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Uncle Tobys Plus Omega 3

Uncle Tobys Plus Omega 3

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Great start at breakfast

Have been having this cereal for several years now. I have tried some of the other "Plus" range but kept coming back to Omega 3. For me, it is a good combination of flakes cereal, fruit and nuts (hope I got the contents right).
Strangely, I have been having trouble buying the large box for a few weeks now. Hate being hit up by the supermarkets for the little one, but I will keep at it. Saw that Woolies has it for half price this week - something going on we should be worried about? - so I will grab a few online.
Please don't drop it.

great breakfast cerial

great product but why did you change the packaging? I couldn't find the Omega 3 box because it now in small writing down the side, not in the middle in large letters

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Having trouble finding the Omega 3 version in my local Woolies and Coles. Something going on we should know about?? Grateful for your response, please. Paul
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Hi Paul I have checked with my local Woolworths, and the Omega 3 variety is readily available, as are all the varieties. Maybe it is a popular variety in your area and sells out quickly, as does the fibre variety here. I would suggest asking staff at the stores why they have a shortage, which may be due to high sales, especially when the item is on special. Alternatively, maybe they are not ordering enough to supply customer demand, and you could have a word to them about this. Kind regards:)Thanks for your reply, Max. Still having trouble, but I will check with the staff about what is going on. Ended up shopping on line and got Omega 3 at half price!


Plus Omega 3
Release dateJun 2010
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