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2.5 from 60 reviews

Fast and secure postage of fragile items.

I can't fault Victoria's Basement for my last order of two porcelain cups. They arrived very quickly following my order and were sent in very good packaging where-by they couldn't possibly be broken in transit. Excellent.

Thank you, thank you, thank you - Outstanding service

I ordered a set of Global Knives from Victoria's Basement online. Very quick and simple process. Living in the Country NSW always creates delivery challenges. These guys more than delivered on their promise. Top quality product, great deal, superfast delivery. Thank you again

Excellent service

I had ordered a Mundail 26cm serrated ham knife as I was not able to find one in any stores in Brisbane. Ashley took my order over the phone and within 3 working days I had received it. I was a bit worried due to the Christmas rush that it would not get to me before Christmas, but it did and I now have time to get it engraved. Thanks Ashley for your prompt and friendly service.

First class customer service

I recently ordered an online item from Victoria Basement. With some stores, online shopping can be more trouble than it's worth if there are any problems, but Ashley at Vic Basement was awesome. Much appreciated!

Online order

I bought a gift online to be delivered in CBD. 4 days later it had not been dispatched. 7 to 14 working days delivery in t and c's. Considering the problems in retail at the moment I think it is fair to say 4 days dispatch to a local address is pretty slow. As this was a gift I cancelled my order, my refund will take 5 to 6 days as 'It is Easter.' When did everything come to a halt at Easter. Staff at depot were polite and hopefully my refund will not be longer than 5 days.
This is Sydney!!! Businesses are going to the wall!

Beware of false online advertising!

After finding what seemed like a good ‘deal’ online was in fact FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. A 42 piece Stanley Rogers cutlery set was described, labelled and advertised as an 18/10 premium stainless steel product. After travelling to the store and almost purchasing the item, I soon realised it was not 18/10 quality, in fact very low quality and bent right in half without barely trying. We informed the staff and forwarded it to head office and they replied with... sorry this happens often, we will get it fixed. This is an illegal act to encourage individuals to purchase a particular item that is not actually what they believe it to be. So very wrong that such a big company could not offer their own customers anything for the misleading information and inconvience caused. Never again will I shop at Victoria’s basement as I am not guaranteed the quality of items I am purchasing. Very disappointing

Store staff helpful but extremely misleading pricing

I bought some food storage containers that said their regular price was $195 and sale price was $95. I wanted some more information on the brand so checked the manufacturers website when I got home to find they were selling almost the exact same set selling for just $77.80. It appears that’s Victoria’s basement regular price was massively inflated and their ‘sale’ price was over 20% more than the rrp. I advise anyone shopping there to be aware that their prices are probably not nearly as discounted as they claim and that even on sale their prices could be much higher than elsewhere.

Would not honour displayed item price. Terrible customer service too.

First of all, the QVB store is a mess and is hard to get around and find what you need, with lots of potential to knock over expensive items (which we saw someone do).

The issue that we had though, was that basically the store would not honour a displayed price for a piece of cookware. We were given an option of taking the display item for the displayed price or the boxed version of the item for about 20% more. There was no indication of a display-only price which creates confusion. There shouldn't be multiple prices and legally the displayed price should be honoured.

Instead, the staff opted to act unapologetically and rudely, left us with a poor experience in picking between an item with fingerprints all over it or paying another 20%. How is a customer to feel? Why should we reward this?

Simply, the store's priorities don't seem to be on customer service. Because if they were, then perhaps they would realise that in the long run there would be more value in keeping customers happy, especially when the store has messed up, instead of trying to save a few bucks while turning off customers for good and dissuading many others before they have even set foot in your store.

Incredibly rude staff

Incredibly rude staff (Artarmon shop at least). New lows in customer service. I have rarely been treated so poorly in any shop. Best to avoid.

Very well packaged

I bought one dozen 300ml glasses from Victoria's Basement. They were packed in a very large box with foam packing material and bubble wrap on each glass. They were packed better than any other order I've made online. Well done Victoria's Basement. Some other retailers could learn from you.
The glasses themselves (Bormioli Rocco coloured glasses) were nice and solid.

Slowest delivery known to man

I ordered some glassware for our holiday rental almost 3 weeks ago. I received a message to call about my order on Friday. I called back and they were just "wanting to check my address"?! I have just received notification that they've started the process of sending them. I have never come across such ridiculously slow delivery. I will never order online from them again

2 expensive items - terrible

Purchased the green ZU hause dinner set and the Jamie Oliver non stick fry pan. The dinner set chipped in 2 days , everytime I looked at a piece it was chipped, most are now in the bin, RRP somewhere around $300 or more but paid $59 , I must have been an idiot thinking that was the retail, how do they get away with it,, the fry pan is unbelievable, you can't cook on it everything sticks and burns no matter what temperature you use or what oil or no oil you use.

Very rude and poor customer service

I ordered 3 grillpans from their online store for saving shipping cost. They sent an email to me to ask call them. Usually other stores call me, not ask to call them. They said they have only 1, and they can refund only cost for other 2 grillpans. I asked refund for two grillpans and 2/3 of shipping cost, but they never answered. After 1 week they dispatched 1 grillpan. And without any excuse or explanation, they simply refunded only cost for 2 grillpans.
The shipping cost is small amount, but I was so unhappy because of their very rude and unprofessional customer service.

Fantastic qualty at basemant price

Have been trying to buy a frying pan (quality) to use on an electric stove-top and also put in oven. Normall retail price $209.95 bought it on special for $59.95.

Very happy shopper.

Purchased goods for shipment interstate. Was skeptical after reading reviews. I received excellent service/assistance. Interstate shipping was prompt and well packed. Very positive experience.

Good place for a bargain

If you know what you are getting, better come this place. Thermos product they offer the lowest in Sydney region that no where can be found or matched. And sometime if you check their website you can spot amazing deal on clearance goods.

Benzer rosti cookware DANGEROUS, reacts with food !!!

The food cooked in this cookware turned black, including the sides of the saucepan. I made lentil soup with some ginger and lemon juice in this saucepan and turns out the metal is reacting with food.

Similar reaction with fruit purees made in this saucepan. Extremely poor quality product, I feel gutted. You buy something and trust it works normally only to find that it reacts with food and you may have been exposed to the dangers.

Excess packaging

Just received my first online purchase from VB. I have never seen so much wasted packaging. Five items packed into an ENOURMOUS box that was filled with dreaded poly beads. What an environmental disaster. VB - you need to reduce your packaging because it determines how many of us shop.

BEWARE Victoria Basement does not refund your defective purchase or product which does not work.

Bought a Swiss Diamond Induction frying pan 28 cm and found out that the skillet does not work with my SMEG induction cooktop. Went back to Victoria Basement to ask for a refund. I thought that this is just a straight forward refund, as the skillet has not been used, wrapping box is immaculate and not torn, receipt is kept.

For those not familiar with induction cooktop, it only works with induction cooktop to heat the base of the cookware. If the cookware does not work with the cooktop, then there is no heat transferred, so effectively the cookware is unusable.

I am stuck with a $150 frying pan which does not work with my cooktop. Although I bought an induction model of the frying pan, what can I say, the skillet does not work when taken home. I also bought a casserole pot of a different brand (Bezier) and this pot works with my induction cooktop (no issue here for this product).

Victoria basement said they will need to send the frying pan to the importer of Swiss Diamond for it to be tested. If it works, then they will insist that I take the frying pan back. I am really not optimistic that this will resolve fairly for the end customer like me.

The frying pan has not been used at all, as it just does not conduct heat in my cooktop, regardless of this fact, Victoria basement store manager (name removed]) insisted that I have used the frying pan. Such stupidity from the store manager who does not understand that for the frying pan to be used, first it has to conduct heat, which did not happen as the frying pan is not working with my SMEG induction cooktop.

Victoria basement said they will call me with the decision once they have contacted Swiss Diamond. I am pessimistic of the outcome and thus this review.

Lesson learned for other purchasers of induction frying pan or cookware:
1. Avoid buying Swiss Diamond product. Do not get hyped up with the price and perceived quality. The importer and Swiss Diamond are crook, they use false labeling. Claiming their product is classic induction but does not work with my cooktop. My cooktop works with other brand of induction cookware.
2. Avoid buying any products from Victoria Basement Queen Victoria Building Sydney. If you bought a defective product (although you have not yet used it), they will not issue you are refund. Better to shop at David Jones and buy your kitchen utensils there, as this sort of issue will not occur at David Jones, who will not only price match Victoria Basement price, but will also readily accept defective product which has not been used for refund.

Victoria Basement Queen Victoria Building Sydney and Swiss Diamond consider my bad shopping experience as you have lost one life long customer and his extended family.

UPDATE 06 Jan 2017 - Victoria Basement refunded the full amount of the money of $150 after I mentioned that I would lodge a complaint to ACCC explaining that they sold me a product that is not functioning as the product claimed it is. (i.e not-fit-for-purpose as it claimed it to be).
Even after this refund, I am still not impressed with Victoria Basement and their unfair refund policy. If the customer bought some product that was not functioning as it claimed it could perform (in my case, a skillet that is supposed to work in induction stove but could not induct and perform on the stove) then the customer should receive refund without argument. In my case, I had to waste time returning to their shop twice and a phone call convincing 2 of the staff, one of which is a manager and inform them I would lodge a complaint to ACCC and NSW fair trading.
Shop with them and be aware of this risk. I still think that major department stores with fair refund policy deserve your business than Victoria Basement.

Appalling online shopping experience and poor customer service

Placed an online order for Christmas delivery. After two days of not being contacted to confirm shipment, phoned them only to be told that the items hadn't even been packed, leave alone shipped and that they could take up to ten days for delivery so couldn't guarantee I would receive it before Christmas. This is completely contrary to their website that states orders made before 16 December for NSW would be received before Christmas. Needless to say, I immediately cancelled my order and asked that any payment made be refunded without any delay. Checked with my bank today only to find that not only have their already taken a payment but that they have taken it twice and that I will have to wait up to ten days for it to be refunded. Absolutely disgusted and appalled with the total experience of shopping online with them. Will be taking the matter further.

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