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Toyo Open Country A/T

Toyo Open Country A/T

4.0 from 32 reviews

Great tyres

I’ve had toyo 265/65R17 at2 on my pajero for nearly three years now fast approaching 80000 have never had a puncture have used on nearly every type of terrain never been a problem will definitely be buying again but recon I’ve still got another 10000 klms left in them if not more

Purchased in February 2016 at Tyrepower .

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 80,000 km
Car ModelMitsubishi Pajero NS
Tyre Pressure Used40 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyMonthly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Rubber on the road

I have driven these on bitumen (thousands of Km) and taken them on dirt roads (scores to hundreds of Km) including some low range hard core 4x4. Great in both wet and dry conditions, got fantastic control on rough as guts dirt roads in the NT, Knowing how to drive under the conditions is a primary skill set for safe travel, but when you can feel the contact with the road, very satisfying sensation.

Car2006 Mazda Bravo SDX

Couldn't be happier definitely up their tyres

We have these on our Prado put on in April 2018.@ 58,000 km we are Now showing 76,600km. I'm not into tyres but I do know I look for value and the all important safety and longevity sofar I have no complaints - made in Japan These are 17 inch. tread has barely worn comfortable on bitumen no noise on dirt a really great ride so that is my review nothing bad to say we will continue to use these they really are the business. purchased for a great price @220each but as of December 2018 my son could only get them for 280 a tyre. Purchased in Tuggeranong at transtate tyres.

CarToyota 2024 Prado

Found these tyres were a great replacement to the standard tyre.

We replaced our standard tyres on our Ford Ranger for the Tokyo a/t11 tyre after checking out most other brands. Having had BFGs before on a Patrol and being a little unhappy with them I decided on the Toyos. Great tyre, after covering 12,000ks on mainly unsealed roads across the Great Central Road, Birdsville track and then around Tassy they have barely a chip in them and no sign of wear. No punctures and pretty quiet to boot. I would definitely buy them again.

Car2014 Ford Ranger PX diesel

Love my Toyo's!!

I have Open Country AT2's (265/65R17) on my Prado, and I live in the Top End of the Northern Territory. I have found these tyres to be very good on rough/rocky bush tracks requiring low range 4WD. Nil punctures, good stability, comfortable ride and seemingly good in the wet. Of course, when driving off-road, any tyre is only as good as the driver. There's no such thing as a completely puncture-proof tyre. 40.000km and counting, with heaps of meat still remaining.

Car2004 Toyota Prado GXl 4.0L Petrol

dangerous on the wet

I found them okay in the dry, but I nearly lost it in the wet, I was going around a round about, and accelerated at the finish of nit, the road was wet. Well next thing the vehicle's back went from me, I didn't tromp my foot just normal, a very slow trip the rest of the way home

CarNT Pajero 3.2 Diesel

Very happy :)

I switched to these tyres around 5 months ago and so far I'm more than happy with their road holding and rate of wear. That said, I drive around town predominantly with a trip over much rougher roads (sealed but potholed) every weekend. For their price they've been good value so far.

CarNissan X Trail


These tyres are good for the price. It's on the lower end of the price scale however i got a good 60,000km so far and I have no problems. Would recommend it for a car that isnt a daily as it probably wont last as long on a car thats being driven everyday .

Carsuburu wrx


Used the tyres on my Toyota. Probably not the best road holding tyres you can get but I bought them when working on the Gunbarrel Highway and having three punctures in a day. Since then they have done 90000km, never had a puncture and still look good! I am changing them due to age rather than wear and will use the casings for spares.

CarToyota Hilux

Utter rubbish

Got 255/60R18 A25's as factory tyres on my Nissan Navara ST-X and they are RUBBISH! Drove to Birdsville and back to Isa (about 700kms each way with 80kms of dirt each way) on new tyres and staked 2 tyres with rocks through tread. Another 3 have had nails or screws picked up on road & 1 which just disintergrated on the highway. ALL Non-repairable due to the crap build of the tyre. They wear very quickly and just destroy themselves with nay punctures and cannot be repaired. Have gone through 6 tyres in less than 40 000kms (95% on road) at over $400 each. Toyo used to make a good tyres but the A25 is garbage!

Car2016 Nissan Navara STX 4x4

Great tyres, no issues

I've so far driven 20,000Km on both dirt (35%) and paved roads (65%) since buying these tyres, and am quite happy with them. They are positively sturdy, given that I've had no rock damage/slashing that is not uncommon on the graded roads around where I live. I have them on a Holden Rodeo 4WD dual cab ute and the car performs normally, including no difference in fuel consumption since previous tyres (MAXXIS).

CarHolden Rodeo 4WD dual cab ute

No Fault

I've had toyo's a/t on nearly 12 mths driven to Birdsville 4 times n they havn't chopped out and still plenty of tread. The Shires are using them, Coopers, BF's, Mickey etc dont handle the terrain out west. I keep services on my tyres n definately will buy them again

Car2010 Prado

No real signs of wear at 20k 50% towing 3500kg van these are LT version

Have had regular rotation at 7500 intervals have not needed a balance yet. Very quiet for the open tread design. Very hard to beat. On LC 200 series Sahara.
It would take a lot to get me to change from these. I think they will be good for 80,000 Klm.

CarToyota LC 200 Sahara


Fitted set of open country AT to Hilux. Wanders all over the dry road and steering feels unresponsive compared to old Federals
Dealer says its not anything he can help with and I need to hope they improve after they wear in.
Had these before without this issue.
Dealer gave good deal and service.

CarToyota hilux

Bad in the Wet

Good tyre in the dry...but look out if there is any moisture on the road!!.
I have them on a Mazda Bounty and they are do not hold the road and slip on bends if the road is damp/wet. Took them to get rotated at 10,000kms - Pressures set to 38 psi by the tyre dealer (I do not tow anything). First bit of light rain, we start slipping and sliding around corners again. Will look to drop the pressure to see if that helps.

CarMazda Bounty BT50

Can't fault them

Had a set of these on for about 15,000ks so far. They are great on road in the wet and dry. Nice and quiet with no road noise. Off road they are great. Been out west twice with them and after we left tarmac first time it was dry and they handled exceptionally well at 100kms/hr on the dirt and the next time was wet and they were just as good. Have done around 5,000 kms on dirt and the rest on tar and they still look new. In the mud they are also excellent great traction. Will be fitting these again when the time comes for replacement.

Car120 petrol prado

Very Happy so far but still early days. (5000 K'S)

Bought a full set of Open County AT2 size 265/65R17 for My 2007 Toyota 120 series Landcruiser from Tyre Power in Clarkson WA who were very helpful and great service.

I use the car 50% Sand, 40% Road, & 10% Gravel.

So far I am very happy with the tyres. I previously had BFG's All Terrains on and before that was Dunlop Gradtrek All Terrains.
I find the Toyos handle better in the wet then the BFG's and I have trialed the tyres out in the wet at roundabouts and found them to feel safe and not as slippery as other tyres in the wet. The toyos perfrom well in soft sand obviously with the pressures dropped and the Toyos feel stable and connected to the road when travelling on loose gravel roads.
I find there is a little bit more noise from the Toyos when you are on the freeway/sealed roads at higher speeds but to be fair I had to turn off the radio and listen out to notice the difference in noise compared to other tyres but there definitely is slightly more noise from the Toyos but nothing that can't be fixed by turning up the radio or music.

Car2007 Toyota Prado

Good durability

After a recommendation re durability from a tyre dealer we had a set of these put on a 2001 Nissan Patrol, and found them to be the most durable tyres we have had by a long shot. We have done about 90000km, 95% on bitumen and 5% off road, and there is still plenty of wear left in the tyres (and no punctures). They certainly aren't the grippiest tyres on a wet road, and are very inclined to fill with mud in off road conditions. However it all depends on what you want from your tyres. The originals (Bridgestone) only lasted about 30000km, and the following set (Goodrich All-Terrain) were better offroad but only lasted about 80000km (and there were 2 side wall punctures).

Car2001 Nissan Patrol ST 3L Turbo Diesel

Great value for money

Purchased a set of AT2's after a lot of research. I am usually a devoted BFG bloke but cant help but feel they are pricing themselves out of reach. Being made in Japan and priced at $260 a tyre fitted and balanced (BFG $380/tyre) I decided to give a set a go, after all how bad could they be, Toyo has been around forever. After 30000kms I actually think they are very comparative to everything else I have had before and are showing little wear. I am estimating they will be good for 90000 kms. They feel great on road and not slippery in the wet and we have towed a 3 tonne van in torrential flooding rain with no aquaplaning. They have been on rough gravel and dirt tracks and are great on sand. The only negative is that I think they are probably a little noisier on bitumen than the BFG's but not excessive. I am really impressed for the Money. Will definitely buy again providing they don't have a massive price rise like the BFG's Coopers and Mickey T's.

Car2012 Mazda BT50 3.2 duel cab

Very good experience so far

In 2010 we bought a new Toyota VDJ76R Landcruiser Wagon GXL that came with Dunlop Grandtrek AT1.
On average we drove about 70% bitumen, 15% dirt road, 10% sand, mud, rock and 5% city.
The AT1 were OK on highway, gravel and sand and they felt average in mud. We had all five tyres rotated & balanced every six months and they lasted for 60k with lots of nicks but not a single flat tyre which is impressive considering the abuse they suffered. But the AT1 always felt as if they did not have enough grip, no matter if dry bitumen, gravel or wet roads.

One month ago we bought Toyo Open Country A/T in the same size (265/70R16) and as soon as we hit the motorway I thought that they were a lot quieter and also had more grip.
Since then I was able to test their excellent handling when I had to both break hard and steer away from a car whose driver decided to veer into our lane (no ABS in the MY10 wagon) but we otherwise did very little driving.
We just came back from a camping trip with 500k highway and 20k gravel and I was very happy with how quiet they are and how stable the ride felt all the time.
It is difficult to say if I imagine that they are so much better than the AT1. My wife agrees with the stability improvement, she cannot remember the AT1 noise level but agrees that the Open Country are quiet tyres.
In six months we'll travel west on the great central road and east on the Gibb river road. I'll try to remember to give an update.

CarToyota VDJ76R Landcruiser Wagon GXL
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We almost finished our latest round. The tires now have about 15K on them and they look a bit abused which is fair because they were. The Great Central road was partially very muddy, there was soft sand driving at Cape Leveque, pointy stone dirt roads around the Gibb river road and also some really sharp stones in a river bed in Gregory NP. Lots of different types of dirt roads, a few river crossings and some very smooth rock surfaces. We did some 130kph highway driving in NT and finished it off with curvy and very wet roads in the Atherton tableland. Unfortunately like so many other people I become a terrible person once I sit behind the wheel and on some parts of this trips I probably should have gone a bit slower. We now used these tyres in many different environments and conditions and the tyres still are/were great. Fuel consumption is pretty much the same as with the Goodyear tyres but I still feel that the Toyos have much better grip in all situation and are a lot quieter. Due to my abuse the tyres have little cuts and nicks and one larger cut on the side of one of them. But apart from that they don't have much wear. We had the tyres rotated twice and re-balanced once. The two different shops confirmed that the tyres are still in good shape. (Even after they poked around in the cut with a screw driver). Of course not having a puncture also involves luck. We are very happy with these tyres.

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Still wondering if anyone can advise Where Toyo A/T or H/T tyres sold in Australia Manufactured ,or are there too many possiblities , can Toyo Rep help ?
1 answer
Not sure where you live but most tyre places stock them.

Where are Toyo Open Country A/t and H/T Tyres Manufactured that are sold in Australia ?
No answers

I put 33 × 12.5 ×20 on my 3500 Extended mafa cab pick up. What air pressure would work best the side says 80 Psi cold but the shop that put them on have them at like 53 psi?
2 answers
Hi Andy, that 80 psi is an indication of the maximum pressure the tyre can safely take and be driven, but you would be bouncing all over the road, a rule of thumb, is between 35 to 40 psi, depending on your load, and on a cold tyre, as the tyre pressure will show an increase once the tyre has warmed up, also on a dirt road drop to about 28 psi, and on soft sand about 18 psi. The shop has them way too hard unless you have a big load in the back of your pickup.Thank you for your help.

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