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Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program

Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program

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Disappointed in new disgusting taste

Being a regular tony Ferguson on and off, I was very disappointed to discover the taste and texture is totally changed. It is gritty and leaves a terrible after taste. It used to be a pleasure to drink. What a pity as it really worked with the weight loss. Lost me as a customer

Tastes amazing and already seeing results!

Ordered online and arrived in only a few days. I ordered the classic shakes 28 pack. Loving all the flavours (especially chocolate and salted caramel). When I bought the shakes I was also signed up to the 12 week program, which has some great recipe plans that are easy and quick to make. I am having two shakes a day which are surprisingly filling so I have found it easy to stick to the program. Already lost a few kilos and it's only been a few weeks so excited to continue having the shakes and see my results at the end of the 12 week program :)

Beginning of my life

I have only started 3 weeks ago and ordered shakes online which I received within a week, so happy about that . So far so good. I’m losing already so my journey is on its way.

I also have paid and not received my order.

I've not been able to use the program as I still have not received my order despite having paid over a month ago. This seems to have happened to other customers. DO NOT order their products online.

Unable to Review as Still Waiting For Products

I am unable to comment on the products as they have not arrived. I faithfully paid for them over two weeks ago and the company has not honoured my order. They will not return phone calls or respond to emails. Do NOT purchase any items online.

Poor service

Tony Ferguson shakes work well however I am terribly disappointed in their customer service. I placed an online order two weeks ago. Order has not been received and they fail to respond to my emails and phone calls. The cost has been deducted from my account $109.90 to be exact. I have enjoyed their products but as I live I a small country town getting to a store is nearly impossible. Please Tony Ferguson restore my faith in you.


I agree i add a shot of coffee to it myself, but shouldnt have to do that, and im not loosing weight im just stuck in the same qeight for the last 4 weeks

Its so easy to use and keeps you full.

There is a big range of shakes. They are great flavours that tadte great aswell. They keep you feeling full. Also the soups in the pouch taste great. I have lost 5kgs on a month

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Hi Aim, we are glad to hear you like our shakes and heat & serve soups. Well done on the fantastic results so far! Losing 5 kg in one month is a great result, congratulations! Keep up the good work and keep us posted on your progress.


Purchased a box of cafe latte flavoured shakes. They had a strange odour -powder smelled like vomit. When I took them back, the chemist assistant advised it was because TF shakes now have the fibre premixed into the shakes and that, that was normal. Not enjoyable at all.

Good product

Worth trying. Just have a glass of water after. I like the flavours in the normal classic type and I am losing even if slowly. My partner has lost over 6 kilos in two months. The individual sachets are too expensive to buy for two people so I buy the classic box.
In the other VLCD range, there is only two flavours. Why?? The coffee is bland and not very nice. The vanilla is also a bit bland. If only there were a few flavours I would stay on that one, perhaps put more than one flavour in a box.

New Expresso is too sweet and has no coffee flavour

I loved the taste of the old shakes but what has happened?? Absolutely awful Rapid Expresso - doesn't taste like coffee and is so sweet I can barely tolerate it. I'm really disappointed

Where has the Port Wine Jelly gone ?

I recently purchased some of the regular shakes and was wanting to get some Port Wine Jelly .Was told they no longer are supplying it .Why ? It is my favourite .What is going on ?

love the taste of rapid shakes

love the shakes..... taste really good.

like the service at the local Tony ferguson store.

I use the shakes for convineance.
help me to have a quick shake when im rushing through the day.

Vanilla shake in rapid shakes is my top pick.

should improve the range of flavours in rapid shakes.
that will be nice.

These are great. Rapid shakes -coffee flavour

I have been using these for a few days now. I'm only 66kg normally but just want to get a tiny bit more off being my wedding. I use lactose free milk so I don't bloat and I must say they are great. The scales are changing and they taste fine. I have tasted the original ones from years and years ago and I just tastes like there maybe less flavour enhancer in the sachet which I'm fine with. When you buy a protein powder with no taste you know there's no crap in it. I give these shakes a big thumbs up. The coffee flavour is all I have bought and I enjoy it. A simple lactose free yoghurt at morning tea. Nice salad and shake at lunch. Work out 5-6days a week to assist it.

Just started

I've been on the Tony Ferguson VLCDfor five days now and I'm going ok but have major bloating!
Is it just a lack of fibre or what?
Any help much appreciated :)

New Shakes a far cry from the original

I agree the new shakes taste like crap in comparison to the ones previous. I can see why they have done it because the new program you can eat carbs for diner and that was the hardest thing about the original diet. The only flavour I can tolerate in the new range is Strawberry so TF I think you have a bit of work to do on your shake flavour.

Tony Ferguson Shakes

Have tried the Tony Ferguson shakes on more than one occasion and found the program successful, however the amount of shakes and products available has significantly decreased in the Terry White Chemists. The weight in program and consultants kept you on track, but staff at these chemists now barely have the time to help you or even point you in the right direction when buying the product. I assume this is because they have now bought out their own product, which I have tried and can honestly say the shakes are just as good and considerably cheaper. I fear this is just another case of the supplier cashing in on the consumer, making the bucks and then falling by the way side.

Bring back old program

I lost 40+ kg on old program, so easy to follow and had a great consultant. The new shakes taste like rubbish. It is now so hard to find a consultant that actually cares about you who isn't rushing you out the door

Please remember the lactose intolerant people

I am lactose intolerant so can't have the normal shakes i started the soy shakes and lost 31 kilos now they have taken them away and keep promising to bring the back. I do not want to put all the weight back on as my health has really improved it was great to follow and i felt so good whilst i was on it i used to have my shakes with my fruit and salad throughout the day and a full healthy normal meal at night.Soooo! i am begging you to please return soy shakes in any flavour.Jenny Cownie.

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I am so disappointed that Tony Ferguson has never returned the soy shakes and would like to know why, and why I cannot get soy shakes anywhere I am not the only lactose intolerant person that used to need these shakes if anyone knows where they can be purchased please let me know. .Jenny Cownie.

The change has not been for the better

A few years ago I went on the TF program and lost 14k in 12 weeks. Was able to keep it off by keeping a supply of shakes and soups on hand to use if I saw my weight increase. Now, when I really want to lose a few kilos again, I find that all the lovely soups we used to enjoy are no longer available and the shakes have changed also. The original program was great; we would have a shake for breakfast and a delicious soup for lunch and for dinner a balanced meal of meat fish or chicken with vegetables or salad. There were so many flavours to choose from, we didn't get sick of them. Come on Tony, give us back what we had, it worked!

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Is it safe to use the shakes with kidney disease?
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Is it save to use the supplements when you have kidney infection?
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Have the shakes changed in the last few years. They really helped my diabetes a few years ago so I thought I'd try them again. They seem to be much sweeter and my blood sugar has gone way too high I've wasted a lot of money as I bought the $100 starter pack. I'd had permission from my doctor last time to use them
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Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program
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