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V.I.P. Petfoods Dog Rolls

V.I.P. Petfoods Dog Rolls

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VIP dog roll concerns

My dog loves your food but I'm just curious to know what the actual benefits are of her eating you VIP dog roll? And little concerned that one of them contains garlic?? I thought that was poisonous to dogs?

Purchased in April 2019 for $7.00.

Value for Money
Pet's Life StageAdult
Side Effects No

Gourmet Chicken

This roll seems to work okay for my dogs. I have particular trouble with finding a food for my Cavaliers sensitive digestion and she can tolerate this in small amounts. Sometimes the roll can be softer then others and so when shopping I feel each individual roll and pick out the firmest one. Great for a budget - feeds two small dogs for a fortnight if cut up into portions then frozen. Seems to defrost okay and better then other rolls we have tried. I like the ingredients and the fact that there is no preservatives. Would prefer to not have soy in the ingredients list. Reasonable all round meal for my dogs.

Purchased in January 2019 at Woolworths for $6.00.

Value for Money
Pet's Life StageAdult
Side Effects No

Absolute crap now

I have fed my dog's VIP gourmet premium chicken for yrs and now it is absolute crap!! I will never buy any of VIP's products again ! It is nothing but slime wrapped in plastic and it smells foul.

sloppy dog roll terrible smell.

It used to be a great dog roll but the last couple of months it has been sloppy and the smell makes you feel sick. Customer service is nil considering the number of bad reviews and all from different states even though the customer service person blamed the store.

Very sloppy and waterlogged

This stuff used to be good but now is full of water and wont even stand up in the fridge like it used to. The moisture leaks out of it all through the fridge and I now have to put it in a bowl to catch all the liquid coming our it. Very sloppy. I can get canned food that is better than this.

Gave my dog very sick never again

Crap food never feed to your dog. He suffered all night. Why would you produce a product that is worse than tin food. Failure on you to even sell this trash.

First and last time I but VIP dogroll

Came home from supermarket last week with 4 rolls of VIP dog sausage. It was horrible ! all sloppy and not at all like any dog roll I had bought before. I will avoid this product in future .

VIP MEGABITE- be careful if your dog has sensitivities to allergens

My husband came home with a new dog roll on friday and i noticed persistant scratching sat,sunday (didn't think much of it)I Bathed him and i noticed he was still irritated and not himself. Hot spots started to develop under his arm and his face. I Continued feeding him the roll at night until Tuesday. After this he then went off his food altogether. Wednesday his eyes were swollen from all the scratching it looked like he had been in a fight and was vomiting clear phlegm. Thursday morning i took him to the vet who said it would be an allergic reaction to something he ate. This is the only thing new in his diet. Looking at ingredients i saw it has garlic, and he has had a vomiting reaction to garlic before(accidently ate some of our food which had it in it.). Customer service were lovely and took note. Just be cautious of ingredients in any food if you know your dog is sensitive to certain foods.

Use to be good, definitely now not

I have been feeding my dog this brand for the last year and a half.
The formula has changed and are just foul.
I still had trust in the product until my dog vomited after feeding him which lasted a few hours. Will never purchase this product again and suggest other dog owners to do the same

After reading the packaging on all the chilled dog food they mostly are all from V.I.P petfoods.
Will be going back to making my own and getting fresh from butcher instead of grocery store

Poor quality. Why?

Have been feeding my dogs this roll for many years & never had any issues until now. The last two were soggy, smelly, greasy on inside & slippery greasy wrappers.
What’s going on?

Dog food

I have been buying this for my pets for years just opened a chicken and egg no egg and it was just gluggy same as the meat one very disappointed going to another brand sorry.

Dog roll was off.

I buy VIP chicken dog roll weekly, however on two occasions of late, it has been OFF despite being well inside the use by date. I have had to dump it rather than return it for a refund, due to the foul smell. Just bringing it to your attention, as otherwise you may be totally unaware.

Used to be better

I have found when I buy the VIP dog rolls from numerous Woolworths stores, they r quite mushy and watery and when I buy from Coles, the texture is as it should be. They do feel quite 'grainy', like a lot of crushed bone through it and also not as many vegetables as there used to be in them. My dog is a guts though and she still eats it, but to me the quality of the product has slipped.

Dog terribly sick

Since feeding my dog, VIP Mega Bite, with prime beef, my dog has been very sick. I fed him approx 800g, he left some. Since then his been sick. Introduced him back to it and turned his nose up at it. Not good for him and not good for an owner to see him like this so miserable.

Whats this looks like skin of someones finger

Well i have a photo dont know how to upload it but tonight cutting up my 3 dogs dinners i came a across some white looking skin looking thing in the middle of the roll no idea what it is was but had me scratching my head.. a while back now same thing giving the girls dinner and i found plastic in the middle of the roll stupid me didnt get a pic but again i was like hmmm ahhh ?

The rolls are terrible my dogs won't eat it as much

I have 2 dogs a golden Retriever and a Saint Benard they have both been brought up on the 2 different rolls and now they won't eat it the actually left most of it in their bowlsThe roll feels dry not as much vegies or meaty chunks in it won't be buying it any more. Aldi have a dog roll and it is great and cheaper

Horrible changes in recipes

I agree with everyone I’m so glad I’ve seen this I thought I was crazy they have definitely changed there recipes and it doesn’t look healthy at all it’s like playdoe 0 stars

Chinese now own this company

This company is now Chinese owned and the formula has changed. Who knows what they put in it. Buy Prime 100 they are 100% Australian made and owned. When you cut the Prime 100 rolls up they smell so good and fresh like you want to eat it yourself. Better than this muck.

I will not use again

I once purchased only VIP dog rolls. But lately they have all been soft and mushy and I threw the last one out. Although the dogs still eat it I will not purchase this product again.

Chicken roll

I agree in past 3 months the VIP 3kg chicken roll is like glue, no visable meat or vegetable in roll. Texture has changed unable to cut it cleanly

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Questions & Answers

Hi, My dog eats Natures Goodness grainfree duck & veg roll, mostly all are good but we get the occasional one that is very watery and smells. I buy from Woolworths, is this because they freeze them?
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Could your food cause feet itches in dogs?
No answers

Are there any allergens in VIP megabites? Since my dog has been given that I've been suffering itchy skin. Can there be a connection?
1 answer
my dog had an allergic reaction, swollen eyes and developed severe hot spots from scratching. Think its from the garlic.

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