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multiple USB sticks and micro SD cards ordered. Delivered whilst I was out of Australia for 3-4 weeks.
All fake rubbish with no functionality. I took the time to test all of these (6+2) ,proved them total fakes and received a polite reply telling me they were out of time for refund and a 7.50 plus 7.50 credits would be granted.
The company would have had a lot of kickback from other buyers so were fully aware of the SCAM but refuse to honour their own failure in the matter.
I have purchased a reasonable amount of other items from them in the past but will now stick to ebay or ali-express. They have to be acclaimed as schonks

Your bidding against a computer most of the time.. Lol. Scam..

Its a scam buddy..you your bidding against a computer right?!! easy to notice...every time you bid and a reserve price is reached everyone mysteriously just stops bidding lol!!! What a scam.

Return Claim MadeNo

Dishonest and scammy

Stirling silver rope chain necklace for $21 +$8 postage,gave it the magnet test,the item jumped at the magnet,the necklace is metal silver plated,top hatter is a dishonest marketing site ,beware don't get caught you might as well give your money to charity,there it would get some value.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Be Fair yes items may not be for you but talk them - they do come good.

I have brought in excess of 20 items with a 4 week period, post time does vary from the different suppliers, customer support I found was excellent, responses some within 3 hours, longer than 24 hours on a weekend. You need to do your research, carefully read all the details. I agree some things may not be up to scratch, but what did you pay for the $2-$10 + postage (and before bidding you knew the shipping cost). My results were mixed, but after talking to them, they kindly refunded the money, that was within less than two hours, now NO OTHER auction site does that.
I have had enjoyable bidding, winning, losing, good & bad results, but I have got some excellent bargains. Eyes open & have fun.

Product Quality

Don’t buy anything

Bluetooth watch that I can’t charge after one week that wouldn’t connect to the app. Beware the rubbish on this site! The cost of returning the item is not worth the hassle

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Great idea - Terrible Products

This online store claims to have great products at unbelievable prices. I found the product quality to be terrible and the cost of postage actually exceeds the product cost. It seems to sell goods which would not be acceptable on eBay or Amazon

Be aware of what you are buying

Read the description of the item you want to bid on before bidding. Don’t be in a rush to bid & check the shipping cost. Set a limit on how much you want to pay for the item & including shipping price. Please don’t get carried away by th bidding as the item will come up again for auction so you can wait to bid after you do your research. Mos times you can get the same thing on eBay for less money so look there after you’ve chosen what you want to buy.
I’ve bought a few items from Tophatter & about 1/2 have been junk or faulty.
I have found the costume jewellery to be the best but make sure you understand that it’s not the real thing before buying.
I hope this helps others. Good luck if you decide to bid.

Bluetooth earpiece

Absolute Rubbish, cannot pair to my phone and is a waste of money. Not impressed, do not recommend to anyone

Cheap rubbish

dont get fooled by their pricing for items, cheap plastics,inferior batteries absolute rubbish.
the drone lasted 2 days before the battery would not recharge, the body was made of soft plastic.
the smart watch display has gone blank. have removed app from my phone.
I use aliexpress now and am happy with their products
lesson learnt

Useless rubbish

I have bought several products all of which seem to have something wrong with them I bought a blood pressure which said I have extremely bad high blood pressure, I took it down to my doctor who said it was totally incorrect. I bought an a tablet which has never worked.

I fell down the rabbit hole of tophatter!

I spent thousands on this site and ended up with generic overpriced copies of electronics that did not work, glass (not diamond) rings and costume jewellery that was worth about $5 but they marketed as valued at 1,000's of dollars. Seriously learn from my mistake and do not be bedazzled by all the shiny sparkly lies they tell you.

Received nothing

I have not got any items i payed for from tophatter. Where are my parcels? Where is my money? I payed for them this will be handed to the police if not solved. Thank you!

Waste of Money!

I have bought several items over the past weeks thinking I waqs getting a bargain.
Items have arrived and they are comical, cheap and nasty rubbish.
Most don't even work.
Just goes to show, you get what you pay for.
Avoid at all costs.


I bought from tophatter two tennis bracelets with genuine gemstones had tested by my gemology friend and was told the stones were Glass I complained and got my money back and told to keep the items .I do not buy any more from here and you should not too

Luxury sports watch

Claimed to be worth $300 more like $3.00. Rubbish. Have to send it back to be refunded, will cost me even more. Don’t waste time or money for cheaply made trash. They even change their seller name for the same product scam scam scam

Buyer beware

Hi I have brought 3 things on tophatter and all 3 things I have had to return due to not working or all the items weren’t in my package !!! The quality of the stuff is very very poor I wouldn’t buy anything from tophatter again very disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not happy with wish

I received an easy one touch car mount today. My order number is 61513045 the box was severely damaged and when i opened it parts are missing as its my first purchase with wish, I'm very disappointed and I'll probably won't buy anything again from this company.

it is rubbish

bought some towels advertise 48 by 26 inches got them was 6inches square a hankie is bigger than that was very disappointing

Do not waste your money

Purchased a dash cam complete waste of money. It is more like a child's toy and did not come with a memory card which you can not purchase in australia, it is now in the rubbish bin.

CN Gold 1080 sport camera

CN Gold 1080P Sports camera. What an absolute joke POS. At first I couldn't even get it to go, then when I did it wouldn't work without a memory card. The I bought a memory card the POS still wouldn't work. The picture is so grainey (when it does turn on) you have to squint to see what is going on. Absolutely pathetic. Quickly ended up in the bin. I implore you, please don't waist your money on this crap!!!!

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I am inquiring as to when this item will be shipped to me. As yet it has not arrived. Have tried to contact seller but appears this link is now not avialable. I have copy and pasted my receipt from supplier below. Thanks. Michael. Thank you for your payment! Hi mideb, sprin has received your payment for Vehemo Waterproof Night Vision Hd Car Driving Camera Rear View Recorder Universal on April 14, 2018. Your item should be delivered within 34-36 business days. Order Details: #60989383 Shipping Address: [details removed] Price $8 AUD AUD Shipping $11 AUD AUD Total $19 AUD AUD Item Details: Vehemo Waterproof... Vehemo Waterproof Night Vision HD Car Driving Camera Rear View Recorder Universal Sold by sprin
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