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Stay away folks- if you want your refund back

It’s been 2months + since I completed the 9in6 challenge which I achieved the goal and did everything else that one is required to do. Signed the form for my refund and upto today I haven’t been refunded. Still chasing up - I don’t know it when?? A very disappointed client.
Put your money elsewhere where it’s worth.

Value for Money

Your choices create your experiences

My #9in6 Challenge is completed. It was 6 weeks of absolute resilience, GRIT, Self Belief, and COMMITMENT. I want to thank Ultimate You Transformation Program as well as Everyone who guided & supported me at Ultimate You Mount Waverley. (what an Awesome Team you have Bhushan. It was an absolute joy to visit this #fitfam 5 days a week. I would like to Thank all the outstanding trainers but would like to highlight Nathan who was an absolute Legend and a Gun of a trainer.

Motivation really means nothing in the scheme of life....... with motivation it comes and goes. True Commitment to a decision/choice means you will dig your heals in good or bad. I am glad to say I reached my Goal of 9 Kilos in 6 weeks. But I didn't loose 9 Kilo's or 9.5 for that matter....... 10 would have sounded good but because I was fully committed 10.5 kilo's come and went then I hit 11 Kilos Down so my Magic Number was 11.3 Kilos in 6 weeks. I feel amazing. I have always maintained that when you have a goal to reach you must give all you have and Commit. Can you believe a 6 week program FREE... It was an awesome experience. Thank you.

Value for Money

If your main focus is getting your money back, don’t do it!

This is promoted as a “free 6 week program” and throughout the info session a sense of urgency was created, forms rushed into our hands and we were reminded to “just follow the damn plan and you’ll have success and get your money back” but this is not the case.
After following the plan to the letter I lost 6.5kg in 6 weeks and didn’t get my refund. I tried to initiate a mid-way catch up that after a week of chasing, consisted of “If you’ve plateaued and have lost motivation, then get motivated!” Simple apparently...
Anyway, safe to say I wasn’t thrilled with my results and felt a bit embarrassed about falling for their marketing but I can say the sense of community amongst most trainers and other contestants was great, the training was enjoyable and challenging most of the time and the food plan initiated some good habits.
All in all, not a horrible experience but the one piece of advice I’d give is that If you don’t have the money to spare, don’t do it as there is a reasonable chance you won’t get it back! But If you’re looking for a way to get back into exercise and eating well then this maybe a good option.

Value for Money

Don’t expect to get your refund back!

Yes, weight loss program is good. However, one have to read the contract closely because they don’t tell you everything what’s in there. Bad thing was they pressure your to sign in without a thorough read. You are given the impression about signing in “only” for a 3-6-12 months contract. However, they would still be charging a weekly gym fee after the contract finished and continue to Charge your account without notice. Calls and emails were ignored and left unanswered, very unprofessional!!!

Value for Money

Thinking you need to been warned.

Look at reviews before jumping in and the reviews here do not show a great picture. Think before jumping. Ring Consumer Affairs to find out more about the GYM and if you lost money Current Affairs (Nine Network) they want free Advertising then give it to them. By law they have to give you a copy of the contract you signed, read it before signing it. don't just sign it.
ME! I was going to do it but after reading the reviews I have decided to investigate in a proper gym that my money is for 12 months not 6 weeks

Avoid - complete scam and you will never your money again!

I wish I could give this zero stars. I completed the 5in4 successfully losing 6.35kg's, I didn't enjoy the environment and found the trainers arrogant and unprofessional, but persevered as I really needed the money back. When I finished the challenge successfully they made me come in again on another day to complete an exit form, which I did. They then said I would get the money back within 30 days, it's been 3 months and 10 ignored emails since then. They never had any intention of giving the money back. An awful experience and a complete scam.

Life changing experience...!!!

This is a brilliant platform for loosing weight and the staying fit.
I lost 9.8kg in 6 weeks during my 9in6 challenge.

Yes they charge you 500$ for the 9in6 (to loose 9kg in 6 weeks) or 5in4 challenges but if you do what they ask like changing your profile pic and checkin with there location during your workout sessions 5 days a week you can get your money back (obviously you have to lose the weight as well).
They give personalised diet plan, many options of classes to choose from, phone app where you can choose or cancel classes according to your convenience among other things.
But obviously its not a short cut, its a starting point and a program to make you regular with exercise and healthy eating.

The motto is Mindset Nutrition Exercise.

Most important is Mindset - that’s all that matters, strong mindset will obviously lead to healthy nutrition and regular exercise. If your mindset is poor you will go back to old habits.

This program works if you take it seriously.
Highly recommended and can’t thank them enough - changed my life.
FTDP - Follow The Damn Plan.
Hooraaaa for Ultimate You Hoppers Crossing.

Steer clear - unprofessional and pushy

I signed up to a 9in6 challenge in March 18 at the Geelong gym. You start by going to an info session where you are required to sign a “contract” and pay $499 upfront which is refunded if you lose the 9kg in the 6 week challenge. You are not allowed to take the contract home to read and are really pressured to sign up. The contract also states that you have to change your profile photo to the 9in6 logo for the duration of your challenge and also check in at the gym every session you complete (minimum 5 per week). This didn’t sit well with me and I told the trainers I didn’t want to spam my friends and family with workout posts and was belittled by saying “why wouldn’t you want your friends to know you are working out, do you think they would laugh ah you”. Sadly I’m not good at pressure so signed up for the challenge which was a big mistake.
The first day of the challenge is a weigh in and photos. Come first day of the challenge, I still didn’t have access to the portal or my individual meal plan / protein requirements. I asked the blonde lady (who’s name has now escaped me) how much protein I should be eating per meal, how many times a day, what else can I eat? She gave me a very vague indication by showing the palm of her hand and brushed me off to go and chat to some other challengers.
The next morning I completed my first and only session at the gym with [name removed] the trainer, which was I found was challenging, supportive and even a little fun. After my session I approached [name removed], the manager, about not having access to the portal and also having no idea what I should be eating. I found him very arrogant and dismissive and he told me he had escalated it and sent me on my way still with no idea what I was doing.
When a challenge involves losing bulk weight in a small time frame every day counts.
I never went back again after this.
I wish I pursued my money back at the time but never had the confidence to.

Best decision ever made- self Love.

It's for those who are determined to follow the diet and exercise requirements outlined by UY.
I am so happy that i decided to do this programme.
People with negative reviews have complaints about Administration stuff. Once you start the plan you will never regret your decision.
All you need is determination to push through.

I have never been this confident, strong and self loving in my life.

Love you UY.

Most amazing experience!!!

I have been overweight for almost 24 years. I was never able to lose my pregnancy weight after my three children. I tried joining numerous gyms. I've had numerous eating plans and approaches but each and every single one failed me.when I saw this ad on Facebook for this program I thought long and hard about whether I should try this firstly it sounded quite unbelievable to be able to lose 9 kilos in 6 weeks. I decided that I would make a last attempt of losing this weight. There was nothing unhealthy about this approach. I was shown what to eat and how often to eat. I was told to exercise five times a week. Might I add the exercises were fantastic and highly motivating and quite challenging for me. But I persisted. This in itself was extremely challenging for me. It's really all I thought about for the six weeks so that I can stay focused and try and reach my goal. This was definitely not a bad thing because after such hard work and determination I did lose my 9 kilos. I couldn't believe it. I am so grateful. I definitely need to lose more so have decided to do another 9 in 6. I'll be in in a few weeks and can't wait for the second round of my transformation. I would recommend this approach to anyone that wants to lose weight and more importantly have a healthier approach to their food and life in general. I feel fantastic.

i lost 19kg in 3 months, it changed my life

i wonder why the review is only 3.7... because it worked for me so well. i give 5 starts. i tried several trainings and different gyms in the last 20 years. nothing worked. my weight soared to 77kg(173cm) 3 months ago. at that time, i saw ultimate you ad on facebook. i didnt belive i could lose 9kg in 6 months...but gave myself a chance. I met staff there, very friendly and kind, talked for over 1 hour, shared life stories in transformation and failure... i knew that's what i wanted. a place which care for it's members, not just a gym.

by following the training plan, i lost 9.3kg in the first 6 weeks, then i took another round, lost futher 9.6kg. so lost 19kg in total , now my weight is 58.1kg. i never say it was easy. during the second round, i got injury ....i almost gave up...but my training gave me useful tips, streching the muscle really helped me recovered quickly...

I know how hard i pushed myself by following the training plan strictly over the past 3 months. i have seen ppl came and gone, i realised one thing , only by consistent hard working , u can reach the goal and keep it in the rest og your life. ultimate you transformation centre is a place to start the journey. i am so glad i met so many great ppl here, made friends.

its definately the best thing happened to me in 2018!

Worst experience

Went to complete the 9 in 6 challenge however I only go through 1 week due to the staff being unprofessional. I ended up getting bad anxiety and depression. I have rung up many times and no one will give me a refund. I have had sleepless nights over this! I will never ever recommend this to anyone! The worst gym you can possibly go for!

Life(style) changing experience

I did my 9in6 challenge end last year. The program is well structured - they got the formula right - nutrition + HIIT based classes + support both from trainers and fellow contestants.

I joined the challenge after 2years trying to get in shape on my own (which didn’t work). During the program, I saw noticeable reduction in my weight, how my body looks and most of all higher energy level.

It is too addictive to stay in this fitness game once you see results. After the program, I had to discontinue due to personal reasons. But with the results I saw in UY, I managed to loose 20Kgs over the last 6 months and my lifestyle now has the healthy makeover.

If you are considering - don’t hesitate - this program definitely works!

Shout out to Donna and Varun - that are the best! Thanks UY Hoppers Crossing and to my friends who recommended them ;-)

I wish I could give this no stars

I actually successfully completed the program - and I have no issues with the trainers that were at the South Melbourne gym (who are unfortunately no longer there due to a Head Office take over).
But I chose not to continue on with the program and requested my refund (which you pay a fee upfront to do the challenge - but if you successfully complete the challenge, you are meant to get your money back).
It has been nearly 2 months that i have completed this challenge and I am still waiting. I am not getting any help from anyone - I have spoken to many people about the issue and they keep saying that they will "escalate" it - but no one is getting back to me.
I have messaged Andy - who runs UY - but I am not going to hold my breath while I wait to hear back from him.

If this is how they are going to be, I do not recommend any one to do this program.

I have noticed that they have also not responded to any of the negative comments on here - which is also poor form. Most businesses would at least respond - but I hope this helps any one else who is considering doing the challenge.

It’s great for what it is

I signed up because I wanted to loose 5kg and needed a kick in the butt to get going. I was reasonably sporty before. I ended up loosing 9.4 kg, got much fitter, plus got my money back.
You are supposed to do 1 if classes (not other sport, their classes) 5 days a week, plus stick to their diet. The classes are full-on, but you actually bond with your classmates and end up helping and pushing each other. The diet is ok, you are not hungry, but you have to cook all your own food. Hard to go to a restaurant, and no going out and drinking.
In the end it’s a diet together with some hardcore fitness and a dose of team spirit. I ended up slowly gaining the weight back over 1 year, because it is hard to stay on that diet for long.
I recommend it if you know what you are getting into.

Don’t do it!!!!!!!!

Absolutely the worst thing I’ve ever done by signing up and getting a membership with these people! So unprofessional, I’m wanting to cancel my membership and no one answers the phone, no one calls you back! Worst service I’ve ever experienced. Trainers were so disingaging, unhelpful. The center is about getting you well and it was the complete opposite

Do yourself a favour

The best thing I have done for myself in years. I train at Mt Waverley and the staff are fantastic and provide you with all of the information you want and need. Do yourself a huge favour and check this program out.

Fittest I've been in years!

At first I have to admit I was a little sceptical but I thought I would give it a go anyway as the before and after photos of others before me proved that this program can work. 6 weeks later and I couldn't have been happier as I have been able to fit in clothes I wasn't able to fit in since I was 25 years old and I'm 39 now! This is not like any other gym where we are just told to use the equipment and that's it, but you actually gain a sense of understanding about your health as well. It's a holistic approach to Fitness, mindset and nutrition. Best thing I've ever done for myself and I suggest don't worry about negative reviews just take the plunge and give it a go. You won't regret it.


Just in trying to sign up there is a very dodgy lack of information. All promises no facts. In trying to find out more I went through the two webforms and was given even less, in fact told to watch a "yelly" motivational video saying 'I better not wimp out of showing up' to the date and time I was allocated - no address given by the way. I'm glad I read the reviews. In the past I've had issues with gym memberships and I know how they bully and use high pressure sales tactics.

Best thing I've done in years

Well it is a business so it seems the people complaining didn't pay attention to the rules in order to get their money back. The main thing is IT WORKS, there is a focus on mindset, nutrition, fun exercise and I've lost 12kgs and am fitter than ever at age 47. Yes, they try and sign you up to the next challenge, and no they don't give you a refund if you change your mind. I'm not sure any other gym would either. Fact is, a lot of people come through and just do the 9in6 challenge, get their money back and go elsewhere - but if they don't cement those habits the weight probably comes back. This place does nothing short of transform peoples lives. The negative reviews in my opinion are people who didn't read the fine print or instructions and are now sour grapes because they thought they were getting a freebie and now aren't. Frankly speaking the classes alone (say x5 per week minimum) for 6 weeks are worth the $500 payment they are awesome. Cannot recommend highly enough.

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Questions & Answers

Hi Honey, refer to your comment, even if you achieve 9Kg target, don't they refund money, provided that you have changed the FB profile picture and checked in every time visiting the gym. I mean do they push you to do other programs rather than refunding $497? please advise.
3 answers
Yes they do and take all means to avoid paying you backI feel this review is unfair. I am about to start the 5 in 4 challenge and the team at Ultimate You explained everything to the group including changing your facebook profile pic and sharing/checking in everytime you visit the gym. Pretty good offer if you ask me, people expect things for free but they have to run a business at the end of the day. Any way if I lose 5kg in 4 weeks im happy to pay that amount regardless. sounds like you should have attended the induction.Hi, same experience here. They will find every reason to not refund you. The check-in is misleading. I came to know only yesterday that I have to check-in and comment on facebook not only at the Reception or in the UY App. I did checkins and review in the App but not on facebook as I dont use facebook. I had set my profile for whole 6 weeks. So I had intentionally done everything right. Getting money back is important for me. I dont want to join Gym. I feel cheated so dont want to go back either to humiliate myself further.

Thanks everyone for your reviews and experiences about ULTIMATE YOU GYM. Just wants to ask How much you have to pay in the beginning and at the end if couldn't make it. Just don't want to be ripped off as all their advertisement seems very impressive on Facebook.
3 answers
Hi Honey00, I paid $497 upfront for the 6 week program. If you don't make the weight (9kg loss in 6 weeks) you forfeit the payment. There is no extra to pay. If you make the weight loss target you can continue with another program without paying again.Thanks alot Bucky for your response. Its bit pricey have to think about if I should go for it or not. Thanks again. Cheers. it is pricey but I think that's what will motivate me! they changed their business structure after clients paying signing up and not returning. so to pay upfront and advertise for them is a win win...and no I don't work there I just have friends who have done this challenge with great results and im excited to start

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