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My 14mo baby keeps tipping / rocking forward in the valco snap. He thinks its a fun game because the back of the seat doesnt seem to be secured and he is able to lean quite far forward, bringing the entire seat with him. Does anyone else have this problem or have i got a probelm with the set up?
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Can I use the Valco Snap 3 for a new born?
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Hi yes they also have bassinets available but the pram itself is fully layback

Hi there, is the snap a jogging pram?
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Hi no not really In that it has rubber tyres not inflated. Hope that helpsThank you :)

Hi can you buy replacement bumper bars?
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Hi j_crompo thanks for the question :) It will depend what the customer service team has in stock for spare parts. If you call them on 03 9581 8000 they will try and assist you.

I just bought the valco baby snap 3, and once it was assembled I took it for a try out on our floorboards, and it has a distinct wobble. I tried on the carpet and then again on the floor boards not pushing vigorously, just a slight push and it wobbles incredibly bad. I took it apart and tried again and still the same.. It is the front wheel that seems to be the issue. Is it a normal thing for this pram? Or is it defective because I'm unable to use it with my baby. Thanks
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I cant say i had that problem. I would contact them, you may be missing a small part or something.Hi Nicholas, sorry for the delay in response :) If you would like to contact our customer service team they will be able to assist you with this over the phone. Our phone number is 03 9581 8000

What is the difference between the Snap and Snap LX? Thanks
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Hi Samsyd8, the Snap LX comes with a removable hood you can choose the colours for and an adjustable footrest when compared to the older Snaps. There are only limited colours available in the hoods and the Snap is now with an adjustable hood, so there was a different previously but this is getting smaller.

Does the valco snap 3 come with any extras like a cup tray, rain cover ect. Does it face forward and rearward ? What age does it go upto ?
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No extras included. Needs to be purchased separately. Fwd facing only. We started using it once our son turned 1 but the material is very slippery so he keeps sliding sideways or downwards.Hi Hayleylouise, thanks for your questions. No the Snap does not have a reversible seat, it is only forward facing. You can get universal accessories to fit such as the cup holder, there is also a snack tray, mirror mesh and storm cover that will fit this pram. The pram is from newborn up to 20kg.

How do you fold it down
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Grey button on handle bar and grey snap lock on side of frame, then a quick flick one peice fold down mechanism. Then lift into car. Its super easy once you find the buttons.Grey button on handle bar and grey snap lock on side of frame, then a quick flick one peice fold down mechanism. Then lift into car. Its super easy once you find the buttons.Hi Tania Please call me on 03 9581 8015 and I can email you the instructions Regards Valco

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