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Sick and tired of getting damaged dvds that skips a heap of the movie ..not getting what we pay for !! Unhappy customer

Damaged dvds, Not getting what we pay for Sick and tired of getting damaged dvds that skips a heap of the movie ..not getting what we pay for !! Unhappy customer

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationKiosk roma

Hopeless Service

Absolutely hopeless service from this kiosk in Seven Hills NSW Either the machine is totally offline, or the DVD I want is unavailable, or the kiosk seems to be working but dispensing movies as was the case today !!! ??? Very frustrating also the machine does not recognize my debit card Which I know for a fact is linked to my bank account !!!! It was much better when it was Hoyts Kiosk in the same place What a joke Video Ezy is ??

Just got 8$ charged on my card but no movie's

I understand now how bad this company is the kiosk screen said I wouldn't be charged and contact support I wonder if there is a support center as I can never get to speak to anyone

Return Claim MadeNo


Hired from a booth for the first time 3rd of this month and returned to same booth the next day in time in order to not receive any extra charges. A $35 DEBIT appeared on my card today (13/2/19) charging me 9 extra hire days which is the maximum charge amount. Rang them up, explained the situation and they refunded straight away. When I requested for them to investigate and let me know why I was charged I was met with a brick wall. No wonder pirating is so prevalent!!

Return Claim MadeNo

Kiosk trouble

Thrift park video ezy kiosk only works on occations. I have rung and complained about it not taking returns and not issuing DVDs at different times. They were happy to refund for not being able to return and issue a promo code for not being able to borrow but that's little use when the next time you go the machine is still not working. Could be such a good service if only they serviced their kiosks better.


lack of information on kosik as for a deaf person wasting money hire dvd when it don't have caption..prefer the old one in riverside as they give the information

It’s a kiosk, so don’t overthink it

A lot of the time I don’t have a new release or I’m thinking of buying a new release, this is a good time saver and it’s always open

If your DVD is scratched a simple email and the customer service will get back to you

Call even and they will put you through to a real customer service operator

Love the flexibility

We live very rurally so we don't have lots of options and aren't into online stuff, so we just love video ezy. The flexability of being able to rent from any kiosk and return to any kiosk is what we love most. I realise we're an extreme example of users but any company that can handle that rocks in our book. Hubby goes to adelaide every week & before returning, we search movies and different kiosks and he grabs 3 or 4 and comes home. We return them here, 250+km away. How cool is that!? If we have a disc that won't play we ring and they give us a free promo code, worth a little more than you paid. If you want help finding a movie, ring them and they'll always help. If hubby, who's nearly blind, has trouble getting through the process on a kiosk, we ring Video Ezy and they do it remotely for him! They're fabulous! Their staff are friendly, helpful and a great example of what customer service 'should ' be like everywhere. We only wish they had more kiosks but with the world pushing everything digital or online it's so nice to find a company who are still trying to meet peoples needs. Good on you Video Ezy. We really do think you rock! Thanks.

Rip off

They charged me $32 for returning my dvd to a different kiosk. The kiosk had no problem accepting the dvd but then charged me a few days later.

Excellent service!

I'm absolutely satisfied with the service. First of all, it is cheaper to get a movie from here than from Google play or Apple store, plus they often have specials that make it even cheaper. Secondly, I rent at least 1 per week and only once the movie was damaged. I e-mailed them and they gave me a voucher for a free rental. I think a damaged movie is normal and it is out of their hands.The service they provide when something like that happens is just excellent. Thank you!

It hopefully will get better pls rent ps games for kids

Something seems to always go wrong with the machines but the customer service is supportive and refunds fully for any inconvenience..

Poor selection

Given their total monopoly would like to see a greater selection, eg some art films, etc. Current range is from very commercial to naf. Even advertised better quality films on the website are just always "not available" in my region, the Gold Coast. False advertising really!

Needs some work to get better

Was a member with another company until Video Ezy bought them out, since then have not been as satisfied.
Have tried to rent DVDs and a couple of times the machine has not been working, although on these occasions when the machine has been back up and running they have offered all members a code to rent a DVD for free.
Liked being able to reserve titles and search the local kiosk for what was available, these options are not available on Video Ezy, would be great if they could be added on.
Its the little things that make all the difference.


Does video ezy management ever read these reviews ? The company needs to take a good look at its self . I used to rent from hoyts nearly every weekend , now the new releases are never available. Video ezy are so pathetic. Something needs to be done. Management have no idea of how to run the business.

1 Scratched, Other Won't Work.

Complete waste of 8 dollars.
Customer service is Shocking, no help. Complete money grab.
Never Using again.
Just Useless.

Scratched disks

Can’t play disks
Tried calling
Phone rang out

All in all, a complete waste of $8 and wouldn’t recommend at all.

Rental disk scratched and wont play

Rental wont play. Guess you cant expect much when there's no one there to check the disks after there returned.

Absolute crap waste of time

Waste of time drove to 3 different kiosks only to find that none of them read my card what a joke have told them numerous times about it still no good even after 3 weeks and new card readers my card works on every thing else i buy but cant rent a dvd your loss no wonder ya getting bad reviews you send me a free dvd code that wont even work never trying again just tried to rent 4 movies at 2 different locations with out getting any do you even read these reviews !!! See ya you'll be broke soon with this kind of service

Disk faulty; can't trust what you rent will play

First disk I ever rented from then stopped about half way.

Customer service offered a 'free' rental replacement, but not wasting my time with them,

I miss Hoyts, never had an issue.

Absolutely Garbage

Advertising movies they haven't stocked in any kiosk. Customer service is terrible. Don't bother...work something else out. It's not worth the drive.

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Questions & Answers

Hi Customer care, we returned a video last night Xmas eve and got home to find out that the video was a blue ray, which we could not watch, and unable to contact you, is there a way for us to go to the machine and change it for another 1, We are in H bay and the machine is at Woolworths Pialba, could you please give us a call on 0400193504? my details are in your machine, Regards Wayne.
No answers

How often do new movies get added to the kiosks? When do new movies come in?
2 answers
Some maybe added every 1-2 weeks, but unpredictably, and of the new releases advertised on the web some remain "not available" at all the kiosks in my area. (Within 10kms)They seem to get added every week or so, and there is usually a weekly newsletter that is emailed to showcase the new releases and what is coming soon.

Do you have to return dvds to the same kiosk that you got them from?
2 answers
It has to be the same model machine as i think there is 2 different model machines. Ive done a bunch of times with no problems but same model machineApparently so.. they just charged me $32 for returning to a different kiosk!!

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