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Valco Baby Minder

Valco Baby Minder

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DO NOT BUY this bouncer. We bought it as we were told it was the cheaper version of the Baby Bjorne. It collapsed with my 8week old in it twice! He is 4.5kgs. He fell from the middle setting to the ground. His head hitting the floor! This product should be recalled. DO NOT BUY IT.

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Hi JLJ, I am very sorry that this has been your experience. Please call our customer service team on 03 9581 8000 as we would love to hear a little more about your experience.

Product Recall

The unit has a fault in the design. I placed my baby (6kg) on this unit and the base gave in and my infant fell from the middle level to the floor! I quickly saw that there was a broken crack on the black frame on the base where the clip locks in and this is what gave way from the weight. This is an OH&S risk for any child and this product should be recalled.

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Hi Nyree, please call our customer service team on 03 9581 8000 we will be able to assist you and we would love some more information.

So handy!

This bouncer was great for my baby. It has several settings for height, is lightweight & easy to take places. I took ours everywhere & baby felt like he was part of the party.
Clips are a bit stiff & I didn't use the toy rack, but no other issues.

Good but there are better ones out there

We bought this to keep at the grandparents' place, we got it for about $15 off eBay. It serves its purpose, our baby liked it as much as the Baby Bjorn at home, but it was a bit more difficult to operate. When you move it around the room it clicks out of position and you have to readjust. It was also quite hard to strap the baby into the harness, the clips were not easy to use. Neither were the clips on the toy bar. However, that said it was a lot more inexpensive than the Baby Bjorns, even second hand, and as far as the baby was concerned there was very little difference!
Simple, no batteries, baby liked it!
Changes setting when carried, hard to clip and unclip harness and toy bar.

Best bouncer.......

Buy this bouncer my baby loves it so safe and it bouncers him to sleep really quickly this product will not dissapoint.
Both my children can hop inthis bouncer and toddler weighs 10kg your child will out grow this bouncer and you can use it for the next baby its great love fhis bouncer
Inexpensive hard wearing awesome

Best Baby Product My Husband Bought!

It is as good as the Baby Bjorn one but not as expensive. My baby loves this bouncer, he used to want to be carried, held and rocked all the time but that stopped after being on the Vee Bee Baby Minder by Valco Baby! Now, all he wants is to be bounced on this thing! He is so addicted that he would not fall asleep without being bounced during the day which is not so convenient for me, especially if I have to do something else since it is not battery operated, I have to rock this bouncer in order for it to bounce. I sometimes position myself in a way that I can use my foot or leg to bounce this thing so that my hands are free to do something else (like be on the phone, the computer, fold clothes, etc.) Bought it for $69 at Baby Bunting.
Not as expensive at Baby Bjorn, my bub loves it! Easy to bounce.
Not automatic! A bit difficult to adjust the height of the bouncer. My baby is 6 kgs and on the middle height but if he gets heavier, I think that his bottom would touch the ground when he's on the bouncer thus the bouncer wont be able to bounce.

Love it

Love this bouncer, none of the unnecessary fancy stuff that some bounces have. My bub loves the toy bar, which is easily removed for naps if need be with a reflux baby. Lies flat for easy transport in the car. Neat looking. I use a sheepskin liner for comfort of bub
Cheap, easy clean, natural rocking movement
When you move around with one hand, clicks into highest position, then have to redo positioning

Great bouncer chair

Great chair, bounces easily, multiple heigh settings means newborn can use it. Highly recommend I'm loving ours! Cons are that when you move the chair around the room or pick it up by the seat the chair raises to most upright position. So constantly putting it back to level again and you need 2 hands to lower seat.
Design, various height settings, cost, toy bar, easy to transport
Easy to raise seat and also difficult to recline back down - need 2 hands

Love it!

Excellent bouncy chair definitely recommend. All 3 of my boys loved this chair. Very durable...my 6 month old is happily bouncing in of these that has been used by 4 babies before him! He loves bouncing himself.
Easy to transport. Great that it doesn't have toys and music and all those unnecessary add-ons!
Highly recommend :-)

An affordable bouncer with great height options

We rely on this bouncer for getting our baby to sleep. We have tried a few others and they do not work like this bouncer. I am unsure what we would do without it.

Overall we are extremely happy with the bouncer; however, it does make a knocking sound from one of the bolts. It sounds as though the fasten has loosened. Considering how much we use it and rely on it to hold our baby over wooden floors, we are going to take a good look at it to make sure it is safe.
Affordable. Extremely effective at putting our baby to sleep. The three height options are a god-send (sleeping vs feeding). The harness is also extremely easy to use. Our baby loves this bouncer. The material is easy to clean (wipe down).
It started making a knocking sound quite soon after purchase. It appears to be a loose bolt at the base. I was pretty frustrated by this. Also, the toy bar is crappy as. I can't even work out how our baby is meant to be stimulated by it. We took it off straight away and have never used it.


I bought this for my Mum's place as I have a baby bjorn bouncer at home (didn't want to carry it on the plane) and this looked very similar and half the price. I can't say that I'm overly pleased with the product. I had it posted to me so that may be the reason for the following problems. On the low setting my boy's bottom was sitting on the floor (he's only 8kg), I couldn't seem to find a middle setting and the high setting made me worry that he could topple forward because the sash belt was way too large for him. It looks good, but after only 5 days the mechanism had given up and wouldn't hold my boy in the high position - the adjustment rod was bent. It certainly didn't have a lot of work during that time - only mornings and afternoons for a feed, so I'm very disappointed.
Stable, easy clean fabric, similar bounce to the baby bjorn
Difficult to adjust - seemed to high or too low, fabric isn't cotton, sash belt isn't adjustable.


Disappointed that it doesn't handle the weight that it is advertised to hold if i had known this beforehand i would have purchased alternative product that had higher weight tolerance (but didn't have stylish design) but baby is totally happy in it. Very good for tiring her out as she kicks and bounces herself until sleep time. I would recommend it to be purchased for a baby if there wasn't an issue of an older sibling trying it out.
My baby loves to sit in this and bounce away like crazy. Stylish colours that fit with normal decor not babyish patterns on the material. Higher weight limit than rockets on the market. About half the price of other similar styled baby rockers/bouncers available
Material can get a little sweaty. Advertised weight limit doesn't seem correct as my toddler sat in it (she was under the weight limit by about a kg) and when i went to put the baby in it after she had sat in it it just kept sinking to the floor with no support left at all in the bracing bar underneath. Upon inspection i had discovered her weight had buckled it. This was a week after purchase i was given a replacement by the shop i purchased it from after i explained what happened. Now i have to keep my toddler out of it by putting it away whenever the baby is not sitting in it which is annoying as i purchased it specifically so i didn't have to do this.


Glad I have a bouncer, it was a gift, but I would not have chosen this one. It is OK though.
Handy baby seat for all those times you can't hold them and they learn to amuse themselves. Three positions handy as bub grows. Easily washable. Nice bouncer action once bub figures out how to get it moving. Feels strong. Folds flat to store away.
Boring playbar that is too low for attaching other toys and can't remove the boring blocks. Support straps inadequate in most upright position. Bub rest on floor in lowest position once they get bigger and heavier.


after using the more common rocker style one for my first born, I realise how brilliant this is. The more common style ones are nto responsive to baby's movements and an adult needs to rock it. This one is really responsive, when baby kicks their feet, it bounces... they just love it! I also love that the shapes on the toy bar are wooden, rather than plastic, it's a nice change
very comfortable for baby, multi recline postions, very responsive to baby's movements, so they kan make it rock, removable toy bar, folds flat so great to take out with you


Very shocked at some of the other reviews, we have been rapt with this chair. This was such a savior, I had a very colicy baby and she was very unsettled for the first 4 months of her life and loved being in her little bouncy Chair. She has used it from the day we got home from hospital and she is still using it as she approaches 2. Heaps of my friends and relatives babies have also been in it when visiting and they have all loved the bouncing and the more elevated positions that this seat offers that others don't.
3 Great height adjustments, Great longevity, my daughter still loves sitting in it at 20 months and very sturdy, plus looks stylish in family room. I was going to buy the Baby Bjorn 123 Sitter but when I compared them in the baby shop it was really hard to adjust the height. This is much simpler, my daughter even sets it up herself, we store it under the TV cabinet and when she wants to watch her show or have a bottle she pulls it out ant up, then sits in it.
Can be a little tricky to adjust height down with baby in it but something I only did once or twice. Otherwise nothing.


After using two of these and having the same problem, I would not recommend it at all. I would be more inclined to spend the extra money on a baby bjorn sitter.
Liked this product when I first purchased it and thought I was getting a great deal as the baby bjorn sitter was almost $100 more...
...until our toddler sat in it who was not very heavy at the time and the supporting bar was bent which meant that at it's highest position it was lying almost flat to the ground when I put my baby in it. That was my valco baby minder which I took back and got another product. I have since had another baby and liked the valco baby minder so much the first time (and thought I must have got a faulty product) so I borrowed my sister's and exactly the same has happened to it the adjustable support bar has bent and again my baby almost lies flat on the floor in the highest position.


Great product would recommend for all mums who want some hands free time while being able to watch and bounce baby
Great baby seat from newborn to about 6mths+. Three adjustable recline options allow for newborn to be lying down to older baby to sit up and see the action. I've used this for 2 kids and surprised to see the issues others have had with the support giving way. We have had no problem and I would highly recommend it.
Play bar is a little hard to remove and put on


DO NOT buy this bouncy seat...go for the more expensive baby bjorn if you want a good bouncer that lasts a long time and that you can trust. That is what I am planning to do with this next baby that is on its way!
the no-bells & whistles approach, the foldability, the simple colors
NOT SAFE---it lasted for one baby, and for the next one it lasted a couple months then just GAVE OUT as the baby was in it! the hinge mechanism or spring...whatever it is called...stopped working!


This bouncer served me very well with my first child - he loved sitting in it and it allowed me to get a lot of work done around the house with him watching on. He wasn't too impressed with the wooden toys that come with it, but I hung some other toys on the bar and he loved it.
However as other reviews have mentioned, the support will buckle if too much weight is put on the seat, and it will no longer stay upright - this happened when my toddler wanted a go of it after watching how his baby brother enjoyed it. So when it worked, it worked great, but once too much weight is placed on it, it will become useless.
Looks good
Works well if you only have one child and if that child isn't too heavy.
Broke easily when 11kg toddler attempted to sit in it


We thought this is a fantastic product and would definitely recommend it or a similar product to anyone having a baby. We're even reluctant to sell it now that we dont need it anymore.
Our babies were happy in it for extended periods from about 2 months-6 months of age. We took it everywhere and found it fantastic.
Our son rocked himself to splat on his face at about 7 months of age - but to be fair, he was probably a bit big for it by then and I should have seen it coming with his wild rocking. Also, it shows up every little mark. The toy attachment was fairly useless.

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