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Avoid this company, check all their reviews, they are a rip off.

Never recieved my order. Customer service in trying to sort the issue has been EXTREMELY poor. Support people have been very rude and unhelpful to deal with.

Am sure you have heard this before however I will never use your company again and will make sure that I let as many people know how bad your service is.

I am out A$124 with nothing to show for it.

Check all their reviews, I should have before ordering, so many people are complaining about being ripped off.

Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationVitamin Grocer AU

Product not readily available

Easy to navigate the store and order and pay online for product
Product arrived in 10 days. Product what I expected and well packaged.
Only downside no communication or invoice received from seller acknowledging my order.

Not Australian although website looks it and delivery takes ages

I used this website as it looked Australian based and I was after some supplements quickly. Turns out it is based in USA and they shipped the products from USA over a week after I ordered it. It is now 5 weeks since my order and I still haven't received the items and their customer service support is really poor. Very disappointed.

Excellent products, fast shipping

Online purchase from their 'AU' website, though it's clear it is USA. Looks like goods were shipped from Singapore so likely the products come from China... don't they all? As the products are a lot cheaper than we can buy in Australia, I was worried it was a scam because it looked too cheap including shipping. But my order arrived within 7 days of purchase, as described. Very happy.

Misleading site and shocking customer service

Ordered a product over 6 weeks ago. Assumed it was an Australian company - got an email telling me after I paid that it would ship from their USA warehouse. Ok so I was scammed by them representing themselves as Vitamin Grocer 'AUSTRALIA' - shipping would take 12-18 days. Right - will just have to wait and note not to use them again. More than 6 weeks later STILL waiting. Send an email 'where is my product etc'.. 5 days later get an email from paypal issuing me a refund! Only AFTER that do I get an email from Vitamin Grocer Australia, with absolutely no explanation as to what happened to my product, just that they had issued a refund that I did not ask for. What a total waste of time and effort. I did not buy from them, as some other reviewer said, cos it was 'cheaper'.. it wasn't.. I bought from them because I thought they were an Australian company, not some bunch of scammers out of the US trying to show their shopfront as Australian by using a com.au in their web address and CALLING themselves Vitamin Grocer AUSTRALIA. BUYER BEWARE


Make it look like your product is coming locally but it's not. Such a long wait, very misleading. Don't bother.


It’s been 3 months I haven’t heard from this company neither have I received by belly burner. Total rip off.

November 9th 2017 Update: Terrible Terrible I had to edit this review twice to benefit them

99 days later still no product no response... TERRIBLE... Order from GNC better quality better communication. I️ can’t believe it.

Happy with my purchase

I ordered the Legends of China Oolong tea as this wasn't avaliable in Australia. I knew the product was coming from the US but was cheaper compared to Ebay. Shipping was approx 2-3 weeks and the item arrived exactly three weeks. Since I'm happy with my purchase I'll be placing more orders. I also sent an email for a query which I received a response within the next day.

Never arrived. Now they won't even answer my emails

Firstly their site is misleading. Only in the fine print to do realise they're a dropshipping outfit from the USA. It LOOKS like they're in Australia but no such thing!

Secondly, in May I ordered two products that just didn't ship in any timely manner. I had to email them to be told there was a delivery error from the supplier. Not that their site had suggesting they weren't holding stock in the first place.

Third strike is that, once shipped, the items never arrived. Even worse, DHL could only assure me that the items left Syracuse NY, but then no further tracking/visibility! AusPost have no record of anything arriving. So the tracking is BROKEN... there's literally no end-to-end tracking on these items. How pathetic is that?

Now VitaminGrocer won't even answer my emails. I've never been impolite. I've always done my best to call the shipping companies, to allow time for things to arrive if lost, etc. But all to no avail.

Vitamin Grocer. I will review this review if you will work with me. Either refund me or reship. We're talking $30 of product here, people!

Another good experience... deserve another mention...

I've ordered 3 bottles of Natrol vitamins, but only 2 arrived, now there was obviously a packaging error. I spoke to the customer service, explained what arrived and what was missing, took a photo. And bottle was sent immediately and I've received it in about a week. I was impressed with their customer service!

If it's not available in Australia, you can always get it from the States.

I don't understand the negatives posted on this site. The reason you order from them is because it's either unavailable in Australia or it's simply cheaper to buy it from the States and have it shipped over. Only newbies are unaware that shipping is a minimum of 2 weeks and that it usually takes a bit over a month. If you're unhappy with overseas shipping times, then why don't you just do without? Easy solution.

Yes, they're not Australian. Yes, delivery takes a while (usually about 4 weeks for me)

Great prices and I've never been let down. If your in a hurry to get what you want, go to a bricks and motar store and stop using the interwebs.

Still waiting after 4 weeks!

I ordered an item on the 11th Nov which didn't get shipped until the 26th Nov!!!! When I placed the order on their website it said product was in stock, so why so long to get it processed and shipped?? Four weeks later and I am still waiting. No notification of any delay. I placed an order on the same day with a different supplement company, also from the US, using the same delivery service (+ free delivery), and I received that Item over 2 weeks ago!!! Go figure. Terrible service. I won't be ordering from them again. Vitamin Grocer lift your game.

Long shipping time!

Ordered an item on the 12 of Nov and didn't ship until the 15th! What was it doing in the warehouse for 3 entire days! This is so unacceptable, people should do their jobs! i will be moving to a different place soon so hopefully it will arrive before we move. It is the 24th of November now and nothing is in site! Coming from the US where we have Amazon and things just arrive the next day, this is ridiculous and so third world! Amazon is definitely one of the most things I miss about the U.S. Can't wait till they are in Australia!!!!

Long delay and unable to contact company

I haven't received my order after a month. The email to the 'contact us' on their webpage was rejected and I can't find a phone number anywhere. I used this company and paid more for the product believing the items would arrive quicker as the company is AU. The items were sent from the US - I could have bought the items cheaper elsewhere and probably have them by now. Wish I had of seen the reviews on this page before ordering - Won't be using this company again.

Wonderful Service, Fast & Reliable.

I am so happy with this company :) I was initially worried because of the bad reviews, but it's so silly - they are great. Communication with staff is reliable and I received my package of makeup within two weeks - it was super fast. Items were also exactly as described so I'm very happy. Thank you very much, I will definitely be adding this company on my list of go-to online stores.

Order arrived quickly and as described

I was hesitant to order after reading other reviews, but I was aware they were USA based prior to ordering- I always read the 'about us' links first! I ordered nailpolish not available in Australia and it arrived today, 16 days after I ordered it. Am happy with the whole process.

Don't deal with this company

Ordered products online and did not realise they have to come from the USA.
6 weeks plus later still no goods, won't respond to my emails and no chance of a refund.


Bought an item, took 2 months to arrive, and I was sent someone else's order! Refused to refund me, and now wont reply to my emails.

Order with no delivery and no follow up or tracking

Ordered from Australia to New Zealand to discover that shipment is from the USA. Well 6 weeks later and still no delivery. Customer service wants to put the blame on customs and couriers, but I am really coming to believe that this company is running an international scam under Australian branding. They were also not willing to do a refund when queried.

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