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Tru Water AUST

Tru Water AUST

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Don't go near them

On Australia Day I ordered two sets of filters. Over a month later I chased them up. About another month one set arrived. I opened them, all ok, put them on a shelf in the garage for the next change. I contacted them again for the second set... And so on. I was even asked for a photo of the delivered packaging. On the shelf was the one set still in it partially opened package. Photo sent, still waiting even after two more chase ups. I am now going to put in a complaint to Dept of Fair Trading and considering a small claim to get my money back. Then if that doesn't happen, will consider a creditors wind up of this company..... I can dream! This company is bordering on fraudulent practices.

Product Quality
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Do not purchase from this company

Unfortunately we had not read any reviews before ordering goods from this company. We have to agree with all the bad reviews. They take your money, then ignore you and apparently never ship the goods. After nearly 3 months of waiting we have written off the $70 they charged for paper cups (and the courier!?) that have never appeared. The law should be involved and they should be shut down.

Product Quality
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Never again

I have been waiting for 3 weeks and order still hasn't been shipped. I sent numerous email to sales and customer service chat because you cant speak to any over the phone and still not getting any answers. I have lodge a complaint with Dept of Fair Trading.

They take you money, don't ship the product and then ignore you.

They showed stock as being available so I ordered the product. 3 weeks later it still had not shipped. I rang up and they advised me it was not in stock so I asked for a refund and they told me to send an email to request that. I have sent 4 emails and they refuse to answer. They also refuse to speak with me on the phone. It's been 5 weeks now, not one reply and the item still has not been shipped or a refund given. They take you money, don't ship the product and when you complain they just ignore you. They are crooks do not deal with them.

Product Quality
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Don't use them.... Unworthy of even 1 star!

Online order placed for 2 filters 09/04. Now 03/05 and still no filters. Emails aren't answered. Won't take phone calls (but they take your money) unless it's sales (never again!!). Live chat is useless and gives you the runaround, the 'go to' answer is "I'm not sure but I will find out!". My next email will be to fair trading.

Shocking Service Over 2 months and I still haven't got my filters. What a scam!!!

I paid for my filters on 26th Feb, when they didn't arrive I called their helpdesk, which is situated overseas. I was asked to send them a copy of the bank receipt which I did. Still no filters. Several calls and emails to the helpdesk did not help so I rang the retail shop in Sydney (a total of 22 times). All I've been getting are excuses; they are waiting for a shipment (meaning they are selling a product they don't have), they will send them out (still nothing), my filters had been put aside but were mistakenly sold (what a load of nonsense). I have bought from them in the past with no probs but I will never buy from them again.

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Stay away from this company.

I would advise all to steer clear of this company. They are happy to take your money but can not deliver a product. They can not be contacted by phone and do not respond to emails. The live chat they provide is a scam. I have made contact with the ombudsman and would hate for anyone else to be burnt like I have.
My advice is avoid all contact with this company.

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one star because i cant give zero

I wish I had read the reviews on this company before I purchased anything from them.
I received an order confirmation with tracking number which couldn't be tracked.
Two months, several promises still no goods. I've now lodged a dispute with the bank.

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Never again

I ordered Brita filter replacement cartridges. The first email warned me that it will take at least 10 working days for processing. Fair enough, I thought. Later there were more emails informing me of more delays. Eventually I asked for a refund, by email. No response. After 2 month I launched a transaction dispute and 6 weeks later I had my money back. Have they ever intended to deliver? How many customers never follow up?

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Disappointing Service and false promises

I ordered in Feb 2019. I have received no items from my order. I have 7 emails from them. One I agreed to the generic brand and a promise of items sent on 29 March and I still have no items.
I am demanding a full refund.

Minimum Ten Working Days To Get Your Order

I ordered six small brass fittings from Tru Water Aust.
After a week I had not received them or had any communication.
After nine days I emailed them with no reply.

Finally, I used their chat service and was told that I had agreed that the order could take up to 10 working days to receive the order. Funny, I don't recall seeing that term or condition.

Pretty crummy service!
So if you need your water connection stuff in a reasonable amount of time, don't try this company!

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Be aware before you buy

This company does not hold any items in stock. Assume that there will be at least a 3 month wait before you order is filled.

The website has changed since I placed my order. It now shows an indication of stock levels. Do not be fooled by this. I received an item substitution without any notification on an item that the website indicates that there is "low stock". After 3 months, I am still waiting for items that are listed as low stock.

Once you hand over the money you will not receive a voluntary refund under any circumstances. Tru Water policy is not to cancel orders that are placed over the internet as is outlined in the T's & C's on their website. Neither the NSW department of fair trading or the ACCC can force Tru Water to issue a refund. If you try to go through the mediation process that NSW fair trading will initiate, Tru Water will not even participate, nor are they obliged to.

There is a reason that this business does not use PayPal. PayPal will use local consumer rights as a guide to mediate and come to a decision regarding a dispute that is lodged, and has the ability to enforce a refund where one is warranted. There are only two ways to receive a refund from Tru Water. You can initiate a chargeback process through the financial institution that issued the credit card you paid with or take Tru Water to the small claims tribunal. Neither of these two processes are simple and will be drawn out and frustrating.

If you try to communicate with Tru Water, be aware that you will not be able to talk to anyone at Tru Water by telephone or email who can actually help. You will only be able to talk to an off-site answering service who are not allowed to transfer you to someone within the Tru Water group. Any emails that you send will not be answered.

Think very carefully before purchasing from Tru Water.

Don't buy scam

Ordered filter haven't received. Sent email and called they don't respond should have read all reviews on google looks like everyone has same problem contacted great card company you should be able to leave no stars

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BEWARE. Con artists

Double charged then failed to deliver. Numerous updates but no delivery. I do not believe they actually supply anyone. Waited 6 weeks for a filter that was “in stock”. It never arrived.

Awful Service

Ordered my product Express and then I am told that is only the shipping and they can ship whenever. 30 days and no product, they refuse to refund Express charge.

Return Claim MadeNo

Used to be fine. Now useless

Ordered from them a year or so ago and a little slow but ok. Ordered again early Jan this year on one of their promotions and waited for 2 1/2 months. Got two emails from them saying it was coming but no answer to my request for a refund. Finally went to their office/warehouse and magically it was in stock. Another guy there had been waiting for his filter since December.... You have been warned!

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Crap company

I ordered a filter on 2 January 2019, after being emailed it was not in stock, I rang, emailed many times. They made excuses of next week, next week. I rang and emailed for a refund. They had no record of this . It’s now March still nothing. Don't do business with this company.

No delivery, no communication, DO NOT USE

I ordered filters for my coffee machine on the 17th of January. Almost two months ago.
They only informed me they were out of stock after I contacted them. I now cannot get them to respond to my emails.

Return Claim MadeNo

Unpleasant experience dealing with them and ultimately a waste of money

I waited for an order for over 2 1/2 months (original order was 26/12/2018) and received very little communication, the last being one on 29/01/2019 "Your order is due to be dispatched early-mid next week". Almost 6 weeks later on 10/03/2019 I finally had to make other arrangements and I wanted a refund so I told them by email and then I logged into their website and told them there too.

I still have no response to that email, but magically on the next business day (12/03/2019) I received a delivery notice.

How long had it been sitting on their desk when it should have been delivered? I still want my money back but I'm certain that wont happen. I wont be using them again and I recommend anyone else be cautious too.

Return Claim MadeNo

Too slow

I ordered a replacement water filter on 9 January and it arrived two months later. It was frustrating as our old filter had completely clogged up and I had contacted TruWater to say it was urgent. I was not told that the filter needed to come from overseas.

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My question is: Why do you think its ok to scam people out of their hard earned money by pretending to sell products online and never ship their orders?
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