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Tru Water AUST

Tru Water AUST

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BEWARE. Con artists

Double charged then failed to deliver. Numerous updates but no delivery. I do not believe they actually supply anyone. Waited 6 weeks for a filter that was “in stock”. It never arrived.

Awful Service

Ordered my product Express and then I am told that is only the shipping and they can ship whenever. 30 days and no product, they refuse to refund Express charge.

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Used to be fine. Now useless

Ordered from them a year or so ago and a little slow but ok. Ordered again early Jan this year on one of their promotions and waited for 2 1/2 months. Got two emails from them saying it was coming but no answer to my request for a refund. Finally went to their office/warehouse and magically it was in stock. Another guy there had been waiting for his filter since December.... You have been warned!

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Crap company

I ordered a filter on 2 January 2019, after being emailed it was not in stock, I rang, emailed many times. They made excuses of next week, next week. I rang and emailed for a refund. They had no record of this . It’s now March still nothing. Don't do business with this company.

No delivery, no communication, DO NOT USE

I ordered filters for my coffee machine on the 17th of January. Almost two months ago.
They only informed me they were out of stock after I contacted them. I now cannot get them to respond to my emails.

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Unpleasant experience dealing with them and ultimately a waste of money

I waited for an order for over 2 1/2 months (original order was 26/12/2018) and received very little communication, the last being one on 29/01/2019 "Your order is due to be dispatched early-mid next week". Almost 6 weeks later on 10/03/2019 I finally had to make other arrangements and I wanted a refund so I told them by email and then I logged into their website and told them there too.

I still have no response to that email, but magically on the next business day (12/03/2019) I received a delivery notice.

How long had it been sitting on their desk when it should have been delivered? I still want my money back but I'm certain that wont happen. I wont be using them again and I recommend anyone else be cautious too.

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Too slow

I ordered a replacement water filter on 9 January and it arrived two months later. It was frustrating as our old filter had completely clogged up and I had contacted TruWater to say it was urgent. I was not told that the filter needed to come from overseas.

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No longer trustworthy

Used to be great. Now don't return emails, don't respond on phone - and of course, worst of all - don't deliver products ordered or let you know when products will arrive.

Do not use Tru Water

Order placed 29/11/18
Promise 7-10 day delivery
Still not received on 13/02/19
I got through on the once but they say it's an 'answering service only.'
Email isn't much better. I've requested a refund twice but no one has bothered addressing it.

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Very surprised but great service

Fantastic service and great value for money. I chose tru water because they were much cheaper than eBay and other retailers. I ordered Samsung filters and received what was described. The reason for writing this review is my order super quick which was very surprised after reading all the reviews.

Product Quality
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Cant beat the prices and product range. My delivery took awhile but partly my fault for never reading emails which would have saved a phone call. The product itself was an aftermarket that works well at a fraction of the price. Overall experience was fine and would buy again.

Product Quality
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Scam site I wish I had read the reviews before I ordered. Ordered beginning of jan 2019.have tried to cancel order many times still waiting for my refund. You can’t actually speak to anybody to get your money back disgusting just thieves

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Warning - Avoid buying from them.

I have a history with this company. I first purchased from them when they were called Tru Water Filters and they use to have a shop front in Pymble, NSW, before moving to Gordon, NSW. I would stock up whenever they have sale promotions. They use to offer great service at the shop and delivered on time when buying online and my last dealings back then was 2015.
All this changed recently when I purchased my filters online on 24/11/2018. I get an instant email confirmation. On 27/11/2018 I get another email saying the order has been progressed and stock has been ordered/allocated and to wait 3-10 business days for the order to arrive.
I waited a bit over 10 business days and on 13/12/2018 I followed up my order because the items did not arrived. The usual email content with excuses saying the high demand of orders and I would expect my order to arrive later in the week. Delays, strange, this is not the Tru Waters I know, so looked up the business and checked Product Review and was horrified with the number of negative reviews. It is exactly what was happening to me that is experienced with others. This company has changed ownership since I last purchased. By this stage I was thinking of a refund but lets give them time to fix the issue.
Continuing on, nothing arrived by 19/12/208 and I followed up, told once again it will arrive in within 24-48 hours. Still nothing before Christmas. By this stage their sales office stopped trading until early January 2019.
I followed up on 14/01/2019 and I was not surprised by receiving an email saying my order item is out of stock. I need to wait another week or two. On 29 January 2019 my order has still not arrived, followed up, another excuse saying supplier shipment issues and I need to wait another 1-2 weeks. After giving them many opportunities to rectifying my order I have had enough, I want a refund. Instead of contacting Tru Water for a refund which would have been impossible to obtain a refund I contacted my credit card company explained the situation, within 2 weeks I was given a refund.
It is really sad to see what Tru Water has become. I have no doubt, given the bad business practise that this company will go out of business. I really hate writing negative reviews like this because I am aware there are people behind the company with lives and families to feed, but unfortunately in this day with modern technology and the sharing economy, bad service is not tolerated. I would avoid dealing with this company.

Still Waiting

I too wishI had read these reviews before dealing with this company.
I am still waiting for my filters.....weeks after ordering them.
I have now asked for a refund but am not optimistic

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STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE. They never answer any e-mails, letters, calls, chats or messages. I think this company has a "business model" of extremely bad website service and never refunding money. Tons of people have had very bad experiences with them. I made one order that their own website said did not go through...so I tried again...and guess what? i had TWO orders (again this may be their business model). They would not cancel one order nor make any refund (an old story it seems). It took another two months before any product was ever delivered but they had my money within one day. I am contacting a government oversight office about this VERY BAD company.

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Should have read the reviews before placing an order with this company- Will never use them again or

Ordered Filter Cartridge on 5/11/18- Order Acknowledged
8/11/18 - Email your order has progressed
23/11/18 - Polite email to Tru Water asking for an update
24/11/18- From Tru Water Delays in shipment due to demand
6/12/18 - I wrote seeking a refund as they couldn't supply
12/12/18 - Tru Water email advising that they would process a refund
19/12/18 - Tru Water email advising that order would be shipped soon
20/12/18 - Cartridge was delivered by Australia Post
I might add that after receiving advice that I would be receiving a refund I arranged to purchase the item from another supplier nearby and contrary to the Tru Water experience I received the identical item in 2 days (for a cheaper price)


Scam company

Selling products with no stock. Still no shipment after 3 month wait and continues to lie everytime I contact support. Refuse to offer refund. Stay away from this company.

RegionNew Zealand

Appalling Customer Service and Questionable Product Delivered

So like many others who have posted a review, my item had not arrived after two weeks. I emailed TruWater through the customer link on their website. Noting - no acknowledgement of my enquiry, no comms from to advise of delays, back orders, etc.

So after a couple of days I emailed them again to advise that I was going to inform VISA of a fraudulent transaction given I had paid for something that I did not receive - surprise surprise this generated an immediate response but one of threatening and daring me to go ahead - congrats TruWater on your customer being the most important person here!

So another week passed and then I received the product which I suspect was second hand or a returned item as when I took it out of the packaging there were water in the bubble wrap and inside the tap.

So be warned - this company is a sham.


Terrible Service and Communication

Found our water bottle was cracked so went online to order and found Tru Water with an NZ phone nr and an Auckland address so being in Auckland, I ordered. Apart from the automated order acceptance which arrived as soon as I ordered, I had no correspondence. I checked our c/card statement and although they state NO C/Card fees and my cost in NZ$ - they deducted another $5??? When I rang I discovered that they don't open till 10am, rang at 10am - no reply - rang every hr from 10am - no response. I sent an email cancelling the order immediately. Finally got hold of someone who was very short and again cancelled and asked for my refund. She said it would be refunded in 24hrs - 4 days later am still waiting! I have emailed every day with no response. I finally go hold of someone who again promised a refund, but still nothing. I wished I had looked at the reviews before dealing with this company, they are absolutely disgusting and so unprofessional and deceptive.

RegionNew Zealand

Laughable service

I wish I had seen these reviews before I ordered! Order was placed on 1/12/18 money taken from credit card same day. I emailed twice in December got generic it’s coming reply rang first week in January said to cancel and refund me to which the phone person agreed they said it would take one week to process the refund. I did ask ask why and pointed out they take the money same day surely they can refund in the same time line.
So one week later I got an email saying the order is ready for shipment. I rang the customer service number and explained again I didn’t want the order because I got it elsewhere in 5 days. I was told not to worry it would be cancelled. Today my cancelled order was delivered.
I suppose I should be happy mine only took 7 weeks
Don’t deal with this mob!pl


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My question is: Why do you think its ok to scam people out of their hard earned money by pretending to sell products online and never ship their orders?
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