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customer service not good

after purchase , everything went well.install was good ,system working fine for last two years until now !!!! . system has a problem and is not working . customer service is just not there .
been calling for 2 weeks , left messages , text messages ,to service guy ( anthony ) Hasn't called back .

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Panel Purchased one solar
System Size5 KW

No Customer Care

Simply put the customer service is pretty horrific. I've emailed multiple times I've sent emails with followup calls- I'm currently two phone calls in and I'm just told we will be called back - I'M STILL WAITING for a week!

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service

We thought everything was fine...

We went through the process from door to door salesman, to installation and saving on bill all was OK.
Not much communication through the process. Output is no where near whats expected for our size system but good enough to see savings.
Then we got a leaky roof. Contacted a plumber who told us its improperly installed Solar Mounts and to contact solar company.
2 1/2 months latter, lots of phone calls and emails and we still haven't received a reply.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeYes
System Size4 KW

disgusting after sales service

installation fine but only ever received a $10 rebate every quarter as there is too much shade on my panels
the salesman did a number on me but nothing in writing - told I would get a wonderful rebate of at least half my current bills

now i find I have an expensive decoration on my rood with no comeback at a company who very cleverly plays the 'buyer beware' tune to their benefit

not good busines shame on you !!!!

Judy Malone

Very good to deal with

Very good higher end company to deal with I believe. No problems with install etc. There was a problem with trees that they worked around nicely for me.

Total Disgrace and Very Disappointing.

The Sales guy was a lair what we were told didn't happen, also he wouldn,t answer the phone calls we made to him, or either reply to text messages we sent him. The installers done damaged to our property in which Vic Solar decline to fix and left rubbish behind in which we had to clean up (lots of). Once again the installers told us a different layout of how the installation was going to be installed, and that the solar wouldn't be connected for at least 2-3 weeks. Tried to ring the office many of times but no one would answer. The WiFi connection setup to app doesn't work, says "No device found". We DON'T recommend Vic Solar to any one we are totally disappointed and disgraced with this company.

Monumental and cataclysmic disaster!!!

We had panels installed 2 years ago. Door to door salesman offered us repayment plan and assured us that the costs would be offset by the savings.
We have so far made payments of $4,600.00 plus electricity costs of $1,600.00 and have received, wait for it.a tad over $300.00 in return from the feed in tariff.
My family have been royally scammed and have nothing but regret.
Consumer Affairs suggested we refer matter to VCAT.
Beyond angry!!!!

Very impressed

Purchased a 4 year old house with a host of panels on the roof. The system had been installed by the previous owner who had died. Only information we had was some papers indicating installed by VicSolar, no guarantee, no certification, nothing. The panels were producing no power ... Contacted VicSolar who had moved addresses and no doubt different personnel, they didn't even have our address on record. We felt we would be wiped for sure. But no ... even though it was the 18th Dec, when everyone breaking up for Christmas we got an excellent response, and with follow-up action over the Christmas break. An electrician called and made an inspection and report. Water had entered the system and it had to be replaced. We felt for sure that would be that. However we were assured that the system would be replaced entirely and sure enough, on the hottest day this year, January 18th, in 40 degree heat
(in the shade), three electricians got up on our roof and replaced the panels and inverter. We are now getting power fed in to the system and our AGL meter is a fraction of what it was. Throughout, VicSolar have been in touch and I have nothing but praise for them and the electricians.

Best Solar

All my questions and concerns were answered in terms I understood. The trades people and office staff were polite and very helpful with anything I wanted to find out or if I had a query.

Great solar

System installed no trouble workers very nice great job Vic solar

Great solar

The installation was scheduled and the technicians punctual, polite and tidy. Very happy and very happy with the savings on our power bill's.

No customer care

I have solar installed last September, i was told by the sales person {oh you need this system then no power bills} still getting bills for over $300, contacted [name removed] customer care, so far they have done nothing, avoid this company at all costs., ok they contacted me after 20 days, told me someone would come and look at the solar on friday 28 july, suprise suprise, nobody came, no phone calls

Solar with no fuss.

We got our solar with the minimum amount of fuss. Simple streamlined job from beginning to final install. We were kept informed the whole way. Great result.

Fantastic saves money

Installation was great,fast and professional and going to save me money. Price all up was not to expensive would recommend them.

Great way to save money on your electrical bill

Good product that went in with ease.
Installation was quick & professionally installed, everything was handled with excellence.
Recommend VicSolar to those wanting to save money off their electricity bill.

This is perfect. Great

We Purchased the Solar Panels. They work Great. Everyone dealt with has been nice and efficient. Highly Recomend this company.


Took awhile to get sorted but up and going now and really happy with it.Looking forward in saving some dollars now.

Worse mistake I have ever made

First off absolutely nothing is the way the sales person says it's going to be. Quote" I guarantee you won't have a power bill ever again". Which is total crap. Rebate rate is nothing like he says. I had this piece of crap installed on the 9th on December last year and it took me 4 1/2 months to even get verification that paperwork had been sent to power company. As of today, I have not been correctly set up to the grid which of course Vicsolar don't want to know about it. When I complained she told me all they do is install it. Which really means they don't care after they get your money. I would never recommend this company to anyone. I wish I have never answered the bloody door. It costs me $175 a fortnight plus my regular power bill. Worst mistake I have EVER made.

Great Solid Product

Very hassle free installation. Professional, I have every reason to recommend Vic Solar. My power bill has dropped very close to the amount we pay in repayments. One thing to remember is that on installations that don't have battery you need to look at the hours a typical day will start producing power and stop using the power graph. ( when the sun comes up in the morning and goes down at night) and make sure you minimise power usage outside those hours. (i.e. run your dishwasher and washing machine and heating/cooling etc when it is producing power) otherwise you are not using the solar to its best advantage.

Very informative!

The sales assistant who came to our house was very informative and happy to take the time to answer our large amount of questions.

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Questions & Answers

After some basic research I'm concerned about the cost of installing with Vicsolar. Is $16,000 for a 4kw system with a 5kw inverter a bit inflated?
2 answers
Hi Chrissy, I had installed maybe 6 months ago, I know its been long winter but cannot see result yet. They are very company to deal with, on time and follow up. just I didn't have a bill when they followed up so they said will call again. Basically there is cheaper but they are good to deal with.That is extremely over priced, you can get more power for 5,000 - 6,000 less the new Victorian rebate of $2,225

We just signed up. The guy told us we only pay our fortnightly payment for tbe panels and no more paying our electricity payment plan weekly is this true?
4 answers
Paula, I'm sorry I can't help you with this as I did mot have a payment option. I had to pay for the panels up front. I am still paying electricity bills but not as much as I was paying before I had the panels. The only thing I can say is to get everything they say in writing before you agree so that you have a fall back option. Hope this helpsI can't assist here, as I bought the house with solar system already installed. What can be learned from my experience is a) solar power can break down like any other power system, and b) I was impressed by VicSolar and their quick response to replace the broken system. I would advise anyone thinking solar to think hard about it. How many years before you recover your initial expense? Someone like me in their 70s would be silly to invest in this. Don't think because you've got panels on your roof, you'll be free from power blackouts. It doesn't work that way.Hi Paula, I also cannot answer this question as we purchased the panels outright. Like Doug I have found them very helpful and responsive to questions so I would recommend we give them a call.

Is the excessive power produced in the day can be stored and use in the night?
2 answers
Not now. Until @Vicsolar provides us with the batteries.vicsolar sales people tell you yes, but customer care tell me no, they tell you anything so you sign up


Vic Solar
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Email Address info@vicsolar.com.au
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After Sales ServiceYes
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Clean Energy Council Approved RetailerNo

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