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UPPAbaby Alta

UPPAbaby Alta

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So strong and so much space.

My first thoughts when i saw this pram was: how will i fit this into my car? Its quite large even folded up.
But the payoff is a very comfy ride. Its very strong. It handles well on all terrain. And i can fit a weekly grocery shop in the storage compartment underneath!

Piggyback attachment is great!

The UPPAbaby Alta is a great pram that looks good, is very practical and isn’t too big. In particular, the Piggyback attachment we purchased recently is great! Our son now uses the bassinet and our daughter transitioned from sitting in the pram to riding on her “skate board” which is the piggy back attachment. She likes it enough not to run around the shopping centre.

Light and easy to manouevre

Very happy with it.
- excellent tight turning circle
-able to go through checkouts/narrow paths
-lightweight, and easy to fold/unfold and lift. We were initially going to buy a valco snap ultra but although the uppsbaby alta is a little heavier on specs it feels lighter to use due to great fold and maneuverability. Easy to assemble.
-good quality build
- adjustable handle height - the lowest setting works well for myself at 5'6" and my 6' husband
-puncture proof tyres are great - have had goats head prickles stuck in tyres with no issue
- magnetic peekabo window easy to use
- extra length pram shade great for blocking sun
- have tucked a towel into bucket seat rather than buying insert for newborn age which has worked really well. Bub loves sleeping in it.
- love the bright blue hood!

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And it has a giant basket!

Love it

It does the trick. Great turning circle. Lasts forever and strong construction. Looks good too. I couldn’t upgrade when I had the second child so that kind of sucked that I had to get another pram. It’s Skinny enough to fit through doors easily and super easy to push around.

Happy with our purchase

We bought the Carbon-black Jacob Uppababy Alta with matching bassinet. We loved that we could use this as a bassinet and a pram. Great for staying elsewhere overnight and for moving the bassinet around the house when needed. The bassinet only really lasted us until about 11 weeks, then he was too big. The pram comes with rain covers, fly screens and newborn inserts which have been great. Big basket, but unfortunately you can't access it when you're using the bassinet.
It's very easy to swap from bassinet to pram and to change the pram from front to back facing. The pram is not able to be put into a flat position, it's fixed but it can recline. Looked great when we first bought it. I'm a bit disappointed however at how trashed the pram has become so quickly. No matter how careful we have been the paint and plastic bumper scuff easily and have become very scratched. The clip that locks the pram when folded fell off after about 3 months so we had to fix it. Our baby really likes the pram but not sure how long before he is too tall.

In LOVE with this pram!

The best pram on the market by far!!! Couldn’t be happier with my Uppababy Alta! It’s light easy to manoeuvre, easy to fold (1 step), huge storage basket! Great quality product with a 3 year manufacturing warranty! Even better that it hold up to 23kg as my daughter is tall for her age and this helps a lot!

Reasonable pram

We have been using this pram for 7months now so had a good run with it, purchased the last of the 2015 models (Samantha, amethyst colored material) prior to new models released. We had an old chicco for baby 1, which we murdered through use, so wanted something better for bubs 2. Here's my review.

Overall assessment
It's a reasonable pram. It does an ok job and will get us through to 2-3yrs when baby no longer needs a pram but a bit disappointed for the price. However I also didn't want to spend another $500 or more to get a more "designer" brand. So it doesn't get a good rating, but an ok rating.

-Easy to use and set up, I figured this pram out without sales assistance when researching prams.
-Reversible seat is fantastic.
-Huge shopping basket.
-Comes with shade and rain cover so no need to pay for extra items.
-Pushes well on usual hard surfaces, pavement and shopping centre. On grass not that great but we usually walk on footpath so not an issue.
-Looks nice.
-bassinet was excellent for baby when newborn and in pram and also used it as a travel cot

-When reclines babies legs are upright! With how the seat is made there is no way to have legs flat, or even somewhat flat.
-Tall babies will run out of head room with the pram hood.
-Silver sun shade looks horrible, makes shushing noise when used and totally detracts from the look of the pram. It's also not very practical as my baby likes looking out and constantly grabs at it when down and almost ripped it so for these reasons we don't use it. I wish this was removable, I can't stand it.
-Very hard to use one handed.
- Easy to move when not weighed down but once baby is in the seat, the pram really likes going straight and not easily maneuverable.
-Paint scuffs easily when taking it in and out of car boot and unfolding. For the price, better paint that didn't scuff so easily would have been nice.
-On occasion the brakes stick when locking/unlocking which is annoying but not a deal breaker. You need to be very firm when unlocking and locking and this seems to fix the problem.
-Bassinet won't last long if you have a tall baby, mine was out of it by 4months.
-If using bassinet, really hard to access shopping basket.
-No winter hood for legs, this is an optional extra for purchase, and blanket doesn't sit very nicely.

Lightweight Reversible Seat Pram

This pram is light enough, easy to fold/unfold and reversible (forward facing and parent facing). It has 5 seating position and reclines quite flat. With the snug seat, we could get away with not purchasing a bassinet. But due to the shape of the seat, your baby's legs will be at an angle when lying down. My baby didn't seem to mind though. Other features:
- Easy recline
- Easy to operate the brake
- Adjustable foot rest and handle
- Seat is quite high so you are at the same level with your child when sitting in restaurant
- Huge basket
-Magnetic flap for peep window (not velcro)
-includes bumper bar

I notice that over time the pram makes squeaky noise - not sure if it is the frame or the wheels. And the wheels don't feel very sturdy. I guess this is to compensate for the weight.

Great full featured but lightweight pram

This pram is full featured but much lighter than many other similar prams. The bassinet is great, as it has excellent airflow and I felt safe leaving bubs sleeping in it for day naps. The pram is easy to fold and switch the seat around. Seat can be forward or rear facing, which is good. Basket is a good size. (Note: This review is for the Cruz, which is the same as an Alta)


Find it slightly suspicious that recent reviews for uppababy alta are so enthusiastically positive. Whereas a year ago when we made purchase it was much more balanced. Hers an honest review

Very big basket
Easy to use
Cheap compared other competitors like bugaboo
When folded fits well in my corolla

Been having issues with wheels. Front and back already replaced
Frame rattles and squeaks
Vibrates in smooth surfaces
Hard to use one handed

We purchased cos good reviews on the site so I would really think twice and do some thorough research. Pram envy sucks

Best pram ever! Ticks ALL the boxes!

Look no further - the ALTA is the best pram on the market! Very light, folds well, comfortable seat, easy to maneuver, MASSIVE basket and sturdy frame. I had the Alta for 2 years before needing to upgrade to the Vista and I miss it a lot. Perfect pram, no complaints.

Can't live without it

We bought the pram over one and half year now. We used it everyday. It is fantastic. It got A lot of space in the basket. I can put all my staffs in the basket. Even when with out for any shopping. It is easy to fold. The pram is Very good quality. Our baby loves be in the pram. Comfortable and the seat are quit high up for he to see everywhere.

Best pram ever!!!

I’m so glad we chose this pram. We were on a budget and struggled with the idea of spending so much money but it was worth every cent. My son is now 19 months old and it’s still a joy to use every day.
This pram was the only one which ticked all my boxes
Big and safe bassinet
Forward and rear facing seat
Big basket
Easy fold
Easy one handed steer
4 wheels
Compact enough for tight spaces (cafes etc)
Great canopy
Great accessories

Things I’ve learnt- different handle heights really help when different people push plus handy for putting a second child on the skateboard (you don’t have to break your back to reach the handle)

Upright seated position means the pram can act as a high chair

Wheels come off super easy for cleaning etc

Seat is quite deep opposed to other prams

Bassinet was light to carry so we used it a lot around the house, more so than expected.

I would and have recommended this pram to so many. I can’t find a fault.

The pram that can't be compared.

This pram is the bee's knees! When shopping for my first born's pram I saw this beauty in the middle of the show room. It's lovely style and colour caught my attention first. Then I began pushing it, the ease was amazing it couldn' compare to any other pram that was there. The sales lady took me through the specs and it was the lightest pram of its kind, which was a bonus. Especially for a mum who was having a C section. Now with our second child on he way we will be upgrading to the vista and can't wait. I love how easy this pram is. Thankyou Uppababy you are the best.

fantastic little pram

The alta is a great little pram, so easy to steer and the basket is a great size! I love how light it is but still is a full size pram. My 3yo still fits quite comfortably but i also now have the piggy back board which is great as well.

Love it so much, so practical

This pram is fabulous. It has gone EVERYWHERE with us and it is easy to manouver, even one handed. I love the fact that the wheels don't need any maintenance (no pumping), it has a MASSIVE basket and will fold in one easy piece with the toddler seat in place.

The one time I had a small issue with a "sticky" wheel, one email to the supplier resulted in a quick and easy fix. They were so great to deal with.

My littlie is now 2 and he STILL loves this pram. He'll sleep in it on the go. The large sunshade is fabulous and practical. The entire pram is well designed, solidly built and sturdy. It still gets used ALL THE TIME. Not a moment of regret from this happy family!

Light, functional and stylist

My first ever pram and I’m so happy with it.

Most importantly I can lift it in and out of my boot easily as it’s light. The basket is AMAZING! I can fit everything I need in it so I’m hands free.

Sunshade and peek-a-boo flap is perfect for hot summer days to keep baby cool.

The back wheels are flush to the frame so the pram is nice and slim which makes a massive difference when you are navigating through small spaces like a cafe. You never get your wheels stuck on a chair leg!

I recently brought the snack tray which is super handy as my son loves to snack when we are out and about.

Highly recommend for the parent who is looking for a light, functional and stylish pram.

Best pram on the market

The uppababy alta pram is by far the best I have tried. I have been using it for 9 months now and am so happy with my purchase. It is easy to manoeuvre even with one hand, thin and fits everywhere. It Folds away so easily and is very light. Well done uppababy for creating such a user friendly pram!

First time mum - love my UPPABABY

I wanted a pram that was light weight, easy to move and easy to fold and had a big basket. I was shown the UPPAbaby Alta and fell in love. No other pram compared. It has everything I wanted.

11 months on, I use it daily and I’m so happy with the purchase. The fact you can fold and unfold it from standing position, without having to bend down and pick it up is brilliant for my poor back.
The extended sunshade is great, especially when baby was little and just recently we have started to use the rain cover which has been very handy.

The overall quality is great. My son loves sitting in the pram and can easily have a nap in it when we are out. And I love the massive basket. It can easily store toys, blanket, shoes, nappies bag, lunch bag and still have room for some shopping.

Overall very happy with the UPPAbaby Alta. There customer service team is great also when I had a few questions before we purchased - very helpful and quick to respond. I’m glad I purchased this pram.

Perfect Pram

Bought the Gregory Cruz few months after my delivery, worth the wait!!! Very easy to maneuver, extra large storage, premium material, not too bulky, and always make people asking as it's considered quite new in the market. Longer shade to block the light and moveable handle (without removing the bassinet facing front and back) will be perfect improvement in the future.

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Questions & Answers

Who stocks these prams in QLD?
No answers

Is Cruz and ATLA the same? What are the difference between these two models? Their outlooks look very similar. When come to infact carseat, are they compatible with maxi cosi cabriofix? what kind of adptors I need to get?
3 answers
Alta and Cruz are the same - from memory they just go by different names on different continents. You'll often see it being my sold as the "cruz/alta". Not sure about adaptors.So is it called Alta inCruz and Alta is the same. In north america they call it cruz. I personally never tried with maxi cosi but I am pretty sure with the right adopter you can fit it. Adopter can be source from online or via their website.

Hi, I am a Mum-to-be looking for a first pram/stroller purchase. The Alta is on my top 3 list, I just wanted to know how easy/difficult it is to change baby's nappy whilst they are in the pram. It looks as though the seat doesn't recline back very far, and the child's legs are still at an angle, is this right? Anyone with experience changing nappies in this pram?! Thanks in advance!
1 answer
I found it too difficult to change nappies with the normal seat. The seat reclines well, but there's the groove in the seat for their bum which is the part that makes it too hard.


UPPAbaby Alta
Category4-Wheel Prams & Strollers
Price (RRP) $1,617.95
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 11 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Cup Holder and Under-seat Storage
Weight10 kg
Folded Dimensions94 x 56 x 36 cm

  • GTIN14: 00817609010336, 00817609010343, 00817609010350 and 00817609010367

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