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Two Men and a Truck

Two Men and a Truck

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Worst experience of my lifetime with Two Men and Truck. They are not worth even one star rating.

The removalists subcontracted did not speak English and damaged our property and job that had to take less than 4 hours took them over 11 hours to do. will not recommend this company. Poor customer service from TMAT. We have been through emotional and mental anguish with TMAT and community needs to know how badly things are managed at TMAT.

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Hi all the 2 photos are from our home that the removalists from TMAT worked on; made a huge hole in the wall pulling out the painting and wrecked our bed frame, when it had already been disassembled by a professional. very poor customer service to resolve the issues.


The company (TMAAT)sent great workers for this job.
They arrived on time and after surveying the load got to work straightaway,
good communication,made it look easy and were carefull with everything arriving in Sydney exactly as it left !
a 12 hour day in 35degree heat completed without any problems.
Rod and Felippe deserve to get a 5 Star wrap and I've no hesitation in recommending them for your move !

Highly recommended!

Recently moved from Chatswood to Seaforth. The team was punctual, professional, efficient and pleasant to deal with. Very pleased with the move. Would highly recommend

Office LocationNSW, Sydney, St Leonards

Awful - really do not recommend

We used two men and a truck to move our 3 bedroom house from Murarrie to Zillmere.

We booked on the basis of the first two hours for $550 and $100 each 30 min after that.

Having moved three times in the last year and having relatively minimal stuff for a three bedroom house, I was expecting the move to take 3-4 hours max.

It took over 5 hours. It took them 50 minutes to travel from Murarrie to Zillmere, which is just a 20minute drive. They argued this point with me, despite agreeing that google maps showed it as a 20 minute drive.

The cost was $1,150. This was almost as much as our recent move from Sydney to Brisbane.

We were helping move everything but that did not speed things up. The two men took forever to get things packed into the truck. I left our house from which we were moving 3 hours into the process as there were only 8 or so items left on the front lawn to get into the truck. It still took them another 1.5 hours to meet me in Zillmere at the new house.

They also left behind a tv and a couple of boxes in the living area, which we took to the new place ourselves.

I would strongly suggest going with another mover. We previously used Ready Movers in Brisbane and they were much quicker and cheaper - I wish we had gone with them again.

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane

Stress-free move

We used Two Men and a Truck to move our large furniture items when moving house. We'd contemplated doing it all ourselves but I'm so glad we didn't. The team of three friendly, professional movers arrived right when they said they would, and made carrying our large heavy couches and dining furniture look easy. I'd provided an inventory of the items I wanted moved, and the rest (small furniture and boxes) we were doing ourselves. I'd been quoted based on two hours' work. The guys loaded up the agreed items super quickly, then looked around and offered to take some of the smaller pieces of furniture as well. They ended up moving almost all the furniture in our four bedroom house (leaving only a desk and filing cabinet for us to move along with the boxes), and managed to load, transport and unload (new house was only a one minute drive up the road) in the agreed two hours almost to the minute, with nothing broken or damaged. The guys were friendly, polite, respectful, and fast. I couldn't be happier.

Office LocationACT, Canberra

Have a back up plan. Take a close look at their logo, coz that's how it feels.

My wife and I booked Two men and a truck to move us from our 1 bedroom apartment.

We have a baby and a toddler - So we thought it might be a good way for us to remove some of the stress that comes with moving.

We had ourselves ready. I've taken the day off from running my 1 man business, fridge off, kids beds packed, along with clothes and most of their nappies - ready to pull the trigger. My wife takes off to the new location with kids in tow (on a nice hot canberra day) thinking these guy aren't going to be long.

Little did we know that the book time slot allocated to us (11-1) would turn into at we'll be there at 1230 to disregard that, it won't be til 4/430........ummmm we're running late make it 530. My wife and kids have been waiting at the new place, no food nappies running low. Tired and exhausted, stress levels high

Well two men and a truck (literally) do arrive at 530 and park out on the grass in front of the complex that the Body Corp is super keen about, I say you should not park there fellas, you'll get your butt kicked - response 'ehhhh, it's the end of the day'

I start writing on my phone a email to two men and truck with a complaint.

Ok well. They get the paperwork out tell me I have to sign stuff - I don't. They start moving and I'm thinking, this is going to take ages, so I start helping. This takes an hour before they leave.

Email is responded to with 'sorry, we've escalated this'....

We all get to the house (about 20min away) unpack within a hour and they leave at near on 745/8.

The next day, I've taken half a day off to clean the old place, coz I couldn't do it the day before like planned and I see that we've already been charged (less the 12 hours) - despite our complaint and it's apparent 'escalation' I send a email again outlining that this is bad edicate, they try calling - I'm busy cleaning.

Hopefully will have this resolved. It not holding my breath. Take a close look at their logo, that's how we feel.

Office LocationACT, Canberra

Professional move

Moved 4 hours north of Melbourne in the middle of intense rain (Hume Fwy flooded) but the 2 guys moving our things were fantastic, excellent service. Highly recommended.

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne, Truganina

Exceptional Customer Care

In what was Sydney's biggest rainfall in 44 years, I was extremely hesitant to go ahead with my scheduled house-to-apartment move however Sean assured me every duty of care would be met from Josh and his team. I think this was one of the smoothest moves I've ever done. They called to confirm and then again on approach, showing up on time, had the whole truck packed within 45 minutes. The destination location was tricky being an apartment, sloping driveway and no shelter from the wind/rain and despite the three levels of stairs, Josh and his team were exceptional. Not one issue or problem, placed everything where it needed to go and were courteous and polite. The whole move was four hours door-to-door with a 30 minute distance from both locations, in peak, with torrential weather. I cannot recommend TMAAT highly enough. I hope they enjoyed the well deserved coffee and donuts!

Office LocationNSW, Sydney, St Leonards

High Recommendation

TMAAT were outstanding.

I had a team of 4 professionals.

They were timely, dependable, extremely careful, efficient, skilled and experienced with the relocation.

I was so impressed. I would recommend them highly and will definitely be using them for my next move.

To all the team both on the ground (HO) and with the relocation - thank you so very much!

M O'Reilly

Office LocationNSW, Sydney, St Leonards

Best People Ever!

Two Men And A Truck moved us from Sydney to Queensland . It was a big move requiring 2x20ft containers. We had packed 35 plastic tubs, 50 card board boxes! A full pilates studio, comprised of sophisticated, hard to handle and heavy equipment. An Editing studio. And then a full 4 bedroom house. Not to mention some big pot plants that my wife wasn’t prepared to leave behind. The house we were moving out from was at the bottom of a steep driveway which the trucks couldn’t access, so we had to use 2 utes. Basically, all the potential for a nightmare move.

Well... Sean got us organised. Told us how to pack those boxes with efficiency and care. Was spot on on his estimate of space and time needed. And his quote was very competitive. Everything went according to plan and schedule. Amazing!

We have no words to express our gratitude to both the Sydney crew, Michael, Daniel, Jordan, Bruno P, Bruno M and Felipe and our Queensland crew Mike, Stephen, Claudio, Ciro, Leo and Bruno. These boys worked as hard as I’ve ever seen anyone working. They were careful, gentle in their handling and very smart on the packing of the containers. And same on the way out. To our surprise (one always expects some loss), there was not a single broken or lost item! Not a broken glass (and we had many!)

But best of all, was the attitude, the smiles and laughs, the encouragement, and not hearing a single complain. Kudos to these boys. If we ever have to move again, we’ll know whom to call.

Office LocationNSW, Sydney, St Leonards

courteous and competent

This was a small move but important to us as it involved a very heavy dining table and 8 chairs which we could not have managed by ourselves. Both team members were well-mannered and smiled and were very competent in their task.

Office LocationACT, Canberra

Unreliable. Dishonest. Everything you don't want in a removal company...

If you want a removalist that fails to show up (MULTIPLE times), lies to you, doesn't answer their phone and doesn't apologise, then this is the business for you.

Otherwise, avoid Two men and a Truck Canberra at all costs: unreliable, dishonest and no regard for their customers. I've used White Knight removalists in the past...highly recommend them instead!

Explanation: we booked Two Men and a Truck to move house for Friday at 3pm...they didn't show up. No call, no apology, nothing. We wait until 4:30pm before we called: they finally answer and say their current job has run overtime and they could maybe get to our job at 7:30pm, or we could be their first job and #1 priority the next day at 7am sharp, so we agree.

The next day we get up early. 7am...no show. 8am...still not there. 830am, we call, sit on hold for 20 minutes, they finally answer and say they have gone to another job and will get to us by 930am (so much for us being their first job of the day!).

It gets to 930am...no show. We call them again at 10am and now they claim their truck is broken down and has been since 7am (so their "other job" was obviously a lie) and their spare truck is busy with another job, maybe they'll get to us by 3pm if we're lucky. What a joke.

In the end I hired a truck from Kennards (who were great!) and had to move everything myself.

Two Men and Truck never apologised, never explained what happened and never seemed to care that they had stuffed up so badly. If minus 5 stars was an option, I'd select it.

If anyone wants evidence of their terrible service, I can show the (multiple) booking confirmations, my phone call history of the 20 times I had to call them and my receipt from Kennards for the tuck I had to hire last minute.

Office LocationACT, Canberra

Great team

My move was a bit complicated, partially emptying a large house and moving most of the contents to a storage unit which I hadn't seen before. I was a bit stressed but the TMAAT team were calm and made it easy. The guys arrived on time, were courteous and careful, and were not fazed by having to move a piano and cram everything into a storage space. They fitted it all in well... and carefully wrapped up some sofas, which has given us peace of mind until we decide what to do with them. We will use you for the next stage of our next move... in a few weeks!

Office LocationNSW, Sydney, St Leonards

Would never use or recommend

1 room assisted living to another assisted living, 6 items, bed, night stand, love seat, recliner, TV, Entertainment Center. Approx 35 minutes travel from 1 to other.
Our "window" was 11am - 1pm was called at 12:30 to expect at 1:30 they were. One of the moving team had bad attitude from the beginning, he was rough with furniture had me sign off all paper work in hallway instead of in the room they moved furniture from, thus I found out too late that they had forgotten the power cord to bed which I had to retrieve and install myself which was very hard at that point. They never "covered" the mattress. I took a dresser, 2 boxes and a end table off the move and the price did not change at all in fact it went up? Charge was $456 ended up $488, time did not chg 2 hrs, only change was 4 less items to move should have been less right? I was done dealing with [name removed]'s attitude even the manager at assisted living commented on his attitude! Will never use again and never recommend, have already had opportunity to "not recommend" and did so.

Office LocationGreenwood Indiana

Awesome removalists - interstate move went perfectly to plan.

My final items arrived yesterday, as planned. Thanks very much. We had a fantastic and highly professional service from TMAAT and will be recommending you guys to others.

The level of care taken with my stuff was brilliant and the whole thing went extremely smoothly, not easy for an interstate job.

Many thanks to you and the team.

Office LocationNSW, Sydney, St Leonards

Great stuff

We moved a three bedroom house to another three bedroom house and the guys were great. Got to ours right when they said they would and got to work straight away. They didnt stuff around, were friendly and communicated well. Highly recommend..

Office LocationACT, Canberra

Moving made easy! 100% would use again

Moved a 2 bedroom town house to a two story duplex, they called me at 11 on the dot which is the start time I was given and got to work straight away. First time using movers as I’ve always done it myself in the past and I’m blown away by two men and a truck. We have a lot of heavy and difficult furniture and the two guys who moved us never once complained and just got on with it. They were lovely and professional and never stopped working! They were so polite while being kind and understanding that moving is a stressful time, they made sure we were happy and everything was in its place. I want to extend a huge thank you to them and I would 100% be using them again, would highly recommend!

Office LocationNSW, Sydney, St Leonards

Very good

We moved our 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment in Newstead to our new home in Hemmant (A distance of about 15km). We were grateful that the two men arrived early as per our request. Initially the men scoped out what needed to be taken and quickly advised us that our bed frames would have to be dismantlement as they would not fit into the elevator. The men were very careful with all of our goods and made sure not to damage them or the property. The truck was packed very well. They drove very carefully and this insured that nothing was damaged during transit. When we arrived in Hemmant they men helped unpack the truck and move large items to where they needed to be.

All in all I was very impressed.

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane

I am highly disappointed!!!!

I am highly disappointed!!!! In the past I used this company twice, once for my personal move and once to move the business office where I am working. I had to move again last weekend on 12/05/2018 so I decided to choose this company again as the service was good. And It was wrong decision. I felt that Two Men and a Truck tried to rip off client. The size of truck was sent for 2 bedroom apartment was very small. I was moving within 6km only and the removalists had go twice from old to new place - of course without taking all my belongings. If my friends didn't help me i guess they will have to stay much much longer which will cost me a fortune.

Office LocationNSW, Sydney, St Leonards

Terrible move

Terrible damage done to console table. Three bedroom apartment. The move was done within Sydney.
The removalists refused to give a discount.
We are very unhappy with the situation.
The move was very slow.

Office LocationNSW, Sydney, St Leonards

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How do I contact 2 men and a truck?
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Hi Lorraine. Their website is here: http://www.twomen.com.au/ they have different numbers across Oz.Thank you for responding. We do however have the same number Australia wide which is 1300 880 412

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