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Long wait times for delivery

I’ve been waiting 2 months for delivery of my 70lt signature service esky. The delivery date continues to get pushed further out. They offer your money back if you would like it but after reading all of these reviews im worried I won’t get either if I request a refund. It had better be worth the wait.


Terrible service and no delivery

I ordered a 60 l signature in December, I called twice to follow up the order and was told each time that they were going to contact me and apologise for the late delivery. I don't like it but was prepared to put up with a month delay but then it was stretched for another month. The last email said it would not come until April, well past the Australian summer. They may have good products but shocking, misleading sales and service. I have asked for a refund...which is yet to come.
I would have forgiven them if the service and communication were better and perhaps they offer more than just an apology.
I have also noticed they are still selling the cooler online.
I'm now looking at the other great options in the market

Disappointed with quality

Brought a 60litre fridge in 2013 & have only used it about twice a year. It now keeps getting colder until it reaches -25degrees. After weeks at the techniice agent it needs a new power board which they don’t make so have to buy a different part & also a conversion kit for it to work. This will cost 2/3 of original cost so hence it’s off to landfill & we won’t buy techniice ever again.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Avoid them at all cost | Terrible sales service | Dodgy practices | Misleading ETA for delivery

Had a horrible experience dealing with Techniice. I placed an order for an icebox in January and was told that it will be delivered late feb. Which is fine. but then later I got an email on 20th of feb saying that there are delays and new ETA is mid APR. I started doing some research about the company and it seems like thats what they do, they always take customers money and then change ETA as they please. over 3 months to get an icebox? What a joke of a company. Asked for a refund but was absolute waste of time. Avoid them at all cost. Also they claim that their Classic range lasts 3-15 days, thats another load of lies. So many reviews claims they barely get 1-2 days out of it. Please do proper research and read reviews before buying from them... their marketing is straight up lies.

Will def report them to fair trading about their practices.

Dodgy dodgy business

Well I wish I had read these reviews before I ordered my 60L esky as a present for my husbands bday! Initially they stated a 4 week wait, meaning it was going to arrive 2 weeks post his bday, which i felt was a good compromise for a good quality esky. Now ive just received another email saying that they wont get stock for another 4 weeks after that (so a 2 month wait since ordering!?)
I email and say do you know a rough time of delivery that it shld arrive to my house.
A week later I get some random email from what looks like someone in India saying no they cant give me a delivery date but that "at the moment" it looks like the stock will arrive end of feb! I have no faith that this is going to happen with their "at the moment" comment! How can you run a company and not even get basic stock levels right! That is surely basic stuff!
I am so mad and am going to ask for a refund. A huge waste of my time. An unethical business that has clearly been doing this for years based on previous reviews!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Awesome product

Used their signature series 60L camping after having a waeco for years and found ice last way longer. The sturdy construction means I will have this box for life. Well done Techni ice

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Hi Rick, Thank you for continuous support. Kind Regards, Techni Ice


Ordered the small cooler bag 23 Feb. Been told delivery will be late May. It's 16 March as I write this. I love the products but a 3 month delivery???

Terrible esky

Bought a classic 40L techniice esky. Ice lasts 5+ days they said.
What a load of crap. Bag of party ice lasts 2 days max and that’s in my airconned lounge, not being opened. Tried pre chilling etc still useless. My old $20 Kmart esky keeps ice longer.

Always on time or better.

Ordered 3 cooler bags on Thursday afternoon Brisbane delivered Tuesday morning. Quality products. Customer for near on ten years. Never an issue.

Best Cooler on the market. (18 Litre Cooler)

I've used them all.
I've used Esky which back in the day were the gold standard for coolers. I've used Igloo. I've used Rubbermaid coolers. They were all OK but I was never completely happy with any of them.
A coworker had a Techniice Cooler and I'd been looking at it for a few months before I finally took the plunge and bought one. I bought the 18 litre cooler and I couldn't be happier.
I drive for a living and the cooler sits on the front seat all day loaded up with bottles of water. Unlatched with the lid just sitting closed it keeps the contents cold all day with a single ice pack. Latching it closed and it will keep the contents cool for at least another half a day...I've never gone longer than that without changing the ice pack.

They cost more than your typical Esky. Mine cost $100 plus postage but the quality is great and they can be repaired if needs be. I think this will be the last cooler I ever by.

Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer - Fantastic Customer Service

We loved our dual zone fridge/freezer, it did the job perfectly for lots of camping trips, great storage compartments and baskets, easy to keep all your food and drinks sorted. We noticed it was not dropping temperature as quickly as it had been and contacted Techni Ice about it. It was about 2 years old by then I think. We were referred to a local guy in Hobart who took it in to look at it. There was a gas problem and he contacted Techni Ice with his results. Clint at Techni Ice stayed in constant communication with us through the process and organised a replacement fridge to be sent out and it arrived in no time at all. We were really happy with his service. Plugged in the new fridge and it raced down to -22 in no time at all. Super happy. Clint even sent out the new cover, remove and dry ice packs as well. We found a fault on the cover, didn't affect the insulation at all but I mentioned it to Clint when I emailed to thank him for the replacement arriving so quickly. He then sent out a replacement cover as well. I can't recommend them highly enough. The customer service we had was excellent and I would recommend them, and their dual zone fridge/freezer to anyone. It's a lot of money to spend and the back up support we got from Techni Ice gave me a lot of confidence. Amazing product, amazing customer service.

Says it last 6 times longer than ice what a joke

I have tested the Techni ice ice packs twice in a 120ltr Eva kool fibreglass ice box and was disappointed. Was advised to have 3 ice pack thickness on top and on bottom of the ice box. After 24 hours it was fantastic showing -2 degrees in the icebox, after 48 hours showed 4 degrees. After 72 showed 8 degrees, after 96 showed 14 degrees. Just with the same thickness of only ice is was 4 degrees for 4 days straight before heading up to 14 degrees after day 5. I hate claims it last so many times longer than ice when in reality it does not come close. Wanted it to last only 8 days before heading above 10 degrees which I was told it would do.

Best Purchase Ever For Caravanning

We are very happy with our purchase of 95ltr Techniice Fridge/Freezer Duel Zone. It has two large compartments which can be used as fridge one side and freezer the other, or both sides can be used either fridge or freezer with separate lids.
It comes with a remote control which is very handy to have in the car when travelling, very easy to clean as it is stainless steel.
We purchased this brand for its reasonable price, good quality, and comes with a six year warranty, also after sales service is very helpful for any queries about the product.

Below average product. Awful after sales support.

On first impressions this swag appeared ok. However, the mattress was not great. The deal breaker for me was that every zip puller snapped in half over about 4 or 5 trips. Clearly very cheap. I sent three emails over about a month and didn't get a single reply. I called them and they said they'd get back to me and never did. So I tossed the swag and bought another one elsewhere. Will never buy from them again.

These Eskies they call signature are a Signature Rubbish !! Nothing but hollow boxes

Hi Product Review
I paid over $200 for a signature Esky which they claim to be the best of what they make and when i received the delivery, They are nothing but a heap of sh^%^. They are so big, it looks like a tank not an esky. Wouldn't fit in my car, Frustrating i know, Knock on the walls and sounds hollow. Shine light through it and it shines out the other side. You need 2 people to lift the bloody thing and them handles are so poorly designed. They surely are one of those D#$# Heads who took 3 years to design this piece of crap that isn't even functional !! Give me a break, The Video on their site goes on and on and on about the esky and finally when you get the delivery, it looks like a square carton with lousy metal clips. Looks like the C#$#s have been paid to post reviews here. The Bung hole is so freakin big that if we undo the plug and it lets out all the water so quick and imagine there is an nasty foam rubber stuck at the end of it and they call it INSULATION on the Bung !!. I'd rather buy a jeep than buy things like this online. Now anyways I've put that box in the deck and bought meself an esky from Bunnings, that keep ice longer, its even got the rubber corners and its a brilliant design. I had a look at the ones at anaconda and they aren't cheap.

Best Ice Box / Esky I've used

I purchased the 70L long Signature series icebox online mid 2016. It arrived in Perth WA the following week.

First trip 3 1/2 weeks to Karajini, Exmouth & Kalbarri in WA. Using a couple of bags of normal party ice in the bottom and 6 Techni-Ice sheets rotated 3 at a time over the top, the party ice lasted extremely well. We swapped the sheets every couple of days re-freezing them in our Engel between uses.

Some of the ice will initially melt as the interior of the box being at room temperature has to chill down. The longevity in the ice is directly proportional to the number of time each day the icebox is opened. Even on a mild day say 25 degrees, if the box is opened 40+ times a day, which does happen, the ice WILL NOT last. It doesn't matter how good your icebox is.

Excellent icebox, very happy with my purchase

I'd never buy from Techniice ever again - Not run by professionals - substandard goods

Purchased 2 fridges a few years ago and they had advertised 6 year warranty ,i waited for almost 5 months to get the delivery . They left it at my door without any notice that they were even delivering . It could have gone missing.

Anyways gave the smaller fridge to my old man and he was one happy camper. He didn't use it straight away but when returned from his first trip and he had was in all praise. Anyways the following week he was heading off North on a longer trip. He packed and headed off and it was hotaz and he was really counting on this fridge and just then it decided to stop working!!
He had over $300 worth of Meat in it and there was not a camping store in sight . He called the customer service and he was told that he would get a call back but never did . After 4 calls and 48 hours wait he got through to a bloke who didn't understand much about fridges and asked my old man to drop off the fridge at a service agent 3 hours away .He had no choice to decline the offer to take up a service agent

Instead He drove up to the next town and managed to get a Waeco which costed him over $300 more than what we paid for this crap. Once he returned we requested for both the fridges to be returned and ask for a refund , We were advised that there was no way we could get a refund. The bloke did mention that there were a lot of faults he had to deal with and hence he couldn't get back quickly and they didn't seem to have any records of our purchase. My advise to people is not to try to save a few hundred by buying these online. Instead go to a local store and get a reliable brand. There are a lot of Shady companies out there.

Update 4/05/2017- I have managed to purchase a Waeco and Ive been testing both Side by side. Interestingly I found the Techniice Fridge is drawing almost twice as much as what they claim on their site.

Excellent support, no questions asked, just good service.

I have been a Techni Ice customer for many years, and have always liked the products. I own some 6 of their eskies, 3 bait boxes, and an 80 litre fridge/freezer. All good products. Which is why I go back.
Recently ordered 4 of the rod holders advertised on their website. When received I was disappointed in the design of the bracket, too much gap when fully wound in and therefore not able to clamp on anything. The photos etc on the website do not show this.
when I contacted Techni Ice by email, I received a call from one of their people, explained my problem and was promptly given a full refund. No more questions.
I for one will continue to shop with this company. they offer great quality at very good prices.
David White

A cross between excellent thermal efficiency and cold sapping pretty design.

I go camping for 5 or 6 days at a time and need an icebox that will last the distance. All icebox manufacturers will make wild claims about how long their product will keep ice. There is no standard to go by, and the ones that tell you a week or more don't stipulate that they did their testing on top of Mt Kosciuszko. O.K. first the bad. Techniice tell us that their signature icebox took 3 years to design. Rubbish! The science of insulation and heat transfer has been around for eons. It would have taken one day, max. The down and dirty of it is the better and thicker the insulation, the longer it will stop heat ingress. The more ice you have inside the box, the longer it will last. The two bad points of the signature icebox is the 2 inch bung, which they claim to be insulated, but it's not (properly) it's just like a 2 inch hole to let heat in. The box has rope handles, then it also has inset handles, where the wall insulation goes from 60 mm down to 20mm, another place that the heat just oozes in. The insulation on the base is only 40 mm. In their advertisements, they don't know the difference between conductive heat and radiative heat. The good points. It does have mostly thick insulation, up to 75 mm on two sides, down to 60 mm on the other two sides. The sealing of the lid is a good design. The tray that sits at the top to hold dairy, etc out of the water is also a good idea. I recently did a test with mine. I just put solid block ice into it, no food or beer, and opened the lid once a day and drained the water once a day. I put two 17 kg blocks of ice in, having to break one in half to make it all fit. The daily ambient temperature ranged from 18 - 31 degrees to 27 - 35 degrees over the test period. the ice lasted 8 days. I'm confident that if the bung and sidewall insulation issues were fixed, it could have stretched out for another two to three days. I think it's probably the best commercial icebox available, but could be so much better.

Purchase and Delivery Aspects Very Good

Purchased 60ltr Icebox cant comment on product or after sales service yet , but ordered on a Friday and the item was delivered by the next Monday so delivery and processing was exceptional.

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