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Tefal Minut Cook CY4000

Tefal Minut Cook CY4000

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3.2 from 80 reviews

A great boat anchor

I have a manual (Stovetop) pressure cooker, and I love it. I thought the Tefal Minutcook would be a great, convenient second cooker for smaller quantities (my other one is big). I’ve had it for a few months now and I’m sorry I wasted my money.

It worked ok the first few times - not spectacularly well, but ok. Then it began to cut off as soon as it achieved pressure. Over and over. Now it doesn’t even get there. I’ve been waiting for over 45 minutes for the damn thing to come to pressure. I’ve now transferred the contents to my old faithful stovetop pressure cooker and finally accepted that the Minutcook is really no more than an expensive electric saucepan. Before I get a response, yes, there is enough water. I heeded that advice last time it wasn’t doing its job and even though my casserole ended up looking more like a soup than a stew because of the extra water, I still couldn’t get it to maintain pressure. There is only so much water you can add!

My old stovetop pressure cooker just took 5 minutes to do what the Tefal couldn’t in 45 and is hissing along nicely.

I’m really disappointed. It was not cheap, and I have a Tefal toaster and iron that I’ve had forever and both are still going strong. I suppose some things are better done the old way, and convenience doesn’t necessarily equal reliability.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Has Allowed Perfect 'Special Occasion Meals' on Weeknights!

I absolutely do not know what I would do without this pressure cooker - it is amazing. We have not had any issues with this at all and have had it for almost a year.

I did read a review the pressure cooker kept going to 'warm' instead of pressurizing but when this happened to us the first time we read the manual and figured out it was because there wasn't enough liquid in the cooker! After adding more stock to our lamb shanks, it worked fine and we have not had any issues at all since then.

Risotto has NEVER BEEN EASIER. We make so many meals using this pressure cooker, complete lifesaver. We can now cook meals which would ordinarily take hours on weeknights after work.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Perfect I couldn't do without it

I love tefal minut cook i wount be without it but i need to replace the pot where can i find it please
Its so easy to use easy to clean and keeps warm till you ready to eat noe i dont need too may pots to cook i cook everything thing in it cos its retain all the goodness and you can test the actual food

Date PurchasedApr 2012

Good when it works

Replaced our old sliw cooker with this pressure cooker. Went with a pressure cooker due to ability to brown first and also cook a number of things (meat, rice, veges). Good results so far. Had a few times where it wouldn't start pressure cooking and went straight to keep warm. Once it was too full. Other times seemed to work after a pulled apart the lid and dried each part.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Should have read these reviews first

I could never get the thing to work, then I followed the advice of a contributor and carefully set the steam valve slightly to the right of closed. This worked a few times, but then stopped working. This is absolute junk. Maybe they've fixed the problem now, but when I put in my review last time Product Review asked if I wanted Tefal to contact me. I said 'yes' but nothing happened and my review wasn't posted. I will never buy Tefal again.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Use it every few days and hasn't missed a beat!

Love this cooker, the high pressure option makes it so easy to throw everything in set the timer, come back and serve. People say they have issues with it beeping and the timer going back to 0 that's because they don't have enough liquid in it and it can't build up enough pressure. My only complaint it the wide rim it has at the top sometimes food gets in there while serving. But it's pretty easy to get a sponge in there to clean

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Good stuff

I put the pressure cooker on high for two hours and the meat was very soft falling apart. Good stuff, it's great for making soups, with rice and much more. It is fast and convenient it is enjoyable to use and easy to follow. I look forward to making more recipes with this pressure cooker and excited to taste what can you come.

Date PurchasedMay 2017


Will not pressurize, I bought it because I gave mine to my daughter, hers is slightly different in the pressure valve and is still working well, The new valve is useless
I have added more liquid, as I thought that may be the problem, nothing - it spits liquid out the top of the pressure valve when it is trying to seal, for 30 minutes, water spat on to my hobbs through all the cooking time.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Pressure Cooker

Use this several times, great for silverside curry, spare ribs. Tefal help desk is very good as there were a few things I was unsure of & the girls were very helpful. All in all very pleased this model I think is being delete there is a new model coming out so I brought this at a reduce price which made it a very good buy comes with a steaming basket as well so that a saving.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Excellent for making soups!

Very easy to use. As we live in a cold area, I make soups in it for 9 months of the year, vege soups, chicken soups, beef soups, etc. The only problem is that when the non-stick coating wears, then things stick, especially if you need to brown the meat or onions, etc first for a casserole. The result is I don't do many casseroles in it, because when they stick it stops with an error & they are not cooked enough. My daughter-in-law bought a Minut Cook, on my recommendation, and the same wearing off of non-stick coating happened to hers. Very disapointing! I will have to get in touch with Tefal for a replacement insert!

Date PurchasedMay 2013

most amazing bit of kit that I have in my kitchen so versatile

I went out to buy an NBN router and came home with this pressure cooker. I am so happy with it it is easy to use in every aspect, so much so that it has replaced my slow cooker, my rice cooker and I do not have a stovetop that works. I use mine every day for everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The most amazing bit of kit that I have in my kitchen so versatile. It is so impressive that 3 friends have gone out and bought one. There are so many recipes on youtube, online and everywhere it is so hard to choose what to cook

Date PurchasedMay 2016

This is a great reliable product, i purchased a second unit as we dropped the lid and broke the firs

This unit is fantastic and cooks rice better than a rice cooker, easy to use and easy to clean, will buy another if this fails, Bolognaise is always better and more tender than on the stove. we put most recipes on in the morning and its on stay warm when we get home

Date PurchasedJun 2013

Spare pot inserts

I really like this in fact I have two because I cook a lot. Never had any problems at all. I need to replace the pots as they scratch very easily even though I'm very careful. This happens when you seal meat with bones. So my only quibble is that these are so expensive $90 which to me is very high considering you can buy a new machine from $130.

Date PurchasedApr 2015


I have had a pressure cooker before so assumed the normal drill. Brush pass directions. And I found my Tefal Minut Cook Cy400070 very easy to use. Made cooking Lamb Shanks, taste amazing. Irish stew, taste fantastic and good old fashion beef stew taste wonderful.
Hubby and fussy kids came back for seconds. Also very easy to clean.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Difficult but fantastic results

Well I had never had a pressure cooker before but knowing the Tefal brand name I decided to get one .certainly not as quick as suggested because sealing issues and timer shutoff issues but I perservered and the results were spectacular . It is quicker cooking but loose so much time in getting it going , right now have a corner cut of topside cooking it smells heavenly , stews and casseroles is where it really impresses .
Instructions need a bit to be desired as not sure why mine goes onto keep warm , my process is brown then cook takes 2 to 3 goes to get it to set as usually moves onto keep warm when first minute is dropped off timer but it works and tastes good

Date PurchasedJan 2015


I've had my Tefal Minut Cook for at least 5 years and it had always been great until the last couple of months when it often won't build enough pressure. I'm OK with that as i think 5 years of at least 3 times weekly use is reasonable. So saying, is there a replacement part that will fix the issue?
I usually use the recipes in the book that came with the pressure cooker but have success with stove top recipes by leaving out some of the liquid as the steam can't escape so recipes don't reduce.
If this one can't be fixed I'll be looking to buy a slow and pressure cooker in one and will seriously consider Tefal if they make one.

Date PurchasedDec 2011
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Loved it. Some recipes didn't have as much flavour as they would have on a stove top and didn't thicken the same way. I've just bought the FAST & DELICIOUS All-in-one Multicooker and so far am disappointed.


I bought 3 of these pressure cookers for son , mother and me.
it worked ok for a couple of years then the lights went off, so i don't know what setting its on. my son is fed up with his, it wont pressurize hes buying a different brand. Mums works ok but she hardly uses it.

Date PurchasedAug 2014

totally unreliable

As observed by Charlie, there is a flaw in the lid design. After several attempts EVERY timeI use it (& yes, there is plenty of liquid) I can sometimes get it to work by jamming the lid down as I twist it into lock & then wait for the first hiss of pressure. Then press the steam release valve down fast also ( it is already on seal, but can be pressed downwards a bit more). If you're lucky it will pressurize, as the valve Charlie mentioned will fall in position. But it is touch & go & you have to move fast before it switches over to warm. I have used mine less than 10 times & really can't rely on it. The food could have cooked in the oven for the time taken to actually get it to operate.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

Tefal Minut Cook CY400070

I have given you 2 stars because it is great to cook for lamb shanks and ox tongue...HOWEVER... the timing is never as short as the book says! AND TRYING TO COOK RISOTTO AS PER THE RECIPE AND EPIC FAIL!!!!!! SERIOUSLY IT IS A BLOODY SOUP..... SO DISAPPOINTING!!! rather then bring a product out on false pretenses i would prefer you to just say... HEY GREAT FOR LAMB SHANKS OR STEWS but please just do old school for your risotto recipes unless you really just want soup!!


Date PurchasedDec 2015

Time saver. Love it

I've mine for almost 5 yrs now. It's so easy to use and very versatile. I used it for different type of cooking from chicken rice, stew, curry, risotto to pot roast. I've used it so often that now I'm looking for a replacement of the insert pot. I've scratched mine and it's not non-stick anymore. Any recommendations on where do I get this?

Date PurchasedOct 2011
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Hi Maria. Thank you for your great review of the Tefal Minut Cook CY4000. We are so thrilled to hear you are still loving the machine after 5 years of use. It's great to hear how many different meals you've been able to do in the machine. For spare parts, please contact our customer care team on 1300 307 824 or via email at productreview@groupeseb.com for a list of our service agents. If we can be of any assistance in the future please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia.

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Hi Can you double the recipe of recipes from the regal cook book? Thanks Grace
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I've just purchased the pressure cooker (new one,by the sound of it,comes with basket). Absolutely love it! Used twice, works wonders,meats fall of the bone in 25 min!!!!! Evrika! My only concern is its country of origin -china (bosco for example,in Korea,but out of stock). The seal in the lid (as well as the basket) is made out some silicon/plastic, I am thinking that under such pressure it could be well and truly emitting some toxins... We live in the era of the highest level of cancer ever, we are probably paying a price of living a very convenient life (microwaves, mobile phones,etc)... Just a thought.... Any other concerned parties on the subject?? Thanks!
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Minut Cook CY4000
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