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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Deodorant / Anti-Perspirant

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Deodorant / Anti-Perspirant

Anti-Perspirant and Tea Tree Deodorant
3.0 from 27 reviews

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Burning underarms instantly

I bought this product a few weeks ago and decided to give it ago finally, instantly felt heat / burning under my armpits. Skin went red, I washed it off and applied my normal deodorant (no pong) and the burning sensation went away. Threw it straight in the bin. No thanks never again.

Purchased in May 2019 at Woolworths for $7.99.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation Yes

Itchy rash :(

Really liked it in the beginning, didn't mind the smell, used it daily. Then about a month after using it, both armpits developed itchy rashes. Had to stop using it immediately :(

Purchased in April 2019.

Causes Irritation Yes


Tea tree is never a charming smell but I was willing to smell like antibacterial soap if it worked as previous aluminium free roll on deodorants didn’t work that well. I don’t sweat much so I was thrilled that it worked great for me. But in less than a week I got a terrible pimply, itchy rash under both arms. There’s just too many nasties in the ingredients list for my liking.

Purchased in April 2019.

Causes Irritation Yes

Great affordable product

Love this product; excellent value for money compared to similar aluminium free options!
Would highly recommend & not sure why others here don't like it. Much better than the more expensive brands & i can get it at the supermarket with all the groceries

Makes me feel sick instantly.

I am sensitive to toxic substances. This stuff caused me instant nausea and rapid breathing. Would never have bought this toxic concoction if the ingredient print was large enough to read without needing my glasses and strong light. I love tea tree oil. This product is very deceiving.

Nice, If You Don't Mind Smelling Like Antiseptic

I stopped using aluminium-based roll ons many years ago and purchased this one last year instead of my usual brand. It goes on well and seems to stay put, but the smell for me is unpleasant. I think it would be okay if you worked outdoors and perhaps better for a male (no offence girls) because it is not a sexy or even feminine smell. I like musk and vanilla and wood fragrances and often wear men's aftershave, so I'm not sure I'm explaining myself well, but let me put it to you straight - you won't win any hearts wearing it (unless you like koalas). I also didn't notice it stopping me from perspiring either, despite being called "anti-perspirant".

Gave me a rash and smelly armpits

Tried it out for a couple months so gave it a red hot go. Doesn't last all day. Even reapplying halfway through the day I still end up with smelly, sweaty arm pits. Plus it gave me a rash under my armpits! Not fun and painful.

Great except for the rash.

I love that this product is better for me than the mainstream chemical based products, but unfortunately it doesn't last all day and has given me a rash under both arms. Such a shame. Will have to look for another product.

I love how clean & fresh it makes the boys smell

I won't beat around the bush, the boys in my house can work up a major stink without trying. They're all very active, my husband boxes and works up a sweat daily. I love my house to smell clean & having the guys use this makes that possible. A girlfriend recommended this and the fresh clean scent just lasts all day, even the bathrooms smell good now. I sometimes use it as well and yes there is a tingly sensation that I had to get use to but now that I am I find it a very refreshing fragrance and it feels good, it's great to wear in hotter months due to the fresh cool sensation and clean crisp scent.

It's been hard to find a good soap to match (I find a strong soap makes this smell a bit weird at times) but recently I've been matching it with lush soap 'parsley porridge' & 'outback mate' and the scent of those soaps don't clash at all with this.

love love love this product.

Love it!!!

This is the first time I have found a natural deodorant that worked for me. I have no body odor and it really works. Now I am having trouble getting more.

High hopes dashed

I was really hoping I'd have the same experience as many others who have reviewed this product, I am sadly and painfully disappointed.
After only 2-3 days of use I've had to stop using it as I now have a extremely sore, red raw stripe in each armpit.
The fragrance is strong but I was willing to get used to it... My current discomfort has put paid to that!

Wow. Great product!

I've been using a Nivea men spray deoderant for years now that started to give me an armpit rash a few months ago. Finally decided to try a new product last week. I work in a bakery, usually doing a full shift in front of a 260 degree oven. The Nivea spray would only last about 4 hours (even though it's suppose to be 48 hr protection). Whereas this Tea Tree deoderant lasts all day! Even my partner has noticed that I no longer have Bo after work. Plus the rash has now almost disappeared!

Best out of many I have tried

Over 10 years of use. This product does the job without any nasty chemicals. I have heard aluminum compounds in brand names can contribute to alzheimer's.
Yes the protection does not last as long but better than the risks.
The trick to getting the most out of any deodorant is to scrub your arm pits with soap using a brush or hand pad.

An Athlete's Dream Deodorant

My 14 yr old daughter has struggled to find a deodorant that keeps her feeling fresh especially when racing but we're pleased to have discovered this product. Not only is it aluminium free but it's also quick drying and has a fantastic smell which absorbs all odour. She loves it and asked me to post this!

OK. But reeked.

I normally use an organic aluminum-free herbal deodorant that I buy from the health food store.

But the store was closed on a Sunday, and I needed some urgently for the week, so I brought this brand from Coles instead.

I found the smell too overpowering personally. And it really only worked for half the day in summer and then I would get a bit whiffy. Fine for all day in winter.

I quite liked it as an emergency backup. But after several weeks of use, it gave my housemate a rash. We have discontinued using it.

best deodorant I have ever used

This deodorant surprised me, it is fantastic. I have very sensitive skin and unfortunately struggle to find a deodorant that keeps my BO away. This one does, even after exercise. I was worried it would smell awful but it is very pleasant. I have tried dozens of deodorants over the years without much success, I cant believe I found one that works, and it isn't expensive.

terrible, threw it out

I agree with another reviewer in that it stayed moist under my arms and never dried and stunk almost immediately but by the end of the day I had terrible BO. I have thrown it out after a week of trying. I was going out one evening, had a shower, put on this deodorant and stunk so much I had to have another shower and the clean top I had put on had to be washed because the smell did not air. What a waste of money.

Not bad

I live in FNQ and have been using another brand which was not up to the job but this one seems a lot better and except for super sweaty times it lasts all day - I do carry one with me just in case but overall this is the best one I have found so far -and it smells nice too

Love this product!

Its easy to roll on... Smells good... Works really well and is safe to use. Highly recommended. Like any personal product.... Some work better than others on different people. LOVE IT!

Traumatised my skin!

I really wanted this deodorant to work as I'm trying to find an aluminum free deodorant that actually works. As soon as I put it on, parts of my armpit started to sting and burn! This sensation was extremely uncomfortable. I could understand if this was to happen if I had just shaved, but I hadn't. It was so unbearable and painful that I had to wash it off. My armpits had gone a dark purple colour and were tender and sore for a week. I nearly went to my doctor about it, but it then started to gradually heal. Suffice to say, this deodorant is definitely not for me :-(

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Questions & Answers

Is this product safe to use during pregnancy?
1 answer
Hi! I'm not sure about pregnancy. I don't have any kids but I'm still using the product and it's the most natural I've found. My advice would be to ring Thursday Plantation and ask them.

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