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Happy to take premiums but very hard to claim. Do not recommend

Both my cat and puppy are insured by Prosure. Unfortunately both had claims, first puppy injured his paw last year, claim was rejected as pre existing. Then late last year cat got in a fight with another cat, once again rejected as pre existing. I dont know how accidents are pre exisitng condition. Luckily they were both small claims and didnt cost huge sums of money. Cant trust them if i ever needed to claim for a major vet bill.

Also claims need to be mailed not email and when i sent via ordinary mail first response was that they didnt recieve them so had to redo the vet forms and invoices.

The claims process is very tedious and hard.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Number of Pets2 pets
Pet Type(s) InsuredCat and Dog
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 months
Claim DateDecember 2018

Since changing to overseas call centre

This company had great staff who could answer your questions in a heartbeat, since they changed to overseas staff the customer service has been apalling. Wrong information, when you place a claim you get 8 emails which you don’t know if it’s hacking or not. They don’t notify you of any issues, you have to phone up.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Pet Type(s) InsuredDog
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 weeks
Claim DateFebruary 2019
Claim ApprovedNo

Life saver, quick to process claims & friendly helpful advice

4 years, I have two dogs insured.
Our rescue dog developed Cushing disease at 2years of age, regular blood tests and lifelong medication. Prosure has been fantastic, such a relief to have to not worry about the ongoing treatment costs.

Insurance claim madeYes

Best pet insurance

I have been with Prosure for 4 years. Just recently I had to submit a claim after my girl required surgery. My hisband and I were bracing ourselves for a back abd forth with insurer (as we had with our previous pet insurance company). When I hadn't heard from them after a few days of submitting my claim, I thought I'd check my bank account (my husband laughed and I knew I was probably dreaming). Lo and behold, when I look in my account, money was there!! No hassles, no issues NOTHING!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Ease of Mind when Dealing with Pet Ilness.

We have had PROSURE for going on nine years. They have always been there when dealing with day to day pet bills and being able to choose to claim for vaccination or flea, and tick coverage is a great help. Also knowing that when your dog has sustained a significant injury and has to be euthanatized, you can have the best care for your dog because you have the safety net of PROSURE.

Insurance claim madeYes

Warning warning!!!!!

I made a claim in December all went well, made another in January and was told they wouldn't cover it. Fair enough so I cancelled my policy, I noticed money was still being taken from my account. I assumed that the coverage would end at the renewal date (November) when I made another claim in June I was told my policy was cancelled and I am still to pay until November. This seems completely outrageous to me. If I cancel my Netflix I can still watch it until the months ends. Pro sure is running a little scam and are licking their lips when people call to cancel. Free money without the risk to pay out any claims.

Insurance claim madeYes

Easy claims service

I have had a policy for over three years and have had to claim on a number of occasions (including the wellness options). The claims process has always been easy and efficient. My vet submits the claim directly to the insurer electronically which is great. The premiums seem to increase quite a lot each year, but maybe that's across the board? Regardless, I'm very happy with the cover.

My advice to others would be to read the PDS thoroughly, get the cruciate ligament waiting period waiver form completed (if possible) and adhere to the 30 day waiting period. If you visit the vet with pet illnesses/injuries in that waiting period, the condition will be forever excluded (and you won't get any money back).

Insurance claim madeYes

Bought policy as soon as I received my 8 week old pup, first claim paid within 14 days and no proble

I have been so far very happy with the product and company. Money received back within 14 days of my pup's first visit to the vet for injections and worming etc. Completely satisfied.

Insurance claim madeYes

Prosure Pet Insurance

I chose Prosure as my Pet Insurer because I value the research and recommendations of Choice (Magazine). I have had (2) claims in December which were both processed and finalised within 3 weeks of lodging the claim. I am very satisfied with Prosure and re-assured that there are insurance companies that do stand by their clients.

Insurance claim madeYes

Don't insure your pets Australia Post, RSPCA

I have had pet insurance for both my dogs, 5 years for one and four years for another. One of my dogs did his crutial ligament in October 2017, got him operated on in November 2017 as he was lame and had to get his leg fixed so he could walk properly and not in any pain. This operation cost me $2,500.00 and Pet Sure turned me down, they are money hungry. Pet Sure that is an offshore company in Milan the Philippines. I thought this would be an Australian Company but to my dismay I found out it wasn't. My claim being turned down has now caused me financial hardship and I have also cancelled the policy on my other dog because of the horrible attitude that Pet Sure gave me.
I only hope that people will not insure their pets, it's much better to put some money away each pay to cover your vet bills.
I'm a very disgruntled and angry person

Insurance claim madeYes

Simple Easy and cheap

Customer communication awesome. Received sms to acknowledge claim received and processed and email confirming payment when money was returned to me. Had no need to speak with anyone so cannot provide any feedback on that

Insurance claim madeYes


we have only just been reimbursed for a claim that we put in over 2 months ago. I made over10 phone calls to prosure during this time to follow up and check progress because we never received any communication and each time the person in the call centre asked me how my dog Barkley was....even though I advised them on the first time that Barkley had passed away from his last vet visit. It’s had enough dealing with a death of your beloved pet but to have to answer this question each time from a company who solely deals with delicate situations like this was just disgusting.

Insurance claim madeYes

they made the decision easy

I've just joined this company, having moved from another after many years. the call centre operators were very helpful. The fees are much less than my previous insurer, and offer the same service.

Insurance claim madeNo

Everyone need to protect there Family

My Airedale girl is 6yrs old now and I have had Platinum cover since we first got her as a puppy.
I am so glad we took cover out as we call her the million dollar dog.......... typical pure breed.
I cannot tell you how many claims I have made in her 6yrs (allergy related and back complaint from an early age) which means ongoing treatment for her life. But Prosure do it with little or no fuss. We have platinum cover and truly am grateful for the way Prosure look after our girl as she means the world to us.

Insurance claim madeYes

My first claim

I am a new customer with Prosure and had my first claim promptly and satisfactory processed. Whilst I hope that nothing serious will happen with my dog, it is reassuring to be covered. Very happy that I insured with Prosure.

October 18th 2018 Update: Great Pet Insurance

I have had my Great Dane insured for 2 years. Although I had no serious illness or accident, just routine treatments. I was updated about the progress of my claims and received refunds quickly. It is also very convenient that my Vet can submit my claim directly to the insurer.

Insurance claim madeYes

Such a relief

We have been with Prosure for many years and although we have only made the odd minor claim we are so glad that we continued. Our Jack Russell is 16 now and for the past few months has been suffering from heart failure and has had to have several procedures to keep her alive. Had we not had pet insurance the cost would have been something we would have had to consider. Having the insurance has made the decisions stress free financially and we can concentrate on her care.

Insurance claim madeYes

Friendly staff, quick and easy claims! Great service, highly recommended!

Prosure is a great pet insurance to have! Staff are always helpful and friendly. Claims are quick and easy. Overall, very happy with this pet insurance and knowing we get back 80% of vet bills is great piece of mind!
Thankyou prosure!

Insurance claim madeYes

Everything you want in a pet insurance provider

ProSure always deliver on providing excellent service.
Each time I have claimed I have always been looked after.
After doing my research on companies prosure is the best.
Highly recommend

Insurance claim madeYes

Penalising their Loyal Customers with increase in Premiums and reduction in Benefits !! Wow what an

We have been continuous customers with Prosure Pet insurance for 8 years, our most recent Policy has increased by 10% and our Benefits had been reduced - what an UNETHICAL company. Called them to discuss the issue which took up 1 hour of my time with what sounded like low level outsourced call centre staff. Eventually got to speak with a 'Manager' The said this was an 'across the board' decision... which they eventually admitted meant all customers had this happening to them - wow Thanks Guys, remind me never to speak to a Pet Insurance person at a BBQ - bloody low lifes !!

Insurance claim madeYes

Not the best for senior pets

Have been with Prosure for 8+years. Fine when my dogs were young and healthy. As I now have a senior dog, I am stuck with their massive premium price rises as I cannot change to another company and be covered for illness. Also I am noticing they are 'discreetly' removing a number of blood tests from policy, which are necessary for senior health prevention. Getting a new puppy soon, not sure if I will sign him up with this company.

Insurance claim madeYes

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Questions & Answers

Which is the best bonafide pet insurance?
1 answer
There is none All of them are backed by Holland Capital and have almost identifical policies The only difference is the bonus and the customer service

I notice Prosure Pet Insurance and RSPCA Pet Insurance have the same mailing address, can anyone explain this to me I am a little confused, having opened a new policy with RSPCA pet Insurance after ceasing my policy with Prosure due to my dissatisfaction?
3 answers
they are the same thing: australia wide there is only 1 underwriter across all insurances....maybe only Allianz is independent...thus making the pet insurance world a mono/oligo-polyHi Judy, cannot answer your query about the mailing address, but I am looking to cancel my Prosure policy due to dissatisfaction. They have refused to pay my claims, despite letters from my vet etc. I hope you have more luck with the RSPCA insurance.All Pet Insurers eg RSPCA, Aust Post, Coles and more are under the umbrella of Holland Insures, Pet Sure is the company that looks after all the claims for all insurers and is based on commission. Pet Sure is offshore company in the Philippines . So your not dealing with Australian people, your dealing with Philippinos ggggrrrrr and any one considering pet insurance think again its a giant rip off as I've lost $2,500 aud and that's a lot of money

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