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Uniden XDECT 81xx Series

Uniden XDECT 81xx Series

8105, 8105WP, 8115, 8115 + 1, 8155 + 1 and 2 more
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Pairing mobiles.

Can I receive landline calls on my mobile phone which is paired to the base? Would we be able to have the same incoming ring go through to the mobile? Would it have to be set for a period of time, or would it work permanently? If possible how would this be done? As the mobile is paired to the base we can receive mobile calls on the landline phones. Also why can we not get anything sent to the Answering machine? What is voice mail and is that blocking messages from being left.? Do the number of rings make a difference as we have maximum rings set to not miss calls because we never have a message left.

Date PurchasedSep 2016


Call clarity was average and varied among handsets I had 3 with mine 2 were ok 1 not so.
The menu's as written by another DySfuNCtiOnAL NOT intuitive at all. And to do anything required the manual and then having to translate into something that sence any of made. (If you get the picture) I persevered for just under a year.
I am now using & recommend Panasonic KX-TG7892 Good Clarity & its intuitive to use. the manual is still a Chinese conversion but dont really need it after set up.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Menu System is dYsFunCtiONaL

Haven't had any problem with base station or handset (family uses mobile phones most of time). Apart from taking and making calls I don't use any other features. Why ? Because the menu system, the buttons on the base station and the manual that tries to explain it all are simply dYsFunCtiONaL. What sane person would come up with this menu interface let alone pass it as acceptable for release to market .. far out.

Date PurchasedJun 2015


got this phone 6 months ago lots of white noise interference, which don,t get on other cordless phones, thought it would be better with VOIP, noise reduced, but still bad. Would not recommend, My other old uniden ss e25 Had lots of noise with on the old ADSL, now have NBN with phone on VOIP this has improved immensely

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Great phone

I use this phone at my office and it is great. Clear quality, never had a problem. I don't use the bluetooth option on it for mobile phones and wonder how well that would work, but the quality is totally clear, the phone is very dependable and I've never had a problem with the battery.

Another disappointing digital device

I am so disappointed with this phone. I have read many of the blogs here and agree 100 percent with those that are unhappy with it. We are in our 50's and not yet deaf but acknowledge that our hearing isn't perfect and I have tried everything to maximise the speaker volume and it is still lousy. Callers also comment how terrible the sound is and yes, they sometimes can't get thru and get some stupid music instead. Worst purchase ever.

Uniden has done it again. One of the best I have bought.

Hello. I have been using our Uniden XDECT 8155+2 with a Range Extender for around one year now and it works really well. I have waited for a year before doing this review so I can give an honest opinion about it.
I can take one of the handsets with me when I go over the road and one house down to have a cupper. When I do this I can make a phone call or receive a phone call and it is as clear as if I was standing next to the base station and this is without using the range extender.
I have only one very small problem, I do not know exactly how to use the Range Extender so it sits in a draw and is not plugged into a power socket. I don't know if it is actually worth using unless someone can tell me where to plug it into and how much further away I can use the hand set.
I have no idea why people are writing and whinging about the quality of this unit. I found that when I am talking and listening to someone is no problem even over the road.
When the phone rings the base station tells you who is calling (Caller ID) and so long as you do not put a friends name in along with either "Home or Mobile after the name" because the base station
I understand that some people do/can have a problem with their phones but the ones who rubbish the 8155's sound quality etc do so having only owned the unit for a short time. I think some of these people just connect the phone up and expect it to work correctly. Maybe it is time for them to read the manual so they can set the phone up correctly.
I am not trying to upset anyone as I know how they feel because I have owned/used many Uniden phones starting back in the 90's and I found that a couple of the older ones were total rubbish. We would repack it and give it to one of our son's for Xmas or their birthday.
I hope that people read this and give the phone a go, if it doesn't work correctly then contact Uniden as most retailers wouldn't know what was wrong with it. You can buy them from The Good Guys and Harvey Normal, don't forget the extended warranty. My last cordless Uniden phones started to die but I did have then for nearly yen years.
I found that the Panasonic and other big named cordless phones were hard to use and these companies are hard to deal with even when they are in still in the warranty period.
I hope this helps anyone who is after a good new cordless phone.
Cheers to all. Bill.
P.S. I forgot to say, if you have a problem with the base station or the answering machine just go into the setup and reset the phone back to the factory settings.

Great range within our caravan park.

Bought the 3 handset option set, achieves great range around our caravan park, but two of the handsets just stopped working, they were not dropped or abused in any way. The third one well I have to confess I dropped it down a toilet I was cleaning & that was the end of our three handsets! have had to go back to an older Uniden that was here at the park, but will give the 8155 model another try.

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Quite a few months down the track, we have discovered the handsets had stopped working because the battery connection within the handset had become loose, all handsets now working.

Worst Phone Ever!

Bought this 8155 to replace and upgrade a previous Uniden that I had for years. One of my worst decisions.

I've only had it a few months and one of the handsets has stopped working.

And the sound OMG. Can't understand a word anyone is saying to me and the recorded messages are impossible to understand so I have stopped using the phone altogether and now only use my mobile.

This phone is absolute rubbish!

Have to be the worst cordless I've ever bought

Volume goes down by itself all the time, whenever we answer calls you either get nothing or the caller goes on hold and the get some ridiculous little jingle.
Caller ids are incorrect.
As far as the menu goes on the phone it is so far from user friendly so complicated.
I would throw them in the bin if I could.
Product doesn't even deserve 1 star.

great phone

I looked at this site and saw all of the negative reviews and got a little worried after I bought it.
The phone works perfectly and I have asked people that I have called and they have said that it is loud and clear.
The only compliant that I would have is that I like to the time on display in a large size and to be on at all times. It isn't.
If it lasts and performs as well as my last Uniden (10yrs) I will be very happy


The sound is definitely tinny and the caller sounds like they are in a hollow cave. Definitely inferior sound to previous Uniden. Also this phone does not enable adjustment of the ring time from about 20 seconds; no mentiom of this in the manual or online.Would not recommend this model. Won't buy Uniden again.

Not at all impressed

We had a Uniden DSS2465 for exactly 10 years and it was wonderful. Not one problem. Almost cheaper to buy a new phone than buy new batteries so I replaced it in July 2015 with a 8155+1. I am very, very disappointed. Echoing, static, couldn't hear the caller. I returned it to the store and they replaced with a new unit. Much better than the first 8155+1 but still nowhere as clear or as user friendly as the DSS2465. The hand held is awkward and fingers slide across the numbers. They are not individually spaced numbers. Ring volume is definitely not loud enough if outside and I am having trouble extending the ring time. I actually rang Uniden and expressed my concerns re this product to a sales rep but I did not feel much interest in my list. Anyway one of the hand helds is now not working and I will have to return it to the store again. 2nd return in 5 months.

Great little cordless smart phone

I bought this so I can link it to my iPhone via bluetooth and charge my iPhone, my iPad and my Apple Watch Sports via the USB Charging Port so I don't need any wall chargers also I can import my Phonebook from my iPhone as well so I am very happy with it.

Don't Buy

Uniden do not respond to emails in regards to poor quality phone, 1 week old and cannot get service.

I have moved the extender, I have removed the 2nd phone and disabled it, we cannot hear the other side of the conversation even though they can hear us, I also disabled the Wifi.

Caller ID does not work.

Bought from Dick Smith and because I was happy with previous Uniden phones, I just put it together and threw the box. My bad and my loss but beware of this particular phone for $130 it is a waste of money when it cannot be returned.

Icon and ring length issues

The message icon will not display in spite of following all of the instructions of the voice mail provider. I also cannot extend the length of time the phone rings and rarely get to answer it. Uniden has been unsupportive and insists there is no fault with my unit. A shame because I am happy with everything else about the phone.

Top cordless phones

So pleased with this phone that I'm puzzled by the adverse criticism of other users. The phone is so superior to my latest disaster, ( purchased the top of the range Motorola from Telstra that proved absolutely worthless ) that I'm overjoyed with our 8155. This model covers the entire 1/2 acre block with the range extender and does everything we've asked of it so far. Only had it for about 3 weeks but feel that it's adequately engineered for longevity. Volume is adequate for our old 83 year old ears. Just wish it would recognise and connect to my bluetooth hearing device in the same manner as it does to my mobile phone.

Love my old Uniden but not this one

Just bought this one from Harvey Norman and thought I couldn't go wrong after my old Uniden Wdect 3355 + 2 had been a great cordless phone for years with great sound and range, however this one I have at full volume and it still sounds like the caller is a million miles away and as others have said it's an extremely tinny sound coming through
Am going to return it to Harvey Norman and see what I can do
Sadly the cordless that got the highest ranking that I found after research ( Panasonic KX-TGE274S) isn't available in Australia or I probably would have gone with it


The biggest failing of this phone is the earpiece audio quality. It is very tinny. Perhaps it's an age thing - might be better suited to people much younger than me. I know Uniden can make a decent phone - I had a bottom of the line Uniden cordless (freebie from Optus), and its earpiece audio was much better than the 81xx. Not sure what Uniden have done here.

Otherwise the phone is fine. Range is good (haven't had to use the extender yet). Has all the features I need.

Faulty product, awful service

Initially I liked this unit - unlike others I found sound to be ok, range excellent (to point of not needing extender), and features/ accessories good. However it doesn't always reconnect on Bluetooth and recently unit started to lock up after some days so nothing would work and I would miss incoming calls. I sent it to Uniden and they took a cursory look at it and sent back as no fault found. The product wasn't fixed. They only tested for 1 hour despite being aware the lock up would only occur after some time and made no effort to contact me to clarify fault (despite being told I had video of the failure). Now I still have a faulty product and will seek a refund and get a quality brand (maybe Panasonic)

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Questions & Answers

How can I increase the number times the phone rings with incoming calls. The phone only rings 5 times and I constantly miss calls. There is no facility on the handset to make a change Jenny
1 answer
Hi Jenny, Thank you for your review. As this model does not have an integrated answering machine, it only is able to retain a voicemail service through your service provider. You will need to contact them in order to also extend the ring time as there is no feature to do this via the Menus on the phone. Sorry for the inconvenience.

A frequent caller to my Uniden landline phone appears to divert to divert to my mobile which I have not set up. When I choose menu and select handset I find 2 call diverts, one is on, the other off. When I highlight the on one I cannot change it to off. How could this caller be diverted when I have not set it up and never would want that anyway? Most odd and annoying.
2 answers
Hi Caryl, When you press Menu and go into Handset Setup Menu, the following options are provided; T'Coil, Ringer Tones, Personal Ring, Auto Talk, Any Key Answer, Banner, Key Touch Tone, LCD Contrast and HD Audio. Can you please confirm which option shows the Call Divert options you are referring to? Call Forwarding/ Call Divert is a feature that is set up and provided to you by your service provider. (Telstra, Optus, etc). This is why there is no reference in the manual. For Telstra assistance, you can see the following link for reference; https://www.telstra.com.au/support/category/home-phone/features-settings/how-to-set-up-call-forwarding-on-home-phone For Optus assistance, you can see the following link for reference; https://www.optus.com.au/shop/support/answer/manage-call-diversions-fixed-phone?requestType=NormalRequest&id=1428&typeId=5 For other service providers, you will need to contact them directly on how to activate Call Forwarding / Call Divert.I am surprised that you ask this question because I have already supplied the answer in that email. Call divert comes within the handset, I have managed to turn it off and delete the number (which the phone did not reveal to me) so hope this has rectified the problem. I am in NZ and my service provider did not set this up. Thank you for your reply. By the way the phone is model 8115.

how do I get my voice mail
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