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V.I.P. Petfoods Fussy Cat Grain Free

V.I.P. Petfoods Fussy Cat Grain Free

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No more loose motions

I had a boarding cattery and I used to mix the grain free in with the other dry foods....Not cheap brands, better quality. That's a lot of trays to clean. Now at 82 I cannot do that any more. Bred 10 breeds of pedigreed cats over forty years, now not physically capable. I have just acquired a 2 1/2 year old devon rex boy (bred them myself also). I have his tray in my toilet so I can change it sitting. I noticed he was weeing heaps.....Tray changed every day.....And drinking 1/2 large bowl of water daily. Alarm bells. Have put him on rawand wet food with fussy cat grain free added. Noticed the difference immediately. He has very little hair also and I am hoping he will coat up because of the change. I know that kangaroo meat is the highest protein, almost fat free meat available and as he eats anything, I will grt that one for him. Some of my other cats only liked the turkey one. I have not tried the canned ones so will not buy heaps until I try him out. I cannot just get into a car to go to the vet so keeping him healthy and happy is paramount. Thank you for this food, I also implore you to never take it off the market,

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles Online.

Thought it was great but it caused cystitis

My cat has been eating royal canin ragdoll for the first 5 years of its life. Changed to this as it was convenient. Seemed fine for months and he suddenly started urinating frequently. He drinks plenty of water and his habits haven't changed. We also feed him the wet food from vip. Recently he weed a few times on a bed. This led to me realising why he peed a lot. All three patches over a day have crystals so big and so much it looked like someone had sprinkled glitter in his pee. Time to put him on specialised treatments to fix the issue from this food

Purchased in February 2019 at Coles for $5.00.

My cats issues Gone!!

I cannot believe what a change! He was on Royal Canin for his runny poop but didn't help. (mind you $40 a bag) I bought VIP grain free with beef, kangaroo & sweet potato and straight away cured his runny poo! Highly recommend

My cat has urinary tract infection

I have fed my Persian cat this brand solidly for 8 months. She loves it and I like the big size biscuits because it makes her chew and use her teeth, to prevent gum disease .
Unfortunately she has developed a UTI which I can only put down to her diet. So I will be avoiding this like the plague (and any other supermarket brands) and spending more on a quality dental brand. Which I should've done in the beginning.

My male cat nearly died from crystals in bladder

My 2 year old male cat had a blockage in his urethra caused by crystals from his bladder lodging. He nearly died.
Cost $2,500 to save him. Catheter inserted three times, but kept blocking. Luckily the last time it didnt block
Vet said it was caused by this food.
He is now on an expensive Vet diet for the rest of his life.
Male cats are more suseptible to forming crystals.
Dont risk it- dont buy this food!!!!

If I could rate a 10 I would

Had the toughest time with my kittens! They had constant diarrhea and my vet recommended “Hills Prescription Diet Feline ID Digestive Care Canned” for 2-3 weeks which worked great but they’re pricey and a small can. I was scared to try anything because the diarrhoea would come back which was so stressful :( But I decided to opt for a grain free canned food and picked VIP fussy cat brand (the blue one) as it wasn’t expensive and it’s 400g! I was that person who bought 30 when they went on special lol, as my budget is tight. I stuck with it for a few weeks until their digestion normalised and was so relieved when it worked! Me and hubby went away for 3 days so we decided to give the kittens the dry version (but the red bag as the biscuits are small circles). that’s what our older cat eats, since we were over feeding them wet, putting it in the fridge etc, IT WORKED! I’ve never been so excited over solid poos in my life each step of the way!!! It was such a stressful process and also a waiting game but I just want to say a huge thank you to VIP Fussy Cat for being affordable and especially able to be digested by little tummies!!!! I can’t stress that enough!!! Please don’t discontinue the 2.5kg red bag as that’s the only food they can digest! Some coles don’t even stock this flavour so I need to order on Woolworths online ! But it’s worth it, thank you!!!

My cat loves it

When we adopted our cat we started with whiskas, but this is way better. We moved him onto this shortly after and he has been having it for about 2 years. He loves it and all the tastes

Little Scottish Fold loves These!

My cat absolutely loves these biscuits, I get 2 flavours at once and alternate every few days this keeps her excited and interested in her biccies. Tried a few other brands but noticed they contain a lot of nasties unlike these :)

Affordable and healthy

All three of my cats love this food. The ingredients are great, really healthy and no nasties like some of the big brands. Compared to some of the 'premium' brands too they don't contain fillers. They never seem to get tired of it. Great value especially when I can pick up a 1kg bag at Woolies. Grain free is the best choice for your pets. My cats get a scoop in the morning and raw or wet food at night, shiny coats and purrs all around.

My cats love this food, and it loves them

I buy the VIP Fussy Cat Grain Free dry biscuits, as well as the portioned mince packets, and occasionally the tins when our budget is slightly tighter.
My two cats get a scoop of biscuits in the mornings, and twice a day 1-2 mince packets to share (or mince in the morning and half a tin in the evening).
Both my cats look beautifully healthy: shiny soft fur, clean teeth, and clear eyes. We often get comments from visitors about how lovely their fur is. They're a healthy weight, don't overeat, and have never had any health problems.
I give the credit to the high quality of the food we give them.
No fillers, no nonsense, just what cats need.

Not good

First treat I gave one of my cats she choked on it and we had to preform the heimlich maneuver on her and rush her to vets. Vet said it was just a freak accident and it would be ok to give her more of the treats in a few days....
Same thing happened a week later!!! Rushed to vets again! So we all decided that maybe this cat is dumb and doesn't chew... both of our other 2 cats had smaller choking situations on the same treats. Thrown out. Never again.
I don't want to have to experience anything like this again!

Healthiest dry food I've found in supermarkets

My rescue cat was on a special prescription food from the vet for his urinary tract issues and it was getting really pricey for me to keep paying for. So I switched to this grain free bag because I've done a lot of research and know how important and healthy it is for cats and even dogs to be fed a GRAIN FREE diet. My two cats love this stuff and it's worth paying for since I know it helps them in the long run and will prevent many dietry problems like obesity in the future. I'm glad that there are people out there like the makers of Fussy Cat who actually care about the wellbeing of cats and dogs to make a healthy, nutritional product for them. This product is a great maintenance product for all cats.

My cats love eating this dry cat food and look really healthy

I purchased my kitten from the pet shop that works with a cat rescue centre and they told me to try royal canin as it was the food she had been eating while they had her well, I always wondered why she was so small at 7 months, I would have to think it was because she hated that food and never touched any of it, tried a few other brands she also turned up her nose at, then last of all I tried this brand and she and my other cat love it, plus my dog does as well, go figure. Oh and since being on this food my kitten is actually growing, she is not stunted any more.

This helped save my cat's life

I was unable to give my cat dry food from the supermarket until now because of urinary tract issues. This food means he can have the dry bicuits he loves at times and not have to go to the vet for surgery. I highly recommend it. I mox with either homemade or canned food and haven't had to have him under vet care for for health issues in over 3 years now.

This cat food is incredible!

I've been feeding Grain Free to my cat for a few years now and it has turned him into a majestic beast. His fur is so much softer and shinier now and he is very visibly much healthier. When I first found this product there were only 500g bags, but the 2.5kg bags make it much more cost effective to buy which is great. He loves all of the flavours, and I recently discovered the treats which he goes crazy for. Huge thanks to V.I.P Petfoods for making my cat so happy and healthy... I highly recommend this product!

Cans of rot

I buy this food very regularly, in fact I must go through 3-4 cans per day so hence I'm quite a good customer. I'd estimate I've bought about 1200 cans this last year alone.

However, of the 5 cans I've opened this morning now, they're all jelly-consistency without any solid matter whatsoever, all food inside has rotted away even though it's used by date is nowhere near past. On the top of the can you can see white dots, mould perhaps? The rest of the food is this brown jelly liquid that must be from the meat pieces that usually are in the can breaking down and rotting away. The cans were undamaged and picked up from the store after it just restocked its shelves from empty (so 'fresh' from the supplier).

This is only 5 cans out of what must be another 30 I have left in the cupboard and I wonder if there's any point in opening any more. At this point I don't believe I will be a customer any longer.
Their food quality control seems to lack quite a bit, to allow rotten food in this many cans or in an entire batch.

I've already thrown out quite a number of cans in the past, but this has been the first time I have bad can after bad can that I can't use. Generally I'll have 2+ cans per week that are rotted, not 5 cans in a row.

To be specific the used-by dates are in 2020 so this shouldn't happen! If someone with no prior experience of this food were to try to feed their pets with a bad can I can imagine it would be quite dire for the pet!
Care for your pet and steer well clear of this brand! Even though when it's actually not just liquid rot/filth in the can I'm sure it's healthier than the mainstream brands, but it's not worth my usual throwing out a few cans a week let alone 5 cans in a row, with the rest of the 30 or so cans of this batch I have about to go in the bin to avoid this frustration/risk of hurting my kittens.
Their food quality has declined even over the time I've been a customer, and if you don't know what you're looking for now you run the risk of poisoning your cat. I'd hate to think of the quality of their 'fresh' meats like pet minces. Once again, do yourself and your precious pet a favour and avoid this brand completely!!

excellent quality and value

this brand is priced very well ,if you want more quality dry food for your cat. "supermarket' cat dry food ( and dog) is filled with alot of fillers like rice and carbohydrates they dont need and are not good for them. so i switched to quality more premium brand 'Black hawke' (grain free) and its awesome and i mix in the VIP also to bulk up my stock. the grain free for both cats love it and they have healthy coat. one is 2 years old and one is 11 years old. both do well on it. it fills them up and so they will eat less of it. this is good. its a very good quality brand and i use only the best for my cats.
Note: 5th nov
i have investigated that too much fish in cats diet is no good which VIP fussy cat has alot of. and also black hawke has almost double the amount of salt in its dry food,creating a lot of thirst for my cats.and others i have read about - in long term too much salt can cause kidney issues.and hypothyroidism.
so i changed their dry food brand and tin.
So please investigate your pet food and see petfoodreviews.com.au webstie for more details info

VIP cat helps herself

I brought the blue packet for my 11 year old siamese she has always had dandruff and been extremely pick about what dry food she eats. Until now! If the packet gets left out my cat breaks into the packet and feeds herself so yes she loves it and her dandruff has finally gone away and I noticed her number 2s in the litter tray are not so smelly anymore. So I think we will stick with this brand at her age as long as she likes what she gets fed thats all that matters

Good cat food

My cats love it do the dry cat food came in bigger bags and what sizes thank You so much

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Thanks it changed my kitten live when we got him. We think he was not feed the right food.

Amazing for cat with Allergies

Ziggy is a 2 year old cat who developed skin allergies after eating supermarket brand foods. He would scratch and lick so excessively that he was bleeding and mutilating himself. I have found that the Turkey and Cranberry mix of this food is unbelievable- it's like magic and his wounds heal and no new sores. Thank you.

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Questions & Answers

VIP- the question below was asked 8months ago. Why no response?? Please revert. Your non-response makes your company appear to have something to hide. Thank you Hi could you please tell me about Fussy Cat tin food that is grain free. I cant see how much salt is in it. Is it suitable to feed to a cat with second stage kidney disease. Is this food of a high quality?
No answers

Can a kitten eat VIP fussy cat wet food
No answers

Hi ....will a kitten food be added to the fussy cat variety any time soon ? my 3 shorthaired exotic cats have been thriving on this food ....they love all 3 flavours and also the vip cat mince ......my female exotic has become pregnant (planned litter) and and she needs to be gradually shifted onto kitten food .....i would love to keep her on the vip brand and also wein the kittens onto it ....but it is not available in a kitten formula only adult....im so disappointed that i will have to introduce her to another brand that have kitten formula.....really hoping a vip kitten food is bought out soon .
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Ok Thankyou

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