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The Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services

The Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services

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Theft and Poor Cleaning

Harry the business owner stole money from me, was very argumentative, dishonest, & his cleaners missed many items requiring cleaning. They missed items not only that I requested, but also from his own list (a PDF list which on the day had less items than what we originally agreed to and was hard to read by SMS, yet the cleaners could not even complete that list!). Then the carpet clean arranged for the next day was cancelled but he kept the deposit and wouldn`t refund me, thereby committing theft. I state all of this for the benefit of public interest so people dont suffer anything similar: Consumer Affairs at Fair Trading QLD has all the proof.

When I first booked with Sunshine Coast Eco Cleaning I told him my Dad moved out to a nursing home & that his house is old with many marks on surfaces & dirty stuff in the cupboards. I also listed by SMS many items I wanted cleaning, such as the fridge, both sides of windows where safe, etc, and that it is furnished. He replied with a price. I booked his company a few weeks later & repeated to him my requests that he already had on text.
I paid $700 ($695) for a combined Sunday clean & Monday Morning Carpet Clean
The carpet cleaners didn`t turn up for the Monday clean. I got a text shortly beforehand saying they will be "a bit late" and arrive at 3pm. "A bit late" meaning 3.5 hours late. I was annoyed as I especially asked for a morning clean so It would dry in time for unpacking at night. I had all my goods in boxes, and they and furniture both packed up high on tables. When it came to 3.10pm I texted asking where the cleaners were, to which I was told they are postponed again to 3pm the next day. His excuse was that I hadn`t confirmed the first postponement, but he never actually asked for a confirmation of 3pm, he merely stated they will be there at 3pm. So its understandable that I swore at him. I demanded he arrange other carpet cleaners for that day as the law & Consumers Affairs requires, as I my stuff was moved and I could not wait until the next day. He suddenly offered 11am the next day, but. I told him to repay me as I need to book another carpet cleaner for today who is reliable. He has ceased communicating & has not refunded me. I warned him that I would take his theft to police, Consumer Affairs, Google, & various other public institutions who might cause his business worse long-term reputation damage than the money he saved from deceiving me. This doesn't seem to bother him.

As for the house clean, he kept arguing with me by text how dirty the house was, about what should not be cleaned, and about my furniture. His cleaners ended up not cleaning many things and of the things they did clean they missed many areas. When booking the clean on the day I reminded him that the house is old, furnished, & that the main issue is all the marks on the walls and doors and the muck is in the cupboards, to which he replied "everything in the house will be cleaned". But his one miserly acceptance of the extra items we initially agreed to was to clean the outside of the downstairs doors instead of just the inside. I asked him since then to send his workers back to clean the missed areas, but he hasn`t replied. It seems he doesn`t want to take responsibility.

So here are some things they missed:
Skirting boards; Desk drawer sides & behind, The laundrey cupboard,; Piping and Base of toilet, Entire clothes cupboard area in back bedroom, Various spaces in cupboards with roach poo & eggs not all wiped,; Kitchen door handles; Low ceilings, Brick window rests, Various patches on walls not attempted; Balustrades along stair case all dusty; Gumption powder left over surfaces and not wiped off. + Fridge etc

I wish I had read these bad reviews beforehand which have some similar stories. Also, many 5 stars reviews here are from people are fellow Indian, and 1 time reviewers, so you can make up your mind about that. 1 star review from me for the cleaners being friendly & working hard on what they actually did clean, rather than 0 stars. He will likely argue with this just like he has with the other bad reviews, but my words are verifiable by text, email & photo.

End Of Lease Cleaning

I have been using them to clean my bond cleaning and carpet cleaning for the last few years. They always do the good bond cleaning. I have not got any problems from our real estates in my third end of lease cleaning. I highly recommend your services for a bond and carpet cleaning in Sunshine Coast.

Best Carpet Cleaning

This review is a little bit delayed but I'd like to thank your service guy as he did an outstanding job with my carpet stains and sofas! He was also on time so I'll definitely recommend you.

Best Bond & Carpet Cleaning

Good cleaning company, the cleaners were on time. The property manager did make a small re-cleaning checklist for which the cleaners came back the next day and fixed everything in an hour or so. Highly recommend for the Bond & Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning & End of Lease Cleaning

We got our full bond money back. Our Real estate agent was so happy in the cleaning. We highly recommend the this business for the end of lease cleaning...

End of Lease Cleaning- Bond Cleaning

I want to thank the Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services for the hard and effective work. My landlord was very satisfied with the cleaning standard. They were on time. Our bathroom is shining and it almost feels like you are in a hotel spa centre. Affordable service, I saved time and efforts. Thank you for the great service and keep up the good work. Highly recommended for bond back cleaning.

Very nice cleaners - Deep Clean!!!

Happy with the service they have been providing for my own house and office. Their cleaners are very punctual and leave no mark for complaints.

Perfect & On Time Cleaners

Thanks for coming to our house on short notice. Very impressed with your cleaning services and our carpet now looks like brand new. Will highly recommend to my family friends.

Best Cleaners of Sunshine Coast

Peter did a great job on 2 bathrooms. This is the second time he has had to come to clear mould from the walls. Peter is very thorough and very obliging - I had to change dates and times several times and he was just so good about it. Highly recommend this Services. Excellent job.

Great end of lease cleaning

Cleaning is a crap job, which is why tenants pay companies like this to do it for them. We hired Sunshine eco cleaning services to do our end of lease clean, carpet clean and pest control. They were recommended by our real estate. They did a complete great job. They were punctual and polite.

Best Services in Sunshine Coast

Thank you for coming to our house at short notice yesterday. The clean was absolutely fantastic.
I was very impressed by the professionalism (and work ethic) of your staff. They have done a fabulous job. Please pass on my thanks once again.

I will be sure to recommend you in future.
Thanks again.

November 28th 2017 Update: Bond Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning in Sunshine Coast

Overall very satisfactory service. Some issues at the start but very approachable and more than willing to listen to positive feedback. Most importantly always finding ways to improve their service. Constantly flexible in service times and days which is very appreciated. Would definitely recommend them as a cleaner.

November 30th 2017 Update: Best Oven Cleaning

Harry was very professional and friendly. He went about his work quickly and quietly and cleaned up before leaving. Our restaurant oven looks amazing.

Horrible to deal with.

Tried to book this company in for a bond clean not long ago. I had to contact them numerous of times just to confirm the booking and time they needed the house unlocked. Very bad communication barrier. Ended up canceling the booking as wasn't risking it.

Unprofessional & Unreliable

The cleaners we got were on a work visa or similar, and did not understand plain English. Patchy clean, many parts of the house missed. They tried cleaning only one side of the balcony windows to save time. Very slow, clearly inexperienced. A waste of time using this company, never again

Very Unprofessional & Poor Work

Poor English comprehension of cleaners and owner, slow and inexperienced cleaners provided, bins left full of rubbish, areas missed, overall very incomplete and sloppy job. Couldn't have been more disappointed.

Unprofessional cleaners who don't deliver quality work

Not professional, would never recommend! Get your quote in writing, they conveniently forget the price quoted then try charge you more! Lots of areas where not cleaned, very simple things like finger prints not wiped off doors, cupboards not wiped down, etc. Bond clean done Thursday, contacted them Monday after agent inspection & asked the cleaners to return to rectify the areas missed & they said it would cost more as it was after 3 days of job being done. Two of those days was the weekend! Refused to come back!

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