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The UK Pub Co.

The UK Pub Co.

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Couldn’t recommend UK pub co enough

Its so easy and hassle free. All you’ve gotta do is send them your resume and they’ll find a job and accommodation for you. Best of all they make sure you’re happy with your placement. Amazing!

great experience

I went through UK Pub Co in 2018 for a job placement, they were super helpful regarding visas, living situations, bank accounts, anything you can think of they can point you in the right direction. Although the pub I was put in didn't suit my needs, they were really helpful in sorting out other alternatives and I'll be using them again when I return to the UK in 2020!

This is your que to move!!!!

From it being an idea in my mind to actually stepping off the plane, the ukpubco made the decision to move to the uk a no brainer, all you have to do is say yes. They try their absolute hardest to place you near or where you want to be which again makes moving over here so much easier. The team is helpful and approachable so if you have any qualms or queries it really does help being able to talk to one of the team and get things sorted ASAP. Another good thing about the ukpubco is that you can use them again and again which is brilliant so you don’t come unstuck once you’ve done a bit of travelling! The ukpubco have helped me out a lot since being over here and if anyone needs that final push to get them to get amongst it, this is it! Drop your things and get yourself to the uk and let the ukpubco do their thing!!!

A Great Experience!

I had a great experience with the UK pub Co. When I arrived in London I decided to sign up and within 6 days I have been placed at an amazing pub in Central London. Gregory was an amazing help and he was very efficient when corresponding with me, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to find a job so fast without his help! I recommend the UK pub co to anyone who needs assistance finding a job, I can’t fault them. Thanks UK pub Co!!

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Hi Shae, Thanks for such a wonderful review - we really do appreciate the kind words. Hope you're enjoying the sunny skies of London! UK Pub Co!

dont bother

Arranged for my job to be in London or as close as possible, not long from when i was meant to start i was provided with my placement 3-4 hrs out with no transport and basically in the middle of nowhere with nowhere to get out. declined as i was allowed to, second option came in further out and i rejected, then i received an email asking why im rejecting these amazing places, advised because its basically in the the middle of nowhere. i heard of all these amazing places when i signed up but got offered crap. Then it seemed to go nowhere i got no more offers and decided to find my own work inside London (which was easy) and cancelled my placements, DONT waste your money on this as its easier and much cheaper to do all this on our own or to find information join a facebook community which there are plenty of.

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Thanks for the feedback Nick. Really appreciate the honest feedback on the UK Pub Co here. We've recently taken over the UK Pub Co and the notes in your review have been duly noted for the benefit of future participants; including reviewing all our placements and our cost structure. As you can imagine, it's very early days in our tenure but equally some exciting times to come. Thanks again, Nick (MD)

Quick placement

I used UK Pub Co twice during my time in England. Both times I was able to step straight into a job on short notice with great hours and cheap accommodation. Scott was also able to help with applying for a bank account and National Insurance. Great service if you don't have the time to plan everything yourself.

Placement Problem Resolution

I opted for UK Pub Co for my 18 year old daughter's gap year experience because I thought it would guarantee a placement in a pub with a proven decent work environment. Instead she got a bullying and abusive manager. UK Pub Co however have supported her in finding another placement, which has demonstrated that they do look after the client

Worth it

We have had a great experience with the London Pub Company, we managed to score a job on a golf course before we left Australia. It was an amazing feeling to have a job and accomodation organised before we left the UK, we were able to spend time in London and move into our accommodation days before we started. Everything on the job offer was accurate and we were lucky enough to work in the most beautiful area and experience the english country life.
We had our own flat to ourselves, which we have heard is very lucky compared with some accommodation provided.
It is a lot of money to spend initially, probably a lot more expensive than it should be, however it IS worth it, it gets you in and started work straight away, it saves you from being stuck in a hostel or renting a place for weeks looking for jobs at the start of your time in the UK. It has allowed us to travel to so many countries and experience so much.

At the end of the day it's what you make of your time and the job placement you get. If you don't get what you love to start with, push through it, irt's only the start. You've always got someone at the end of an email or phone call to help if needed.

I would reccomend the London pub company, mainly for the fact that it gives you peace of mind having a job and somewhere to live very cheaply, without wasting time looking for jobs etc.

Great for Experiencing England

If you're looking to be a tourist, I wouldn't recommend it. It you're looking to experience England more as a local I'd say go for it.

Contacted UK Pubs as I had no background in serving and had they said experience wasn't an issue. I met with a representative in person who explained the process and what the organization had to offer. I was told up front that a placement in London was unlikely as it's expensive to live, thus it's difficult to find low rent and recoup the money from traveling. Options were given for how rural you are willing to work and again it's made quite clear that the more open you are the easier it is to be placed.

I promptly received a job offer, which is provided to you with an outline of the closest train, grocery, the expected hours, wage, and cost of accommodations as well as any added amenities like wifi and kitchen. After the location is agreed to, contact is arraigned via phone, email, or Skype with the manager of the pub and you get a brief interview.

I got the amazing experience of working in Hawkshead, Cumbria a small village in the heart of the Lake District. I made amazing friends with the locals and was able to save money for my travels in the 4 months I stayed and worked there. There were a few issues with the pub not meeting what was outlined but I let it slide as the experience was beautiful. I did not inform UK Pubs until after my time was done so cannot comment on how they would have responded.

I would say it feels expensive when you don't get what you agreed to...but if I had looked for a job on my own I never would have found Hawkshead.

Do Not Give Your Money To These Scam Artists London Pub Co / Uk Pub Co

I traveled to the UK April 2010 as a 21yo who had never traveled before.

When booking my flights through STA travel, they introduced me to The London Pub Company (now The UK Pub Co.), with bit of a spiel about how hard it is to find work in the UK and these guys give you peace of mind.

The deal is that YOU pay a placement fee, at the time it was $600, and they will find you a live-in job in a London pub before you even arrive. They pretty much guarantee it, the line I received was 'we've never failed to place someone'. Sounds like a good deal ey? No worrying about finding work or housing? Well it's a complete rip off.

Even though you're told you don't need experience, the first phone call I received after signing up was TLPC saying 'as you don't have any experience, you may be a little outside of London, as the central pubs want experienced staff.' I'd never been to London, so a little outside of it didn't mean much to me.

BAM! Ended up in Wargrave, middle-of-nowhere UK, 30 mins outside of READING. There wasn't even a supermarket in the town.

The whole point of moving to London was to get out, see and do things. Not possible in Wargrave, doing the hours the pub forced you to do. You are basically treated like a slave. On arrival I got a speech from the manager that as she was 'putting us up' (sorry, thought that was agreed to be part of the deal!?), we needed to work minimum 60 hours a week, split shifts (11am to 3pm, then 6pm to 12/1am) for minimum wage of $5.75 an hour plus $30 a month deducted for housekeeping expenses (what housekeeping!?).

If you want to work like a slave, stay in Australia where at least you can get up to $20 an hour to do so.

The London/UK Pub Co trick you with lines such as 'no dorms, free/cheap meals from the pub' but this is all up to the pub owners discretion, and according to everyone I've heard from it's rarely true. When I arrived I was sharing a filthy room with three others and a filthy bathroom with 15 people and we had to buy really poor quality food from the pub's staff menu, only available between 3-5pm.

My friend who signed up to the same deal ended up in a sister pub, which was equally as filthy, and they had a 1 hour walk between the accommodation and pub to get to work. She said upon arriving 'I don't want to live like this'. I didn't even have bed sheets when I arrived.

I was yelled at because I couldn't carry three burning hot heavy mains plates at a time. When I said I physically couldn't do it, I was told 'learn.' No training offered.

Then, as it was coming into summer, they tried this 'standby shift' crap. On the rare occasion that you weren't working, you had to be prepared for them to call you for a shift 10 minutes before you need to start incase they're busy that day. So no making other plans in your little time off, because you are expected to be ready to work at any moment. I didn't wait around for a 'standby' shift one day and they fired me. I didn't really care because I'd pretty much given up on the crappy deal at this point and it was the only way out of the place - if you leave before 3 months you forfeit your placement fee. When I was fired I contacted London Pub Co telling them about the terrible conditions and my dismissal, and I was told they'd be contacting the pub then contact me again to let me know if they were going to place me elsewhere. Never heard from them again.

I had gotten on with my life and chalked this down to experience but it's now coming out that this company are still up to their tricks, charging young Aussies and Kiwis for horrible placements in the middle of nowhere, with terrible conditions and pay. Btw, in the real recruitment world, the employer should be paying for YOU, not you paying for THEM.

Just don't go with these guys. You can find your own work when you arrive, don't give these people a cent of your hard earned travel savings. I want this company to close down, I'm astounded that STA associate with them, but then they're also scam artists who only pay their staff commissions, so no wonder.

I have also noticed a distinct lack of reviews of any sort on the net about them, so I suspect they throw a lot of money at pushing down the bad reviews - one review I did on TrustPilot had the title changed to 'LondonPub' - effectively burying it should anyone search 'The London Pub Company'. Complete low life scam artists.

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Hi Louise, We've only recently taken over the UK Pub Co in the past week or so, but I feel its important to at least reach out and acknowledge this review (tbh I am astounded why it wasn't attended to earlier)! Anyway, I know it means very little now, but I wanted to assure you that under our control, there is going to be a huge focus on the placement partners who engage our services and the offerings they provide our participants with. Naturally then, this page will be full of positive reviews :-) You will also be pleased to know that our team are all full-time, paid staff -- there is no sales commission (full-stop) within the business! Again, apologies on behalf of the former regime that this wasn't acknowledged - I look forward to improving the UK Pub Co experience for others moving forward. Nick - (the new) MD.

Be very careful

London Pub Company and other similar agencies will place you in a live-in pub job in England on arrival. At a cost of $800, you expect excellent service and the chance to recoup your outlay (remembering that wages are about $10 - $12 per hour in a pub).

If something goes wrong (eg the pub management is poor, the pub is filthy - or anything happens which requires you to abandon the job) do not expect to be placed easily second time round. You will be placed if you are a bubbly and good worker. But if there is anything about you which a pub manager is likely to dislike, or if the pub has expressed doubts about you, then the chances of you being given a second chance are low, as the pub company needs to maintain their reputation, and it involves extra work to find you something.

If you are an attractive proposition for a pub, you don't need these agencies. If you are not such a "catch", then expect to possibly lose your money. They are supposed to screen you first by phone, but they are more interested in taking your money even if you sound dubious.

If you end up feeling you have been given a raw deal, then contact your State's Consumer Affairs agency, or the Victorian one. Don't give up.

They will give you the name of Elements Catering company for ad hoc work (not live-in) if you miss out on your first offering. Really, do NOT expect them to put effort into a second go for you. Your name might be given to a few pubs, but no guarantee you'll be chosen. This is a bad news proposition. If you complain a lot, they might give you back $200. Go the the State consumer affairs whatever, AND DON'T GIVE UP.Hi "Unhappy", In the past week or two, we've taken-over the UK Pub Co and have today read these reviews (the good, bad and ugly) with great interest. Firstly, and like the other 'less-than-positive' reviews, I apologise that this hasn't been responded to until today under the old regime. 4 years on is totally unacceptable. Moving forward, there is a strong emphasis on working with our placement partners in the UK who value the service provide accommodation etc that we would feel comfortable in staying in ourselves. Equally, we have ended relationships with third party providers so we can be accountable for our own programme. Thank you again for raising concerns - they've certainly (now) been heard loud and clear! Nick (the new) MD.

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