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Tempur Ombracio

Tempur Ombracio

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The best pillow for neck pain

I have been using this pillow now for 2 years. I purchased 2 for one. My neck problems are almost non existent. My only concern is that the pillow cases purchased with the pillows are too tight for the pillows and need tp be made with more width all round the pillows. Hopefully the manufacturers will listen

Date PurchasedJan 2016
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Tempur very kindly gave me two of the new pillow cases for this pillow and they are fantastic Bigger than the old ones and allow the pillow to spread. Thank you Tempur very much

Love the pillow! Wasted money in purchasing cases though.

I recently purchased two top of the line Tempur beds and after road testing the mattresses I went back to purchase two Tempur Ombracio pillows.

These are the best pillows I’ve ever slept on. I’m a side and tummy sleeper as I fall asleep but often wake on my back in the morning. These pillows are perfect for me. So comfortable and they mould to my head, neck and shoulders.

However, this was not my initial experience. I purchased four, yes four! Specially designed Tempur pillowcases at the cost of an arm and a leg but they must’ve shrunk in the wash as they are so tight fitting and make the pillow feel like it’s all squished in, resulting in terrible neck aches and back aches. At such a high cost, I would’ve expected more from a pillowcase made specifically to fit said pillow. It just doesn’t look as tidy with a regular pillowcase on it.

I’d recommend this pillow 100% but stay away from the pillow case until Tempur can make one that fits.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Great pillow but disappointed by the pillow case

I bought this pillow today along with a matching pillow slip - luckily on sale so it only cost me $60 for one pillow slip instead of the retail price of $100! However after washing the pillow slip by hand and drying on the line the pillow slip is too tight for the pillow and makes the pillow creased and lumpy. I am very disappointed and will be contacting the shop I purchased it from as I do not think that the pillow slip is fit for purpose if it is too small for the pillow. Very disappointing to have issues when I’ve just spent $300 on one pillow and one pillow slip.

Date PurchasedSep 2018
Hi, Thanks for your review. Great to hear you are enjoying the pillow itself. It's a shame you are not having the same experience with the pillowcase, I have used TEMPUR's pillowcases with the Ombracio pillow before and have had no issues personally. As mentioned, the best place to visit is the store of purchase. Again, thank you for your review. - LCHi, I didn’t actually say I was enjoying the pillow in my review, and I find your response incredibly disappointing because all you have done is ‘pass the buck’ back to the store instead of engaging with this issue and helping to resolve it. Very poor customer service and I won’t be buying Tempur again.My apologies. The title 'Great pillow' had me assume that was the case. With your mention of contacting the store of purchase being the best way to resolve the issue in your opinion. You are more than welcome & encouraged to contact our customer service team, they are the best people to discuss our products and will always endeavour to resolve your issue as best possible. Our contact information is as follows: Email, info@tempur.com.au, or Phone, 1300 306 062. Again my sincerest apologies for my response. - LC

Incredible support

Recently purchased two of these after making the "mistake" of trying one whilst testing potential new mattress. The mistake being I fell in love with it immediately.
Great pillow for us stomach sleepers.
For a case I just use the traditional ones which leave overhang.
They are on the pricey side- but managed to get two for $170 or so when buying a King Mattress.
Love this pillow!

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Tempur on radio pillow

I love my pillow. I find it very comfortable. I didn't like the pillowcase that can be purchased for it. I found it too tight and stopped the pillow from softening into position properly. I find it better just to slip the pillow into a European pillow case and fold any extra fabric underneath the pillow.
The pillow soften with body heat. It will feel firmer in cooler weather. Just lie on it for a few minutes and it will warm and soften.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Worst pillow ever

This pillow is the most uncomfortable pillow we have ever used. My wife just HAD to have it when we bought our new bed and now she refuses to sleep on it. When she makes the bed in the morning (I'm already at work when she gets up) she put's it on my side and steals my pillow. I accidentally just laid on it and remembered how disgusting it is which prompted me to write this review.
It's heavy, hard and doesn't recover it's shape. Worst $300 I've ever wasted. What's wrong with you people who rated it a 5??

Date PurchasedJun 2014
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Hi, Chris. It's a terrible shame your Ombracio pillow hasn't met your expectations. If the pillow itself doesn't recover its shape it may have a fault, please contact customer service about the issue and they will endevour to resolve any problem you may have. You can contact our Customer Service team by emailing info@tempur.com.au or by calling 1300 306 062. Hope this helps. - LC

This is a fantastic pillow, so happy with my purchase.

I recently purchased this pillow whilst I was testing the tempur beds. My sleeping patterns vary throughout the night, I start by going to sleep on my stomach/side and I love the way that the pillow allows your shoulders to fit without taking away the support for your neck, this is also the case when I wake up on my back, there is so much support for your neck no matter which position you sleep in. I have purchased many expensive pillows over the years such as latex, memory foam etc.and I find that the Ombracio offers full support from the shoulders upwards. I cannot wait now until I complete the ensemble with the tempur bed that I have purchased.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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Hi, Gayle. Thanks for your glowing review, great to know when our customers enjoy our products. - LC

The pillow it's self is ok but you cannot get a pillow case

Pillow it's self is ok however, most of the stores that sell the pillow don't sell the pillow case. It took a lot of phone calls and looking online to find the tempur pillow case and it's extremely expensive for one pillowcase. I had to drive for an hour to pick one up and when I got home it didn't even fit the pillow well. It caused it to bunch up and crinkle. Because it made the pillow so tight it wasn't comfortable anymore.

I contacted tempur and they were extremely unhelpful considering they make both products and exploit you when buying the pillow case cause there are no other options.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Tempur contacted me again and decided to offer me a new pillow case which I think it very good service so I do appreciate that. I tried the pillow case on before washing it and it fit but was a bit tight. It still doesn't allow you to maximise the comfort of the pillow. Once I washed the pillow case (using cold water) it shrunk like the original one and was unusable. Again the pillow itself is great but I will have to keep using it without a pillow case unfortunately.

Awesome maternity pillow

I have been looking for a maternity pillow and came across this one. I am a side sleeper and have been using a regular pillow for support. As soon as I tried this One in the shop I didn’t even hesitate to buy it.
I had the best night sleep last night. I’m only half way in my pregnancy and I know this pillow will be my best friend as I get bigger and even more uncomfortable.
Love it!

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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Fantastic to hear you're loving your pillow! It's great to hear when our customers are enjoying our products. - LC

Too firm not worth the price

I bought this because I have scoliosis and neck Arthritis and I was looking for a supportive pillow. It has been 2 weeks now and it's still too hard and high for me (back sleeper).
It might be designed for only tummy sleepers but the lady at the shop guaranteed it was for any position.
Unfortunately it was a waste of money, very uncomfortable and not worth the price.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
Hi, MrsIsa. In this case, you're exactly right! The Ombracio pillow is designed for stomach sleepers, and we only recommend this product for the intended purpose (as stated on the packaging), if in fact the sales consultant has told you that this is the case, and have guaranteed that any sleeping position will work, they are incorrect. The Ombracio pillow is designed for stomach sleeper and we have thousands of happy customers who love their pillows. In order to rectify you in this situation, your best option is to head back in to the store of purchase and discuss your issues with their customer service department. It seems that you have been sold the wrong product on the promise of benefits which this product simply doesn't provide. I apologise I couldn't have been of more help. - LCThanks for your response. I contacted the store the next business day after not being able to use it. The manager told me that after it leaves the store there's nothing they can do and offered to swap for their display pillow which I denied. They told me it would get softer in a week but after waking up with a sore neck, I had to go back to my old pillow. When purchasing I was told that it can be used for any sleeping position even though it says stomach sleeper on the box. I'm very disappointed for being misled and now I'm stuck with a $220 pillow that I won't even use.Which is completely understandable, I would be too. However, this isn't a reflection of the pillow itself, only on the fact that you have been sold the incorrect product for your needs by a sales consultant who clearly wasn't aware of the correct benefits of the product. As marketed, the pillow is designed for stomach sleepers, and you, as stated, don't sleep on your stomach. Again, I'm sorry I couldn't have been of more help or given you a means to rectify your situation and hope this doesn't discourage you from purchasing TEMPUR products in future. - LC

It is the best investment I have ever made toward my health!

I was suffering from migraines and vertigo and such intense neck and shoulder pain anf have spent alot on therapies. Im unsure if its a coincidence but since sleeping on this pillow they have gone. I actually sleep now. Although expensive for the authentic one..its definitely worth the money

Date PurchasedJul 2017
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Fantastic to hear, Sylvia. Great to know you're enjoying your TEMPUR product. - LC

Worth the money!

Best pillow I have ever purchased. Will never buy cheap pillows again. Normal pillow cases fit this shape pillow so no need to buy the custom made one. Highly recommend!

Date PurchasedAug 2016
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Fantastic to hear. Great to know you're enjoying your TEMPUR pillow. - LC

Cannot live without this pillow!

Fantastic pillow. Great for fibromyalgia sufferers who move around a lot to get comfortable. Took a few weeks to get used to it but now could not be without. Supportive but not too hard, just perfect!

Date PurchasedSep 2016

amazing pillow...at first

excellent pillow, especially if you are a side sleeper. I wasnt sure it was right but the pain in my neck and headaches have almost completely gone since i started using it. I am a side and back sleeper so i guess it works for both.
Only down side is finding covers for it. firstly because they are expensive and secondly because there are very limited colours available.
Over time have discovered that the back sleeping on it does not work at all. I have let my daughters try it, but they think it feels like they are sleeping on a bag of wet sand. So now it is a very expensive guest pillow.

Best pillow I've used!

Most mornings I'd wake with a sore stuff neck and headache to go with it. I had tried several different types of pillows over the years, usually spending no more than $80. I went on the hunt to find a good pillow at whatever the cost. Came across the tempur ombracio, it was was pretty pricey at $220, but I tried it in the shop and really liked it. I ended up buying it. Best pillow I've used yet! From the first night, even the first few minutes I noticed a difference. It's just so comfy and I don't wake with the stiff/ sore neck.
Perfect for sleep in any position, which is great because I mainly side sleep, but also on my back and stomach too. I would normally move my pillow out the way in the past to sleep on my stomach, but haven't needed to do that with the ombracio. I also love the shape, perfect for a shoulder when on the side, or having hands/ arms near the head.
I never noticed the off gassing smell that a lot of people have complained about.
Only downside is that it does tend to go a bit flat on the side I use, even after fluffing it. I just fix this by flipping it or turning it around as I feel the need. That does kind of defeat the purpose of having the shaped side though if I'm using the other end. It doesn't worry me enough to complain about it though.
Would definitely reccomend it.
Comfort, shape.

Recently left this pillow in USA; we live in Aus - was totally lost without it and had it flown home

Love my Tempur Ombracio, I have scoliosis and together with our Tempur mattress I know I can get out of bed each day and there is no residual pain from the prior days activities. Going to bed has now become something to look forward to (as it should be) not something to dread like it used to be before getting the Tempur pillow and mattress; thank you Tempur!
The shape, comfort, it breaths, it moulds perfectly to your sleeping position and relieves neck and back pain immeasurably
I would like to see the pillow case included in the price - one stop shop.

How log do they last? What are the best pillows for those folk who sleep on there stomach ?I've had my pillow for almost 3 years now and think i'll probably get another 1-2 out of it. I sleep on both sides and my stomach and this pillow is perfect.Heading into my 6th year and my Ombracio is going strong. Have sonce purchased one for hubby and our son and none of us would be without it

Questions & Answers

can i use a normal pillow case for the tempur ombracio pillow?
3 answers
Hi, Sandy. Certainly can. Although there will be a slight amount of slack due to the shape of the pillow. Hope this helps. - LCI haven't tried a normal pillow case only a square European one. But it's worth a go. Im going to try it myself.I have tried the European pillowcase which worked fine but my hand get getting stuck in the excess material. I have now been using a normal pillow case but I find it makes if too firm especially up the tip if my head. I am now getting a friend to make a pillowcase for it so it fits correctly.

The "Care" information for this pillow states to remove the pillow case and cover and wash it - and that the pillow cannot be washed or dry cleaned - only "aired". What can you do to remove the smell of sweat from the pillow? My partner sweats quite badly at night and despite doing all of the above (and wiping the pillow down) I cannot remove the smell of his sweat. Help please! I need a solution to clean this very expensive pillow and get rid of the smell.
4 answers
Hi, so you use one of the pillow protectors then? Lined like a mattress protector, but for the pillow. Mine scrubs up fine after washing the protective cover, I'm not a heavy sweater at night though. Since it can not get wet, I wouldn't know how else to clean the pillow itself I'm sorry. Maybe try contacting the manufacturer, they may have some useful advice :)Thanks CashBurger - I intend doing that when I have a flex day this coming week. Yes, we use both pillow protector and pillowcase. Cheers.You can spray the pillow with febreeze or eucalyptus spray which will get rid of the smell fairly quickly. I always air our pillows in the sun just for 1/2 an hour each side probably once a month... so fresh afterward!


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