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Atlas power blender a Top, top machine

I've just bought mine, and have given it a full workout on all functions, including the ice blocks. When the manufacturers say it's quiet, they mean it. Also, a distinct lack of vibration. Now, lifting the jug on and off. I suspect that no-one has a better design. The speed? Well, "bloody fast" sums it up. Ah, one last comment. The soup function, and I do mean a "proper full blown one". Hot, and ready to drink/slurp etc. in a few mins. I guess you can say I like the "Beast," as I now refer to it.... final note. Do'nt forget to get the optional "Dry jug". A bit of an e ssential.

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Bio Chef Quantum Juicer

Have received this juicer this week and I haven't stopped making delicious veges and fruit juices. It delivers a good yield and very very dry pulp. I tested it against the green power kempo that I already have and I was totally surprised, the pulp was drier and it yielded an extra 100mls. I believe the 33rpm makes the difference. It alliws the fruit to be squashed not as quickly and gives time for the juice to be extracted more fully. The oranges pulp was so very dry, I couldn't believe it was way better than the twin gear Kempo. I love the design also. Looks great on the bench. I recommend this juicer, love it!! And the service is great too, very friendly and prompt delivery.

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Hi Jeannette, thanks so much for the positive feed back. And, the best part is you are happy :o) that is the main thing. We love hearing from our customers. So glad you are satisfied with this product. Have a wonderful weekend The BioChef Team.

Incredible Customer Support!

Purchased a BioChef Blender from these fellas, and unfortunately have had a couple minor issues with it. After contacting them, they swiftly sent out a replacement unit under warranty - no questions asked! Super simple, quick, and an absolute pleasure to communicate with!

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Dear Darryl, thank you so much for your positive feed back it is so rewarding when we hear it from our customers. Please dont hesitate to contact us anytime. Vitality4life Team.

Biochef Atlas Power Blender

I love how the dry jug blends whole nuts into the smoothest butter in just 30 seconds. My previous 600 watt food processor took over 10 minutes to get nuts to that consistency. The dry jug processes cinnamon sticks down to the finest powder in less than 1 minute. The dry jug’s brilliant ‘rotating lid with 2 internal prongs will – with a bit of hand-twisting action from the top – keep the larger and smaller pieces of food moving evenly around the blades, allowing you to get that perfectly smooth nut butter/fine cinnamon dust (etc) in minimal time. The spatula provided is perfect for the job of removing food from the blender, so there is almost no food waste. I called to ask questions on two occasions prior to purchasing, and staff were very patient and helpful. 5 stars all round.

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Store LocationVitality4life.com.au
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HI Sophie, thank you so much for letting us know how much you are enjoying your Blender. We love to hear positive feed back from our customers (and sometimes the not so positive :o) as this helps us improve our products and keeps us giving our customers the best products we can. Enjoy your blending. Warm Regards Vitality4life Team.


I have just purchased my 3rd Biochef dehydrator from Vitality4life & I cannot speak more highly of these products & the company itself. I have 2 x 10 tray Arizona dehydrators & recently purchased a 16 tray commercial dehydrator, which are all amazing & exactly as described. I have also found the staff at Vitality4life to be excellent when I phone up with a query. Their knowledge & helpful responses are always correct & that's why I will continue to support Vitality4life. It's a great company selling great products. After sales service is exceptional.

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Store LocationByron Bay/Ballina NSW
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Dear Shazzamack, thank you so much for your lovely review. We will endeavor to uphold your opinion :o) and are only too happy to help any time with any questions or issues you have now and anytime. We love to help our customers to get the most out of their special purchases. Good Health to all. Vitality4Life team.

Item not delivered

I’ve been trying to contact Vitality 4life for the past 10days, no one ever answers the calls or respond emails. i bought a blender on the 8th of April, and never heard of them again, no shipping confirmation or any updates. I hope to hear from them soon, cause its feeling like a scam so far. **UPDATE.
Vitality 4life has contacted me and were helpful in sorting this out, i was able to pick up the blender from my local courier office.

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Hi Mariana, I am very sorry that you felt this way, as I understand it was all sorted by my colleague Avril and that you collected your blender from the shipping warehouse today. I understand that Avril lodged an inquiry with the courier for you and has followed up on this matter. If there is anything else we can do for you please let us know. With very best wishes, Vitality 4 Life

No support after 7 years!

Bought oscar neo DA1000 back in 2011. 2018 Oct, parts started failing. Requested replacement options. Initially, there were some emails asking for details. However, after I've notified them about more parts failing, they did not reply nor respond to my emails. Disappointed. Indifferent customer service.

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Hi TM Chan, I have sent you private message. And again we apologize for this experience, we do support our warranty and our customers. We really value your input and hope this doesn't happen again. Please contact us on support@vitality4life.com Vitality4Life Team.

Air purifiers are fantastic!!

Have bèen using 2 of their Air purifiers for some years- FANTASTIC machines .The. local retailer I approached for info to get replacement hepa filters - could not speak more highly of these people. A staff member is currently trying to source them for me. The air purifiers which do a great job are much better than onother machine we purchased locally ....... for double the cost.Have had difficulty procuring filters- thru no fault of VITALITY 4 LIFE.

Fantastic Juicer & service!!

I ordered the Bio Chef Atlas Cold Press & honestly I am blown away. Fantastic appliance, easy to use, high yield & easy to clean. SOOOO impressed with everything about this machine, honestly cannot rave highly enough about it, I am in love!!!

Bad customer service

I love my new biochef atlas juicer, but I have no bill for it!? Nothing in the box and no one responded to my message about that... very disappointed about that because I can't subscribe to the warranty. I need help at first because I misspelled my email address and I was unable to know the confirmation number or the tracking number... vitality 4life UK help me with the tracking number and they was really efficient, but vitality 4life USA have a bad customers support... I did not give 0 because I love the juicer and UK was really nice to me, but, since I bought it from USA, I'm scared to have no one to help me if the product is defect...

What a great, ethical and easy to deal with company

I have been very happy with the service I received from this company and would not hesitate in buying another of their products.
Very impressed with the customer service.

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Hi Karen, thank you so much for your kind review! I am very happy to hear that the service you received was nothing but positive. Please don't ever hesitate to contact us directly should you need assistance with anything at all :) Kind regards, Vitality 4 Life


The bearings in my biochef blender had gone and there was oil spitting out, I phoned up and then went down to the warehouse that is near me and they checked it and replaced the bearings, very quick and efficient plus all the staff real friendly and helpful, then I found the jug leaking, around where the bearings sit, so I went back got a jug replacement on the spot, very happy w their service, how quickly they got it sorted and happy to help you out. Plus awesome products!

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Hi Emma, thank you for your lovely review. I am very glad to hear that we were able to help you resolve the problem with your blender in a timely manner. If you have any future queries please don't hesitate to come by our Showroom in beautiful Byron Bay or by calling 1800 802 924. Regards, Sarah | Vitality 4 Life

I love my new Wunda Chair

I finally have my own Wunda Chair and can now do Pilates at home. Thanks, for great service, great product. I'm off to do another workout!!!

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Hi Jacqueline, we couldn't be more pleased for you, and wish you many more fantastic workouts on the Wunda chair! Have a beautiful day, The Vitality 4 Life Team

After Service is a bit slack

The filters on my Oscar neo split and I need replacement. I ask the customer service team to forward me the link for the actual part to make it easier - I’m spending money with them so you’d think this would be straight forward - but so far it’s taken 2 emails and over a day. Could be better.

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Thank you for your review. We are so sorry to hear about your experience, and we have passed this on to our customer service team. Feedback is always welcomed so we can continue to strive to do the best for our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us in the future if you need anything, and we will be sure to handle the matter quickly and efficiently. Have a great day. The Vitality 4 Life Team

Bamboo dinnerware

Bought the mixed set to go camping, delivered two days earlier than expected. Love the earthy colours, much nicer feel than melamine or enamel alternatives and worked out so much cheaper than ones in major camping/outdoors stores.

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Thanks for your review! We are so pleased that you are enjoying your Living Eco Dinnerware Set, it is indeed perfect for camping. If you love our Eco products, our Bamboo cutting board is also a real hit: https://www.vitality4life.com.au/bamboo-cutting-board/. Have a great day, The Vitality 4 Life Team

False advertising.

I bought this juicer specifically because it boasted a 'pulp-free' juice, however this is certainly not the case.
It does create far less wastage than my old centrifugal juicer, however the pulp quantity is much the same.
I contacted Vitality 4 Life straight away after first use and received a handful of emails over the proceeding weeks asking me questions, basically trying to find a way to blame me for the pulp - that somehow I was doing it wrong and the pulp was caused by my mistakes.
I sent photos and even a video of the juicer working and the resulting pulp and was told I was doing everything correctly, the juicer was working as it should and someone will get back to me with a resolution.
Never heard back.
I think the way the product is advertised is very misleading. It produces a lot of pulp, it DOES produce foam and it's a pain to clean, particularly the filter piece.
Do I recommend this juicer? No. It's overpriced and does not perform the way it's advertised to.

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Hi Emily, We are so sorry to hear that you are disappointed with your juicer. We would really like to sort this out for you, if you would be so kind to let us know your best contact number we will give you a call first thing tomorrow morning to get everything sorted, alternatively if you would like to give us a call toll free on 1800 802 924 or email us at support@vitality4life.com. Kind Regards, Will - Vitality 4 Life

Best equipment purchase in our home!

We have done a lot of buying this year and over the years in general but I have to say this Sirena is by far the best purchase. I was amazed at the amount of dirty it was able to remove from the carpet. I also really like the 'air cleaning' and the fragrance usage of the system, running it on low power. The only minor negative is you wouldn't leave it running at night in a bedroom with occupants sleeping because it is still quite noisy.

Purchase wise, it was painless and efficient. Vitality4Life is not one of those who would pressurise you to try and force you to buy. They explain things to you and answer your questions without being aggressive. A lady by the name of Alysia McIntyre was very good and helpful.

Price wise, much cheaper than the Rainbow and yet it works exactly the same way with the same quality of the system and accessories. I didn't know about Sirena and we had a Rainbow salesman coming into our home to give us a demo (my wife knew someone from work who introduced her to the salesman). I was impressed but the guy was forcing me to produce $5000 to buy and despite me explaining that I was broke and wasn't ready to buy even on finance interest arrangement (which would cost even more), he was relentless and was quite aggressive, he was also forcing me to produce 10 friends names and their contact details, which I declined to give without their consent. Anyway after a long time, I eventually prevailed and told him to leave. Then after Googling to read about reviews, I discovered the Sirena which had more positive reviews. I then learned about the Rainbow's aggressive sales pitch from disgruntled customers. Happy to say, I'm glad I discovered the Sirena (ethical sales pitch; cheaper and yet same capability).

Happy customer.

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Hi there. Thank you for taking the time to write such a wonderful comprehensive review. You have certainly put a smile on our faces, and your message has been passed on to Alysia McIntyre. We are always happy to help, so do not hesitate to get in touch in the future :) Have a beautiful day, The Vitality 4 Life Team


I must say from the competitively priced vitamins to definately the best priced heavy equipment this company is one to beat. The service is what is most impressive. I bought an expensive exercise machine and saved alot just by finding this site. I had it for about six months, and it did the job, it really did work well, however there was a terrible problem with a noise coming from within. I even put off contacting the company as i was not just in the mood for excuses and more excuses as with most companies and just having to argue just to have inferior product dealt with, ie it's is "Never their fault." Instead when finally phoning I had NONE OF THAT! COLLEEN told me that was not good enough, and just to ship it back postage free they supplied the label and they would ensure the problem was corrected and if not they would just replace the machine.
About a week later they advised me that the machine was indeed faulty and they no longer had that model so would replace it with later model, which happened to be a fair bit more expensive. A few days later it arrived, way even better machine, faster does even twice the job of the other. Everyone with whom i spoke even when had a question here and there were helpful and sincere. A rare breed i say!! Thank you Colleen and staff at Vitality 4 Life for excellent customer experience. will keep recommending if they need what you have. Unsure if this is a family business but reminds me of such when integrity in business meant something.

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Hi Lucy, What wonderfully kind words, we are so pleased to have a happy customer such as yourself advocating us! Customer Service is indeed of utmost importance to us. Your words have been past on to Colleen who is very thankful. Should you need anything at all in the future do not hesitate this time as we are happy to take your call and help you as best we can. Have a wonderful rest of your day and Thanks again. Vitality 4 Life Team

Still going after 10+ years

I bought the oscar a long time ago, it was an expensive investment but after over 10 years of weekly juicing it is still going as good as the day I bought it, 3 sons look forward to juicing day as they have grown up with it, I have my secret green juice that everyone asks for when they feel sick ❤️ My oscar

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Dear Chants, Thank you for taking the time to review your Oscar juicer. We are glad to hear your children have grown up with the benefits of cold press juicing. What a wonderful thing to hear that they ask for a green juice kick when they feel ill. Regards, The Vitality 4 Life Team.

Exceeded expectations

Received promptly. Easy to assemble and clean. Was quicker at juicer than expected, but thought the chute could be a bit bigger. Great job with wheatgrass. Yet to try pasta and nuts. Very pleased.

Hi Lloydo, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. We are glad to hear that you are enjoying your Cold Pressed Juicer. If you need any tips with the Pasta Nozzle or processing soaked nuts please don't hesitate to drop us a line at support@vitality4life.com or call us Toll free on 1800 802 924 Mon -Fri 9am-5pm AEDT. Regards, The Vitality 4 Life Team.I just want to add for reference... Pasta works a treat as does hulling and milling buckwheat. Still loving it.

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I need to buy tritan filter .I'am Houston Texas.What I do?.thanks
1 answer
Hi Bertha, could you kindly contact our USA customer support at info@vitality4life.com that way they can have your email address and contact you from there to sort you out a new filter. Warm Regards Vitality4life.

Hi. I am interested to buy the oil press machine. Could you please share a video of how the product works?
1 answer
Hi Vivekharin, so sorry about the delay. We will be filming a video very soon. If you have any questions regarding the oil press please contact us directly 1800 802 924 thanks Vitality4Life.

I am looking for a cold press for mango and papaya seeds do you have a product to meet requirements?? Thank you
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