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Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance

Latest review: Setting up the initial policy for our Rhodesian Ridgeback was simplified with the aide of the online process. The critical care and Vet procedure claim re-payments were sufficient as the policy is

Pet Insurance Australia

Latest review: I lodged a claim back in Jan 2019 - still waiting on this to be resolved. I get constant letters and calls asking for documents to be re sent despite them having previously acknowledged receipt of


Latest review: I had the policy for over 2 years and only used recently. I was able to claim all expenses covered from July last year. Staff were great to deal

Bupa Pet Insurance

Latest review: Outstanding product, very efficient and prompt process of claims. Well done. Keep the good work going. We could not afford not to have this insurance product. Congratulations to all the staff which

Australian Seniors Pet Insurance

Latest review: Good value for my needs Only just joined will be looking at all my insurances with seniors in the very near future Its a bit hard to write 30 words or more when I have only just


Latest review: Both my cat and puppy are insured by Prosure. Unfortunately both had claims, first puppy injured his paw last year, claim was rejected as pre existing. Then late last year cat got in a fight with

Woolworths Pet Insurance

Latest review: They ran a promotion in February to award 20,000 bonus points with any new policy. Points to be paid within the first 30 days. 30 days went by and no points awarded. So I contacted them multiple


Latest review: I have had my dog insured since the day she was born- The breeder had her insured and we then insured her. My dog had BAD allergies- allergic to Chicken (which is in ALL dog food) Sorghum (again- in

Real Pet Insurance

Latest review: I have not claimed yet but the set-up of the policy was very well handled. I don't understand why I must have 30 words for a review. And review requests before a claim is made gives false positive


Latest review: Have had 3 dogs insured with Petmed. They were the only company who would insure my 9 year old shihtzu. This was the reason we insured all dogs with Petmed. Unfortunately 4 months after insuring our

Medibank Pet Insurance

Latest review: They jump my premium more than 1.5 times right after my dog turned nine just disgusting way to treat customer. Alternatively cut my eligibility from 80 to 60 and still 10 percent jump in

RACQ Pet Insurance

Latest review: I wrote a review entitled "Lengthy Claim Process" on 3 October 2018. The service was absolutely horrible then. Yesterday, I've had to lodge a new claim for a vet bill of $239.34. I rang and

RSPCA Pet Insurance

Latest review: I am on a pension so foe $11 its great peace of mind to know my dog is covered. Only been customer for 2 days. The staff i spoke to were very friendly and good to deal


Latest review: Extremely disappointed! I have been with Petplan since the day we got our puppy two years ago. My policy was cancelled in December and I wasn't aware until the day I called to ask them to update the

1300 Insurance Pet Protect

Latest review: I have been with 1300 insurance for a number of years & have make as many claims with no

HCF Pet Insurance

Latest review: I lodged my claim on 9/1/2019 and uploaded necessary documents via Portal. Since then I have constantly been asked for the same information even though on two occasions HCF Staff contacted my Vet

Prime Pet Insurance

Latest review: Customer for 18 months with no claims. Lodged 4 standard vet visit claims and all rejected. Tried to cancel policy and usual strategy applied of disconnecting me twice, transferred me to department


Latest review: I held two policies for about seven years and had a positive opinion of Petsure until last night. What happened last night? I received an email advising a claim I had submitted in November 2017 had

Guardian Pet Insurance

Latest review: I was with guardian for 6 months. During that time I made 1 claim which wasn't paid even though I followed the consultants request to the letter. A month after the submission of the claim I received

Vets Own

Latest review: Dog insured at high premium cost since 2001 with very little claimed. Calls are answered by an o/s call centre these people are polite but have no authority to help. Requests to speak to vets own

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