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Ultimate You

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Wonderful gym program!

If you work hard and follow the rules of the program it will work in your favour and you’ll get results! I just received my money back today after successfully completing the program 6 weeks ago. If you’re committed you’ll gain lots from this great program and meet some lovely people along the way. I highly recommend!

Value for Money
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Thank you for the review Alison! It is so wonderful to hear you loved your experience. We hope you’ve learned a lot and received a lot of value from your time with us an we cannot wait to serve you again in other programs and services we offer :) Thank you for being a part of UY!!

What you see & do is what you get - No Regrets!!

I'll admit I was sceptical and hunted for the catch - refreshingly it was all very clear & there isn't one! I'd tried a few similar "challenges" this one was by far the simplest and most succesful. I signed up at Mount Waverley & have attended classes at 3 centres so far - all been down to earth & honest, no gimmicks, no pretensions, no judgement, no lululemon, - but lots of camaraderie, group support & laughs. It's not easy, if you give 100% you get the results & more. The change in mindset & focus is even more rewarding than dropping dress sizes.

Value for Money
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This is so fantastic to read! Thank you so much for your time in writing this review! We love that you loved it and we are so grateful to have you in our UY community. Well done on your success!!

Ultimate YOU helped me become Ultimate ME!

As a 53 year female I’ve always considered myself as fairly fit and healthy. I was particularly interested in doing the challenge to take my exercise to a new level, to tone my body and learn more about nutrition and develop an athletes mindset of commitment and stamina.
The Bikini Challenge was an incredible journey over 6 weeks plus.

Not only did I reach my highest level of fitness ever, I now have so much more energy than I had before. All my life I have never been a morning person and now I spring out of bed at 6am every morning ready to seize the day. I was amazed at the transformation and motivation within me and learnt so much about myself and what I am capable of.

Being surrounded by supportive, knowledgeable, friendly trainers and members was phenomenal. The UY Gym was my 2nd home and was always someone at hand to keep me motivated and on track.

My heartfelt thanks to Awesome Andrea and Andy and the UY Trainers for such an Amazing experience!

Value for Money

Want to know why I love Ultimate You?

This gym is a magical place, but it’s not mystical – you can’t just sign up, walk in and the gym gods grant you a healthy fit body - it takes work and dedication.
Their classes are fun and challenging every day!!
Their coaches are a wealth of knowledge and actually know your name and care about your progress…
Members who I can honestly now call my dear friends.
Programs and meal plans that actually work – to date I’ve completed 5 challenges - I’m hooked and absolutely love my gains, I can’t thank UY enough for teaching me how to train, how to meal prep, how to believe in myself again.
It’s my stress relief, where I can go and forget my problems for a couple hours, I love walking in slightly terrified and walking out feeling completely accomplished.
I love the sweating till I’m soaked, wearing calluses like a badge of honour on my hands and the UY fit fam community vibe.
If you want to lose weight, build yourself up but just not sure – Ultimate You is your starting platform.

Surround yourself with fitness-minded people, the positivity is contagious!

Value for Money

Life changing, mind altering, confidence building, fitness family.

If you are reading these reviews because you have fear of change don’t read another review. No one else can tell you what your experience will be but you. Life is exactly what you make of it. However, let me share with you MY experience with Ultimate You! I have never in my life been more fit and more healthy physically and mentally than I am today at 40 years of age! I chose to make a change and challenge myself late November 2018. I have completed a 5in4,9in6, lean and tone, beach body phase 1 and currently working on phase 2. I have lost a total of 23 kilos and gained so much more than muscle over this time span. I now have a strength both physically and mentally I never had before, a confidence in myself and my ability to conquer any feat I may come across. I am surrounded daily by the most positive and uplifting supportive people that I now consider like family. I have a knowledge of how to make conscience healthy nutrition choices to better fuel my body. Like anyone some days are more difficult than others but every time I leave the gym I find myself saying “I’m really glad I made it today!” I feel rewarded for each workout! The trainers and my fellow warriors help me feel that way everyday. The camaraderie that you feel in classes is electric and contagious. I will forever be grateful for reading that Facebook post and thinking, “ Why the hell not? What have I got to lose?”.

Value for Money

A home away from home

A great place to make new friends and keep motivated. This place has given me so much in the past 2 years I have been going, it is now my home away from home. The trainers will push you to your goals and beyond what you thought you could do.
The rest of the members are great and friendly, there are no egos!
Whether you’re a beginner or advanced there’s something for everyone and everyone around you wants to help you succeed with your transformation in every aspect!

Value for Money

A place for everyone. Life changing!

I was always an obese person, my whole life I battled this. Food was my comfort, then I turned to a very addictive drug for 3 years. After finally escaping the addiction, I fell into depression & realised I was going from one addiction to another & still battling my weight/health. Something had to give. I've joined many gyms, walked in the doors, walked on a treadmill & went home. That's it. A friend tagged me in a Ultimate You post, I thought about it for so long. I finally got the courage to do it & it changed my life forever, I joined October 2018. The classes were so much fun & learning to weight train on my own was epic. I Smashed out a 9in6 challenge & didn't stop. I became a member & now I'm there everyday & with the help of the Ultimate You Nutritionist, Coaches & members, I'm going for my dream. I am so happy and so much more healthier.
Such an amazing community, supportive people that have been through many battles of their own.
You remember your first day of school? Scared, nervous, shy? But then you meet amazing friends, you grow confidence and have incredible support. That's how it is, I can't tell you how much this has changed my life. Don't wait, Don't think. Just do it!

Value for Money

A must join for those looking to get fit and healthy!!!

Great classses, great culture and great programs. I started my journey with Ultimate You last year doing their 9 in 6 program. Unfortunately I didn't lose the 9 kilos even though most people do. I however, gained an increase in my fitness, flexibility, knowledge and most importantly I felt great. It was like I had unlocked something within. I completed another program and have also just finished round 1 of their bikini body program in which I am now doing phase 2.

I love this place, I love the people. I've never had a bad experience and there is always someone to help if you need it.

I also love how they have their own nutritionist and sauna as well aa events like the warrior games.

Very welcoming and you feel right at home.

Value for Money

I started very skeptical of the 9 in 6 program but absolutely loved it...

I had been suffering from a few injuries which made me stack on a lot of weight...
I was really concerned with my arm because i had already ruptured my bicep tendon...
The team at UY Tulla were amazing and very supportive huge shout out to Bec, Sarah and Alan who where there to help me drop a massive 11kgs in 6 weeks....
After this Georgia and Trent convinced me to take on the challenge of Muscle Camp which took my fitness and strength to what it used to be when i was in my early 20’s...
2 years later I’m still in shape and still training at Tella... Tessa and all the friends i have made make this place a second home...
I highly recommend coming down and having a chat with the UY Team....

Value for Money

A cult of self hate that will mess you up

This program was genuinely traumatic and left me with long term mental and physical health problems. I deeply regret doing the program. And am ashamed I fell for their so obviously nonsense marketing. They target working class/ low income people, especially but not only women. And like the rest of the weight loss industry pray on and exploit people’s insecurities.

The basic premise is you join a cult with other self hating insecure people and submit every aspect of your life to restrictive rules and sociopathic leaders. You give them $500 which you get back at the end of the 6 weeks IF you have lost at least 9kg’s and followed all their crazy rules:
Change your fb profile picture to “I took the 6 week 9kg challenge” they tell you at the time of signing up that you will have the gym logo. I was so embarrassed to be advertising rapid weight loss- I had thought the gym logo was just going to be some obscure thing that my fb friends wouldn’t recognise
A humiliating public weigh in, in your underwear and hold up a sign with your weight on it for the photos (once at the beginning and once at the end)
Do 5 of their full on cardio work out classes a week. A big jump if you don’t usually work out like that
Publicly check in and post about each session
Follow their starvation style diet- it was like Keto but on steroids. And even the evil people selling Keto as a weight loss program recommend against much exercise when you start their diet

Those of you around diet circles would have heard of the “Keto flue” Most unethical trainers and dieticians will tell you it’s okay and your body adjusts. This is crap - that horrible sickness you get is from depriving your body of useful and import nutritiants. Well I got the so called “Keto Flue” at least three times in a 6 week period with the last one almost knocking me out completely. I was in bed for 3 days barely able to move- I was too exhausted to eat, to read, to even watch Netflix. I lay there with a fever for days, struggling to even go to the bathroom. And of course I then had to make up for missing sessions while I was sick by doubling up on classes, they don’t accept any time off for illness. I also fainted multiple times outside of the more extreme “Keto flue” periods. They say you’re going to get a personalised meal plan - LIE! You’re all on the same thing. They say you can reach out to their nutritionist if you’re having problems with the diet and she would adjust it. LIE! I reached out more than once literally begging for help all I ever got was “Stick to the damn plan”

The work out sessions are not appropriate for everyone. When I noticed the classes were inflaming an old work injury and asked not to do the classes and if I could work out on my own I was told No- they do give you slight alternatives during the class but they still push hard yelling mad things like “pain is just weakness leaving the body” - I told you it’s a sadistic cult

More than once I saw my fellow self hating cult members breaking down in tears during classes, in the overcrowded and under ventilated locker room and of course the weigh in’s. More than once I was one of those people. Sometimes someone would pull you aside and whisper before looking around “add just a little bit of carbs to your food” while true believers cheered you on to keep killing yourself,

By the end of the six weeks I’d realised how bad the whole thing was. Don’t get me wrong I knew well beforehand that rapid weight loss and cutting out carbs and fruit was bad for you. I just didn’t realise quite how bad this was going to be. Like everyone else I even further restricted food and liquids 2 days out for the final weigh in and completely starved myself for the 24 hours leading into the weigh in. If you don’t meet the weight loss goal you get an hour to “loose the weight” the recommendation I heard is to spend some time on the spin bike and then in the sauna without drinking water ie dehydrate yourself!

They make you do an exit interview on camera… by doing the program you agree that they can use anything they have of you for promotional purposes. Having lost a horrifying and unhealthy 11kg’s there wasn’t anything I could do to stop them using my photos but I wore a T-shirt advertising a rival gym and in my exit interview I talked about how damaging the program was. I can be pretty confident they won’t use the video of me. Even after the weigh out, the photo in your underwear and the interview on camera we were forced to line up for like an hour plus on the last day in order to be released from the cult. The women around me in the line like me had come to hate the ultimate u cult and we’re preparing to give the final trainer a piece of their mind. I advised against saying just make an excuse and get out of there don’t let them trap you in a conversation.

Alas they did not take my advice. I watched the trainers work them hard, saying things like you can’t do this on your own, you’re just going to put all that weight back on again if you go out there without us, I saw the young woman go from determined to defensive pleading that she had learnt her lesson and could do it herself …. were we ending a weight loss program or getting out of prison?! I tried to be polite and exit quick but I too was punished. I said my partner got a surprise promotion and had to move to WA in two weeks. (Said partner was entirely fictitious as was any move to Perth) I thought I had out whittled them and I had in that there was no viable counter argument to my having to move, but he still tried to make me feel guilty and I had to wait another 20 minutes while he went to “deal” with something before he came back to sign my release papers.

Oh and that $500 they were meant to give you back, I got it back but not for something like 6 months.

That was about 2 years ago. And since doing the hellish program I’ve suffered serious mental and physical health problems as a result. The worsening of an injury that I’m now awaiting surgery to heal and badly disordered eating and damaged self confidence.

Seriously this crap is whack! Don’t do it. If you have concerns about your body image, nutrition, physical fitness or strength try checking out ‘Healthy at every size’ medical and health care practitioners. This website has some handy resources: https://www.eatlovelive.com.au

Value for Money
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Regrettably, upon doing our due diligence in locating the source of the review, we have found that this is a fabricated story from a disgruntled former employee. Anon, as your former employer, we are concerned for the plight that you are in from your departure from Ultimate You. Please be aware however that Ultimate You has privacy policies in place that prohibit discussion of the company and/or programs and we will be recommending strict adherence to these policies. It is disappointing to see that you have placed your need to slander the company ahead of the lives we are helping to change on a daily basis. The fabrication of lies in the review not only hurts the business but others too and we hope that you put an end to your quest to cause further damage. We'd like to mention that if anyone has any questions about how our program works and/or what is on the nutritional plan (or what isn't), we always practise transparency and are upfront about our approach so feel free to chat to us about this :) Contrary to the false review, here are our program facts: 1. The weigh in is not humiliating and does not require "underwear only" photos. One of our clients has posted her before and after photo here on a review, and she is seen wearing long exercise tights. 2. The program rules strictly state that eliminating liquids or starving yourself is not allowed and that anyone found to be doing so will be removed from the program. 3. No exit interviews on camera are done for the program. On occasion we ask a client if they'd like to share their experience with us in a video testimonial and this is an optional request. 4. Carbs are not removed from the nutritional plan. We often recommend our clients to eat carbs such as sweet potato and quinoa and not to neglect them. We hope the above 4 points help anyone reading :) If there are more questions, please feel free to reach out to us via info@ultimateyou.com.au

Dangerous for mental and physical health.

Do not do the 9in6 program. There are better ways to create a healthy lifestyle. I made a huge mistake by doing this challenge and I am here to share my story with you in hopes that you will find healthier ways to meet your goal weight. You might know that weight loss does not happen quickly. When you saw an ad stating you could lose 9kg for free in 6 weeks, maybe a thought crossed your mind that you know it seems a bit unrealistic/unhealthy, but you want to lose the weight so .... just do it? NO. Don't ignore your instincts telling you that restrictive dieting is bad for you. I was that person and I am disappointed in myself for putting my body through such unhealthy measures just to get the body that will finally make me "happy". Let me tell you, it did not make me happy. I am a personal trainer and I study exercise sciences. I would have never recommended such an intense way of losing weight to one of my clients so I am ashamed that I let myself do it. If you are someone who struggles with self-image, which you might be if you are contemplating this challenge, then I STRONGLY recommend against it. I have never felt worse about my body and my mental health since doing this challenge. It is taking me a long time to get back on my feet.

I am a genuinely happy person. I am physically active, love working out, and love pushing myself. I can honestly say those six weeks were the most mentally challenging that I have ever experienced. I didn't find the workout frequency too tough because I already workout five times per week, however, the restrictive meal plan was very tough. I was a relatively healthy eater prior to this challenge, but you have to cut out nearly all carbs, dairy, most liquids etc. It causes fast weight loss for sure, but I do not recommend it and I will tell you why.

I never went off the meal plan and worked very hard at the gym. I have never felt so much restriction from my typical life. For example, It completely stunted my social life because it was tough to sit with friends while they ate, and going out at night was not worth it either, so I just didn't socialize. It also caused me to crave foods that I had never even liked or desired because my body was starving. It literally consumed my thoughts every single day. Like I said I am a pretty happy girl, and I was an emotional wreck. When I finally made it to the last day I was so happy that I could get back to my normal life... which is not the point of this challenge. they say the point is to make lifestyle changes, but in 6 weeks of restrictive dieting, you arent making lifestyle changes, you are just doing a form of extreme dieting which commonly causes people to relapse. ANYWAY, I lost over 9kg. Met my goal... sounds great right? NOPE.

I thought my struggles were done, but they had actually just begun. I was STARVING when I finished on the last day because I had to cut water and carbs down the last 2 days because I was so scared I wouldn't get my money back. When I tried to go back to eating normal meals again (not overly excessive, but more than the strict meal plan), and I involuntarily threw up 1-3 times every single day for a week. I could not keep anything down that had ANYTHING with sugar in it. I also got painfully bloated any time I had any trace of dairy. It's been three weeks and I still am bloated every single day.

This so called "life-changing" challenge has completely triggered binge eating, which can be caused by strict dieting. I have never felt so dissatisfied and so hungry in my life. I will eat a large meal and feel like I have not even eaten, but be full. I am eating way more, and way less healthy than I ever have in my life. I am literally hungry all the time. Its been two weeks and I've finally stopped the throwing up, and my digestive system is still unhappy with me but getting back to normal. I felt like I starved myself and now my body is trying to recover.

I have gained nearly all of the weight back. I wish I never did it. Before this challenge, I was eating relatively healthily and working out 5x a week. After the challenge, my diet has become uncontrollably horrendous and I have only been to the gym 2 times in the past two weeks because of my digestive issues.

If you are someone who feels like they can relate to ANY part of this long story, such as if you've had a history of eating disorders, have a family member with an eating disorder, have self-image issues, or just feel like your instincts are telling you it might not be the best thing for your body... then I strongly recommend against it. I hope that I can get back to my normal life soon, and I hope that this has stopped someone from joining if they were on the fence because I do not want ANYONE to go through what I have gone through in the past 2 months.

On a final note... Fortunately, I was refunded. It took about two weeks and a bit of reminding, but if you are in it for a quick fix, and don't have concern for your mental health..... then you do you. If you were worried about being scammed I can tell you that I did get my money back.

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Regrettably, upon doing our due diligence in locating the source of the review, we have found that this is a fabricated story from a disgruntled former employee. Anon, as your former employer, we are concerned for the plight that you are in from your departure from Ultimate You. Please be aware however that Ultimate You has privacy policies in place that prohibit discussion of the company and/or programs and we will be recommending strict adherence to these policies. It is disappointing to see that you have placed your need to slander the company ahead of the lives we are helping to change on a daily basis. The fabrication of lies in the review not only hurts the business but others too and we hope that you put an end to your quest to cause further damage.

Life changing

After so many fad diets and on and off finally I am able to stay i have reached my goal. weighed 115kg and down to 103 by 6 weeks, chose to go ahead with another challange and got to 94kg again. now currently doing lean and tone and down to 86.2 kg. Followed the diet plan and never felt better. I not only lost weight, the energy i have i through the roof. Thank you Ultimate you.

Value for Money
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Hi Gagan, you are an absolute superstar! What a transformation! We love that you talked about your energy - because energy is vital for life. We are so grateful to have you as part of our programs and community and cannot wait to hear more exciting changes to come! Thank you for your positive review and for taking the time to sharing your story in hopes of helping others take the plunge to make a lifelong change :)

Best decision i ever made for myself

Been an amazing journey. Was at 91 when I first weighed 91kg. Failed to follow nutrition. Went to 93kg wk3. I focused and dropped to 89kg on wk6. 4kgs in 3wks. Thanks to You all.

Value for Money
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OH MY GOSH! Well done Hafsa! This is incredible! We are so proud to hear of your experience! We can see from your results that you did an incredible job. Nutrition is so important and we are continuously working on helping our community fall in love with the kitchen so that we can make food not only healthy, but fun, delicious and part of a routine that is seen as fuss-free! We're so glad to see that you made a point to mention when your nutrition was off - so was your results. Let's keep that at the forefront and continue to aim high :) Thanks for sharing your review with us Hafsa!

UY Mt Waverley

I absolutely LOVED training at Ultimate You (Mt Waverley). I completed my 5in4 (but I didn't hit a 5kg loss), which I am OK with. It took me a little while to get use to the plan and the cooking side of meals. Eating 5 meals a day and drinking 4lt of water killed me in the first week, but then I figured it out by talking to other members.
I do not like gyms never have, never will, this is NOT a gym. Someone said to me it is like having an extended family, I must agree now, I have made some really good friends which I am sure will be continue to train together moving forward.
I thoroughly enjoy the group classes; everyone is very friendly and motivate you along your journey. Trust me it is hard for the first week. Your mind plays games on you, the staff at UY Mt Waverley told us this up front, they warned the group that many little thoughts will go through your head and how you can deal with those thoughts.
UY are adamant you need to join the FB page – DO IT, there are so many answers to many questions, if you cannot find the answer, throw the question out there and someone will tell you what they did. There are also lots of recipes which you will need.
I would like to thank all the staff at UY Mt Waverley for all their support, they helped me with my training and getting around a shoulder problem, not once were they rude or impatience, in classes they gave me alternative ways of doing an exercise.
Last thing I will say, you sign up for your personal reason, be it to get fitter, to lose some weight but you need to put the effort in, burpees are still not my friend, but I do them and I am getting better.
If an instructor is yelling, they are trying to motivate you, sounds weird but true. There are times they remind you why you joined - Remember you GOAL!

Value for Money
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Dear Cathy, thank you for your fantastic review! We've loved reading your experience - you told it like it is, there is no sugar-coating - it is tough! It's called a challenge for a reason... It wasn't called the "9in6 EASY", instead it's the "9in6 Challenge!" Your review will no doubt help many others realise that they have it within them to step up, because of the motivation, support system, nutritional approach and overall camaraderie offered by all at our centres. Thank you for your energy, love, support and time! We will pass on your awesome feedback to UY Mt Waverley! :)


My partner and I signed up to UY 9in6 program to shed a few extra kilos we both had put on over Winter (SEPT 18). We both dedicated ourselves to the program and both lost the 9 KG successfully.

Not only have we STILLLL not received our money back - our metabolism is absolutely wrecked from pushing our bodies to loose too much weight too quickly and have now put it all back on + MORE weight.

This 9in6 program is not only a scam, but it is dangerous for physical and mental health.

Value for Money
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Dear Rachael and Ryan, thank you for your review. We are so sorry to hear that your experience was a negative one. We believe that your refunds have now been processed. In fact, Ryan has received two refunds due to an error in processing. We are so sorry for the delay and have no excuses for the outcome of your experience. We can confirm from the crazy amount of money we have refunded to our clients that neither the program nor our business is a scam. We have 13 successfully running facilities around Australia, and saying it is a scam is simply untrue, although we understand why you may feel this way given you had delayed communication and was heavily inconvenienced. For this, we regret the experience you had and wish we had a chance to make it up to you. We can only apologise for the experience you've had. Regarding your other points, your metabolism would very likely be wrecked if you'd strayed off healthy eating once the program completed and this is something we continue to stress to all our clients that healthy eating habits must be implemented for life, if longterm results is something we want! What normally happens after a weight loss program when people go back to bad habits is they start consuming lots of sugars, trans-fats, processed foods and do no exercise. By yo-yoing with diets and weight loss programs - it is a surefire way to wreck our metabolisms, and it's because of the constant dieting VS inflammation from processed foods that cause our bodies to react badly. We are passionate about educating our community about this which is why we've designed the Aftermath programs as a level 2 transition from the 9in6 in order to teach clients how to transition and implement foods gradually into our lifestyle. We wanted to make it clear to you our position on what we do for our clients on a daily basis as we feel that whilst this has been your experience, we also have thousands of clients who have succeeded in this program with healthy metabolisms, bloodwork coming back clearer, medications taken off their list and so on and so forth, and we felt it was important that other people reading the review understand the perks of the program from our point of view. We hope that one day you will be willing to chat about your experience and offer us the opportunity to provide you with a resolution that will suit. In the mean time, if there is anything else we can to to make it up to you, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you Rachael and Ryan :)


I went in for the information session at Cheltenham preparing to join in and to know the structure. But it turned out to be an informal chat and I found the staff abrupt. She had prepared in her mind that I am not going to join so her talks didn't motivate me further instead I started giving 2 nd thought on what I was getting into.I guess you have to be sure that ur joining before walking in not jus for information .

Value for Money
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Hello Poonam! We are so sorry to hear of your experience. We have passed on your feedback to UY Cheltenham and we are looking forward to improving ourselves and our standards across the board! It is always our intentions to serve our clients from heart space. Sometimes because we are so focused on helping our clients take action on the goals they have set, we can very easily be misunderstood as abrupt. Please accept our apologies for making you feel this way - but know that we are dedicated to helping our clients take charge of their lives, make firm and quick decisions on the things that are of utmost priority (such as health!) and therefore can very easily be mistaken as forward and upfront, when all we are trying to be is honest and to offer some tough love. If you want some motivation, please visit our website www.ultimateyou.com.au or check us out on Instagram as we have a tonne of motivational videos and interviews done by our coaches and clients, and you'll soon learn that Ultimate You offers a no bullshit approach that thrives on support, true genuine love and care for our clients' wellbeing and expert advice on making transformational changes last a lifetime. We hope we get to cross paths with you again some day. If you want to come in and have a chat, we'd love to be given a second chance. Thank you!

UY changed my life!

I absolutely LOVE training at Ultimate You (Richmond). I completed my 9in6 (but I didn't hit a 9kg loss), and I'm now in the next program. I felt I got value for money in paying the fee for the 9in6 program, so if your only motivation is to do it for free, you need more than that to get through it! This is not just a gym, it's a whole lifestyle change. It's not a program designed to have you come in for 6 weeks and then walk away - of course they want you to stick around, because it's not a quick fix, it's the beginning of a new lifestyle. It has been for me. I haven't looked back since day one, such a supportive environment to learn and smash my goals. But your "why" needs to be deeper than just money.

Value for Money
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Wow Steph! This is incredible! Thank you for your time in writing this positive review for us. We are so extremely grateful for clients like you who understand what it is about and what it takes. Regardless of the weight that you lose or don't lose, at the end of the day, Ultimate You is designed to bring people together and thrive as a tribe that wants better health, better fitness, a better, stronger, more disciplined and resilient mind - and we think you've nailed it! Thank you for being a part of our community because it is because of clients like you that we are able to continue doing what we do! :)

Stay away folks- if you want your refund back

It’s been 2months + since I completed the 9in6 challenge which I achieved the goal and did everything else that one is required to do. Signed the form for my refund and upto today I haven’t been refunded. Still chasing up - I don’t know it when?? A very disappointed client.
Put your money elsewhere where it’s worth.

Value for Money
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Dear Joy, thank you for writing your review for us. We are so sorry to hear that your experience was a negative one! Please let us know if this has been resolved? You can contact us via info@ultimateyou.com.au as we'd love to be able to assist you with a resolution and offer you something to make it up to you for the inconvenience. We hope that regardless of this outcome, you still walked away from the challenge learning some great tools on how to achieve success in your health and fitness. Thank you for your time and for being a part of UY Joy.

Your choices create your experiences

My #9in6 Challenge is completed. It was 6 weeks of absolute resilience, GRIT, Self Belief, and COMMITMENT. I want to thank Ultimate You Transformation Program as well as Everyone who guided & supported me at Ultimate You Mount Waverley. (what an Awesome Team you have Bhushan. It was an absolute joy to visit this #fitfam 5 days a week. I would like to Thank all the outstanding trainers but would like to highlight Nathan who was an absolute Legend and a Gun of a trainer.

Motivation really means nothing in the scheme of life....... with motivation it comes and goes. True Commitment to a decision/choice means you will dig your heals in good or bad. I am glad to say I reached my Goal of 9 Kilos in 6 weeks. But I didn't loose 9 Kilo's or 9.5 for that matter....... 10 would have sounded good but because I was fully committed 10.5 kilo's come and went then I hit 11 Kilos Down so my Magic Number was 11.3 Kilos in 6 weeks. I feel amazing. I have always maintained that when you have a goal to reach you must give all you have and Commit. Can you believe a 6 week program FREE... It was an awesome experience. Thank you.

Value for Money
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Dear Zoey, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your beautiful review. We are so grateful for you and for being a part of our community! We absolutely love reading this and it is stories like this that make us continue to work hard at serving our clients! Your attitude and gratitude for the program and community has added value not just to us but to our other warriors! Thank you for being a superstar :)

If your main focus is getting your money back, don’t do it!

This is promoted as a “free 6 week program” and throughout the info session a sense of urgency was created, forms rushed into our hands and we were reminded to “just follow the damn plan and you’ll have success and get your money back” but this is not the case.
After following the plan to the letter I lost 6.5kg in 6 weeks and didn’t get my refund. I tried to initiate a mid-way catch up that after a week of chasing, consisted of “If you’ve plateaued and have lost motivation, then get motivated!” Simple apparently...
Anyway, safe to say I wasn’t thrilled with my results and felt a bit embarrassed about falling for their marketing but I can say the sense of community amongst most trainers and other contestants was great, the training was enjoyable and challenging most of the time and the food plan initiated some good habits.
All in all, not a horrible experience but the one piece of advice I’d give is that If you don’t have the money to spare, don’t do it as there is a reasonable chance you won’t get it back! But If you’re looking for a way to get back into exercise and eating well then this maybe a good option.

Value for Money
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Dear Aimee, thank you for your review. We spend almost an hour in the info session so whilst your perception of it is that it was rushed, we really do believe that we spend as much time going over any and all details about the program and how success can be achieved through our challenge. Social proof is often one of the easiest ways of translating our message and because we have helped tens of thousands of clients achieve their desired weight loss, get off medication, transform their lives on a mental, emotional and physical level, we feel that using our role models and the clients who have done it before - as examples, is a great way of motivating our clients. We don't believe that anyone of our team members would've said "if you've lost motivation then just get motivated" without saying anything else! If someone truly said that, we apologise! That is certainly not the UY Way! We pride ourselves on providing a safe, supportive environment to our clients and when motivation dips, we always teach our clients to go back to their WHY and the gratitude of having the opportunity to work on our health and fitness because many people in the world simply do not have this luxury. We are sorry to hear that you didn't get this end of the message! There is always a chance that people won't achieve the 9kg goal weight, but the question we want to put to our clients is this: What have you got to lose?(Other than a few kilos and a bad attitude?) The truth is, there is a lot more to gain when taking action on joining a program that can guarantee an improved state of mind, health status, fitness level, weight loss results and mental clarity. We hope we can get another chance at proving to you that we are passionate in helping our clients achieve their absolute BEST, not just losing a certain number of weight. If you'd like to have a chat and see if we can find a way to offer you something to assist you, please contact us as we'd love the opportunity :) Thank you Aimee.

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Questions & Answers

Did anyone eventually recieve refund, even when it was months later?
2 answers
Yes!Yes! 5.5 weeks after doing my exit interview.

Guys is this worth it? Can you have instagram instead of Facebook to check in.
3 answers
Worth it if you DONT want your money back because they say they will refund it but they won’t.I'm sorry Jeremy but this is a false statement there are many people who get there money back. After the program ends you need to schedule a one on one with them known as a goal setting session. They will probably get you to try and continue on and stay with them but even if you don't want to that want to help you so that when you finish the program you can go on and still try and achieve your goals.So worth it! Just follow the rules of the program and you’ll get your money back.

how much is the 5in4 challenge to start with?
3 answers
If you complete it and want your money back they do not refund it.but it says u get it back? did u do the challange and not get it back? which location?you do get your money back 5 in 4 is the same price but if you don't have a lot of weight to lose doing the 5 in 4 is better

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