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Second time moving with Vicmovers

Second time using Vicmovers and they never fail to disappoint. Friendly, efficient and trustworthy. It's been nice to find movers I can rely on as a renter.

Moved from 2 bedroom apartment into a 2 bedroom townhouse, short distance and punctual.

Moved my expensive stone 140kg bath

I needed my stone bath moved into my newly renovated bathroom. I did not hesitate in getting Amar back. This guy is a true legend, and truly offers an amazing service. He is my go to guy. I've been using his services for 2yrs ( 3 times now 5 star all the way!!)

The only movers I use. They’re the best!

I had to move contents from a two-bedroom household to a new location within the city. Twice. I hired Vic Movers for both jobs. They are excellent communicators and showed up on time. They were friendly, efficient and helpful. Amar always responds quickly. And Jaz helped with both moves and he’s conscientious and kind. They handled my belongings with care. I highly recommend them.

Poor customer service and poor attitude

Moving two bedroom apartment content of x2 beds, 1 small fridge, small washing machines, a couch and approx. 10 boxes, that's being moved to 180m down the road. It was a difficult experience.
Poor customer service skills, continuously kept offering his opinions (negative) as suppose to actually listening to what I (the paying customer) wanted. Managed to damage my couch and the bed headrest. Managed to get charged additional fees, which previously were not disclosed. I would not use this company, again.

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Hello Raage, this is Amar from Vicmovers. I am truly sorry that you were not absolutely happy with the service provided. The reason we are replying today is bcz your review came to our attention just yesterday. Since then I tried to contact you twice. Left a voice message too. Raage, I am not sure what you mean but for a move of your scale involving lifts at one end and stairs at the other end, we managed to finish the whole move within 2.5 Hrs (I believe you were helping too). The couch did not fit so you dismantled it. I am actually proud of my boys to finish the move in so less time. Regarding any damage, there was no damage recorded (not even a scratch). You did not let us know of any damage past the job too. Apart that this review, we never heard back from you about any issues with the move. In regards to extra charges, are you referring to charges for paying by card. They are mentioned at our website. Still to keep it easy, the boys only charged you $3 extra to pay by Card option rather than $7. Raage, it may look like I am trying to argue what you mentioned but it is not the case. The only thing is that first I never heard from you about any issue and secondly I did not get a chance to fix the problem yet. I am trying to reach you but cant reach through. Please call me back at 0430 964 444. We live in your world Raage. If there is any way in the world we can do to make you happy, I swear I will make it happen. Please get back to us. Thanks Amar Vicmovers Team

These guys are amazing!

Vicmovers are the best guys to move with! Amar and his team have looked after 4 moves for me and have done a perfect job every time. Nothing is too much trouble - whether stairs, awkward furniture, or tight spots - they've been able to accommodate all my needs. They are punctual, have provided all the packing materials, and protected my furniture. They never fail to be super polite. They are great at moving for apartments and houses, no matter the distance or the traffic - they'll find a way to make your move work.

Excellent service, very professional and reasonable price

Vicmovers did an awesome job on my move. They showed a high level of care for my possessions and worked fast. They're very professional and dealt with some tricky parking situations without any fuss. Would definitely recommend them to anyone moving in Melbourne.

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Phil, we are grateful to you for your kind review. It was fun moving your fridge through those tricky turns. We enjoy these events because they make us unique. We are grateful for your review. Thanks Jazz Vicmovers Team

Excellent service

I called VICMOVERS on refernce of my colleague.

The Moving did great job and were very efficent from first minute.

Our dinning table and leather couch werewell taken care off which i was so worried about.

Despite sunny day guys worked effortlessely and moved everything without ant damage to stuff or property.

Everything priced as per quote

Highly recommended !!!!

Second move with this company a nightmare!

First time move with insurance company moving items from storage went well.
Second move a nightmare. Kept changing price and several items damaged. Photos sent to company and no response.
Overpriced and argumentive/
Get quote in writing.
Also do not answer emails.

Note that today I received an email threatening to sue me for bad review. This was a factual and mild review. I can do a step by step review if needed. They did refund part of gross overcharging but now threatening to take me to court. I have forwarded email to Product review to deal with this company.Annie, we live in our customer's world. Their satisfaction means everything to us. In your case, though I was in emergency ward, I still dealt with every aspect to give you a 5 stars service. But even after giving our best, I am ashamed that we every took as a customer. I so much wanted to tell world what sort of bully you are and what you did to us even after providing you way over an excellent service. First time we served you, another business asked us to serve you (another company was paying the bill). We now realised that they actually asked us to serve you because you slandered and bullied them so much that they decided not to turn up to your job the next time they were called. You were very happy with our service. Even you were in Ocean Grove, near Geelong, you hired us again all the way from Melbourne to come and pack and store you in a portable container (like a Pod or TaxiBox) outside your home. Then you asked for more manpower. I advised you that our callout fee or travel time to come and go back will make things very costly but you still insisted on using us. I did not understand then but now I know why you hired us. You had plans to use our reputation against us. 5 staff members served you. But the storage container (like taxi box) you hired was way too small. You needed atleast 4 of them but you only had 1. As a result, we could only pack some furniture in this tiny container. You could not get the container/storage company to deliver any more storage containers the same day. As a result, the move costed you enough money but still you could not use our potential. And that is where your bullying started. You called us and told me that we have excellent reputation online and if we will not refund your money, you will review us negative. I refused to your threats but I knew that the move has costed you a lot (though it was not our mistake but your careless planing). Feeling for you, over the next few days, I exercised everything in my power to refund you more than a reasonable amount so you can take comfort in knowing that we care about you. Actually I refunded you more than you agreed to show our respect to you. Though you mentioned we do not respond to emails, you and I conversed over more than 20 Emails, Texts and Calls. God, your lies have no bounds. You promised us in writing that you will not dispute my offer any further. Next thing we knew was that you sent us pics of items being damaged when opened in QLD. The furniture in pics were not even packed by us. You probably hired a different company to pack your stuff in more containers (like Pods or Taxi boxes) after we left. As I said, we only packed you in 1 but you needed about 3-4 of them. Then you threatened us again to pay more. Our politeness and courtesy has no bounds. Our quality and service speaks for itself but we refused to give up to your threats. As a result you posted a fake review for us here. Guess what Annie, it is not only you who write a review here. We get to tell the world as well our side of the story. Readers read and they can figure out why out of hundreds of customer, you are the only unhappy customer. The fact is that we are ashamed that we ever took you as a customer. You did not only slander or bullied us. Out of 26 businesses you reviewed at ProductReview, 17 of them are negative. You do this to almost everyone but they don't care about the likes of you. BUT WE DO because our reputation means everything to us. Just because you can bully us by posting fake review, it does not mean that we will submit to you. NOTE: We did not send you an email threatening to sue you for bad review. We advised that since you have disputed the money we refunded to you in good faith, we are now entitled to recover this amount (not sue you for bad review). As I mentioned, your lies know no bounds. The fact is that we cared for you but you stabbed us in back. But either way, we never have and never will give up to threats by the likes of you. Dear readers, Quality and service means everything to us. The customer is aware that I had been communicating with her whole time while being admitted in hospital. If that is not putting customer's interest above us, then I don't know what is. In spite of that when customer tries to screw us over, it pains and it pains a lot. Amar Vicmovers TeamAvoid this company. I am disgusted with their behaviour and lies. I gave, an honest, factual review. They tried to bully me to remove it. As for insurance company work - they organised both the removal if my goods into storage and return. I had no contact with the initial removal company and was at work at the time! I also sent proof that I was a client and not a fake client as they claim. Product Review have been sent the email from Vicmovers threatening me. I also never threatened them with a bad review. I had previously given them an excellent review. I want customers to get quotes in writing and not get bill shock for excessive removal bills.

Good service but too expensive!!

Vicmovers is very professional in doing their job. All my furniture and other belongings were in good condition after the relocation. However, I think the service cost is too high. Make sure you are aware of the full costs before you proceed.

Punctual, efficient & friendly movers

We moved a 3 room home from Prahran to Brunswick - Amar was on time, communicating to us when he was on his way & again close to arrival. The dealt with an awkward parking situation professionally, and I felt we moved in record time! Highly recommend & would use again. Thanks Amar!

Stress free moving

Amar and Saad did an amazing job with our move. This is the second time I am using Amar and his team for moving. Excellent customer service. Thorough in his job and takes the stress of moving. Thanks Amar. Happy to recommend you to my friends.

Fantastic service!

I've moved in my life more often than I would have liked to, and usually it leaves me annoyed and stressed. Not the case with Vicmovers - Amar and the team where fantastic to deal with, despite narrow Richmond side streets and me having large unusual items to move. Will absolutely use them again!!

Excellent job!

Amar & team at Vicmovers have done an excellent job moving my furniture from one apartment to another within estimated time, no damages & good quality. Definitely will use them again for future move.

Fantastic removal Service!

A fantastic service! I was continually updated with regards to my booking and advised as to what would be the best and most cost effective way to moving our belongings. On the moving day Vicmovers were very punctual and took the utmost care with our belongings. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Excellent removalists! We can't thank you enough

Amar and Mason made our move look like a piece of cake! The care they took with all of our furniture and items was exceptional and would highly recommend them. We were still packing as they were loading the truck and were extremely accommodating. We were amazed at how fast the loading, travel time and unloading took as we moved from the west to the eastern suburbs. We are very thankful for the support they provided and were worth every cent. I found that they were reasonably priced compared to other removalists when I was shopping around the quality of there workmanship and friendliness was by far the best. If you are looking for value for money and excellent removalists, I would highly recommend them and if I could, I'd give them 6 stars. Thank you Amar and Mason for making our lives easier.

Fantatic movers with great service

Amar and Rohan (Hope I got his name right) were absolutely fantastic with our big move. We were moving over an hour away and needed to do it all in one go. They gave us the next size up truck for a good price. We didn't have a lot of furniture, but had amassed a fair few pot plants of all sizes. They got everything in the truck and everything arrived perfectly. Not one plant even had a broken branch or dropped fruit. They worked very efficiently in both packing and unloading of the truck, there was no damage to any of or boxes or furniture. They even helped out with moving some bigger items once we unloaded everything to make life easier for us. So glad we chose to move with VicMovers.

Excellent Job

We had to shift into an apartment and I must admit it was a big decision who to trust with all our furniture and belongings. Amar and his team made it easy, nothing was too much trouble and they were very professional. The entry into the apartment was a bit tight, they took so much care to make sure nothing was bumped or marked. With their experience, they also made great suggestions for how to shift and helped us set things up. We are so pleased we went with Vicmovers and would happily recommend them to our family and friends and use them again.

Pleasant first time experience with a removalist

They don't mess around, got it done quickly. Reasonably cheap. Hired because of the reviews, and they lived up to the reputation. No damage to property or furniture. Friendly as well.

Perfect hassle free move - movers who care about you and your belongings!

In the last month we have used VicMovers twice to complete our move – initially to collect some second-hand furniture purchased and finally to complete our full move into our new home.

Before choosing to move with VicMovers, we researched several local (Melbourne) moving companies and read their reviews online to assist with our selection. It was important for us to engage someone reliable, efficient and no-nonsense and who was going to be very gentle and careful with our fragile items (in particular 2 glass cabinets). The VicMover reviews were hard to ignore as they ticked these boxes. It was apparent to us that VicMovers takes pride in their work and in a job well done based on their reviews – this was certainly re-affirmed during the move.

The pre-move service was well organised. Even though Amar often answers the phone mid-job, he is very organised and if he can't speak then and there will definitely call you back. He certainly makes time for you without impacting the client he is already moving.

Our first move was conducted by Jazz and Ahmed. The morning of the move they called us to advise they were running a bit late. This was a bit unfortunate however they did let us know which was appreciated. When they arrived the move was completed smoothly and efficiently. They took great care with all items and especially the fragile glass cabinets. They were even kind enough to leave one of the cabinets and our dining table wrapped with their blankets for our second move 2 weeks later.

Our final and main move at the end of October was conducted by Amar and Hadi. This move had 2 pickup locations (30 minutes apart) and the final destination (15 minutes away) – our new home. They arrived 10 minutes early to the first location which was fantastic as they could start the move straight away. They loaded the truck with the contents of a 2 bedroom apartment extremely efficiently and within approximately an hour and a half. They then collected the remaining large furniture items from the second location, again taking great care with the glass cabinets and fragile items.

When unloading our furniture into our new home, both Amar and Hadi were professional, competent and politely spoken. I took them through the house and explained where everything went. They confirmed everything was good to go and advised us there may be an issue moving our bedframe up the stairs. They discussed options with my partner and agreed to attempt moving it with his additional assistance. They were able to successfully move the bedframe with his assistance (and my dad's as well). At Amar's lead, they all displayed great teamwork and communication. Amar and Hadi protected our banister with a blanket and were extremely cautious and careful to ensure that no damage was done to the stairs, walls, banister, bedframe and each other.

The rest of our move went extremely smoothly and Amar and Hadi also re-assembled a couple of items that had to be dismantled to aid the move. Everything was in its right place and nothing was damaged. All in all, it was a very easy, well organised move and a stress-free process.

Thank you VicMovers for your wonderful service and for making our 2 moves so hassle free!

In summary:

* Great customer service, communication and friendly team
* Efficient moving service – timely, careful and professional
* Good price point – mid price range but good value
* Highly recommended

Excellent movers

Excellent service. They are professional and made our move stress free.They were very organized. Highly recommended. I will use them again.

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Questions & Answers

Do you guys do interstate moves? Can you recommend someone if you don't?
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Hello Le-Anne Sincere apologies that we are replying you almost 10 days later but we did not receive any notification about your inquiry. May be that is because we are not a paid subscriber to this website. Yes, we do Interstate moves and can quote you on variety of options... Direct load, Backload and Container moving. Feel free to call us at 0430 964 444 for any questions you may have or shoot us an email at bookings@vicmovers.com.au.We work till 10 pm most of the time. You can text us even at 2 am in night and we will reply. Thanks Amar Vicmovers Team 0430 964 444