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Uniden DECT 1735

Uniden DECT 1735

1735, 1735 + 1, 1735 + 2 and 1735 + 3
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Great value phone

Purchased this phone a few months ago to replace my old phone. As I rarely use my house phone, I wanted one for the added security of knowing that I have a phone in case of emergency. The extra handset is handy as I can keep one next to the bed while the other is in the living room. It is wifi and nbn friendly, and doesn't crackle when the microwave is used. It has an advanced alpha display caller ID, 70 phonebook memories, an integrated digital answering machine and up to 10hrs talk time and 7 days standby, and can be either wall mounted or desk mounted for convenience.

Purchased in September 2018 at Harvey Norman for $79.00.

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Thank you kindly for your review. We appreciate the time you have taken to provide feedback and wish you all the best with your Uniden product. Should you require any further inquiries please don't hesitate to contact Uniden Support at custservice@uniden.com.au

Seems to work fine. No Issues at all

Changed over to Uniden DECT phone yesterday after continuing problems I have experienced with Telstra approved hand set that I have had for 10 plus years.

Unit was was easy to set up and I had the phones working with my NBN in a matter of minutes. Batteries were included for both phones and were easy to clip in to slot in the handsets.

Now I am able to pick up calls at the press of a button and no longer experience dropouts or "screeching" hand sets when I attempt to receive a call.

The unit and handsets are neat, easy to use and appealing to look at. Very happy so far.

Purchased in April 2019 for $50.00.

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Thank you for taking the time to provide the great feedback on your new cordless phone.


Purchased a couple of weeks ago. Had problems since day one!
Firstly, Noise on the line when trying to make or receive a call. So loud making the phone unworkable. Having to revert to our mobile phones.
Second. Intermittent dialing tone. Sometimes you get it, sometimes nothing.
Have done all suggested checks but to no avail.
Perhaps we just got a 'bad' one but that is no help!
Unfortunately we disposed of the packaging and receipt otherwise it would have gone back to the shop.
Only solution is to bin it and purchase a new phone which will definitely NOT be a Uniden!

Purchased in March 2019 at JB Hi-Fi for $49.00.

Hi, Sorry to hear you experience with the phone. Can you please confirm the setup of the phone? Is it connected to a standard line connection in the wall or to a modem like NBN?Apologies! Have since discovered that there was a fault on the line that we were unaware of! This has now been resolved by Telstra and the phone is working perfectly! Just glad we persevered and didn't buy a different phone. Please amend our rating to 5* and the title to 'All Systems Go'Hi Gary, That's great to hear. Thank you for your time and update in regards to the issues you were experiencing. Should you have any further inquiries please contact our support team at custservice@uniden.com.au

Easy to set up and NBN friendly

These phone system is easy to set up and connect to your modem for use through the NBN. The 3 handsets have there own charging stand, this is handy to have in different parts of the house. You will never be with out a phone that isn't charged.
I would recommend this phone to anyone wanting an easy to use phone.

Purchased in January 2019 at Ebay for $73.45.

Battery is not good

Just purchased this and while it looks great it’s battery is not good and mine heated up,the battery hook up to back of the phone clip
In the wires and it’s abit tricky so you can’t jusy buy normal battery’s if they play up, I left it on charger for 24 hours called someone spoke for 5 min battery went down to 1 bar,as I said this was newly purchased.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

An ok phone for the money

Bought the phone for $44.95 from JB Hi Fi. Single handset and base as we don't need or use extra handsets. Phone rings loud and clear, however there is no way of turning up the volume during conversations which is only a problem for my husband. We use it on speaker phone if necessary. A bit slow and painful to input phone numbers into the phone book but that is only a minor irritation. Not really a bad phone at all for the price. No problems so far.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Good value wireless landline phone.

Bought it on special for $69.-.
I have 4 handset version. Using 2 and the other 2 as spare.
Got 3 extra chargers which I don't use or need. Just using base for charging.
Great for calls. Having it on half volume and it is very clear, so there is lots of extra volume to turn it up if needed.
Clear voice on both sides. Display is good and clear. Handset light and easy to hold (comfortable in hand).
Will not let me know if missed non CID call, only registers CID calls for incoming call list!
No 24Hour clock (AM PM only)!
Centralized phone book (70 max.).
Centralized incoming call list (30 max.).
Handset specific outgoing call list (redial list 5 max.).
The phone came with 400mAh NiMH batteries.
Has usual multi-handset feature (intercom, can join the conversation or make it private and etc.).
The manual - manual instructions are good and clear.
So far did not have any problems with it.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Poor Quality

This phone is of poor quality. When you purchase with extra hand sets, if the base unit goes wrong the other units go wrong so you have to purchase the complete package again as the extra handsets are programmed to only work with the original base. Also no volume control so if anyone is hard of hearing you have to ask the other person to speak up. This phone is not cheap compared with other simular products.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Its a phone

DECT phone - nothing special . Its OK it has TERRIBLE input strategy for adding names and numbers to the Phone book . One character at a time what for the beep enter next character wait for the beep a 10 digit Mobile number takes AGES to input. But that's probably (at this stage) the only Negative .Like all new gadgets it is necessary to refer to the manual and that seems to cover the bases. The phone itself is OK but when connected to a mobile phone - the mobile seems like its in a tin or enclosed "echo" environment- not the best reception IMHO.
Across the board I think its a good product, is cost comparable and I would not discourage anyone form a purchase.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

A Great Disappointment

I have had this phone now for 9 Months and have found it to be unreliable.

Handsets intermittently won't connect to Base Station. Even the phone that Sits on the Base Station!!!
Handsets intermittently garble the incoming Speech when the outgoing Speech is fine.
Handsets intermittently garble the outgoing Speech while the Incoming Speech is fine.

The Garbling is not just restricted to one handset as are the connection problems to Base Station.
The phones all are fully charged.

I have given up on this model and are in the process switching to a Panasonic Model.
I would not recommend this model.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Great phone !

This phone set with answering machine, is our latest puchase from Uniden. We have had their phones for years, and have found them faultless. This new addition is good looking, smart and reliable. The fact that entering phone numbers on one unit automatically sends the numbers to all units is truly fantastic. Our old units required us to install numbers on each unit.
The answering machine is compact and easy to read. We are on the NBN, and receive calls via the OPTUS modem, the calls are crystal clear, with no static in the background.
I would have no hesitations recommending this/these phones to anyone.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

After purchashing a Uniden phone set we have a problem

Our purchase took place at Officeworks and on getting it home and setting it up, we found that it would not connect to the NBN. Officeworks replaced the first one, then on setting up the second one it too had the same problem.
Now I am not sure if we should try a 3rd one or go for a different brand. I have heard that Uniden is a good company to deal with, but looking on the Web there are some good and some were bad comments. Maybe a bit more research is needed during a business day so that I can talk to a live person at Uniden.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Happy customers

Our previous landline phone died and we found this one suits our needs. It has a base phone and two other handsets. Was easy enough to set up, the little booklet is reasonably clear to use. Functions include answerphone, date, time, caller ID (if you have the service) redial, speaker (for hands-free use), phonebook, call waiting, conference calling, call transferring, power failure back up system, away-from-home access, to name a few. Price was good too - on special from Good Guys, down from $89 to $65. Very happy with purchase.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great value cordless phone and does the job

We had to replace our older Uniden cordless phone and found this on special at The Good Guys for $48. A little ripper!! Set up is easy, the phone is not too clunky as our previous one. Does what it is suppose to. Didn't want to spend a fortune as we use our mobile mostly. Highly recommended

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Bargain Big W at $ 89

Excellent phone easy to set up, Adding numbers is a slow process ( unless am missing something). Replaced a DECT 165 the base died on me, took a long time to get that when the 88 umber is flashing it means the base is dead. Seeing what I consider a bargain at Big W I bought it. Easy to set up and I added other phones from my DECT 165.......Lost all the numbers when it had to be reset then reregistered to the new base. Very happy with the old 165 and will be even more happy with the 175. I find the based is light but a bit of blue tack keeps it from moving.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

So far so good

Haven't had it long, so will update once better tested, but so far so good. Fairly easy to setup, although for initial setup lots of extra button pushes to put in multiple phone numbers.
Very handy that you set the time on one handset, and all 3 use that time. Likewise with the phonebook, automatically syncs between phones, don't even need to tell it to do anything.
Call quality seems good, but will reserve final judgement until more use and then see whether the star rating needs adjusting as well.
Having used this for awhile I can report no issues found. Main base station at the front of the house & can still get good reception out the back of the house with the door closed and 4 walls (one brick) if thinking line of sight from base.
Got it through use of flybuys, so can't be a verified purchase.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

The best cordless phone I have owned to date

Due to the NBN notwork arriving in our district, it became necessary to reconfigure our home line extensions as they were all previously hardwired. The Uniden DECT 1735 +4 happened to be on special at The Good Guys.It was cheaper than the 1735+3 ,so i thought what the hell,its what we need and gives us a spare phone hand piece & battery should one of the other hand pieces fail.

A month down the track we are pretty happy with the unit,especially myself ,as I suffer from industrial deafness and can have problems with people on the phone.The units have a boost or loudness button making speech much easier to hear. The built in phone contacts and answering machine make it a very useful cordless phone.

I have yet to test the range and clarity in my steel shed some twenty meters up the back yard but don't really expect much as the Mate as the more expensive Uniden model and it breaks down as soon as he steps into his shed.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Cheap but reliable

I bought this model recently from The Good Guys. It came with a base and handset and then 3 other charging bases and handsets. Total cost was only $88 on sale. I thought it was a steal at that price. I then wanted another handset and charging base so I bought this direct from Uniden Australia for the not so cheap price of $34.00 but I thought the total cost for the whole package was still cheap. I waited until the extra handset arrived and then set up the phones in various locations throughout my 4 bedroom house. I am disabled so having phones scattered in various locations is ideal for my lifestyle. I then proceeded to charge all the phones at once although many came half charged. I decided to wait overnight for them to be fully charged before setting them up as per the instructions. The following day I had to register the spare handset I bought from Uniden which did not work. I then put the unregistered hand set on the main base and after several attempts it registered with the other phones and all was good. I thought the instructions could have been better but with persistence I sorted it out. For those on the NBN these phones are ideal as the main base must connect to the telephone outlet of the modem as the NBN connection renders all other phone plugs in the house useless. Once the base is connected the other handsets and charging bases can be scattered anywhere as long as the base is connected to a power point. They do not need a separate phone plug for each base hence the DECT system. I even have one phone in the garage which is great. The volume on each phone can be adjusted but I found the factory setting perfect and they do not have an unpleasant ring tone. The buttons are soft to touch and appear to be good quality and the handset is easy to hold but has a fairly small display. The main base has an answering machine and the system can also be used as an intercom. Entering numbers into the phone book is a tedious job and you need reading glasses on when doing the entering. Once its up an running it works fine with reasonable range and sound quality. The downside is that you must use Uniden batteries rather than your own choice battery and over time you need to deal with the Uniden online shop which can be slow to reply at times. Battery life is great as it uses Li Ion batteries but replacement costs can add up. I have 5 phones connected however you can have up to 6 and this is ideal for big houses, double story, and outdoor areas. The main base will always be next to the modem if using the NBN so correct positioning of the modem is essential. They come in a silver and black finish and have a fairly light weight feel. The small charging bases are very light and can easily slide or fall off elevated areas with minimum effort. Once the Address book with numbers is completed using the base station and handset you can then access the other handsets without having to input the details in each one separately. You can also conference call or use hands free but quality is a little compromised. The phone system comes with an instruction book that's not that great but can be worked out by someone with a low knowledge of phone systems and the base phone can still be used when power goes out which is handy. Handsets are all identical and can go on any base you choose and can be moved about as well so the system is flexible and user friendly. Overall if you can buy the phone system cheap and only need the base and 4 handsets its a steal but when you add an extra handset Uniden will sting you but it can still be good value. As for longevity well time will tell!

Date PurchasedApr 2007

Questions & Answers

Just installed a 1735 + 2 system. All OK so far but disappointed that the orange backlight on the handsets doesn't stay on all of the time, only when the handset is in use. Is there a setting which will overcome this?
1 answer
Thank you for your review. Unfortunately, there is no option to keep the backlight on as it is a default setting aimed at preserving battery life when the handset is not in use.

just connected 2 nbn my answering service is on , but does not work
3 answers
Hi Dieter, It seems like there might be a Message Bank activated on your line by your Service Provider. The only default greeting we provide with the phone is the automated male American voice. Anything different that is heard, when calling in, will be the Message Bank service on the line. Can you adjust the ring time on the phone to test if there is an active Message Bank/Voicemail? This can help override the Message Bank that May be active. The way you are able to manually adjust the ring time on the phone, your service provider can also adjust the ring time on their end. If their Message Bank is set to a default of 7 rings you can decrease the ring time on the phone to allow our Answering Machine greeting to cut in. Please ensure that the landline is free before going through the following steps; Press MENU Scroll down to ANSWER Setup Press MENU Scroll down to RING TIME Press MENU Scroll down to 6 Press MENU to save After you have set this in, can you please try calling from your mobile and leave a message? You should be able to hear the message come through. You can choose to leave it with a shorter ring time at 6 or you can contact your service provider to deactivate the message bank on the line so that you can have a longer ring time and the messages will come directly to your answering machine base.My previous uniden dect1535 worked, why not this oneShortened ring time, it works now.D.G.

what is the range (distance) the 1735 system will work? Can a booster repeater be used to extend the range ? Are such repeaters available? Cost ? Regards, abycker@bigpond.net.au
3 answers
Thank you for your review. Can you please confirm your email address? I have sent an email to the one you provided and it bounced back.I received this reply ok on my one and only email adress: abrycker@bigpond.net.au . I am looking forward to receiving your reply to my questions. AndrewHi Andrew, Thank you for confirming. I think the email bounced back because there was an 'r' missing in your email address that you first provided. I have now sent you another email that has successfully gone through.


DECT 1735DECT 1735 + 1DECT 1735 + 2DECT 1735 + 3
Handset TypeCordlessCordlessCordlessCordless
Price (RRP)$44$69$89$108

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