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T&R Sports
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Excellent Service, Quick Delivery

I couldn't have asked for better service. Great priced pool table and good quality, Highly recommend, safe and quick delivery (within 3 days), clear communication, polite and helpful staff. Thanks, we will shop with you again.

Product Quality

Highly recommended

Very good service I have received from T&R sports, have ordered a couple of things and am very happy with the quality of them can highly recommend, a lot cheaper than elsewhere, very good quality.
Will recommend to my families and friends.

Product Quality
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Utterly appalling customer service - not to be trusted at all!

Utterly appalling customer service!

My T&R Sports outdoor table tennis table was ruined within a week due to a ‘known’ chemical reaction between the T&R Sports heavy duty protective cover and the table surface. The white lines melted off in parts and the branding of the cover was sunburnt onto my table too with a whole load of black staining from the cover.

I was told I shouldn’t have put the cover on the table on the first place and I ‘was just unlucky’ and ‘it doesn’t matter what the table looks like, you can still play on it’.

But here’s the thing:
1. I discussed said cover with the sales staff prior to buying it as a way of prolonging the life of my table. They were bought together as a package.
2. The website offers said cover as an optional upgrade for my table.
3. There is no warning with the cover to advise people not to use it on an outdoor table
4. I didn’t pay in excess of $500 to have a brand new table that looks terrible - if I’d wanted that I’d have got a second hand one for half the price! It is certainly now not the ‘eye catching blue’ it is meant to be per the website!

In trying to remedy the situation, emails were abrupt, accepting no liability, making no apologies and offering no compensation or appropriate solution.

Very unhappy and frustrated. Do not trust this company.

Product Quality
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Would never buy from them again - zero stars if I could

Bought a trampoline in December as a Christmas present for my children. Arrived today - 13th March. The item was NOT in stock in Australia. After numerous emails and apologies I was told it arrived but would cost another $180 to have it delivered (original listing was free delivery), because it was too big for their normal courier service. At this point (February now), I said I want a refund. They then said I didn't need to pay delivery and it would be delivered next week.

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Never recommending you to anyone

Well for starters it took 4mnths for the table to arrive and it didn't even come with everything. Then while putting it together saw there were patched up holes and groves that were obviously mistakes and once together the balls don't roll true they curve towards both long side cushions so there's clearly a slight hill in the middle of the table or towards the edges because all spirit levels have the table looking level but the ball role is another story. If I ever hear this companies name come up I will very strongly suggest everyone takes their business elsewhere. Severely disappointed in the product but seems like it'll be too much hassle to do anything about it.

Product Quality
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Appalling customer service...…….THUMBS DOWN x100

I placed my online order on the 9th of December for a multifunctional 4 in 1, 7ft slate table for my kids Christmas present. 7-14 days was shipping time frame. I sent an email the same day making sure it was a blue top. To which they replied they would confirm with delivery team. 2 days before Christmas they notified it wouldn't arrive before Christmas. By this time it should have already arrived. I later found out that it hadn't left their depot. So they offered 2 pool cues. On the 3rd of January they advised the courier will pick it up next week and tr sport will provide me with tracking number. Now at day 35 on the 13 January, I requested my tracking number. Tr sport sent me an email saying the stock was being loaded when they realised, the product was damaged. So they offered 6 mths warranty. Seriously, what is 6 mths warranty going to do. On the 21st of January still no news. At this point I was annoyed. I contacted Fair trading who had been in contact with trsport who then replied to me on the 22 January stating new shipment coming in and I should receive next week, early February at the latest should something happen. Now the 12 February, I asked where the table was at. To which they said, it hasn't been sent, we thought you wanted a refund. If they were of the view a refund was to occur, then why has it taken them so long to refund the money. I have requested a refund to be made immediately and in my account on the 14th February. Or Fair Trading will be involved again. UTTER DISGRACE OF A BUSINESS & CUSTOMER SERVICE. With 20 years experience one would think trsport would have their affairs in order. Will not be doing business with them again. I advise strongly not to deal with this business. 1 star rating as this was the minimum.

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Damaged goods no help from customer service- NOT RECOMMENDED!

We have purchased a trampoline back in October 2018 for my daughter"s birthday. It wasn't on stock but no one bothered to update me about it. When it arrived, 3 weeks later we tried to put it together without success. The parts they supplied didn't match the attached booklet or the video and we couldn't put it together.
I thought to get it as a Christmas gift for my kids and asked them to send someone to help us set it up and maybe replace the parts. They didn't have anyone to come over. Now I have contacted them again, more than 3 months after I paid for the trampoline and asked them again to send someone. They replied that it would cost me $250 even though on the website it was originally $100 (I can't see it now, they probably changed it).

Terrible service and not a good product - don't buy from these guys!

I am disgusted by the service or lack of i should say.

Not only did they re sell my all ready paid for product. " Sorry it was apparently damaged" They left me no time to order from elsewhere. Two weeks later i have not heard anything back from there head office and i still have not been refunded my $570. This company has no communication skills even when you call them.. ruined my kids Christmas and then left me financially screwed, to be able to cover the cost of another product from else where.. Horrified of the lack of care from the seller and the fact that I'm still chasing up my refund!! When i was told head office will contact me, so that they could refund my money straight back onto my card.. Not recommending this company especially if your getting something delivered inter state.. conveniently my item was so called damaged and the last one in stock. But days after my purchase there product was still available and still being sold.. i was offered $40 compensation if received my product 3weeks after xmas.. $40 is just insulting when your kids have to wake up without their present on xmas morning.

Easy, competitive and fast delivery

Extremely happy with the incredibly quick delivery,great range of products, competitive prices and deals. I purchased the soccer table and the quality is amazing. I would happily recommend this product and company.

Wonderful price, wonderful service

Really quick delivery, I ordered on 6/Nov, and it arrived on 8/Nov, this is a big stuff not small things!When a lady called me regarding the delivery time, I was surprised. And the CD shelf is prefect, wonderful price, wonderful service. Will highly recommend my friends buy from T&R sports, Why not?


Bought many items from them through ebay, apart from them initially supplying false tracking numbers and lying so they can meet ebay requirements, items were never sent. Eventually the items started coming (about 1 week after the posted arrival time) BUT items started coming in dribs and drabs. One item was delivered on day, then 4 days later another item came in the mail via a different shipping service, then another item came in 5 days later, and one particular item still hasn't arrived and it's been 3 weeks since initial order. If I knew this, I would of bought from someone else. This item is apparently out of stock and should be arriving soon. If it's out of stock, then why advertise it, and once I bought it, why didn't you email me telling me this so I could decide whether to get a refund or wait. Terrible communication and dodgy selling practices. FURTHERMORE, I was offered a 10% money back from my purchases for positive feedback, my purchases totalled almost $1,000. So I gather they do this with everyone, wave a carrot in from of you for positive feedback, it would be fine if they went through with the deal, BUT, there was no answer to 3 initial emails questioning them about my 10% money back offer and eventually when I threatened to expose them, they replied by saying that because I left feedback for one item (which obviously happens to be the cheapest item that was purchase from a group of items) I only get a cash back on that item only. That's a whole bunch of hog wash, I left feedback for all items. Do yourself a favour and steer away from them, unless you are prepared to wait and not have your emails answered when there's a problem.

Excellent customer service!

I couldn't fault these guys for their prices, promptness of shipping & ease of ordering! I ordered trampoline for my boys, which were on sale with a further discount code on top - great value! Had a small error with the delivery on arrival. I called the store & the matter was sorted out on the spot with a very generous solution! Very easy to deal with & I could not be happier!!

Appreciate stuff and service

After I ordered my table tennis table and a Robert, I read some negative reviews.., which turned out, (in my case).., to be all wrong.. I received my goods in record time, & in perfect condition.. someone even called me tell the roughly delivery time, so I can arrange my time..In all honesty, a couple of the bad reviews were over petty trash.. If you're going to freak out over a few bucks...., don't order over the net......Simple...!

Excellent experience!

Had a wonderful experience with purchasing furniture! one chair was broken, and contacted BNE warehouse, they dispatched new one for me without any extra shipping fee!!! Will definitely recommend! Not sure why others have had a negative experience, will recommend others to also purchase from this store. Thank you.

Excellent job

I brought their new design pool table with installation currently. They did quiet good job. Provided very professional maintenance advices. Good value for family. Highly recommended!

Excellent stock and prices.

Wayne is an asset to this store. The first time we went to this store we were greeted by him. He knows the items they're selling and he does whatever he can to help. I will definitely go back.


We purchased a beautiful white pool table and we want two different colour felts - nothing was too much trouble. Delivered on time and then we discovered a small crack in one leg. Emailed and our request for a new leg was received friendly and professionally. Couple of weeks later we received notification of it's arrival and then two young men came out within a couple of days and swapped the legs over. Pool table is a beautiful piece of furniture and for the price amazing. From grandchildren to great grand parents love it - and so do we. Can't recommend them enough!!!

Great value to money

Speak to Natasha, she's awesome. It's convenient to park there. There are variety of game tables sold there. They are affordable and staffs are there to help you out. Highly recommended. Keep an eye on clearance section too.

Reasonable prices and easily accessible from Northmead

Friendly staff and affordable prices for quality game tables. The guys in dispatch are fantastic. Ample parking. Will be back to shop in the future.

Terrible service

I purchased item off eBay. 4 days after item was marked as sent, I receive a phone call saying that it was out of stock. This was also 1 day after expected delivery date.
Different colour was delivered 2 days later and there was only 1 man delivering the item. He couldn’t get it off the truck so I had to help. It ended up falling on my leg leaving a lump and bruise.
I called the company and they said that they call everyone to tell them that only 1 man delivers so will need help. This isn’t true as I didn’t receive any phone call.
Terrible service all round. Won’t be purchasing here again.

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how hard is it to put the pool table together?
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We paid the extra and had in installed - they were efficient and very polite. Great job!!

What is the approx cost to refelt and do cushion on 8 by 4 slate pool table both delivered for repair or at home repair
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