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Thank heavens!

From start to finish Tony's excellent service was appreciated. His prompt response to my initial inquiry, on-site inspection & advice with quote followed up by detailed job information and completion date was in stark contrast to other providers. The installation was completed with Tony on site and his team of workers with expertise, efficiency and minimal disruption. I would highly recommend his work.

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Great service, prompt and professional

We are very happy with Tony's service! We got a 3000L Maxiplas Urban tank for our new house. Tony came to us a couple of times for quoting and measuring. The communications has been clear and quick through the whole process. Tony explained in details what the parts are for, how the flow design works, and how to maintain it - much appreciated for us 1st home owners! Because we have a narrow block with limited access, Tony and his team had to take the gate and a downpipe off to get the tank through. They reinstalled the gate & pipe immediately afterwards and everything was taken care of. That was all done free of charge! Overall a pleasant stress-free experience. We would definitely recommend Tony!

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Absolutely Awesome, Highly Recommended

Incredible Service. Due to requiring an urgent install we spoke to Tony on Wednesday night. Within an hour we were meeting at our property. He was very thorough and explained everything to do with the quote. On Thursday we confirmed we would go ahead with the job. Within 15 minutes he had everything organised and told me Monday would be Install day.
Due to inclement weather we weren't sure if the Job would go ahead. But true to Tony's word, tanks Installed and very very happy.
Cannot recommend Tony and his Team enough. We will be telling friends and family about this for a long time to come.

Thank You.

Great service and advice at a reasonable price

Tony and his team were prompt and efficient. They removed our existing tanks and replaced along with a pump upgrade and filter system. Tony's contacts were prompt and timely. Equipment was good quality and the advice given excellent. Tony went above and beyond with some other issues as well that was appreciated. Thoroughly recommend these guys.

Competent, reliable and helpful

The owner is very knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. He has a can-do attitude which I appreciated after dealing with other tradespeople who resent dealing with changing ideas or plans. My job was fairly complex, and he came up with several excellent suggestions for how to better achieve my goals (for example changes that enabled me to collect rainwater off the entire roof, and to have a greater storage volume than I had thought possible), but was also ready to find ways to make my preferences work. Another thing I appreciated was clear communication, appointments being reliably kept, and being kept informed if a delay occurred. Being a complex job there were unexpected problems (due to the condition of my existing groundwater system) but everything was handled well and fixed. They were also very prompt about responding to some minor installation problems that became apparent after the job was finished and I had paid, returning quickly to fix them at no extra cost. I am very happy with the system I now have - just praying for rain! :)

Highly recommended

I needed three tanks, and was lucky to engage Tony who gave me some good guidance on the tanks suitable for the different sites and options available. I really wish that I had these tanks installed years ago. My old tank had been leaking, and it was repaired as well. The team were very professional and managed to install the tanks in some quite difficult sites.

Untidy sloppy and rushed

Initially Tony presented as friendly and helpful. He arranged a quick installation of 3 rainwater tanks. Unfortunately, the tanks colours are different. They rushed the installation so much that the work is untidy and sloppy. There are gouges in the tanks from the installation. The silicon is rough and untidy, the plumbing glue is very noticable in places where it does not belong. They used damaged pipes, he did replace those. There are 3 unnecessary joins in 15m pipe. Two tanks were not connected together correctly, so the tanks parted and Tony refused to return to fix the join. There were no instructions given about cleaning the filters or first flush device. After spending more that $6,000, I expect a better instaLlation and information.
This is the 6th time I have had tanks installed, and this the worst. I will not recommend or use Tanking you again.

Outstanding Team

It is my pleasure to offer my highest recommendation of Tony Migalka and his team.
Tony recently installed a fire protection system and rainwater harvesting system to my home. Tony's professionalism and friendly manner was outstanding and his command over his team impressive.
Tony was reliable, good humoured and very pleasant to deal with. From our first contact, his broad knowledge of products and systems, and his experience was evident. We quickly developed a relationship of trust. I felt very comfortable with Tony’s recommendations and ideas and believe I received true value for money.
His team was friendly, polite and respectful. They were efficient and followed Tony’s instructions with impressive accuracy.
I have no hesitation in highly recommending Tony Migalka and his team to others.
Margaret Kiley

Top Professional Job

We found Tony & his team to be highly motivated, delivering fantastic results.
We would totaly recomend the services of Tanking You.

Good job

Thankyou tony good efficient and quick job. No job big or small.
Cleaned up after job and very courteous. Thanks

Less than a week and we have filtered Rainwater on tap. Thank you Tony and team

Tony came to our house last Saturday and gave us excellent advice on what sort of system would suit us best. He gave us options. Once chosen, the system was delivered and installed today (total of 4 days) and so close to Christmas I was amazed. He explained how the system works and what we need to do after a long dry spell. Very Easy! Tony's knowledge is amazing and I would not hesitate to recommend Tony and his team to anyone!

Problem solved - free, clean rainwater

I had a terrible time trying to get rainwater connected from house to tank because the builder had given poor advice on how low my tank needed to be installed on my sloping block. The tank was not low enough and the water would not flow. The tank had to be installed prior to the construction of the house. Tony and the team came in, solved the problem, lowered the tank and connected the house up. 3 years later we run the whole house on clean filtered rain water! Thanks Tony

Excellent job, Tony and team!

From first contact, Tony impressed me with his professionalism and excellent advice on how to install a rainwater tank in our hard-to-access location. He is a good listener and at no point made me feel that my questions or suggestions were uninformed. He explained his proposal very clearly and made sure he had made himself understood. The installation was performed exactly as planned and very soon after I ordered it, and I am very satisfied with the work Tony and his team did.

Tank you Tony and team

Tony and his team were very professional and hard working. We appreciated Tony's honesty and integrity. He communicated very clearly about the products and their use and we now have a great rain harvesting system.

Fantastic work

Very thorough and hard working. Any problems rectified at no extra cost. Very approachable and everything about the fire protection and water harvesting system all explained in full, comparatively priced.

Total water harvesting system & Fire protection job

I first got in touch with TankingYou via the website. It was all I needed to help & protect our home

What a joke

This guy is arrogant and rude. Refused to answer questions during the job because "he went over it already". When giving the quote he was professional and answered questions but once he had our money was an absolute flog. Parts are all second hand even though you pay new so you not covered by warranties and receipts are dodgy as and didn't even want to give us one. Workmanship is crap. Wouldn't have used him if I'd known he was gonna use a bunch of 16 year olds to do the work.

Go somewhere else

Spent $3000 on 1000l slim tank with pump and cover back in may 2016. I was kinda made to feel like I was stupid at the time of quote, constantly asked if I was understanding after every sentence. I didn't shop around as I was in a rush to get tank in before winter. Was told 3 week wait but ended up being 6 weeks. 2 days after the Big storm in which my whole back yard was 5cm deep with water, they installed the tank. Ground was sluggy but was told that they were losing business due to the weather and couldn't afford not to do the job. Brand new house and was told I could clean the mud tracks off of my pavers, charcoal pavers are now brown as well as clean the mud off the tank and pipes. Was never told that the pipes are white and that I had to paint them. They dug out mud for epoxy stuff but dumped the mound of mud with epoxy about a meter away from tank. I had just leveled back yard so I was quite annoyed by this as well as mud foot prints. Another expense paying someone to remove the mound and relevel backyard again. I displayed the promotional sign in the front of my house for a month in return was offered a free gauge. The storm blew the sign away and wasn't given the gauge. With how much they complained about the wet weather, I honestly was made to feel like it was my fault it rained and inconvenienced them. I kept quiet because I just wanted them to leave. 8 months on, i have a different company out due to the tank wobbling. Actually connecting the pipe that drains down pipe of stagnant water to the storm water pipe. The way it is angled, when I pull the lever to empty pipe water shoots out straight at the pump system then water flows back and pools at base of tank.

Awful - incredibly disappointed

Update: concrete guys have just done there bit, only to find the tank and sump aren't level (not even close) and none of the drains are measured or in straight line (again, not even close). Water pressure for the whole house has gone and the water from the installed tap only sends drips through. This incompetence is costing us big $'s.
Initially appeared knowledgeable and willing to undertake work. Asked as many questions as possible after doing some research but [name removed] was reluctant to expand on the answers as "we went over this in the initial quote". Work had to be completed on different days to comply with other trade work taking place. On the first day we noted the pipes being used were second hand and when he returned on the 2nd day he returned without all the materials and asked to use our own personal materials instead. As the pump is quite loud we queried if the tank can be turned on and off to run from the mains instead such as when we have outdoor parties. No. But to fix this it would be $120. It's also worth noting that not only were the materials not new or were our own, [name removed] took our previous near new (but large and too big for our renovated outdoor area) rain water tank, pump and cover "off our hands" which will probably be sold on to some other individual. 2 coping pavers around our pool were damaged which we are paying to replace and a sticky glue like substance covered the coping which the coping installer has kindly removed at no expense. We have had a 2nd installer from a different company come out to help us and offer solutions. They have pointed out the incorrect, possibly non compliant or simply questionable method of install and materials used (i.e. ridiculously huge and obscene sump pump with huge grate) that has been provided. They have taken photos to share with others in the business on what NOT to do. All up, I have not received $5000 worth of value (and that's not including the tank itself). Very disappointed.

Great Service & Product Range

Tony's expertise was invaluable for our new home rainwater and stormwater design . The whole process from order to install was prompt and professional

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