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Ultimate Sleep Comfort-U

Ultimate Sleep Comfort-U

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Excellent for tall people!!


The pillow arrived very quickly and was a lot more compact in the shipping box than I expected! I am 6 feet tall and it is perfect for me. It’s very comfortable and doesn’t lose it’s volume, very good for side sleeping - you will never need to buy another body pillow again! Great quality and I love that the pillow case comes with it for free.



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Best body pillow



Love this pillow


I bought this pillow 2 months ago, so I have given it a good trial. I have to say I love it. I am 20 weeks pregnant and the support it has given me is amazing. It helps me sleep on my side, which I never did before. I can tuck it between my knees so it keeps me aligned. If I am watching TV in bed I can prop it up to support me. I cant sleep without it now.



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Great quality firm cushion for pregnancy


I can never seem to find the right pillow that supports my front side and back side during pregnancy to ease the pains at night time! This pillow gives you the right support that you need and its so comfortable that my husband often naps with it. The pillow material is soft and breathable as well as being practical as you can remove to wash. The cover is extremely easy to remove and put on also. I love it, can't sleep without it!!!

Full Body Pillow

Full Body PillowNew York , NY

nice product


I've been using this pillow for 7 months and cannot sleep without it. Before owning this pillow I had to "build a nest" of several pillows to relieve pain caused by fibromyalgia, bulging discs, and osteoarthritis.very nice product for pregnant women good product ever always See more at here



Best pregnancy pillow by a long shot!


I bought the Ultimate Sleep Comfort-U Pillow in the third trimester of my first pregnancy and in hindsight wish I had bought it the moment I found out I was pregnant. I had previously used 4 standard pillows to awkwardly prop myself onto my side (I am most comfortable lying on my back), which was not only ineffective, but extremely uncomfortable. Fast forward to now (in the third trimester of my second pregnancy) and I am completely dependent on the full body support gained by the comfort-u pillow, from head to shoulders, tummy, knees and ankles in order to get any sleep at all! Also doubles up as a fantastic reading/tv viewing pillow, as you can prop yourself up and get great full body support.

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Perfect pregnancy pillow


I bought this pillow when I was 4 months pregnant. I'm a stomach sleeper normally and this helped me stay on my side rather than roll onto my stomach. The fact that it covers both sides of your body also means that you can turn in your sleep without needing to move the pillow (which is a problem with many other pregnancy pillows).



I would not have survived pregnancy without it!


Having support around my whole body has been a god-send during my pregnancy. I usually sleep on my stomach, so it was a tough transition to always be on my side. But with the Comfort-U pillow I can still get the sense that I've got support under my front, legs, and along my back and shoulders. I really notice a difference if I don't have it now!

Best pillow ever!!


Total comfort, all over!


Over the weekend at the Brisbane Baby Expo I purchase the Fossflakes Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow. For the first time last night it put me to sleep the whole night, and I didn't get any pins and needles down my legs. Being 24 weeks pregnant, I was waking up every night in pain, but now Im not. Very excited to go to bed again tonight. Great support, and comfort!!!
My partner now wants one, and he said it's not fair I get all the love and snug now :) haha!

It's good for entertainment


I like this pillow its very comfortable piece and I like how it comes wif a cover so that I don't need worry if I make it dirty. How ever this pillow it's a bit inconvenience to use it over night because it's too big and heavy. I will prefer use when I'm reading books or some other entertainment. I will have breastfeeding soon so I will try it as a breastfeeding pillow see how it goes.

I love it!


I slept my first night with the Comfort U junior on the weekend and I didn't wake with an aching lower back! I am 15 weeks pregnant and so it has helped a lot with my hips, before I just could not get comfortable and a regular pillow just didn't cut it. Thanks for the help!



Totally Amazing comfort - Best investment ever


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Not what I expected


I bought it because if my back pain and because I thought it would help ease the pain as I prohress with my pregnancy. I find the product great when it comes to using it seating. However, sleeping with it is very uncomfortable. The U pillow is really hard and very high to sleep on, which gave me very bad neck pain when I woke up the next day.
It is also extremely heavy, I don't see how pregnant women in their first trimester are able to use it because of the weight of the pillow (if you have to move it). Apart form the sleeping I will Use it, but not worth the money.

A good night of sleep at last


My wife is in her second tri-semester. Her sleep quality started to deteriorate due to sore back so i decided to search for a maternity pillow for her. After reading a few reviews I decided to order comfort U from ultimate sleep. After the first night of sleep, she wakes up with a joy on her face saying that is best night of sleep she had for a while. I am glad that we have got a right pillow for her as a good night of sleep is very important for a pregnant mum.



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Amazing pillow, makes such a difference!


I got this pillow fairly early in my pregnancy because I was starting to get ligament pains. It was the best investment ever, it really helps me to get comfortable no matter what position I'm lying in and helps to manage back pain associated with pregnancy.
The thing I like most about this pillow is that it's the only one I could find with natural fibres, everything other brand was synthetic and makes you prone to overheating - which you do not need while pregnant!

best pillow ever!


While i was pregnant, i couldnt get comfy. I did a little research and found the body pillow. The BEST thing i ever bought while pregnant! Amazing nights sleep every night. Even now, i still use it. Even my husband would use the pillow when im not. Seriously the best thing i bought while pregnant!

Gloria C

Gloria CBrisbane

This is awesome!


My hubby bought this for me as a surprise as i was complaining about the lower back pain due to pregnancy. This u-shape pillow has lessen the pain and now i cant sleep without it. He also got the 3-1 nursing pillow for breastfeeding and I'm yet to try it :) The downside is the size of the pillow as it takes up half of our queen size bed



Best. Thing. Ever.


I bought one of these for my pregnant wife. But really, as her husband, I want one myself. It's like she sleeps on a cloud. Being so comfortable, her and the dogs fight for it. I don't stand a chance.

Kali Schembari

Kali SchembariCranbourne

This is perfect


This is perfect for me now that I'm 6months pregnant, can't sleep without it, I highly recommend this to anyone that is suffering from any kind of back pain, hip, pelvic pain etc.

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Questions & Answers

Nathan Evans

Nathan Evansasked

I'm looking for one of these Comfort U full size pillow for my autistic son..he has outgrown his smaller one , I hope someone can point me in the right direction..thanks

1 answer

Hi Nathan,
I purchased mine from www.ultimatesleep.com.au
Currently pregnant with my 3rd baby in 3 years and the pillow is still going strong - my baby and toddler love to climb all over it and play in it also, so it has been used well.

All the very best!

Veronica Snelson

Veronica Snelsonasked

Does it go lumpy eventually? Most of ours have., especially after washing.

1 answer

No is doesn't. I've had mine for nearly 3 years now. Every time i washed it,i it went back to its original state.

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