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Uncle Tobys Cheerios

Uncle Tobys Cheerios

Honey and Original
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sugar in a box

what a shame Cheerios low sugar is no longer available. it was one of the 'healthier' options instead of wheat biscuits or oats. the regular and honey cheerios are off the charts sweet.

Way Too Much Sugar!!!

Coming from Canada, I was excited to see that Australia had Cheerios. However, upon tasting the original and the honey, had to try both to make a sound judgement, both had an incredibly high amount of sugar added to their product. For a country struggling with an obesity issue, I think Uncle Toby needs to go back to the drawing board. Take a page from America please!

Best Dry Cereal of them All!!!

The product is always fresh. The box is never full of cereal dust like many other cereal products.
As one who grew up with Cheerios (in the USA) I say: you can be very proud of the Australian Product.
I serve it to my 8 year old daughter them often as she chooses it over other options.
Of course eggs, pancakes, french toast and oatmeal are too on the menu.
When in a hurry (and other times) she never says No to Cheerios - 4 Whole Grains
(PS: 40 years living in the USA - You visited once???)

Tasteless cheerios

They have changed the taste! My children will not eat them any more as they are tasteless! Why change things if they were selling. Put customers before profit when thinking to change your recipe.

Dont know why they are called Cheerios

How can you sell something and use the name 'Cheerios' when in fact your product resembles nothing of the American original except maybe the shape of the pieces?? I've tried the American plain Cheerios and they are Fantastic! When i tried these Uncle Tobys Cheerios they were extremely crunchy and lacked any flavour other than a 'sweet' flavour. Not a fan. Please please please do yourselves a favour and use the same recipe as America. Or at least change the name of the Australian Cereal because they definately aren't Cheerios!

Too much sugar

It's incredible that this product contains so much sugar and we're told it's good for our kids. Shame on the people marketing this as healthy

This Is Not Worthy of A 4/5 Health Star Rating!!

Uncle Toby's are now just 'healthy labelling' there products now, making claims of '4/5 health star rating' and 'no artificial colours' but in the ingredients list, there are colours such as caramel & annatto and that does not sound natural to me! there is also 14.5g of sugar per 100g and that is nearly 4 teaspoons of sugar! there is also golden syrup in cheerios, which again, is more sugar! then there is the bad, unstable oil 'sunflower oil' in there as well! No way and I feeding Uncle Toby's 'healthy' cheerios to my family!! OR MY DOG!!

Bring Us The Original Toasted Oats Cheerios

Agree with Riemann. The original Cheerios is the best selling cereal product in America. Why deny Australians this product? Forget your premarketing taste tests Uncle Toby's. The tasty original will be a good earner for your company and shareholders.

Love these Cheerios

I love uncle Tobys cheerios, in my opinion they taste great in the mornings and are the perfect start to my day!


As all the reviews state....way too sweet, weird corn and starch flavor, nothing like the original. I just moved to Brisbane with my family from Minnesota (birthplace of Cheerios) and my 2 yr old grew up on it. Ate them every morning for breakfast. Found the Uncle Toby's version in the local store and thought we were in heaven. "Say it ain't so Joe" because this version absolutely stinks. Absolutely nothing healthy about it, nothing good tasting, nothing that embodies the original Cheerios brand. Start bucking the sugar trend, Uncle, because people will go nuts over the original. Everything is trending healthier these days. If you can't do that, please at least ship a couple of crates over so I can order online or something!


Risman New

The American version is better - and has less sugar

And I say this as a patriotic Australian. It's far too sweet and goes mushy quite quickly. If I want a sugary breakfast cereal, there's plenty out there. The US version is, sad to say, far superior in the sugar department (ie there's much less of it). So despite the Heart Foundation giving this cereal a tick, it gets a big red cross from me here.

Too sweet, too quick to go mushy

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Right on. I loved the American Cheerios when I was in the USA. When they finally made it to Australia I was happy until I tasted them. They are not the same. why do cereal makers load up product with sugar here in Australia? Sorry Heart Foundation..... I think your tick is wrong. So.. I have to resort to getting some friends post me a box every now and again. also I don't like the three grains and the sweetness. of I want something sweet I'll put on the right amount myself.

High in Sugar

Heart tick aside, this cereal is sweet, bland, and not filling. My daughter wouldn't eat it, and the box is now sitting on the back shelf "for emergencies". Don't waste your money. If you really need a sweet cereal, buy something healthier and add your own sugar... it'll probably be healthier and taste better.

too sweet.

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Agreed. Nothing like the US original.


We tried them for the first time the other week and i didn't mind them. Wouldn't say that there was anything particularly exciting about them. I'm not a huge breakfast fan so maybe this is why i didn't find them too exciting. It just seems to be another cereal to add to the 20million others to choose from.
Another breakfast cereal

High in sugar and not filling!

I purchased Cheerio's for my kids as they asked for them when they saw them on special on the supermarket shelf.

I generally give my kids healthy cereals so even though this went against my better judgement, I bought two boxes as a treat.

They taste nice enough but are very high in sugar.

They are not filling at all and both of my kids were asking for more food within half an hour of eating the Cheerio's and I myself was starving many hours earlier than I normally am (after eating Weetbix) so it will be the last time I buy them.

Sorry kids!

High in sugar


I find with other cereals I have to add sugar to it. This taste is perfect me everyone in my family likes it. I actually prefer this to most cereal brands and the heart foundation tick of approval which makes it even better. The extra fiber and grains are perfect for my digestive system. Would definitely recommend it.
I love this products taste.


It has a tick from the heart foundation and is a healthy breaksfast so i thought i would give it a try. Yes it is very hard and this makes it harder for the kids to eat. The kids complained about the taste so i tried it and i would have to agree with them, even with sugar on it i still would not eat it.
I was keen on this product at all and my children wont eat it.
i children complained that they don't like the taste so i tried myself and i have to agree with them.

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The American version for me is superior. They taste better, aren't loaded with sugar and are tasty to eat as a instead of say potato crisps. I won't buy them, but happy to import the real Cheerios.


This is not an appealing breakfast ceral at all made even worse by the hard bland texture and taste. I wont be purchasing this product again as both my children and I think there are much better healthier cereals on the market that wont ruin our morning.
The fact that it is healthy is always good.
The texture is terrible, when cherrios were first introduced to the Australian market, they were softer, bigger and alot easier to eat, now they are really quite hard on your teeth and my children think they taste quite bland, I think they taste 'just alright'


Good value for money and different sizes available. Nice for breakfast and quite healthy. Tasty and made by a good and trusted company. Great for both kids and adults
This cereal is quite tasty. Not overly sweat. High nutritional content
Could be a bit sweeter, but then it would be unhealthy


I am so happy with this cereal I was having a lot of trouble trying to find something that my kids would eat at breakfast that was not full of sugar or artificial colours. Kids being kids they want novelty cereals that are appealing to the eye. I struck gold when I tried cherios one week they are different and they taste good. They appeal to the kids and they are good for them which makes me happy so all round everyone is happy and healthy I would recommend
Heart foundation tick approved. Healthy cereal and a great way to keep your family healthy and there bowels regular.
Price i find them to be slightly expensive in soem stores

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