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Sydney Tools

Well done sydney Tools

Reading the reviews on here I’m surprised at the amount of bad reviews...
I suppose it’s human nature to speak out about A bad experience as apposed to thanking a shop for the vast range and product knowledge, the cheapest prices in Sydney, Open 7 days offering quality brands.
The above are some of the reasons I keep going back. Yes sure the staff might not have the customer service that other stores offer but I suppose you get what you pay for right?
Well done sydney tools! No issues from me. I think you guys do ok at what you do!

Another Customer Service failing

Three years ago I bought a bench saw from Sydney tools and it was a seamless fast process. My recent experience purchasing a demolition hammer was completely the opposite. On 3 occasions I completed the form on the Sydney Tools ‘contact us’ portal asking a simple question re accessory compatibility, however I NEVER received a response. I eventually rang the Wollongong store and was advised they were not compatible. The guy at the store level was very helpful and I went ahead with the purchase. Despite the Sydney tools website claiming "We Deliver Australia Wide on a daily basis through highly regarded couriers to ensure our customers receive their goods on time and in new working order", after waiting 14 days I rang the store and the guy was very apologetic. He asked if there was anything else I would like to purchase and that he 'would do a good deal for me' as compensation. At the time, I had no need to purchase anything, so I guess this 'offer' will be null and void in the future as it was just a verbal offer. My purchase from Sydney tools to delivery in Adelaide finally arrived 17 days after purchase!!!
At the end of the day, my advice is, Sydney tools customer service is pretty much non-existent. There is obviously no formalized customer complaints procedure so if you have any problems, do not expect to have them to be resolved quickly or adequately.
Would I use Sydney tools again? Most likely not. The lack of Customer Service prior to buying the product was frustrating and then when things don’t go to plan, such as delayed delivery, there no formalised complaints or compensation procedure. In future I will simply use their website to price match with a local operator.

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terrible service

I have had a agp concrete grinder in for repair since sept 2018 , I have been told 5 or 6 different stories
as to why it hasn't been repaired .the latest being the guy doing the job has gone on holldays .In the mean time I've had to buy another one .The total time I've used this tool is less than one hour.

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Always experienced great customer service

We've dealt with Sydney Tools for years, they've always gone above and beyond for us.
Recently was helped by Toni Bozinovski who helped us source some hard to find parts. Prices are always competitive, highly recommend

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Terrible customer service. Will never purchase another product

I purchased a welding helmet from the online store on the 6th of March (Wednesday) which was delivered on the 9th of March (Friday). It was scratched and the colour was different to what was shown on the website. It has taken me weeks of chasing up their customer service team on the phone and by email to get the refund I was entitled to.

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Don't Deal With Sydney Tools

Have had bad customer service with their Brookvale store in the past
Now having moved out to Nth Richmond made the mistake of giving them another try. What an fool one can be
Purchased a typhoon water pressure cleaner in November 2018
Second time I used it turbo head failed. Took them 3 weeks to replace that
Again second time I used it the turbo head failed
Took it all back to the store for a refund on 2nd January, which they refused to do
After countless phone calls to them, always promised to be called back --which never happened
Then after 3 months and fair trading NSW getting involved, was given a replacement, yet again !!
Guess what the piece of crap has failed again in less than 30 days and having worked the whole lot of 4 times
So now back on the path of trying to get a refund
This organisation should be called Sydney Fools. To reflect the way they treat their customers

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Terrible customer service at new Smithfield store

These guys at the new Smithfield store are disrespectful, don't care, lazy, no customer service skills whatsoever. You ask them to order a special items eg special collated nails or Ramset nails, they give you excuses, "its too much work to order them on the system go get from another hardware store"....downright dont care....will never step into physical store again(especially Smithfield)....will go to Total Tools instead...twice, three times got this treatment...from the young middle eastern looking guy and a older one (not being racist as I am middle eastern origin myself)

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Above and beyond!

Mark from Brookvale went above and beyond to help with some large orders. I was kept in the loop the entire time, and was told explicitly when the order was expected to arrive. The entire experience was almost too easy!

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Nice and quick. No issues at all. Great to deal with. Looked at getting a few drills and parts that were difficult to get at my local trade store. Quick delivery

Thanks chad

Chad was very helpful and I would recommend him to any tool buyer. See you again soon.
Sorted me out with my new power tools kit.
Milwaukee knowledge is outstanding. Well done

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do not buy any stuff from sydney tools at all

they don't have any responsible staff at all, and their aftercare service is really horrible horrible horrible, they just be a good person when they selling, you will found nobody to help you when you meet the problem about the tools faulty, they could let you wait over 5 months for a warranty repairing and will return you back with a same faulty tool

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Great Service

Went in to Sydney Tools last week to buy an array of merchandise. Was served by a young man who was immensely helpful. If memory serves me correctly his name was Blake. I could possibly be mistaken. Very friendly chap, most helpful and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend this store. Great prices and service,

Poor communication, Poor products

The 5 star reviews are all fake. Seriously have a read of them.

They don't tell you when there is delays in completing an order. If you send them an email they will either take days to respond or not respond at all!
The budget products they sell are USELESS. Honestly, there is no way they meet australian standards or consumer protections laws.
Will not use them again...

Product Quality

A good place to get tools

The best customer service, fast response to email. When i dropped in, the staff were friendly and helpful. I purchased more than I was expecting but the quality of service was excellent.

Product Quality

Amazing customer service!

I went in with a few different options on my mind and Kevin was able to help me out and set me up with the perfect kit to cover all my requirements! Needless to say the guys at Penrith will help you out as best they can!

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Don’t touch Sydney tools bought item on line Said free postage waited two weeks still no item rang up have an even dispatched because they said I have to pay postage because Australia Post won’t post the item $80 needed item urgently so upset staff not willing to help made several phone calls before I got an answer do not trust Sydney tools don’t use Sydney tools

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Won't give refund on item they changed specs for after purchase. NSW Fair Trading now involved.

Purchased 8Kw diesel generator online. Delivery was great turnaround. Noticed immediately it wasn't running right. After 100hrs returned it and asked for refund as they changed specs online (after we contacted them about returning it) to minimal use which did not suit our needs and are within consumer law rights to claim refund. It was found to have a bent con rod so was running badly due to manufacturing fault. Made numerous phone calls and sent a number of emails with no replies. Always had to chase them up. Finally when I spoke to them they would only give us credit to purchase another one but we don't want their product as with the new specs does not suit our needs. Complained to New Fair Trading and they have not even responded to them so now we are in the process of putting application in with NCAT to hopefully make a lawful direction to Sydney tools to get our money back. I will never use them again or recommend them to anyone. I will not give up the right to have our money returned to us (which according to NSW Fair Trading) is well within our rights.

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NCAT hearing today ruled they have to pay us a refund. If you are having issues and they are not adhering to Australian Consumer Law then I urge you to progress with your claim for a refund. Just make sure you have all the relevant documentation (which we did) and the law will be on your side.

Awesome Service and advice

In store and spoke with Mark Davies about an air compressor. He knew exactly what I was after and my air requirements. He also gave me realistic expectations on portable units versus commercial.
Definitely recommend them again.

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The worst online service,

The worst customer service, no reply on email. When i call in, the staff was rude and helpless. Take forever the refund. I have to keep calling them. Never go back again.

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Sydney tools never again no customer service

Sydney tools never again no customer service
Hi all I’m sharing my experience I had at their bayswater north store a couple of days ago.
I was having a look around didn’t see any thing I wanted except some sds 5.5 drill bits they were marked $6 on the tag I went to the counter with 2 x drill bits paid with cred card the invoice came to $20 I said to the salesman they are marked $6 each the salesman had a look at the tag and said your right he went back to his computer and said the price on the computer is $10 each so that is the price I asked for the difference of $8 he refused and said they are $10 each so I then asked for a full refund he said he can not give me a refund after a few heated word another salesman offered me another 2 drill bit if that would make me happy I took them because it wasn’t worth the fight.
I will never shop at sydney tools.
Please share

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Hi there, I placed order in store pick up one month ago but didn't receive any notification for picking up. Order no ST304551. Could you please track it?
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Why is Sydney tools customer service so poor, they are misleading claiming to have sent items purchased at a particular time when its blatantly obvious they have not. It should not take just on 2weeks to receive your in stock item, that's appalling, what's more who wants to be told it has been sent more than once when clearly it has not, and why does it take a phone call 5 days post purchase to remind you to send the item in the first place. It's pathetic! I buy on the net regularly 3 days from Sydney if it's sent promptly not 11 or 12.
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Can I Pay Chueque in sydney tools?
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We accept cheque but goods won't be released until funds have cleared into our account.

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