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STAY AWAY! (It needed Capitals, Sorry)

Went to sell my immaculate condition Mini Cooper with 42,000k's on the clock and a researched resale value of ~$18,000 and went to this site. A chap called 24 hours later and after some awkward small talk and clarifying some details about the car, he told me that he had 'no data' on the vehicle make and model (which I thought was weird given it was a fairly common car and you know, they're a used car purchasing agent). They asked me how much I wanted and I said $15,000-ish. A figure I thought they would haggle me down to $14,000-ish and they would make a 25% return when they sell it for $18,000-ish. Everyone walks away happy.

They offered me _$6000_.

Even as a low ball attempt it was laughable. The agent then started mumbling about trade in versus sale price, which I understand is a different, but given that I'd recently traded in a Subaru Impreza with 80,000k's on the clock in significantly worse condition for $10,000 on a car for my wife, I twigged that he had no idea. I said thanks for your time but you're clearly wasting mine and hung up. Now they're spamming me with messages saying 'I would love to buy your car etc etc'. They are terrible!

Rip Off

They suck you in by offering you a decent price on the Internet just to get you in then only offer you a fraction of that when you go t the yard. You know the saying....If it sounds too good to be true it probably is....Don't get sucked in by these rip off merchants

They are insolvent! and their website is still on!!!!

I sold my car on 16/06/12. after realising that getting my money was going to be difficult. I reported them to ACA, Fair Trading NSW and the CTTT (I have a hearing in two weeks). I rang almost everyday and very quickly I started to feel depressed. I was promised my money everytime I rang and last time I spoke to [name removed]I was told that I was going to be put on their priority list. I also reported them to the police and tried three different police Stations, but they all told me that it was a civil matter and not a criminal matter. In the meantime WBAC continued their businees and more people got cheated. I feel so frustrated and depressed now and wonder if I'll ever see my money.


I sold my car to these guys on 1st July and they assured me I would get my $14000 in four days. They kept on delaying and eventually stopped answering calls and emails. I called again 7 Aug and got the message to call the liquidators. They said there are over 1,500 unpaid customers and it will take a long time to get a result...and I won't get much of my money back.

Feeling Stupid :-(

I too got caught by WeBuyAnyCar. I got the smooth talking, card trick playing salesman. I should've known straight away that it was a scam but I was desperate for the money. To make matters worse the ACA report aired the night after I 'sold' my car to them. Every form of contact with them has been removed so its car and money gone. I feel like such a fool. :-(

The quoted price was wrong. My car's long gone and so is my money. Just about everything.

Maxeeno. Yes mine was at Dandenong but I can't remember the guys name. I was so broke and desperate that I didn't really think about what was happening at the time. They'd done so much advertising and seemed legit so I fell for the smooth talk. Mine seems like such a small amount compared to what everyone else who's commented has lost. Thanks for the info about Worrells to those who mentioned it. I'm going to keep trying to chase it and also contact the Department of Fair Trading to see if they can help. I'll keep you all updated if I have any luck with anything. I really appreciate all your comments. Kingy. I haven't lost anything more than my car, the money and my dignity but I'm so sorry to hear about your gfs finger. That's something that none of us can put a price on. :-(JayneyJones. Mine was an old car too which makes me feel even worse for complaining compared to what others have lost. I'm far from rich though so it was a lot of money to me :-! Angie36. I'll definitely check that out. Thank You so much. Everybody adding help does make a difference. :-)

No Money

Sold my car to the currimundi branch on the 23rd June told 10 working days for the money its now the 3rd of August no money numerous excuses. Please Never Leave your vehicle with anyone before they pay for it! I have no idea what if anything can be done to recoup our money do we list it as stolen??

They are in Liquidation!

I am the same boat as well. I sold my car at the Strathfield branch in Sydney. I have been waiting for my money for a month now. I called the number and got told they are in Liquidation! I have to leave a message so that they can contact me but when? I just hope I will get my money or my car back.

They are now insolvent

We sold our Jeep on 21/06/12, never received the money we were promised. We made repeated contact attempts via email and phone. Complaint lodged with Office of Fair Trading. Promised call backs that never come. We have lost our Jeep and $6150. Emailed them today and received the message as follows: For information regarding WeBuyAnyCar please contact Worrells Solvency and Forensic Accountants on [number removed]. Will we get our money? Who knows!

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Our Jeep is sitting at Mannheims auction yard in Brisbane. They stopped taking cars from WBAC after the Current Affair piece. It is no longer registered in our name.

I Reclaimed / Repossesed My Vehicle after over 30 Days & No Payment!!!

I reclaimed / repossesed my vehicle a few days ago from this motor dealer! I went to their office with a letter of demand and a video camera and they returned my car to me within 3 hours - I waited over 30 days and received no payment!

I later called the police and was adivsed that I could have made a report to the police as the motor dealer had actually stolen the vehicle after not paying before the expiry of the consignment 10 day period. The police can help you get your car back.

If you want to know where your car is they acution them off at: Manihem Fowel Eagle Farm brisbane [name and address removed] call them and state you are the legal owner and search rego plate. If they dont then dont stress police will do if for you as its stolen property.

Call Highway Auto Group speak to [name removed] there and state that you think they might have recieved your car illegaly. [address and number removed]

When you sign the consignment contract its only valid for 10 days of date and then I was told by [name removed] they we can report the car stolen.

Also they transferred the vehicles rego out of my name without making payment first which is not allowed to be done - they have no right to transfer the rego without having ownership of the car. They will have to reverse the transfer of registration immediately. pls note registration does not mean ownership dont be told otherwise you are the rightful owner until its paid on the 10th day.

Best of luck to eveyone one who is in the same situation I went through! It is very stressful. Thought I sold the car then over 30 days later had to repossess it from We Buy Any Car due to their failure to pay!

Non-Payment, Breach of Contract / Consignment. Had to Reclaim / Reposses Vehicle.

Do not waste time with this company!

After a phonecall from 'We buy any car' asking that we bring the vehicle down for them to make a 'good offer' - (when advertising online for just a couple of days) - we discovered it was a total waste of time!! not only were the staff rude and unable to live up to the promise of actually offering any decent amount for our rare and collectable car, saying "We couldn't even offer you retail price for it" although this type of vehicle now retails for much more than originally paid - they were so condesending that we walked out before they even had a chance to look over the car!
They are like vultures circling their prey on online classifieds waiting for the chance to pick what they can out of those who may be needing a quick sale on their vehicles (fortunately we are not in this position, and had we been we still wouldn't have wasted our time knowing what we now do about them).
It was entirely embarrassing even driving out of the place after we realised what type of business they actually are - do not waste your time with these guys!

Dont pay on time.

I 'sold' my car to them on June 17, and gave them the benefit of the doubt, waiting until 11 working days before starting to chase the money. The first time I rang the lines were busy and someone will call you back. Rang again later that day to be told the phone lines to accounts were down (haha). Rang the accounts number directly only to get message they were on holidays. 6 times back and forth between the 1300 number and the accounts number only to get the run around. Finally spoke to Wai who said would ring back in 72 hours - the payment is on the manager's desk and he is processing them. Still waiting. Rang, emailed and facebook posted again every day this week only to get the same BS answers.. this time the manager is overseas and processing payments remotely. The staff are very polite and can manage to keep a straight face with their inventive excuses but I am worried I will never see my money. Have now reported them to Dept of Fair Trading, contacted TV media and reported my car as stolen to the police.

dont pay on time, give you false answers, never return your calls

Got the money after sending a letter of demand this morning, like this if anyone else needs help: This is to advise you that I have reported my car as stolen this morning to Auburn police as you have breached the contract by not paying within the agreed 10 working days. I have also reported you to the Department of Fair Trading in both NSW and Qld. Consider this to be a letter of demand for my payment of $400 being for Hyundai Lantra Sportswagon supplied to you with unsigned registration papers at your Strathfield branch on Sunday June 17, 2012.. Immediate payment is required. Keep posting complaints everyone to keep this site high on the front page of Google so that anyone searching for WBAC sees it. if I had found this site earlier i never would have gone anywhere near them.woo hoo cant wait, I saw it advertised just now. Lets hope its a step closer to getting them shut down for good as they are evilhope it works for you Jen, keep ringing them as well. Here's some of the phone numbers i gathered: [phone numbers removed] or email [email removed] Good luck!

Not so good...

They happily took the car but haven't payed for it despite numerous calls and emails. The website is no longer active and I haven't seen any recent ads on the TV. Another 'Cheques in the mail' scam I guess. My wife said the whole thing looked dodgy - I should have listend to her!

They didn't pay for the car.


I have the same story (same day same branch) of CM88 and have't got my money after 1 month later.

I called them lots of times and texted to the sales representative many times. Generally they said this and that but no pay. The sales representative didn't reply any of my message only after 1 time of "promise to process ASAP" and after that he didn't take my call. I will be reporting my car as stolen and have the police contacting them at this time.

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Yes, I have lodged a complainant on Fair Drading yesterday and have received an email that a officer will deal with this issue in 10 working days


Sold my car 6 weeks ago. Have not received any money. send 2 emails and rang 7 times. Have yet to have anyone ring me back. Am constantly told that I am on the priority list and someone will get back to me that day but have not received a call yet. Luckily my car was not worth much but most annoying.

do not return calls. do not pay....

cheers for the info. Yes that was my concern. I am only awaiting a pittance in comparison with others. I feel for the people who still have loans and are awaiting their payment. btw, lodged a dept of fair trading application today.interesting that they have some new [censored word removed]. the managing director has ordered a complete overhaul of their payment systems so any decisions re payment will not be able to be made until next week. what a load of poo. Actually they have another trick. Put you on hold (long distance call) and then dont come back to you hoping you will hang up!SL I just went on line to the dept of fair trading website and followed the links to complaints

Manager Never Available

I sold my car to We Buy Any Car one June 23. I was quoted on the Internet at least $10,200. They told me this data was 3 months old and the best they could do was $8000 plus 10% bonus for selling with in 7 days of booking my appointment. I was unsure so the manager waived the account fee of $50, not much but I caved. They told me I would receive a cheque in 10 days. I kept calling and calling after the 10 days. No manager was ever free to talk and I kept getting promises it was posted. Today I found out the company has gone into liquidation and I Won't get my car back and I might not get all the money I was promised And it will take time! I've got bills to pay!

Terrible, didn't pay me for my car.

Dodgy operators

On the 15th June 2012 I took my car to spring wood branch of we buy any cars. We signed a contract that day and was told the money would be put into my account within 10 working days. After waiting 14 working days the money had still not went into my account. I then phoned the spring wood branch to be transferred to the accounts department only to be forwarded to an answering machine. I rang back the branch, they took all my details and was told I would be called back by the accounts department. 2 days later I still hadn't been called. So I contacted the spring wood branch and they gave me the accounts department numbers. I got a hold of them and they told me they would investigate. On the 2nd of July I went to the branch and spoke with the manager [name removed]. He then used a tactic of having an email forwarded saying that the customer would have the money in their account in the next couple of days. He gave me a copy of the printout of the email and didn't realise he left the history attached. The title read, "screamer in showroom". The email went on to say, "what do you want me to tell this one". After over a week later still no money. In that time I was given the run around when calling them after my money. I then read all the reviews on this company and decided to contact the local police. I contacted them to tell them what I had done and the money was in my account the next day. This branch was clearly in breach of the contract and I suggest they are not dealt with. Avoid them at all costs.

I just saw it tonight Greg. Was that you that was interviewed? I appears as though they want to stay in business. I hope not for all those poor other people that will get stung by them. That's interesting about the office of fair trading. Wish I had known that earlier. Greg let us know how you go with the extra 10%. Good luck with that mateI've been away mate. What did you mean by pay back?

Run away from WBAC

I am in the same situation as most.
I sold my car to WBAC in the 26th June. Still waiting for my money. After numerous calls to qld and email. Getting pretty annoyed. I will be speaking to the department of fair traiding tomorrow as I had informed the accounts deptment. If my money is not received this week.
Steer clear they are not worth the trouble.

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No not paid and my car has been sold to someone else.

Don't Do It.

Like just about everybody else on this forum, I too have had a horrendous experience dealing with WBAC. I was gullible. I believed their promises. I waited almost a month to get paid.

I called them, emailed them and complained to anyone who would listen, and in the long run I got my money. If you have already done business with them then please, please, please keep making a nuisance of yourself via every method of communication you can.

Product Review is a great forum for discussing the terrible behaviour of WBAC and I wish I had found it sooner as it would have saved me a lot of anguish, frustration and money. I have a blog that is read by hundreds of people every day, so if you would like to reach out to more people and tell your story there please go to matthewgreen.com.au and look for the article Life Lesson Well Learnt.

Trouble getting paid, Inconsistent excuses, Do not return phone calls or answer emails

Humour helps me cope with the blatant dishonesty and criminal negligence of some people. It's like the old saying, "If you don't laugh you'll cry".Hi Deirdre, how did you find out they were in liquidation?

All Round Bad

I sold my sons EF falcon to this company on the 23/06/2012 for a minor $250, I have since had to contact them twice to find out where the payment was, the first time I was given a phone number of their accounts dept. in QLD. when I called they did not even ask me what I was calling for before starting to search for my details, to make matters worse they kept me on hold for 30mins whilst I was on my mobile from Victoria, and then asked for my number and told me they will call back.
HaHa, they didn,t so then I emailed them, I got a phone call which I missed stating they would call back in the next 48hrs, Ha Ha Ha, they didn,t!!!!
So now its 26/07/12 and I still have not been paid for the vehicle that they have had since the 23/06.
My advise to anyone selling a car, even a wrecker is a better option, don,t waste your time for the worst possible price and service.

How to get your money from these guys.

We had the same issues as many others in this forum, same excuses about why we hadn't been paid, and promises that that payment would be made next day. As recommended in these reviews we found our car was listed on Manheim We contacted them immediately and advised them that we were in dispute with webuyanycar.com.au as we had not been paid. They were very helpful and not wanting to be caught up in the mess withdrew 'our' car from sale immediately pending resolution. They also went straight to the top of WeBuyAnyCar and had the situation hurried up from their end.

In the meantime, we went to PPSR and lodged a Security Interest against our car. This cost $7.20 and can be done immediately online, but it protects you legally and means that wbac do not have clear title to dispose of your car until you have been paid. We also lodged a Transfer Dispute with VicRoads. Would you believe that we then got paid the next day despite already waiting weeks for our money?!

I would advise anyone using this mob to go straight to PPSR and lodge your security interest as soon as you have done the deal with wbac.
Do not accept any excuses, promises, or 'screenshots' of receipts/proof of payment. Make sure the money is in your account before you remove the PPSR which can also be done on line.

Hope this helps someone.

They don't pay when they say they will, They make up excuses as to why they haven't paid, they don't return calls.

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When I submitted my review I included the website address for PPSR, but the moderators have removed it for some reason. It is a government body so it is ppsr.gov.au . Put it in straight away!! Worth the $7.20. If the website is removed from this comment, just google ppsr and look for the one that is .gov.au !!!!

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Questions & Answers

So who owns the cars that We Buy Any Cars have sold if they have not paid the previous owner?
1 answer
From what I've heard from others a lot of the cars have already been sold to other people even though somehow they're still registered to the previous owners who've copped fines and such by the new drivers/owners. I was told my car would most likely be shipped interstate (outback) to be used as a hire car for tourists in the outback as it wasn't in good condition. The only smart thing I did was go down same day and cancel my Rego and hand my plates in so I could get a refund, otherwise god only knows what fines and such would be in my name. Unfortunately so many others weren't so lucky. Because their car has somehow been onsold even though its still registered in their names they've lost their car, money and are still making loan repayments and now fines.

Has anyone bought a car from them?
2 answers
They only take them I think.They sell their cars through auction houses ..I bought one...now wondering if the previous owner has been paid ..

If they took the car and haven't paid, then they haven't completed their part of the contract - ring and ask for your car back. If they don't produce the car call the police and report the car stolen.
3 answers
Just done that, good adviceRing manhiem to see if car is there if it is tell them the car has not been paid for they will put a hold on it as you can use your claim of right to get the car back that is from the policePeople trying to coantact We Buy Any Cars should click on to the adv link for their Qld branch it has a 1300 # which is still being answered as of 01.08.2012.

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