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Poor service from vets own

Dog insured at high premium cost since 2001 with very little claimed. Calls are answered by an o/s call centre these people are polite but have no authority to help. Requests to speak to vets own staff are not possible. I am waiting for a response. Hopefully I will get one. My complaint is that after all these years I continued to pay my premiums and now my premium is being increased because increasing age may increase the chance of a claim.

Also a recorded message is very offensive warning you that you had better be honest. Listen to it. unbelievable
I am sorry that I did not my homework and regret my association with Vets own.
Olive Morgan

Insurance claim madeNo

Look else where

Have been trying to get them for over a week on the phone no answer!!!!. Have been 10. 000 dollars in premiums to this company and they have refused to pay 2 claims. I am try to make another foe dogs eye ulcer wish me luck. If they don't pay out I will be taking it further. They are just about taking our money. Look for a more caring insurance company they will pay the claim.

Insurance claim madeYes

Steer clear of Vets Own

Have paid for insurance for 7 years and our dog ended up with a haematoma as a result of an accident.
Vets own (which is Prosure) refused to pay out after our dog needed surgery. Even when they contacted the vet and the veterinarian stated it was an impact injury they wormed their way out sighting that this type of accident was not covered.
Our veterinary clinic was shocked and frustrated that this company didn't payout this legitimate claim (we were told they would).

They also claim you can't cancel your policy???? Until the 12 months of your pay cycle is up.
They make the appeal process much harder than it needs to be so that you lose interest and don't pursue. You constantly get the run around from this company every time you contact them.
Please don't make the mistake that we did by entering into an insurance agreement with this company.
Make sure you research the company you go with as I am led to believe that Prosure (who own vets own) have bought out several other companies.

Will not pay claim.

We loged a legitimate claim after an illness with our cat and the claim was rejected after jumping through many hoops eg. Send us all records of previous vet visits and any past treatments. We can't get in contact by phone to dispute the rejection and currently no response to our letter. Now taking action against them.

will not pay claim, will not take calls and no response to mail.

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I agree with all of the above. I have spent hours on end waiting on the phone for someone to pick up. They do not answer faxes or emails either. They lose all post mail. My last claim was in 2005. They are now telling me they want my dogs history from birth before they accept my new claim - they got that when I first took up the insurance - it seems they have lost that too! My vet has refaxed the history a month ago and yesterday I received a letter from them saying that they will not process my claim as they dont have the history! I have discovered a way for mail to reach them without losing it - send the claim in an express post envelope - it can be tracked. Never again will I insure my pets - I will put the money in a bank account specifically for that purpose.

Best avoided!

Absolutely terrible company to deal with. Have no compassion or regard for their customers. All they care about is their own paperwork. After 6 years of paying premiums, I have now been made to jump hoops just to get my claim looked at. Medical records, stat decs... what a joke! Placed my claim in May 2012, didn't hear back for 2 months - when I called them, they told me I needed to provide more information. Sent that a week later, then didn't hear back from them again. Called them in December 2012 just to be told that my claim had been automatically closed by the system!!! What a ridiculous excuse. Now have to provide more info just to get the claim re-opened. Don't waste your money on this company!

Everything. Not worth the paper the policy is writen on.


I submitted a claim on my policy number at the end of May.

I heard nothing from you and when I contacted you I was told you had requested further information ( the clinical notes).

These were faxed off to you on the 8 June 2012.

I called on 13 June to check that you had them and I was told that you had been "very busy" and that they should be there.

The person I spoke to on this occasion was very helpful and I explained the situation as regards Merlin having cancer.

I called again this morning and was told that you did not have them.

The person that I spoke to this morning obviously has no customer service skills at all, in fact when I said that I had called last week her comment was, that I had just called and told them that Merlin had cancer and would die in a few months.

Absolutely unbelievable that someone could actually say that to a client.

She obviously has no idea that t many of us our pets are part of the family and are as precious as a child.

How dare she be so cruel as to state the facts back to me in such an uncaring fashion.

Thank you for causing me more heartache.

I asked to speak to a Manager and was informed that I could not be put through but they would call me back.

Are your managers so precious that they cannot speak to a client when requested.

Up until now I had a very happy relationship with you and my Vets Own Insurance Policy however it appears that since the takeover things have gone down hill fast.

I would no longer recommend you to anyone purely on the unfeeling way the person today has spoken to me.

Just waiting to see how long it will be before I get a call back, and I will not bother holding my breath to see if you acknowledge this email.

One very unhappy customer.

Now managed by Petsure and the policies on offer no longer apply

I’ve recently discovered that just about all pet insurance on offer in Australia are now managed under Petsure and underwritten by Hollard.
Recently I received my 3rd yearly renewal from Medibank Pet Insurance and found that the cover decreased substantially while the premium increased so I decided not to renew and shop around.
This proved to be complicated as the PDS available online were either out of date, or did not correspond to the summary of the policies on offer by the various insurance companies. In particular, Vets Own.
It was only after calling the 6th pet insurance company for a quote (Vets Own) that I finally realized that I was actually calling the same company, Petsure. Although a different phone number for each Insurance company, it was the same call centre. When I questioned them about Vets Own Insurance, I was advised that "this is a product that we sell".
I realized only after extensively grilling the operator, that the policies on offer by Vets Own on their website are no longer available. A buyer will not know this unless they read the fine print. One example of this is the $500 a year paralysis tick cover in the accident only cover. This is not available when you read the PDS.
My suggestion is, read the fine print, and PDS very carefully. I have little faith in Petsure based on the vagueness of their PDS “what we cover” and “what we don’t cover”. The reviews posted for other companies managed by Petsure offer little peace of mind and comfort.
As a result, I have set up a second bank account for my dogs and automatically add the premiums each month plus 10%, to cover any "accident" my dogs may encounter in the future.
PDS too vague
Now managed by Petsure

Here is the result of My 20+hours of research on Australian Insurance Policies offered.. *Accidental injury cover is approx $12-17 mth, plus $23 mth ($280PA) for vaccinations, etc, & flea control - which now becomes $35-40 mth for annual accident injury and routine care cover ONLY. *Accidental injury and illness plus routine care is approx $48 month which offers approx $145-165 annual refund (charge no excess) to cover (part of $280PA leaving approx $120PA (=$10mth) extra to pay) for annual routine care i.e. vaccinations, heartworm preventative and flea control and couple of other inclusions which incent good health) so the monthly cost is really $48+10=$58 mth for total accident + illness + routine care cover for 12 mths. **ALSO as already told by valley2surfawave, I found most ALL Australian pet insurance companies use Petsure for the administration of their policies AND claims.... Think about that... That means when we get bad customer service from one supposed company yet good from another - we are really dealing with the same people - the same company! Petsure! I know! What's the point of shopping around then?? well, the policies offered by each insurance company are different (not much though) BUT ALL ARE MANAGED, HANDLED, AND UPHELD (CLAIMS AND ALL!!) by PetSure!! Therefore, Petsure, being in that position, cannot be impartial and when asked which company would provide me with accidental injury and illness and routine cover that includes gastro intestinal, ear & eye conditions, infectious diseases and viruses -for the life time of my pet, they cannot say as it would be showing impartiality. Given that my shitzuX is not yet 7 yrs old - I want cover to support his healthy lifestyle and any unfortunate event or illnes whether it be accident, illness, or recurrent illness as he gets older. I just cancelled my Medibank Private Pet insurance which was perfect at $35.40 month for accident, illness + routine cover but they put it up to $53.57 month upon renewal which is a huge jump considering I dont even have medical insurance for myself!! I want an insurance policy that gives me the cover I want and that guarantees to continue to offer the same policy coverage for the lifetime of my healthy dog as he gets older, and I want this before he turns 8yrs as that seems to be the age where most policies start to not cover certain conditions or wont cover at all. I have a healthy dog that I responsibly do all I can to keep healthy and dont anticipate any future claims so I would rather a very high excess for a low premium, so that if some horribly expensive situation occurred, I would be covered but mostly just get back some of my annual routine care costs. Can anyone help me go further here on who can provide this??? I have reviewed RSPCA,1300 INSURE, PIA, PETPLAN/ALLIANZ,PETCOVER,PETSECURE, BOW WOW MEOW so far and maybe a couple of others that I have forgotten about but still have to find what I am looking for.... keeping in mind - THEY ARE ALL ADMINISTERED BY THE SAME COMPANY! There has simply got to be a better way!! I was told by Petsure that Medibank Private took away my beloved policy option which had a high $500 excess and low $35.40 mthly premium to bring their policies in line with the other insurance policies offered on the market -Guess who would of advised them to do that?!!!! I would put my money on it that it was the one company that deals with all the insurance companies so knows all of their policies inside out - you guessed it - petsure!! Somebody PLEASE help me take this further - I have other things to be doing with my time.. This whole experience reminds me of the Coles/Woollworths duopoly that stop stocking good products that always sold quickly off the shelves and they say they were never popular enough so they didn't reorder them!! and stock mostly overseas products and screw our Aussie farmers on buy price. I wish the politicians would step in when it comes these situations - otherwise what was the point of deregulating those industries!!??? there is now no competition within these two markets.. we Aussies got scr@@d!! Hope this helps someone - and that someone can help me!thank-you really helpful, thanks for sharing all your research and hard work, I have been completely put off of purchasing pet insurance...maybe that bank account is a good place to put my premium payments! Thanks so much. I won't be getting pet insurance now, even though vet suggested to get for first year... Most of them don't even pay for the expensive desexing. So really don't see the point with all the hassle involved.


Slack slack, slack....Got better things to do than be on hold only to be told I would get a call back that never happens......
To bad for you guys I went to petplan.... so don't worry about the call back now....
HMMMMM Still waiting for a call back....
Well it would nice if one of the consultants could actually call me back to talk about insurance... Oh well time to go elsewhere.. If you can't talk to aperson to get insurance imagine if you actually ahd a claim..

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Dear Snapp64, you are dealing with the same company and people - who represent the policies and cover for all pet insurance co's in Australia. Petsure Pty Ltd. Go to their website and see for yourself. FYI so you know when you call, its the same operators ....


Since my last query I have not heard from them and have now joined another plan thank you very much!
Do not know
no reply to queries


Vets Own I have been with for almost 6 years, though I do not know why I continued to stay with them for the past 3.
When I applied, my puppy was healthy & happy. 4 days before the policy was officially opened with them, my puppy went to the vet for a check up, as she had some dirty ears. Because we treated this & it was documented, after only my third claim the insurance company requested her history. They found that this visit, just 4 days prior to the insurance being valid, and during which time I had applied, probably two weeks prior, made her ear condition a "pre-existing" condition. So normally you get a leeway, when you apply is the date you get "cover" for. They elected not to honour this, and refused to pay my third claim.
After much arguing with the call centre & some very heated discussions about non relevant things, I hung up disgruntled and felt belittled and abused! The next day they rang to apologise & honoured that claim but informed me that this would be the last time they would.
I cancelled my feline premiums with them, kept my puppy's premiums due to her bad hips, not diagnosed pre insurance, but I doubt they will honour it after reading the top review.
I have decided that I too will put aside the premiums + 10% for each animal for the future & close my insurances with these companies. Not good enough.

poor decisions re: time between application & insurance policy start date

Terrible This is ongoing. Due to a silly typing error by my vet my claim was rejected. I rang after receiving the notice & after waiting on line for 20mins I was told my vet would need to contact them. My vet did this & faxed through the correction that day. I tried ringing back to make sure the fax was received, after waiting another 20mins to be answered I hung up. I rang the follwoing working day & waited on the line for 35mins before being answered. Once answered they could not even tell me if they received the fax as it can take up to 48 hours to register. I asked what process from here & they stated it can take longer than the original waiting period. I asked to speak to a supervisor but they would only take my details & tell me they will ring back in 1-3 days.There is obviously no such thing as customer service. I am yet to find out the outcome.appalling! thanks for letting potential customers know like me know, we learn so much from these types of feedback! will definitely avoid!


I phoned around a few companies and joined up with vets own - I thought the policy seemed the best for our needs - so far I am really happy - have made a few claims - which were processed quickly - our vet recommends this insurance too .
affordable happy with service and claims
phone lines are too busy - long hold times


Fantastic company. My beloved dog got lymphoma, had many complications during chemo and was a great dane so big bills. Not once was there any slowness or query on the treatments, tests and investigations. They helped make a sad and scary journey better. Thank you. Highly recommended and for my next pet even though they don't take more clients now for Vets Own, I will be signing up with the new Company.
Helpful, quick to process claims.
Sometimes the payments get messed up

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