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Weber Genesis II

Weber Genesis II

E310, E410, LX E340, LX E440 and LX E440 Premium
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High expectations

We had high expectations of this BBQ because of the price tag. Our first cook of traditional snags, onions and potatoes wasn’t a raging success, we struggled with the concept of cooking with the lid down. However, after several cooks we have not only mastered snags and onions, but we can cook at pizza in 7 minutes flat. But to be honest, it’s roast meats and spuds that really blows our hair back. The best roast pork crackling we have EVER had, and I’ll never buy another pre cooked BBQ chicken again!
We are so impressed that we are considering a second mortgage to get one for our holiday house!

Purchased in November 2017 at Austrek for $1,299.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Preheating Speed
Even Heat DistributionYes
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Thanks for your fantastic review! We're so glad you're loving your Weber product.

So happy with our BBQ

We purchased our BBQ from BBQ galore. After looking at the smaller Q range we decided to go bigger. We use it 3 to 4 times per week for roasts and the usual BBQ delights. I’m most impressed on how the roasts turn out, succulent and tender every time.

Purchased in December 2018 at Barbeques Galore for $1,299.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Preheating Speed
Even Heat DistributionYes

Excellent BBQ

First, despite my reservations, this bbq was reasonably easy to put together. I did in 2 stages but in total I reckon it was 3hrs. Assembly manual is very good...some diagrams not perfect but overall easy to follow. I generally struggle at some point with putting stuff together via manuals but this was a good experience. It all works and looks good.

I looked at many bbqs but kept coming back to the Weber. It’s build quality and warranty are one of the best if not the best in the business and you can see it in the finished product. And by all accounts from reviews and dealers there back up service is outstanding. They stand by their product it seems.

If you follow the instructions and cook with it as intended....heating it up....cooking with lid down etc the meat comes out like a treat. I’ve had one cook with it. Pork chops ,sausages and chicken kebabs. It’s gonna take some getting used to getting times and temps right as I slightly over cooked the sausages but the pork steaks were sublime. This thing gets hot. There’s heaps of material on the web for Weber cooking so I might get watching to perfect things.

Overall I’m very happy at this stage with this bbq.
Purchased from homes fires the fan man at minto. They seemed a little biased towards Weber but they were Very helpful and knowledgeable and had a great range of Weber stuff as you would expect from a specialist dealer. Not much discounting in Weber so paid the going rate as I did interest free finance but that’s one of the reasons I went there as many Weber specialty shops didn’t.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Great BBQ

Excellent unit with solid construction. Very good even and consistent heat. Its a bit heavy on the gas when using it for a roast but the outcome of the food is well worth it. You have to change your cooking style as it works best with the lid closed but easy to get used to. I received a free iGrill3 as part of a promotion, at first I thought this was a bit of a gimmick but after numerous perfectly cooked pork and chicken roasts, I would highly recommend the iGrill3 as an accessory to this BBQ. Everything comes apart for easy cleaning and the grease drip tray beats the sand tray found in other BBQ's hands down. It is expensive but probably the last BBQ you will buy.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

A bbq that does what it says on the tin for a long time.

This is my 3rd Weber BBQ. I still own my first - a Webber kettle, it doesn’t get much use these days as the gas model is so good, it still works great when I fire it up though. My second is a Weber Spirit classic E-310, 9 years old and still going so well I gave it to son when he moved into his own place recently.

I bought the Genesis II LX to go with a new deck, it was bought and installed at the very start of our cold winter here in Canberra and did not get used until spring finally arrived. I have now cooked a pok roast, a pork fillet and some lamb chops plus the veggies for each meal. As I have always done with my Weber’s I followed the instructions to the letter and each time achieved perfect results. The crackling on the roast was to die for. I just love it. As the weather warms up it will be in constant use as we will live from the deck. I look forward to trying all its many abilities.

Whenever I talk to folk about the Weber bbqs and get complaints, it most often comes down to not understanding and following the instructions. When followed the bbq just works. They are indeed expensive although I’ve noticed the price of quality non Weber bbq are rising to be similar. You often get what you pay for and I find this is the case with Weber’s. They need no extraordinary maintenance but all the parts last for years. When I gave my son the Spirit e-310 I gave it a thorough clean and replaced the grill bars and the flavour bars. If I had kept it I would not have replaced either as they were still good to use, I wanted to make it appear new for my son so I replaced the older looking parts. My old box-store (Bunnings) off the floor 4 burner lasted 5 years before it started to fall apart and almost all the inner workings needed replacing.

If I have a complaint it would be that I don’t understand why to have a natural gas model cost so much more. I know what is changed and it should not be so expensive.

Date PurchasedMay 2018


I received this BBQ for my Birthday from my wife and kids... Absolutely the best BBQ I have ever owned. It's design, for evenly heating the plate... Removing the fat.... circulating the heat... is second to none. When it come to easy of use, it's simply great. cleaning and care... sensational!.... My model BBQ comes with the iGrill, which works well but I only use for larger cooks, like whole Chickens or roasts, it give direct temperature reading straight to my phone and tells me when my food is ready.....Overall, I can't fault this BBQ, I've had it a while now and use it least three times a week.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Very Good BBQ

Very good BBQ in this product!! Does what it needs to do and does it very well. Made from quality material and a very solid unit. Couldn’t be any happy with this BBQ. It makes awesome roasts not to mention what it’s designed for in BBQs. I’m sure it will last for years to come. Well worth the investment.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Damage in the paint and the grill

The Weber Genesis LX E-340 is incredible, easy to assemble. The customer service was great. My Weber came with damage to the lid and one of the grilles.
I was surprised when they told me that they would replace them with new ones.
Many thanks to Blue Sky Illawarra and Weber.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

The next range up from the Family Q, impressed!

We had to look for a last minute purchase, and although it is a little expensive for a BBQ the family was impressed with the entire unit. Well built and sturdy. We've only used it once since purchase however it cooked enough food for over 20 people within a short period of time during our Christmas break, easy to use, inbuilt thermometer, easy to take apart and clean. It even has Bluetooth but I didn't pay a lot of attention to the extras. I wanted to make sure it was doing what it should do best, and that is cook a great BBQ!

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Delicious, juicy, flavour filled meat - everytime!

This well made, well documented BBQ is a joy to use. It's well made which means the entire hood assembly is insulated, keeping in the heat and flavour. You'll use less gas as more heat is trapped inside. The user guide, DVD and online community are also brimming with ideas. In next to no time you will be cooking steaks that your friends, neighbours and distant relatives will be writing stories about. The BBQ also features a sear station which allows super high temperatures to sear and caramelise the outside of steaks - giving that unique crossed pattern and mouth watering flavours. Had mine for over a year now and I actually enjoy showing off my cooking skills to guests.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Great unit, cooks beautifully

What a great barbecue. I've had plenty of cheaper brands but I was convinced to upgrade to a Weber by my parents who have one. It was a big outlay but I couldn't be happier with it. Cooks evenly and the sear station is very useful too. Looks the business on my deck as well.

Date PurchasedJun 2016
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Thanks for your review! We're so glad you're loving your new Genesis II E310. Happy barbecuing!

Best BBQ

This is the best value BBQ - we use it a lot! It is well built, and it cooks so well. My previous BBQ was twice the price and simply does not match up. It heats up evenly and quickly. It also seems to be very efficient with gas (we seem to go through fewer bottles). I am very glad that I paid the extra to get it set up for me. Great BBQ.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Hi, thanks for your support. We're stoked to hear you're loving your Genesis II, happy barbecuing!

Questions & Answers

I know this model is designed to be movable but I really like the idea of cooking on cast and not stainless steel, and given the rave reviews I have seen, I am interested if this model can be modified to suit as a "built in" design in an alfresco, being part of the cabinetry etc?
2 answers
Hi Steve, Weber has cast iron grills and grill plates. You would need to let the weber folk know when you buy or just buy them as accessories later. The bars I have are cast and work fine. I also have a cast iron plate and a cast iron BBQ pan with removable handle, all work great. If you talk with Weber they have options to build their BBQ's in. I am not sure if this applies to all their models but it is possible the same as with any trolley mounted BBQ. I have always found the Weber folk extremely helpful when I have asked for help and Im sure if you contacted them they would help you work through their products to meet your needs. I hope this helps.Hi Steve The Genesis II range has porcelain-enamelled cast iron cooking grills, as well as a heavy duty porcelain-coated cast iron hotplate. There is no built-in option for the Genesis II range at this stage, but we appreciate your feedback on the matter and will pass it on. You can view our range here:https: //www.weberbbq.com.au/browse-barbecues/

Hi, I read somewhere that this bbq is discontinued and I don't see it on the weber web site. And if it is why? Thanks
4 answers
People complained there was no sear capability so the new replacement model now has a sear burner. If you cook thinner cuts of meat, a sear capability would be nice. I typically cook thick cuts and never really required a sear capability.Hi Lou, that is not correct. We still have and sell these barbecues currently in most Australian and NZ stores. You can find information on it here: https://www.weberbbq.com.au/barbecues/premium-gas/genesis-ii-lx/genesis-ii-lx-e440/The new Weber Genesis 2 models are expected to arrive in Australia around July/August. They have been available in the US since November 2018. The LX models were expensive in the US compared to the E-310, which also made them less popular.

I just read online somewhere that the LX E440 was replaced due to complaints there wasn’t enough heat to seat steaks and there is now a genesis model with a dedicated sear station called E435?
2 answers
Admittedly when grilling thinner steaks or lamb chops a searing burner would be beneficial. I typically grill 1in thick steaks and use max heat on the burners with no problems cooking the perfect steak. You can overcook the thinner steaks if you wait for the outside to have that seared appearance. Having said that, the total power of the 440 was 52k btu vs 48k for the 435 so not sure how that affects roasting. I have made the perfect pork roasts with excellent crackling on my 440.James Haven’t come across either the e435 or the problem. I have had zero problems with my bbq. I cook steak, roasts, sausages, in beef, pork, chicken. I do the veggies and I have Cooke pizzas all with no problems at all. I do allow the bbq to get to 250 before I put my meat on, that is plenty to sear the meat.


Weber Genesis II E310 LPGWeber Genesis II E310 NGWeber Genesis II E410 LPGWeber Genesis II E410 NGWeber Genesis II LX E340 LPGWeber Genesis II LX E340 NGWeber Genesis II LX E440 Premium LPGWeber Genesis II LX E440 Premium NGWeber Genesis II LX E440 LPGWeber Genesis II LX E440 NG
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Price (RRP) $1,299$1,519$1,499$1,719$1,999$2,219$2,499$2,739$2,199$2,439
Cooking Plate / Grill MaterialCast Iron and Porcelain / CeramicStainless SteelCast IronCast IronCast IronCast IronCast IronCast IronCast IronCast Iron
FeaturesGrill, Hooded, On Wheels, Rotisserie Compatible, Temperature Gauge and Warming RackGrill, Hooded, On Wheels, Temperature Gauge and Warming RackGrill, Hooded, On Wheels, Smoker, Temperature Gauge and Warming RackGrill, Hooded, On Wheels, Storage Cabinet, Temperature Gauge and Warming RackGrill, Hooded, On Wheels, Storage Cabinet, Temperature Gauge, Warming Rack and Wok / Side BurnerGrill, Hooded, On Wheels, Storage Cabinet, Temperature Gauge, Warming Rack and Wok / Side BurnerGrill, Hooded, On Wheels, Rotisserie Compatible, Temperature Gauge, Warming Rack and Wok / Side BurnerGrill, Hooded, On Wheels, Rotisserie Compatible, Temperature Gauge, Warming Rack and Wok / Side BurnerGrill, Hooded, On Wheels, Storage Cabinet, Temperature Gauge, Warming Rack and Wok / Side BurnerGrill, Hooded, On Wheels, Storage Cabinet, Temperature Gauge, Warming Rack and Wok / Side Burner
Colour / Finish BlackBlackStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelBlackBlackBlackBlack
Dimensions 1140 x 1370 x 740 mm1540 x 1370 x 780 mm1540 x 1540 x 790 mm1540 x 1540 x 790 mm1600 x 1500 x 840 mm1600 x 1500 x 840 mm1600 x 1650 x 840 mm1600 x 1650 x 840 mm1600 x 1650 x 840 mm1600 x 1650 x 840 mm
Gas TypeLPGNatural GasLPGNatural GasLPGNatural GasLPGNatural GasLPGNatural Gas
Number of Burners/Zones 33443344
Gas Rate 40 mJ/hr45.8 mJ/hr45.8 mJ/hr12.6 mJ/hr12.6 mJ/hr
Manufacturer Warranty10 year(s)10 year(s)10 year(s)10 year(s)10 year(s)10 year(s)10 year(s)10 year(s)10 year(s)10 year(s)

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