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Uncle Tobys Vita Brits Weeties

Uncle Tobys Vita Brits Weeties

4.4 from 9 reviews

The simple things

The best thing I find with weeties is its simple uncomplicated texture and shape having a bowl of weeties in cold milk really brings a smile to my face and in this complicated world we live in the simple things really make a difference thank you king wilie weetie.


Help me find

Love weeties but want to buy weeties that aren't wholemeal. When I was a kid they weren't wholemeal
Where can I buy un wholemeal pkts or Dont they make them anymore

Love em.

Great breakfast cereal. Just love the Weeties flavour. Nothing added. I eat them with just full cream milk and no sugar. I occasionally eat them with some Tasmanian Leather wood Honey.

Weeties king for president

Top notch, but I keep burning them on my George Foreman Grill. Other than that 10/10 would eat again!!!
Sincearly the Weeties king

Hard pieces in it

I have always loved Vita Brits but the last few boxes I have bought there have been very hard, gritty pieces in it which could have caused problems with fillings in teeth.

Weeties, love the taste

Still love my Weeties even after all these years and love to start my day with them. They're great for a midnight snack too. I love that they are healthy and I can personalize my breaky by adding my choice of extras like banana or strawberries.

Love Weeties, but have small complaint.

I have been buying Weeties for many years and have them every morning for breakfast. I just love them, but in the last few boxes I have had there is very hard pieces in there, sort of like stones in the mix. Never had that before. Please check your quality control. Thanks Yvonne

I can't live without my Weeties!

My favourite cereal for what seems like hundreds of years..I'll never get sick of eating Weeties, I even have them for a nightime snack.
Filling, delicious, low sugar, low fat, available in an economical HUGE box!


Weeties are great. Best of all they are good for the whole family to eat and I don't have to worry that they are eating extra sugar or fats unnecessarily. Add milk or even some chopped fresh fruit and you have yourself a nutritious and yummy breakfast. I'll have to admit that I used to eat these with sugar but I have stopped adding the sugar and they are actually not that bad. They have a richer almost nutty taste than a wheat biscuit and don't get as soggy when milk is added. Would highly recommend for those who want to control what they eat as there are no hidden additives in Weeties, just simple ingredients.
Is a really healthy cereal alternative. Is nice to find a cereal without added ingredients something that is really hard to find these days. Is made from 99% wholegrain wheat.
Is a bit bland if you are used to sugared cereal but doesn't take long to get used to.

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Vita Brits Weeties
Release dateJun 2010
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