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Replacement Saute Pan

I too have been contacting them since August 2018 and after many emails in October they promised to send me a replacement saute pan within the next 4 - 6 weeks. Still waiting! Now I don't get any response at all.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationI purchased the saute pan from a sales rep in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Two knives broke

I purchased a large knife & it broke while chopping almonds. They were great about replacing it quickly with a new one that broke too. I emailed with no response.. didn’t realize they had gone down. Now I have an incredibly expensive pressure cooker with a seal that needs replacing

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationPrivate seller

Disgusted! Continued to take orders and money when they knew they were going down!

I too ordered and paid for the square roaster in September and was told it was to come in November as it was an 'advance order' but of course it never showed up. I last emailed them in January and they said they were in the process of re-structuring and will get back to me shortly, now their emails just bounce back! I have since seen they've gone into liquidation around the time they were offering these sales - they KNEW they were going down and made a quick grab for money on their way out. I'm absolutely appalled, have been buying their products for years and always been happy. What now? I don't know. Someone provided a link to a consumers rights (or something like that) site but it didn't work. Is there some way of recovering our losses? Please fill me in

Long lost knife

I was given a set of their knives for xmas, well the largest knife got a crack in it, so it was sent back. Was told there was a fault with a number of knives and it would be replaced..........umm that was a year ago now! I would not recommend this company to anyone at the moment.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Not impressed

I have had 3 knives simply break in my hand. The frying pan has black bits falling off and the grater survived 1 month. These items were expensive and you would expect better

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Awaiting my order!

Unfortunately, I am unable to give out a grand review on my product, as I have been waiting for it to be delivered since December 2018 and have not had any news on when it will be delivered.

Please Chefs Toolbox, please contact me with some positive news!

Return Claim MadeNo

Fusion Knife sheared in half !

The handle of my Fusion Knife sheared away from the blade while cutting a pumpkin. I wrote to the company in August 2018 and was told they were aware of the issue and seeking replacement knives from the manufacturer. Haven't heard a thing...just chasing this up again, only to find the company has gone into liquidation.

I paid $110 for the knife while attending a high end Cooking class in the Adelaide Hills....I assumed the knife would be of high quality and fit for purpose.

NOT HAPPY JAN !!! Where is Consumer Affairs when you need it !

Disgusting! - my expensive set of knives are now missing one!

From about August last year, I rang & emailed & sent web complaints about the large Chef's Knife just breaking in half! It was an expensive knife and just literally broke in half while using it! I never received any apology, or explanation, just an acknowledgement that I had put in communication through the website.
After getting very frustrated I found a business card from a consultant - who explained that they had received various complaints about some of the knives, and the company were attempting to get the manufacturer to replace them - and that was the last I heard. The last time I spoke to her was the beginning of December 2018 - she never mentioned the fact that the company had gone into receivership!
There goes my money down the drain!!!

no customer service

Put in a warranty claim for sauté pan. no response called several times and was told that one would be shipped to me. Claim was lodged in July 2018 nothing received as yet and just found out they under liquidation pathetic!

Still waiting shocking response

I put a claim in last May for 2 knives that are under warranty as the rubber handles have all bubbled. Was told they were going to send them out from Switzerland. I rang them every month until no one even answers the phone anymore. I spent thousands $ on chefs toolbox products. Just shocking no one gets back to you. Awaiting response...

No square roaster pan either

I also ordered and paid for the square roaster pan in their July special. I rang them in October, and they said it would be delivered in November, in time for Christmas. I just went to try and get on their website, so that I could email them, and the site wouldn't load, then I saw an ASIC thing saying they had gone into liquidation. It would be really nice if someone could tell us something, and where do we go to from here?

Non delivery - Square roaster

Like everyone else purchased the square roaster in their July special as have been using Chef toolbox for many year without issues until now..
I also emailed and phoned Cheftoolbox and it looks like they have done a runner!!!

I think next steps Consumer Affairs

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https://insolvencynotices.asic.gov.au/browsesearch-notices/notice-details/The-Chefs-Toolbox-Pty-Limited-129019969/9a3ba36a-b3e4-4be5-b81e-1757ebba6788 Here’s the link to the Liquidations notice

Where is my pan?

Ordered and paid for new square pan which has yet to arrive. No response to emails or phone calls. very poor form.

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I have received a refund from my bank as I pay from my credit card.

Unable to contact Chefs Toolbox

I too ordered a square roaster in July, have rung several times but phone just rings out, I have emailed so many times but never get a response. Has Chefs Toolbox gone broke? It looks like I have done my money. The customer service is zero,very disappointing that no one has ever bothered to get back to me

No product

Ordered square roaster in July , emailed in October saying delivery delayed but will be Late November
Similar to other reviews have only got an automated email re changing systems.
Don’t know what to do now?
Have they gone into liquidation?

No show!!

I too ordered an item from Chef's Toolbox early November this year. I haven't heard a peep out of them either!!
What's going on???

Uncontactable goods not delivered help

Tried 3 phone nos different ones all ring out no message bank.
2 emails sent different addresses used both bounced back
internet sites come up not available..
Number given on email with order not listed
Record of payment was 15th Nov no goods yet

December 13th 2018 Update: Left high and dry out of pocket

Ordered saute pan and xmas bundle on 8th Oct in person at Chefs Toolbox headquarters in Sydney. Was told no money would be taken out of my account until goods were on their way. Nothing delivered. Then noticed money taken out of my bank 15th Oct, then when still no delivery by 10th Dec spent all day trying to make contact. In desperation rang a Chefs Toolbox rep in Melbourne ( no Rep phone numbers available in Sydney ) only to be told they had gone into liquidation on 15th Oct the same day money was removed from my account. How is it possible that money was taken out of my account the same day the company was liquidated and obviously there was no intention of supplying the goods, when they could have been sent out 2 months earlier. Feel others may have been been taken for a ride like myself. Appaling and reprehensible business behaviour.
PS All internet sites sites still available???

Still waiting....

I pre-ordered the Square Roaster in July this year (Due November) and am still waiting for it. My first email 2 months ago received an automated email advising that systems were changing and there would be a delay in responding.
I did end up speaking to someone who was defensive plus received an email advising early Dec arrival of stock.
This morning I rang the Aus phone number 3 times which rang out each time and the NZ number is disconnected. I followed up with an email and received an automated email reply...yep...systems being changed may be a delayed reply.
I’m beginning to get the feeling that I may not get the Square Roaster.
I actually really love all my Chefs Toolbox items but their customer service is extremely shabby.

No follow through on faulty goods - terrible after service

I've been waiting since May 2018 for them to contact me after I put in a warranty claim on a fusion knife. I have not receive one phone call or email in return & I can been contacting them so many times. I love their products, but the after sales service is terrible. I am so annoyed as I have all the cooking, baking & utensils. I have spent a lot of money with them, they don't care about the customers.

Was great on gas

Spent a small fortune on buying the the small and large saucepans, small fry pan and the saute pan to now be told it wont work on induction now that we have built our house with new stove top. Have emailed the company several times over months with no response. Haven't received a peep. Have written on the Facebook page but still no response. Very disgusting for such a big company who offers a 10 year warranty.

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Do not buy anything from chef's toolbox! They have gone bust and were still taking orders and money from people with no intention of delivering. I was stung for $200 + and I certainly wasn't the only one! I had been a customer of theirs for years. There are better products out on the market anywayok thx

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