were unable to find the battery that was included in the kit, after searching for 20 minutes they found it on the floor attached to an old tool they or someone had been using, I said I would prefer a new one and was told in no uncertain terms that no that would not be happening, I asked the staff member that had been helpline me if I could purchase the larger battery they had new in the box in stock and pay the $40 price difference, he agreed that would be ok ! He then went to check with the same manager who had said no to a new battery and said I had to take it with the second hand battery, what didn’t I understand !!! I will be taking my $600 elsewhere. I just wish I’d come here first for the reviews before waisting my time shopping at sydneytools.

Shop LocationNSW, Penrith
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Hi Steve, I am disappointed to learn of your unpleasant experience. As we do not stock batteries in our isles or sell second hand tools I would like to look into this matter further. To help me assist you can you please provide an invoice number ? or the date and time this occurred as this is not what we practice at Sydney Tools. Please feel free to contact me on (02) 4749 - 5400 or alternatively you can reach me on kevins@sydneytools.com.au Thank you best regards Kevin

Beware when shopping online

Make sure you call and check item are in-stock and ready to go , these guys give you the big run Around , items displayed in-stock on website are long term out of stocks with over a month untill back in-stock , not forthcoming with refund , I had to open a PayPal dispute and fair trading dispute to get my money back , NEVER AGAIN WILL I SHOP AT SYDNEY TOOLS . go to Bunnings.

Shop LocationOnline Store
Hi Jamie, We apologies for your poor experience and we ensure you that this is not the way that Sydney Tools handles business. Please advise your invoice number and we will be insure to follow this up! Sydney Tools Team!The issue is now sorted, it's just left a terrible taste iny mouth , it took 20 days to organise a refund , not good enough, if I walked into a store and I paid for an item that was out of stock , I would get an immediate refund , too much buck passing from store to online , and online to store , cut the rubbish and listen to cistomers. I am very unhappy with the level service , thanks for the generic copy and paste response though.

The worst customer service

I bought a boxo torque wrench in August last year from the Rutherford store and had to take it back for warrenty at the start of October. After so many calls to the store to chase it up i was told every week the repaired tool was on the next run...i was finally offered a refund in December... again after a few weeks of chasing this refund i was told i was getting the tool back and no refund. it's now The 16th of January and still have no answers.. no one calls back and I have to do all the chasing... yea they maybe cheaper but your screwed if there is warrenty issues with there products.

Shop LocationRutherford

What a joke of a company

Wouldnt recommend buying from them there a joke I payed for powertools the get a email 4 weeks later saying that they want more money for the Milwaukee kits I bought

Shop LocationOnline Store
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Hi Mitchell, We apologies for your poor experience, if you could please provide your invoice details we will follow this up and be in touch shortly. Sydney Tools Team

Absolutely Disgusted

Purchased a Gensafe Silent Diesel 8KVA Generator from Sydney Tools Rutherford back in February 2018. It was sent away in October for 7 weeks with no electrical output. After weeks of constant ringing and going into the store it had finally been returned - It was the wrong unit. It is in a totally damaged condition, casing was bent and smashed. It had 116 hours on the unit (ours had 86), and the wheels were buckled (my unit didn't have wheels on it - was sitting on a pallet with it's original box to protect it). I stated to the store manager this was not my unit and I cannot take it. Their response was for me to take the damaged unit and they will order parts to replace casing etc. How long was this going to take for the parts to arrive, and who was going to fit them? At the end of day they have lost my unit and we are now $1800 out of pocket and nothing to show for it.
Head office will not allow refunds or replacements due to major damage, even though it states on their Terms and Conditions. We have now spoken to the Dept Fair Trading and Sydney Tools and now have to go to Tribunal to get this matter resolved. I just want my original unit, repaired and working properly.
I highly recommend NOT to purchase anything from Sydney Tools due to the disgusting experience that we have had. We are building a house, and need to buy ALOT more tools and equipment, they have totally lost my business.

Shop LocationRutherford, Head Office
Hi Greg, We do apologies for your poor experience and we can ensure this is not the way that business is done at Sydney Tools! We would like to find what issues occurred, please advise your invoice number and we will be in contact with yourself personally to fix the problem. Sydney Tools Team!This issue has now been closed after having to seek legal advice in regards to a refund. We will not be purchasing anything from Sydney Tools ever again.

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Im trying to buy something with my gift card but it keeps saying invalid code, any help?
No answers

I placed order ST289863 on boxing day and was meant to receive bonus store credit as part of the boxing Day specials. However I have received no bonus credit and the sale will end soon so I will miss out on the discounts I currently have sitting in my cart. I have tried to email several times but no replies. Any help? Regards Troy
1 answer
Hi Tory, Thank you for the message, we apologies for the delayed reply we are dealing with a huge number of inquires during this busy Christmas period. We apologies for any inconvenience this may have occurred, were you able to place your order in the end? We are more than happy to honour your online credit from the Boxing Day sale! Sydney Tools Team!

Hi there, I have just received my order ST284792. You have sent wrong items unfortunately, Items I received are 2X : https://sydneytools.com.au/product/xtorque-xt001-85mm-deep-storage-organiser-box-with-adjustable-compartments but I ordered this items 2X : https://sydneytools.com.au/product/xtorque-xfra3-3-drawer-frame-with-work-top-to-suit-xtorque-organiser-boxes Can you please send right items as soon as possible as they where Christmas Present, I am willing to purchase wrong items as well. I can provide pictures of the wrong items I have received if needed. Kind Regards Dejan
1 answer
Hi Dejan, We apologies for this inconvenience! Please ensure that we will have this sorted for yourself right way, please call our customer service team on (02) 8199 9440 tween 8:30 am - 5:30 pm. Kind regards, Sydney Tools Team

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