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The Meat Society

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Can't order

Long time customer but right now, all "stores" default to the message "Thanks for joining! Our Brisbane store is launching in the coming weeks so please keep an eye on your email to find out when you can start saving up to 70% on Brisbane’s best restaurant quality meat.", so no option to order.
Tried it in incognito and multiple browsers too.

Product Quality

Meat OK, customer service terrible

I’ve placed two reasonably large orders with the Meat Society so far. Plus points: delivered on time. Meat quality: OK but not as good as they advertise.
The issue arose when, in the second order, the wrong cut of meat was delivered. I had ordered a scotch fillet roll worth $109 and a cube roll was delivered instead. I did not realise until later on. The only method of contact was via an email address, with a promised 24hr response time. I sent through order details and photos. When I did not get a response after 3 business days, I sent another email again with photos and details. It has now been over 5 business days and no response.
This is very disappointing, as I have paid a premium price for a premium cut and received what appears to be chuck steak basically, and they have not had the courtesy to respond or acknowledge this issue. Needless to say, I won’t be ordering from them again.

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I did respond to all the emails immediately but the customer was using two email addresses and didn’t check them both. She then sent me an email confirming that she had indeed received my responses and thanked me for continuing to follow up this issue for her.

Beautiful meat, great prices and convenient

We have now placed quite a few orders with The Meat Society and I can say that I will never buy at the supermarket again. The meat is beautiful and I have always received more that what I actually ordered. My only problem has been that the scotch fillet steaks are a bit thinner than what I would like but I now order a whole piece so I can cut it thick myself. I would highly recommend this service to anyone.

Best meat ever

The meat is bailouts, minimal fat and you get what you order and pay for. No comparison to the Supermarkets who we have noticed pack their meat with fat hidden underneath . This is good value stuff.

Half the order missing and still waiting 8 days later

I had great hopes for this as I wanted to start buying meat online for our large family but have been disappointed with my first experience with this company. It might be the truck drivers They use who are messing up but this issue of non delivery and late delivery needs addressing. Wayne is very nice but the non delivery is poor.

Seriously awesome experience!

Friend told me about The Meat Society. Tried it and was amazed. Meat was superb. The insulated box they deliver in to keep the meat cold is...well, really cool. The meat was fully iced and I got a call from the delivery driver when it wa delivered. The fact is, I got home 3 hours later to a box full of meat on my doorstep. Seriously cool service.

Happy husband

I've changed my shopping habits because I like happy food - not caged, tortured food and the meat is so good I know the animal had a stress free life. Happy husband!! Ann Howard

This meat is seriously good

I've ordered 3 times and the quality of the meet has been consistently great. I've only bought the better cuts and the flavour has been outstanding. Really been very impressed. Its arrived on time and Wayne has been very good to deal with.

Great concept...let down by incorrect orders.

Have used them twice and both times they have delivered the wrong items or some items missing. They do respond quite quickly but this type of service needs to be spot on every time.

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Update...refunds and great service from Wayne. Will try them again

Non delivery of product. Emailed, facebook messaged (no phone number) and still no response.

Ordered a large pack due for delivery by 7am today. Please respond to emails and messages as this is not the first time we have experienced delivery issues with you. This is very inconvenient and a risk for anyone planning a nice meal. Not good enough at all!!

Not iced when shipped. Meat of poor quality.

Paid close to $200 for a few wagyu steaks that they said were worth about $350 regular price (~$100/kg). Meat was not delivered iced. Opened a pack and steaks were already spoiled, unedible. And even if theyre weren't spoiled, the quality of the meat is definitely not worth $100/kg. Probably closer to $20/kg.

Just saw them on TV

I've actually been using the meat society for a few months now after bouncing around few different services. I have to admit that I'd seen one or two negative reviews here that made me a little hesitant but my own experience has been nothing but excellent. I've yet to have any issues with delivery or items in my order other than misreading a label but when I dealt with their customer service team they were helpful and quick to get back to me. I haven't even mentioned the meat yet but in a word - phenomenal!! I generally order their mixed free range packs and the meat has been some of the best I have tried. If you are thinking of giving them a try I'd strongly recommend them.

Not so sure

I think I had ordered about 3 times through the meat society. My first order had a delivery problem as the delivery time wasn't flexible for working people. They now have added the weekend delivery which was good for us.

They've sent us something different for my second order, but I didn't want to commit myself for their inflexible delivery time and having the big piece of meat in my fridge as I am quite time poor.

I've order lean beef mince for my third order alongside with many other items, and the minced beef wasn't lean at all. There were chunk of fat in it, a lot more fat than I expected. The quality wasn't even good as the supermarket meat.

I think I've spent nearly 200 bucks for every order, but I don't think I will use them again. I guess it's easier to buy meat from local butcher or supermarket as I can at least see those meat whether they are actually 'lean' or not.

Not very happy customer here.

When hit & miss becomes more miss than hit :(

Shocking experience after switching from another organic butcher late last year.
We've been buying meats online for about three years and love the convenience and high quality generally offered by cutting out the retail store and dealing direct!

We only recently switched to Meat Society based on advertising around superior meat grades and sharper pricing. First few orders went off without a hitch, and quality was okay although did have a failed first order resulting in a 10% discount code which was greatly appreciated. From there it did start to slide however with missing items on two occasions. Unfortunately [name removed] committed the unforgivable retail sin on order number 5 - failing to adequate compensate us after delivering scotch fillet clearly under weight, a pile of frozen mince instead of the fresh item & frozen pork loin instead of fresh.

[name removed] appeared confused but apparently keen to rectify the issue - initially. But the the replacement items were eventually delivered 4 days later, with poor communication and inflexibility. A miserly refund of $11 + 10% discount code was offered for what my wife calculated was at least a $30 discrepancy in weight (ignoring the inconvenience of a failed delivery and just sub par quality).

Sorry [name removed]
Disappointing to say the least particularly as we tried to sort this out on several occasions with you.
Won't be back and felt compelled to share here given that we had been big advocates and sent several friends your way.

Incredible Meat Quality, Although Roasted Chicken was Missing with No Explaination

We had no issues with our scheduled order, it was waiting on our doorstep when we woke up on a Saturday and I have to admit, I was highly impressed with the quality and quantity of meat that was delivered. We opted for the family pack and added in a number of extras to ensure our family of three was fed for a month (total order was $250). Sadly though, the roast chicken I paid $14 never arrived. At first I thought they must have substituted the product, however after looking back through my order it's clear it never arrived. I contacted the team via email but never heard back. While disappointing for our first order from the team, given the quality of the meat for the price, I'm willing to give them a second chance. Hopefully we get it right next time.

Good quality meats but always delivery problems with NO updates!

Scheduled order never arrived, have had to email to chase up progress. Still no reply and no phone number to contact them. I have ordered from them in the past and had this same issue, but was hoping this experience would be different.

Wonderful meat

Best meat i have had in ages ..I did have one problem with one of the bags being broken and it was replaced within a day ..Im on my 5th order now and very happy will keep ordering

Half the order never arrived. Still waiting for a refund.

Half the order never arrived. Still waiting for a refund. I've sent 2 emails following up and still no reply. Plus there is no phone number to call. Not happy.

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After posting this review I was contacted by The Meat Society and have to say that they have redeemed themselves. I received a full refund for the missing goods and an apology for the poor service. The product we received was great, so I would consider placing another order with The Meat Society.

Great product and great service

Selected 4 stars as we all have room to improve however the quality of product is exceptional, the ease of ordering and service makes you want to order more. This allows us to enjoy high quality product at great convenience and at great value for money. The best part of partnering with the meat society is it allows us to consume grass fed product which is important to us.

Amazing service and product

Had a couple of issues trying to order on line from my iPhone and sent an email to customer service. I received a call within 5 mins. And everything was sorted. They accommodated and communicated with the driver on delivery day to deliver to my neighbours and on top of that the meat was delicious and plentiful.
So overall great experience and well done !

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Questions & Answers

Is this meat totally grass fed and not grain finished? I am after totally grass fed meat.
2 answers
Hi, Yes it is. All of our grass-fed products are also free range and hormone and antibiotic free.Thank You!

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