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4.6 from 1,486 reviews

It was able to find the brand and model tyre I was after without me having to spend a heap of time a

I did not have to fit the item myself so this area does not apply to me. Thanks you. Deese.

Good Value

Managed to find tyres, reasonably close to me, at a very good price. The dealer was also very efficient and helpful.

Found the right tyre at the right price

The links and navigation was simple, the businesses I was directed to were able to help me, overall it was an excellent way to find the product I was looking for.

Handy to know prices but didn't end up getting tyres yet could do with the voucher thanks

Didn't end up buying the tyres yet but will use this service ones I really have to get some new tyres

Use of Tyre compare website

Easy to navigate website.
Only minor issue is that nominated tyre dealers email back saying you are booked in without qualifying the enquiry.
Not a big issue though.
Service from tyre dealer was excellent.

Amazing prices and amazing customer service

The product hasn't been delivered. It's dispatched from sydney.

New tyre purchase

Enquired about purchase of a certain tyre, and the price. Got 4 replies. Chose best. Got good service at the best price quoted.

beaut comparisons

Very helpful site with huge range of choise. Most helpful all the information at one source. I fould the tyres I was looking for at a reasonable price and local supplier as well. Recommend the site and the experience.

excellent site

I found this site invaluable in choosing the right tyre for my vehicle and whom i should purchase it from , unbelievable difference in pricing between competitors, so it was pleasing to find the best deal possible

Great website easy to use

Very easy to use product selection was great and the website was very helpful and thanks again for the quick response to my requests on both tyre size

tyred and emotional

i am full of praise for the service that TyreCompare perform.
i have bought two sets of tyres from them and i estimate i saved $500.
the tyres i bought and fitted to a 4WD (Nissan Patrol) have completely eliminated the shuddering in the steering that i have put up with through at least 6 other brands of tyres.
the tyres to a Peugeot 207 are the quietest and best performing i have had on that car.
both sets were picked entirely on the suggestions on the TyeCompare website .
the whole process of ordering and having them fitted locally is great!

Its great. It takes a lot of the hassle out of having to go from site to site

Very satisfied. It gave me quite a range to choose from which made it easier to make my decision. Thank you

Perfect service

Great service, they found a bush was missing while I was getting new tyres. They worked hard after hours to get me back on the road asap.

Perfect! I was looked after very well

Easy to find store. I'm Happy with my 4 new Scorpion verde run flat tyres . Good services was provided

Super easy to use I love it

I was so happy it was very easy to use and the price comparison were excellent I with definitely use it agian

Quick flick

Great range easy site to manoeuvre through. Will be back when ready to purchase. Why do you need twenty words though

Great Deal

I knew what brand and size tyres I wanted. Tyre compare were cheaper then any of the other sites i visited and then to cap it all off I got an even bigger discount when they had 4 tyres for the same price as 3. I could not have asked for a better deal

Fast service.

I am very satisfied with Tyre Compare.com.au. Easy to use service and fast response that saved me over $200. I would highly recommend this service.

Very quick response

I put my request in at night and the next morning a tyre shop rang with different options. Excellent service recommend to everyone.

The best one stop tyre shop.

Very helpful website. I am a very busy man and I am.always fighting for time and tyre compare was a blessing in disguise. I needed 4 new tyres for Mr Nissan X trail 4x4. Took me less than a minute to find the best tyres for my vehicle. very easy navigation and the 4 tyres that's was installed for me are of top quality. Very professional service. Thank you.

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I need seven tyres for a boat trailer the existing tyres are as new about 2000 klm and the spare has never been used the tyres are six years old because the load capacity is 4 tonne I have to get a roadworthy every 12 mths. Question is how do you know the age of the tyre you are buying and is this reflected in the price ? How much for 7 225/7 OR 15 C 8 PR light truck tyres delivered and fitted to Mackay Q L D
No answers

Hi guys I have a question about some tyres that were fitted to my territory the tyre only has highway 001 on them so was wondering who makes them and what’s the price?
1 answer
Hi Terry, I am happy to answer this for you but will need more information. You can submit of photo of this tyre here on: www.tyrecompare.com.au and I will email you back what the make, model and size is with local pricing. R Matt

J-Trax H/T Highway - 001 tyres for SUV from Bob Jane, are they any good?
2 answers
HI Brad, I am sorry but we have no experience with this tyre.Hi Brad, did you go for the J-Trax?

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