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Micro Urban rice cooker a dud

I recently received a replacement micro urban rice cooker as the older version I had cracked. The lid is impossible to get off and I broke the base of the rice cooker when i used pressure to get the lid off. Very disappointed after waiting 2 months for the replacement

Product Quality
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Disappointed customer

Why did tupperware get rid if the round lettuce container. I was recently sold the fridge container to hold lettuce. You have to break it up to put in container & the ends go brown. I would be better going to Coles for the round one.The mystery pack was disappointing. I rcvd 4 drink bottles. I had already purchased 2 drink bottles at the same party, sharing 2 with somebody else as I didnt need the 4 that came in a pack. I now have 6 drink bottles. I also rcvd a small round container with juicer, grater etc. No instructions, whats the grater for, it doesnt grate onion.

Return Claim MadeNo

Utterly disappointed Tupperware customer

for many years have been buying and using Tupperware containers, boxes, etc.
I tried recently to exchange my 10+ years of rice despenser which I bought for SGD100 over. This is my first time asking for a replacement as I have taken good care of it and have been using it carefully. Reason why I need a replacement is because for quite a few months my rice despenser has not been able to keep away rice weevils and is no longer performing at its peak.

According to Tupperware lifetime warranty and philosophy, I was very, very disappointed to get back my old rice despenser with two red stoppers to prevent weevils instead of adhering to what you claim when I first bought the expensive product.

I can send pictures of the two red stopper and my 10+ years of old rice despenser for your reference.

Believe my rice despenser is warped after 10+ years of usage and no longer perform at its current condition that’s why weevils entered the despenser. When I first bought the item, Tupperware did not say they will get stoppers to fix such problem otherwise why would I pay so much more for a simple rice despenser? This is dishonesty and cheating the consumer of her right!

Please be honest to adhere to Tupperware claim and do not use such despicable methods of handling loyal customers request.

Return Claim MadeNo

So much for lifetime warranty wont be buying anything again

The little chopper blade broke after only a few uses and just chopping onion...they want me to spend $25 on new centre bit and that's not under warranty...I will have to chuck whole thing out as the new blade will probably just snap again

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Tupperware returns policy a farce!

What a joke the lifetime warranty for Tupperware! I went online, created an account, filled in details of faulty items and submitted it only to get an email back that all 10 of my items must be returned, then I have to pay postage for any items they may or may not replace for me. I have finished with Tupperware I will never buy another item!
You have lost another faithful customer! I will now purchase kmart modular mates at least I dont pay an arm and a leg for them and then get duped by the lifetime warranty!

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lids don't fit anymore, have to pay exhorbitantly for a replacement under the "lifetime warranty"

3 of my lids have cracked and don't fit anymore, I've had to resort to using 2 rubber bands to keep them on each time i use them! but the "lifetime warranty" requires me to pay so much for the postage of sending the defective items in, and the subsequent postage of the replacement items, and even then it's not guaranteed that they'll replace my warped lids, and yet they won't even send back the original items if they decide not to replace them, that it's not worth it for me to even try. Clearly this whole system is designed to ensure that customers don't bother with invoking the warranty for defective items. Surely this is illegal?

Product Quality

Ripped off!!!!

Over 12 months ago we returned faulty products for replacement to a sales person in Jimboomba
And we still have had no replacement.....
Not fair feel ripped off honour your warranty Tupperware

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Great quality, easy to use.

Great quality water bottles (and other products too), hard plastic that’s durable. Lids easy to open. Different sizes available (500ml, 750ml, 1ltr and 2ltrs) lots of different colours and covers available.

Product Quality
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Unhappy customer

When I bought my Tupperware if a problem it was returned to a dealer to be returned for a lifetime replacement. Now they change the rules, very disappointed in this new rule.
I live very close to Loganholme Tupperware is it possible to make a delivery to there with several pieces of my broken unuseable pieces of Tupperware.
Thanking you for your assistance.

Thea Forester

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Does not live up to it’s reputation ‘Lifetime Warranty’

I purchased the Tupperware salad bowl and use it only in the summer month. It was accidentally dropped on the kitchen floor and it cracked! I contacted the agent and was told it was not replaceable under warranty as it was an impact damage. I was most disappointed as I do not expect plastic to crack when dropped. I was not told about the weakness of this plastic material. As a result of poor quality product and customer service, I will not be buying their products anymore.

Not what it used to be

Had some Modular Mate lids to be replaced. I was not impressed at having to pay for postage to send them to Tupperware. Also, in the past they used to have a lot of old stock suitable for replacement. Now my Modular Mates colour is unavailable and goodness knows what I would get instead. I have decided to source replacements from overseas where the range is better. Tupperware Australia were not helpful with their 'take it or leave it attitude' and the cost of the products is very high. It's sad to see a good company sunk so low.

Tupperware is more than storage - Oven, Microwave, Fridge & Freezer!

The Tupperware cookware has really impressed me every time I make my favourite dishes - satay and vegies with tofu or chicken, seafood marinara bake and red curry chicken and vegies - all in record time and with very little fuss. In the same dish I prepare the sauce base, then add the meat and microwave, and then the vegies and microwave. I can pop the finished meal straight into the fridge to be eaten as leftovers. From time to time if my empty-nester household has too much food in the fridge, I can pop a couple of elastic bands around the Tupperware dish and then put the meal straight into to the freezer for future use. On the odd occasion, I use my Tupperware dishes in the oven as they make it so much easier to clean up afterwards. The main thing to watch is not to use the Tupperware on the stove top or put it into a conventional oven over 250 celsius.

Replacement parts

Very happy with my claim it came very quickly was sent emails to tell me it was packed & also one that it was being delivered the next day! However one container came broken I rang up warranty department & within 3 min she said another one will be sent out straight away! Couldn't be happier I have Tupperware in pantry fridge freezer & handbag!!

This is a great product. Will continue to buy Tupperware.

I have many Tupperware items. I found the lids on the purple containers would not seal properly but these were replaced under warranty. The rice cooker is brilliant it cooks rice to perfection. And my steamer is great for vegetables. I have to admit I am addicted to Tupperware.

Outstanding customer service

I recently contacted Tupperware about replacing some old lids from the freezer to microwave range that I purchased over 10 years ago.
Melissa from customer service contact centre assisted me with my request. Her level of service was truely expectional. Melissa was very helpful, friendly and extremely delightful to deal with. Just wanted to thank Melissa for replacing me lids & bases in the end to ensure they fit correctly.

Micro Urban - Wonderful

I recently purchased the Micro Urban. We are a family of 6 and i now steam my vegies in the microwave without the horrible mircowave taste in minutes. Its so simple yet delicous. Easy to cook pasta and rice in just minutes also. I nornally suck at cooking rice but now my rice is perfect everytime!! I absolutely love it!! 5 stars

Mega freezer set

Purchased via phone order. Quick purchase however delivery was at display office not my place of work. Had to pick it up. Happy with service and product. Have used product for years. Good quality.

Customer Service Unsatisfactory

All my lids for the freezer containers have perished. The agent said she would follow it up and I was to come back 2 weeks later with the containers. This I did but she said Head Office was too busy to respond to her query. The lids have also changed shape since me purchasing mine in the 90s in another country so there was no guarantee that they would be replaced. Would have been helpful if she had let me know to save myself the wasted journey. Judging from the reviews, I will not bother to pursue this any further as it is was very clear what the outcome would be and where this was heading. What is clear though, is that I will never buy tupperware again as I have had other issues with other items and the lifetime guarantee is not accurate.

Kmart do a great copy of Tupperware Modular Mates

Tupperware's new warranty policy is a joke!!!!
I have always been a Tupperware addict. Loved their products and thought the quality and lifetime replacement policy was worth the price. I currently have 78 Tupperware Modular mates in my pantry, 46 Freezer mates, 8 Heat and Serves and 2 large kitchen draws full of other assorted Tupperware. In all the years of buying Tupperware I have only ever claimed 1 replacement lid!!!! I currently have 4 split modular mate lids, 4 Heat n Serve lids and 1 heat and serve base that need replacing. I went online to look at current products and prices, intending to order some more, whilst online I thought I would take up the lifetime warranty and return my faulty items......ha, what a joke!!!! Create an account, fill in my details, list the faulty items and pay for postage when the items may or may not be replaced!!!!!
Was telling a friend about it and she showed me her pantry with what looked like Tupperware Modular Mates, she had just purchased 40 pieces of ovals and square for Kmart for less than what 3 Oval 2's would cost from Tupperware. I couldn't tell the different between her 'real' Tupperware and her Kmart copies. I will now GO TO KMART!!!!! I will not waste my time and money trying to replace lids with Tupperware. Sorry Tupperware but you have now lost a faithful customer!!!

Snails Pace Replacement

Being a fan of Tupperware for decades and having a pantry that looks like a Tupperware catalogue. For the 1st time after many years I finally decided to replace a number of the failing lids and claim on the lifetime warranty offered with Tupperware. Online, yep, made this easy or so I thought.
Only being able to add 1 line at a time for the same product too clunky and slow, I lost my claim list during this process as I don't believe I was able to save my list only to have to start again. Also some on my Lifetime Warranty items were no longer available so I guess their lifetime had come to an end, this was a shorter lifetime than what originally sold to me with my Tupperware products, no alternative was offered, a little further disappointed, but not put off.
Finally after about an hour, I had my return list together, sent this off to be processed online. Then bundled up failed lids approx $8 return post, I can sort of live with this part and the cost. However Tupperwares processing / postage fees are outrageous, 5 pieces for $8, I had 16 pieces replaced so a further $32 was required on top on my parcel original failed product parcel they requested you return for inspection, which can I understand why. So I had to swallow these costs now with my replacement lids IF approved was going to cost me $40 in total, well this was still cheaper than buying a whole new set of quality containers whether it be Tupperware brand or another quality brand.
My claim was approved on line rapidly, wow prompt I thought, then to be advised online it will take up to 4-6 WEEKS for replacements..... NO WAY.... I work not far from their warehouse but pick up is not an option.
My containers are full of food, with no sealed lids covered in plastic wrap held in place by string and rubber bands awaiting their new lids within the next 4-6 weeks. (Yes this is a 1st world problem.)
FINALLY... 4 WEEKS later my replacement appeared on my doorstep.
Too slow Tupperware.
4 WEEKS to replace a item once approved is far too slow.
Please get with times with your supply chain processes and what seems to be shrinking customer base and the potentially next generations who are looking for value for money & fast prompt turnaround times in a very competitive market.
Great product, service levels far too slow for today's market.

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Questions & Answers

Is there anything you can do to reshape a lid so it fits on again? I have a couple that have curled and won't stay on.They have been stored and not used
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My water bottle just cracked what can i do please assist?
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Phone Tupperware (1800 805 396 (Australia) Mon-Fri 9.00am - 5.00pm AEST) or go to the Tupperware website (https://www.tupperware.com.au/our-products/warranty) and follow their directions for replacement. If it's a Gen II Eco Bottle it should be covered under warranty. These days Tupperware now charges a postage fee to replace it and you might not get the colour you want, plus the process can take up to 6 weeks. Alternatively, if you want to just buy a new bottle, it may pay to check out Tupperware on eBay - I've had great success buying genuine Tupperware from (for example) Malaysia at far less cost than what is charged in Oz. This option is useful if the item is no longer available in the Oz in the style and colour you want.

My Tupperware has been lost approached Tupperware rocky no good approached dealer no good was in January how long is too long about to go to fair trading any ideas?
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