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Poor Customer Service!!!

Poor Customer Service!!!

I went to the Palm Beach shop today and the manager was very rude.
I wanted to swap a set of fins that I bought (full price $25) a few weeks ago and he said the package wasn’t looking perfect so he couldn’t sell it full price to anyone else. He said he would have to give a discount for the next customer. I showed him a few fins that were there to sell with a damaged package as well and he replied saying “Come on man, give me a break and just leave”.
I didn’t want my money back or any other different product with a different price. All I wanted was to change the fins for a smaller size one.
The money that he potentially would lose on the fins, he would definitely get it back on waxes that I’m aways buying there or even friends that I send there for different purchases.

Unfortunately, Surfboard Warehouse just lost a customer because of $5 or $10 bucks. I will also never recommend this shop to anyone anymore, I’ll do the opposite and tell everyone how I was treated and how poor the customer service is at the Palm Beach shop.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Best customer service

My son recently purchased a board then realised it would not fit on small plane . Kevin at Surfboard Wharehouse went above and beyond to organise refund.Great range of boards and good price

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Vessel Eco Bean 2 (2019)

Hi all,

I have had the Eco Bean 2 board for around 3 months now and have used
it enough to hopefully write a usefule review. I bought the 5'8"
model and am 5'7" myself.

Customer service was great on the phone when trying to sort out my
order, very friedndlt and accomodating.
The surfboard arrived in just over 2 weeks from time of order
to WA. The packaging was great and well padded internally,
order was complete with no wrong items. The finish of the surfboard
was very good, just a few minor dirt marks/surface hairline scratches
on and bottom and deck probably due to storage. Small section in
between the fcs rear fin slots was not sanded to final finish as was
a little rougher than rest of bottom. All fin slots are straight and
symetrical, no slightly off angle middle fin! And all fins sit correct
and angled symetrically when fitted.

The surfboard is a little heavier than what you expect from a 5'8"
length but feels very strong and sturdy, as expected from the double
layer of cloth deck and bottom. Have used it with quad fins in 1
to 3ft waves and the board feels very stable and quite fast. Take off
doenst feel great in pitchier/dumpy waves though, probably due to low
rocker and my not so good surfing skills :)

Overall a very good quality board at a very reasonable price.
Good delivery time and packaging.

9.2 Malibu

My board is great, rides well and arrived via their paired freight service. Nathan was great on the phone, with my order before buying online and I’ll definitely get boards from the company again. Thanks Nathan!

Product Quality
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6’2 eco bean

First impressions were great shape but bloody heavy! Rode it in tiny knee high closeouts, no board goes in waves like that. Paddles ok was the only positive. Second surf, shoulder high steep good shape waves, had the standard plastic fins in as a quad, didn’t like it at all but it wasn’t designed for that type of wave with bad fins in it. It is too heavy, and I am 100kg, to surf with flex fins, I found myself overpowering it and forcing turns.
Next time I surfed the same break, smaller and with the Neptune quads in it from TSBW. Much better feel to the board and I learned to flow with the board better, ride it more like a longboard. Turned around my opinion completely. It’s a high volume short cruiser, fast and smooth, pump, floater cutback is its mo.
It is super strong, not a mark on the deck, will last a very long time. Looking forward to surfing it in waves it was designed for, flatter faced waves with some shape. It’s a keeper combined with the 7ft Tajen for bigger waves and my 6’8 helium spitfire as my good wave board.

Fantastic service and great prices

Super happy i ordered my daughter a 7ft Mini Mal on Xmas day for her bday (Excellent prices if you wait for Boxing Day sales) Her Bday was on Sunday 6/01/19 and given all the public holidays over Christmas and New Years and a mix up with my address, the board arrived just in time on the Friday the 5th before her Birthday!!!!!
I couldnt believe it! SW went above and beyond to get my order to me just in time! I am very thankful to SW team! I would highly recommend their online and delivery services.

Arrived with plenty of time before christmas

I am over the moon with the service I have received from SW, I ordered a board on thursday 12/12/18 and it has arrived first thing this morning on a Monday! I was worried I wouldn't receive my parcel before Christmas due to the chrissie rush and all but they had it delivered in record time. The board was well packaged with plenty of padding, bubble wrap and cardboard to make sure it arrived safe and sound and the board looks better than the pictures. You have made me one happy customer

So much fun

Got a bombora softboard in a 5'7 for under $200 and its basically the same shape as others selling for $500. The board is so much fun its super corky and paddles like a longboard but the little nugget shape allows for snappy little turns and changes the way you will surf mushy surf. It came with a set of fcs thruster fins which was a huge plus and allowed me to install my set of glass fins in. I would highly recomend this board without a doubt.

Really happy with my new board

My friend and I have always wanted to get stand up paddle boards to use down Tallebudgerra creek on the weekends and had hired a few from the local hire section. We went in to shop together hoping to get a deal on two but SW were unable to give us a discount which was rather dissapointing given we were purchasing two high priced items. However we still went with it as we wanted to get them intime for summer. I chose a waterborne oceanic and my friend got a waterborne evoke both in the teal colours. We have since used these boards a bunch of times and swapped out and they are remarkably light, agile and easy to paddle. I couldn't recommend these two products highly enough, the quality and finish is great.

Good value

Surfboard warehouse offer really good value, I have purchased three boards from them now the last being an eco and they have all been terrific boards. The eco was on sale and I had been eyeing it off for a while now and the reviews are right this board makes one foot surf fun.

Prompt delivery and packaged well

My board arrived in great shape and was very well packaged. It took 3 days to get from the Gold Coast to South Australia so I was very impressed. The care taken on packing my items was remarkable and Surfboard Warehouse have taken their packaging to the next level, not only was it foam wrapped and tightly packed in a large box, it even came with a kind note and thank you letter for shopping with them. Great service on both fronts.

What a steal

I dropped by the Miami shop on Saturday to have a sticky beak after getting an email about some deals in store and found they had a clearance rack with a few customs and prototype boards. I ended up grabbing a little clear skin 5'10 nugget of a thing and christ almighty does this thing go well. It 21" wide so a lot wider than my standard 19 1/4 shortie and has a fatter wider squash tail but throw her on rail and she powers through turns and is extremely responsive given the oversized tail. I am in love with it and a terrific find. Thnx guys

Dark horse review

I purchased a dark horse by vessel shapes about a month ago as a spare board for a Indo trip as it was pretty cheap at the time and the shape looked good. I got the 5'10 which was a tad wider and slightly heavier than my JS but with a similar squash tail and just a few extra liters. As luck had it I ended up tearing a fin out on my JS on the reef day 3 and so I ended up using the dark horse for the rest of the trip. The board definitely delivered and I was able to surf my pants off for the rest of the two week trip without a single hassle. Overall the board goes relly well and held up to solid swell and for the price I will definitely be back to grab another

I love this board!

The shapers at SW have nailed it with the new Ecobean2 shape! I seriously am in love with this board and have been using it for like a month straight now and surfing it in anything from 1 foot crappy much to 3 or 4 foot clean slabs and the board goes seriously good! I've got the 5'6 and I weigh about 80ish kgs and the board paddles like a longboard but performs like a shorty. Duck diving is takes a little to master because of the extra float but the board seriously handles everything and makes those small and crap days a hole lot of fun. Who wants to be just cruising on a longboard when you can be throwing one of these about on the smaller days? Crazy!

4 out of 5 stars

I'll start with the good stuff first. The board is incredibly good value and well made with a beautiful print and finish. It was packaged extremely well and better packed than anything I have received before so you guys do a great job there without a doubt.I bought a Oceanic and it is stable and paddles well just like the lady on the phone explained and she was very helpful too. My only grief is that the delivery went to the local depot and not my house, now normally this would not be such an issue but as I am in Sydney this 20km drive took over an hour in traffic to pick the board up and was extremely frustrating. A re delivery option if you are not home is needed and this is why I have give 4 out of 5 stars

As the name says it is a fountain of youth

I have been riding my fountain of youth for the past 2 or so months and it is a brilliant board. As the name says the fountain of youth truly is a fountain of youth. My paddle speed has increased, wave count has increased and the board is a tad larger than what I normally ride but still turns with ease. The board makes me feel like a spring chicken and im by no means the fittest bloke these days. Top stuff and a terrific option for those like me who have put on a few kegs over the years.

Repeat Customer

Just purchased my second Ecobean after my first finally kicked the bucket after a solid 5 or 6 years of surfing. The eco is a great little board and has been my favourite for a long time, the new shape is a little more smooth through the turns and a really practical shape. Its got a bit more tech in it then my last one which was rather basic, this one has heaps of carbon and deck strength so I am sure it will outlast my previous one and give me some solid fun for the next few years. Thanks for making an awesome product that lasts and costs next to nothing, I don't know how you do it!

Cymatic - next level surfing!

Here’s what I’ve learned about the Cymatic 5’5” having owned one for three weeks now.

Board volume is 28.4 litres, which is what works for me (70kgs or 154pds, and 175cm or 5’9”) although I do feel it would be very easy to surf this even shorter. I’ve surfed with FCS 2 medium fins in quad and thruster setups. As expected the quad setup makes the board go super quick.

I’ve surfed mostly in the 1 to 3 foot range, but took the board down south to the Margaret River region and surfed North Point and Guillotines in the 3 to 6ft range. The Cymatic absolutely came alive in these bigger conditions.

I’ve heard people say that the Cymatic looks twitchy. It isn’t. Twitchy gives the impression that the board will be unpredictable through turns or some other weird thing. What it is though is super responsive, which for me means that it goes wherever you look at on the wave. It loves vertical surfing more than any other board I’ve surfed. It carries the speed off the bottom turn and drives up into the lip with effortless speed.

I’m not sure whether it’s the short size, the speed, the responsiveness or the combination of these, but what I’ve noticed the most is how much more time you seem to have on the wave. It turns quicker and tighter going into and through turns and when it comes out of the turn you have more than enough time to set up your next move. Even escaping closeouts feels easy – plenty of time to either pull through the back or prone out onto the flats.

I was hoping for board that paddles as well as my old Mayhem Lost 5’10” mini-driver, and wasn’t disappointed. My Mayhem was pretty much the same volume at 28.5 litres and yet the Cymatic sits me out of the water another inch or so. Presumably it has more bouyant construction materials and the Mayhem has the weight of a few repairs added too. But the Cymatic paddled into the waves well. I can generate enough still water speed to mow down the small waves I was surfing if I was out the back a little too far. When the waves starts to push it lifts and glides nicely. On standing up I didn’t feel at any time that I was being forced to get up too late because it wasn’t letting me in. On the one or two waves that have been late takeoffs due to being too far in, the short size of the board lets you easily keep the nose up on the way down, land the board at the bottom and then drive your way out to the face.

The Cymatic get onto the rail easily and carves on the rail like a much bigger board. The Cymatic was what I was looking for in terms of a really short board that didn’t find all the volume by going wider. So many sub 5’6” boards are 20”+ which means they feel skatey and are hard to get on rail. Not the Cymatic. The rail profile seems just right, not so hard that you’re catching edges and yet low enough so that you can feel the wave bite through the turns and maintain the speed.

This is not a board for beginners and is for intermediate surfers who want to take their surfing to the advanced level. The big features are super responsiveness, ability to surf vertically, to carve and to go like a bat out of hell. It is taking my surf to the next level and its the best board I’ve owned.

In short, I’m completely stoked that I’ve bought this board. It feels like its giving me the ability to surf better than ever.

This board is crazy good!

This is the first review I have ever written in my entire life as I have never felt the need to do so. You know how it is, you get an email from a company asking for a review but the item is never worthy of a write up. I am 35 and been surfing for close to 30 years and tried out every brand under the sun and have a bunch of customs also so I know a fair bit about surfboards. I got this Eco Bean in a 5'2 I am 72kgs and 5'9 and it is a bloody good board, built solid and flipping amazing in the small mushy stuff. I've been surfing it daily regardless of the conditions as the board handles everything from 1ft grovellers to 3-4 foot swell and after receiving the email thought it worthy of adding my two cents. The board has an epoxy core so its corky as, making wave entry a synch and I can keep up with the old mal riders on a board half there size. It takes on ankle height waves to steep drops easily and is the most versatile board I have ever ridden. It's lively and loose but I still have full control going through the motions. And the quality is awesome, on day two a beginner snaked me collided into my board and apart from a tiny paint chip it hasn't even impacted on the fiberglass, the boards super solid. I'd rate it without a doubt a solid 9 out of 10.

very helpful

Fantastic staff who were really warming and helpful. I purchased my first standup paddle board from Noosa and they helped select the right size and style for me. they also went the extra mile and gave me plenty of tips on how to paddle, how to install all the items like my fins and rail tape and told me where I should start out. Fanastic.

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I want to know if the Force mini mal surf boards are any good.
No answers

I'm looking for a short soft board. I've snapped 5 foam boards in the last year and I want a board that is durable and won't snap if I charge closeout shore breaks. What foam board do you recommend, please?
1 answer
Hey Gwynne, Surfing close outs is always going to be a little problematic especially with foam boards that aren't reinforced with any fiberglass. We currently have a few prototype boards we are working on that are fiberglass shortboards and funboards where they are then wrapped in an EVA foam skin to offer a more durable product than a standard softboard but still maintaining the safety aspect. At present I do not have a definitive date for release but if you are willing to hold out a few months you can sign up to our newsletter and they will send out a "new release" email for new models, so you will know as soon as they have dropped.

Hi, we’re two backpackers looking for some surfboards for beginners. I’m 164cm tall and about 50kg’s, Nathan is 183cm tall and about 75kg’s. We’re staying in Port Lincoln. What boards should we get and how much will it cost us to ship them to Port Lincoln? Thank you guys for your help, cheers, Sarah and Nathan
1 answer
Hi Sarah and Nathan, I would look at starting on a Mini Mal, as the board will be nice and wide and super stable, long enough to make paddling easy and can be used in a variety of surf conditions. A Mini Mal is a very versatile shape, super forgiving and will help you both progress quickly. I would suggest a 7ft or 7'2 for Sarah and a 7'6 for Nathan based on your weight and heights. If you are looking to travel around Australia and will be transporting your board a lot, I would suggest purchasing a Polyurethane (PU) board, as they are less susceptible to damage whilst travelling (heat, easier to repair on the go etc etc). The AQSS Devocean is an awesome beginner model in PU, it has a 2+1 fin setup which will allow you to modify the fin configuration to accommodate for your style and skill level, I don't think you can really go wrong with this board model. If you have any other questions, feel free to send us a message on this platform, facebook, email, webchat or give us a call and we can give you more in-depth advice over the phone.

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